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“I heard that Liang Deyou had been to the hospital?” Yan Mu said asked when he and Lu Chengyu ate lunch on the small bed table. After putting the bowls away, Yan Mu suddenly asked, “He threatened you?”

“Who knows? He suddenly got inexplicably mad,” Lu Chengyu jumped out of the bed, walked to the corner and searched within the pile of tonics a few times, and picked out a ginseng wrapped in a red high-end gift box from the middle. “The Liang family is so polite.” After saying this, he threw the ginseng back into the pile of gifts and clapped his hands clean when he got up. He didn’t dare to eat this dyed ginseng.

Yan Mu knew that Lu Chengyu had no affection for Liang’s family, so he didn’t care about the pile of gifts. Instead, he took an apple and peeled it, cut it into several pieces and placed it on the plate. He turned to Lu Chengyu and said: “The previous matter has been accepted by the court. Now, what are your plans?”

“Just do what I should do,” Lu Chengyu saw Yan Mu took another apple and was peeling it, but the skin peeled off was a bit thick. He took the knife and apple from the opponent’s hand, and cut the whole fruit very neatly, with only a thin skin being peeled off. This was what he was trained to do as a waiter, when he first started working in a hotel in his previous life.

Yan Mu watched his movements, and then said after a long while: “This kind of case, the court will not judge severely.”

“I understand.” He put an apple slice into his mouth and slowly crushed it, Lu Chengyu smiled. “However, the Liang family now is no longer the Liang family from before. If you blow a few more winds, maybe they will collapse on their own.”

Yan Mu was silent, he could detect the negative emotions Lu Chengyu had hidden in the face of the Liang family father and son. Thinking that the death of Lu Chengyu’s parents was related to the Liang family, he felt that it was not easy for Lu Chengyu to do this.

Compared to the peace between the two, Liang Deyou seemed more embarrassed. He searched for Chen Jin all morning, but found nothing except the rented house that was empty. As a result, when he got home, he faced with an angry father and a crying mother.

He asked incomprehensibly: “What happened?” When he left this morning, it was not like this at home. Why is it like a disaster?

“You are not ashamed to ask what happened?” Liang Guoming was trembling with anger. He wanted to slap his son to death, but he couldn’t bear it. After a long time, he panted and said: “You go and see on the Internet, what everyone is saying about our family!” With one hand, he dragged his son to the computer. He pointed to the post displayed on the computer desk, “Take a good look!”

After reading the content of the post, Liang Deyou’s original puzzled expression changed to anger, and he was so angry that he smashed the mouse. Pointing at the computer desktop, he said: “These people are all saying nonsense!” What does it mean that he often bullied Lu Chengyu, and when did he often humiliate him? !

And those things about his parents, these netizens don’t think it’s too big to see the excitement, and the unspecified news have also been exposed.

“Regardless of whether they are talking nonsense or not, but now things have reached this point, it has no way to end,” Liang Guoming sat down on the sofa and took a puff of cigarettes in his hand. His expressions of majesty in the past has long since disappeared. “This time, we offended a person who shouldn’t be offended. To think I, Liang Guoming, who has been mixed up for so many years, was actually defeated by a yellow-haired boy[1].”

“How could it be so serious,” Liang Deyou’s complexion turned pale. He calmly said, “These people on the Internet are just making trouble. After this period of time, they will have forgotten the matter .”

“How can it be so simple,” Liang Guoming knew that there were some opponents behind this incident. There is such a good opportunity to eradicate him, how can those opponents miss it?

He looked at Liang Deyou and said, “You are not young anymore. No matter how big the Liang family is left in the future, you still have to learn to manage well. No matter how good parents we are, we will not be able to protect you for a lifetime.”

Liang Deyou thought his father would as usual be angry for a while. That is why, he was about to get up and go back to the room, but he didn’t expect Liang Guoming to say such a thing. He looked at Liang Guoming suspiciously, as if he wanted to know what the other person was thinking from his face.

“Lao Liang…” Zhang Fang frowned slightly and thought for a while, “Ok, let’s find someone to say that Lu Chengyu dislikes the compensation and often has trouble with Deyou, so Deyou has a conflict with him?”

“It’s too late,” Liang Guoming sighed, “We lost the initiative from the very beginning, he dragged the rhythm of walking, now, no matter what we say, in the eyes of others, we will only be unscrupulous people.”

“How’s that it?” Zhang Fang looked at her husband and son blankly, and suddenly panicked. If this incident arouses public outrage too much, it will definitely attract the attention of the people above. If it is investigated…Where is the Liang family clean?

Zhang Fang’s worries soon became true. Half an hour later, Liang Guoming, as the legal representative of the Liang family, was arrested by the police for various commercial crimes. The policemen who used to be polite to the Liang family now faced the Liang family without even a slight smile. When Liang Guoming was taken away, he was also handcuffed without leaving him any face.

When Liang Guoming, who was in handcuffs, was taken out of the villa door by the police, shutters rang frantically all around. Liang Guoming had been beautiful for half his life, and now he looked up