TCYEC Ch. 52

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After Ge Rui’s Weibo was posted, the navy and the black powder on the Internet suddenly discovered that Yu Siyang’s fans had disappeared, when they had been fighting like a raging fire just a few minutes before. At this moment, no matter how bad they talked, no one came out to refute it. They felt a little lonely.

Leaving aside the navy who were still attacking and self-supporting itself, the sunspots were very depressed. What’s going on with the fans running away halfway through? Are there no professional ethics among fans anymore?

The more they thought about it, the more upset they were. A few people took the lead and organized the black powder to find Yu Siyang fans to continue to fight.

Then, they found Ge Rui’s Weibo.

However, Ge Rui’s Weibo style made them all stunned. The formation of “raise a torch and burn you to death” in the comment was simply messy. They inserted in the middle of the building, but they did not disrupt the formation at all, and vomited blood. They attacked Yu Siyang even more frantically.

As a result, Ge Rui’s Weibo topped the hot Weibo search abruptly.

Yu Siyang’s fans were fighting to death before the orders by the group leader, and now they turned into a ball of soft cotton. No matter how provocative the blacks were, they just didn’t engage with them. No matter what the blacks say, they just sent them pictures of roast duck[1].

Some sunspots’ brains worked too much, and they thought that using the picture of roast duck, the fans were mocking them as “dead duck with hard mouth”, so they started replying with swear words, and then attaching a picture of roast suckling pig[2].

The sunspots were so angry that they wanted to find the real people behind the IDs to PK. Yu Siyang’s fans felt that this method was really useful for exasperating the other party. There is nothing that a food picture can’t be a reply to. If there is, then send two.

Fans and the blacks were fighting so much that they flew up the hot search. The navy was still fighting on their own, but they didn’t expect that another marketing account posted an article claiming that Pang Yujie was jealous of Yu Siyang and paid for the navy.

As soon as this article was published, it was immediately reposted to various self-published media, regardless of whether it was fan or black, the navy immediately disappeared without a trace.

Fans still remembered this Pang Yujie laughed at Yu Siyang on Weibo a few months ago, and when they saw this article, they immediately set up the pot[3].

The sunspots felt that they had been fooled, and they were all fried along with Yu Siyang.

The two factions who had been fighting happily before, immediately joined forces to collectively pick up on Pang Yujie, picking out everything from his debut to the present, from appearance to work and then to character, and he was scolded indecently.

Just as the entire network scolded Pang Yujie, another marketing account issued a statement saying that Pang Yujie was helping people carry a pot, and that Pang Yujie and his company deliberately framed Pang Yujie in order to compete for resources.

Everyone was dumbfounded at once, is this an annual drama, that there are so many twists and turns.

Yu Siyang’s fans were outraged.

Whether it is Pang Yujie or not, the people in his company are fighting for resources. Why are you pulling our innocent head of the group as a backing? It’s too shameless for you to be called a man, so they just scolded all the people in his company.

The Internet was now in chaos. Yu Siyang’s fans scolded all the artists of Pang Yujie’s agency, and Pang Yujie’s fans scolded Yu Siyang for harming their idol. The black guys who had previously scolded Yu Siyang had no main target of attack. Not knowing who to scold, they started attacking indiscriminately, and if they caught an artist or fan, they scolded the artist.

Ge Rui looked at the online melee and felt stunned and thought that she needed the leader’s prosperous beauty and prosperous food to suppress the shock.

She happily exited the battlefield, showed off to old fan, turned off the computer, and went to find Yu Siyang.

Yu Siyang was calling Luo Peng from the club’s edible flower garden at the moment. Mr. Xue chased his own bear child who turned into a “flower-picking robber” running around in the flower field.

“You have a good rest. In a few days, the movie of Director Jin will start, and P&H will also be filming commercials. I think you will be busy again.” Luo Peng exhorted on the other side of the phone: “Leave things on the Internet to me. Don’t worry.”

Yu Siyang followed the Xue family father and son running around, and said on the phone: “Thank you, Brother Luo. Don’t worry, I’m fine, I’m a big man, I have good mental capacity. What can’t I bear?”

“Okay, you’ll be fine. I’m going to get on the plane, so I won’t talk to you anymore.”

“Have a good trip, pay attention to safety.”

After Yu Siyang put away his phone, he walked around and saw a bunch of hibiscus flowers that had just opened. He hugged Xue Yunmu who was running crazy.

“Ahahaha… Brother caught Mu Mu…” The little fat man hugged his brother’s neck and laughed clearly.

Yu Siyang scratched his little nose and said, “Mumu, let’s pick some flowers and go back to make flower donuts[4], okay.”

“Flower, flower, I want to eat flower.” Xue Yunmu was very happy. His paws immediately wanted to go to the flowers on the side.

Yu Siyang hurriedly grabbed the fat paw and squeezed it in his hand, “Let’s not pick the peony, it is too big. Will Mu Mu go pick some hibiscus flowers with brother?”

“Ok.” Xue Yunmu nodded obediently.

One big and one small walked to the bushes of hibiscus flowers and picked some smaller hibiscus flowers. Xue Chengxiu don’t know from where got a small rattan basket to collect the flowers.

After picking the flowers, Yu Siyang found the club’s kitchen in the golf cart, borrowed the kitchen and ingredients, rolled up his sleeves and prepared to make flower donuts.

Xue Chengxiu also rolled up his sleeves, put on an apron, and said, “I’ll help.”

“Will you be able to do it?” Yu Siyang looked suspicious.

Xue Chengxiu flicked the boy’s forehead and smiled: “Don’t look down on people.”

“Then…you first soak the gelatine tablets in clear water.”

Yu Siyang pointed to the gelatine tablets in the bowl and took one. The big empty bowl was placed in Mr. Xue’s hands, and he took a few mangoes, peeled and dug out the flesh.

He put the dugout mango pulp in a bowl to make a puree, then he cut a lemon, squeezed some lemon juice into the puree while mixing the puree, and then heated the puree over a small fire.

“Gelatin tablets.”

Yu Siyang shouted, and Xue Chengxiu immediately put the soaked gelatine slices into the fruit puree.

“Pour some whipped cream in a bowl, add a proper amount of sugar, and whip the cream.”

Xue Chengxiu asked, “How much is some cream?”

Yu Siyang thought and thought, but it was hard to describe, so he said, “Or else you pour, until I tell you to stop.”

Xue Chengxiu felt that this was the best way, so he slowly poured whipped cream into the bowl.

“Stop stop stop,” Yu Siyang found that it was enough visually, and quickly ordered a halt, “add sugar.”

Xue Chengxiu: “How much?”

Yu Siang: “A moderate amount.”

Xue Chengxiu: “……”

The amount of the unit of measurement really is the eternal problem.

Yu Siyang had just stirred the mango puree, put the puree into the ice water with the pot to cool down, and gone to get a few passion fruits back, when he saw Mr. Xue holding the jar of fine sugar with a serious face.

He looked at the whipped cream in the bowl and the sugar jar. He took the sugar jar, added the sugar by himself, and said: “Mr. Xue, you must be sent by a monkey to make trouble.”

Xue Chengxiu put the bowl under the chef’s mixing machine. On the chef’s machine, he turned on the machine switch, it whipped the cream. He didn’t pay attention to the complaints from the child.

Xue Yunmu, who had been following the two like a small tail, didn’t give his father any face, and laughed loudly: “Dad is a monkey.”

Xue Chengxiu pinched his son’s face, “Dad is a monkey, and you are also a fat monkey.

“So is my brother.” Xue Yunmu hugged Yu Siyang’s leg.

“Yes,” Xue Chengxiu nodded, “Your brother is a thin monkey.”

Yu Siyang, who dug a hole for himself: “…”

With a little effort, Yu Siyang dug out the passion fruit flesh, put it in a pot, added white powdered sugar, and simmered it into jam over high fire. The boiled passion jam was also placed in ice water to cool down.

“Mr. Xue, you put the mango puree in the cream and mix it evenly.”

Yu Siyang asked the pastry chef in the kitchen to bring many doughnut molds. After washing them, he poured a shallow layer of mousse on the molds. Then he used a spoon to pour a circle of passion jam, then poured a layer of liquid mousse. He then put it in the refrigerator to freeze it for a while.

Then, he took the previously soaked gelatin tablets out of the water, put them in a bowl, and baked them in the microwave for 10 seconds to melt the gelatin tablets completely.

“Mr. Xue, please wash the hibiscus flowers we picked, and wash them lightly.”

He put the melted gelatine slices into cold boiled water with honey and lemon juice, and stirred evenly. Then he took out the mousse that had been frozen a little before and slowly poure the honey lemon mixed with gelatine slices into the mold. This action had to be slow, or the mousse will be deformed.

He put the washed hibiscus flowers in the honey lemon mix, used a toothpick to open the petals to make the flower bloom, and then put the mold in the refrigerator.

“Okay, you can eat flower donuts after dinner.” Yu Siyang clapped his hands and took off the aprons from himself and Mr. Xue.

Xue Yunmu was so disappointed, “It takes a long time to eat flowers.” Why can’t I eat such a beautiful flower now?

“Because the flowers are not ready yet, so you can’t eat them yet.” Yu Siyang picked up the little fat man and teased him to run out of the kitchen.

Ge Rui found Yu Siyang outside the kitchen, with bright eyes, and asked, “Master, did you make something delicious?”

“Brother made flowers.” Xue Yunmu snapped back.

Flowers? what is this?

No matter what, as long as the leader personally makes it, it must be delicious. Today is such a happy day.

“My lord, you must have never imagined that now the Internet has become a mess.” Ge Rui blinked mysteriously.

“What’s the matter?” Yu Siyang asked.

Ge Rui explained the matter briefly.

“In other words, those people on the Internet are cursing people everywhere?”

“That’s it, that’s right.”

“Pang Yujie?” Xue Chengxiu raised his eyebrows, “I remember he couldn’t deal with Yang Yang last time.”

Ge Rui nodded and said: “Although there was a marketing account that said Pang Yujie was helping others, I don’t think it’s necessarily the case. They grab resources from within their own company, so why would they pull the leader down. If it wasn’t for Pang Yujie’s attempt to take revenge from the team leader, his company people must have betrayed him. If it was about him wanting to gain attention, he used this method to stir himself up.”

“But isn’t this a scandal?” Yu Siyang asked, puzzled.

Ge Rui said: “No matter what it is, his online presence is much higher than before, and he has been on a hot search.”

Yu Siyang still didn’t understand Pang Yujie’s mentality.

“Don’t think about it, this kind of person is crazy.” Xue Chengxiu patted his child on the shoulder.

Ge Rui folded her arms and used her eyes to express the complex feelings of disdain and admiration for Xue Chengxiu’s sudden domineering president act from a place that Yu Siyang could not see.

After dinner, the “Flower” that Xue Yunmu and Ge Rui had been thinking about could finally be taken out to eat.

“Flower, flower.” Ge Rui hugged Xue Yunmu, and the two looked at the plate in Yu Siyang’s hand eagerly, like puppies waiting to be fed.

The finished flower donuts were brought out. On the white bone china small plate, there was a donut, with a small spoon next to it, and one was placed in front of everyone.

Half of the flower donut had a jelly with flowers in it. Ge Rui pressed the jelly with a spoon, and the jelly bounced up, which was very fun.

Fresh hibiscus flowers were sandwiched in the jelly. The white petals have yellow stamens in the middle, and the lower layer is mango mousse.

Ge Rui scooped a piece of it with a spoon, and the fragrance of the passion jam hidden in the mango mousse burst out instantly.

When she put it in her mouth, the first thing she tasted was the sensation of the jelly, followed by the delicate and creamy texture of the mango mousse. The mango had a rich aroma, mixed with passion jam, the flavour is even better.

After biting the jelly, you could clearly feel the flowers inside. The slightly scented hibiscus blossoms covered in the scent of mango and passion fruit. It seemed that people have captured this scent, but when a person want to feel it again, the jelly and mousse had already slipped into the oesophagus.

People can’t help but continue to eat the second bite, and then the third bite, the more you eat, the more you can’t stop.

“Hey, why is it gone?” Ge Rui pinched the spoon and stared at her empty porcelain plate in a daze.

I haven’t eaten it at all, where’s it gone?

A hundred of such desserts are not enough for me.

She shifted her gaze to other people’s plates.

Xue Yunmu’s…Forget it, how can she grab a kid’s food?

The leader- can’t even grab it.

Xue Chengxiu’s… forget it, don’t have the guts.

Zhang Zhenqi, this bastard, how can he eat so fast!

Well, the decision is done, Pei Ziteng.

Ge Rui quickly snatched Pei Ziteng’s plate.

“Hey, there are so many people, what do you mean by grabbing my plate.” Pei Ziteng stretched out his hand to grab it back.

Zhang Zhenqi gave full play to his attributes of valuing love and ignoring friends by blocking Pei Ziteng.

Pei Ziteng was so angry that he almost vomited blood and thought that even if he was stuffed with dog food at every turn, he still helped his wife to grab a friend’s food to eat, this was simply inhuman.

He flipped his wrist and attacked Zhang Zhenqi’s face. Zhang Zhenqi stretched out his hand to block, and his elbow hit Pei Ziteng’s waist.

The two met at the table, and um, “discussed”.

Yu Siyang quickly took away his and Mumu’s plates, so that they did not get accidentally hurt or knock over their unfinished doughnuts.

Xue Chengxiu left the restaurant with both of his children, followed by Zhuang Ze, followed by Ding Guanghe.

Ge Rui ate Pei Ziteng’s donuts and left.

Pei Ziteng and Zhang Zhenqi fought for a while and found that they were the only two left in the restaurant, and the people that caused the battle had disappeared. They immediately stopped fighting, hooked arms around each other’s shoulders, and left the restaurant like good buddies.

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[3] Got ready to cook the other party.


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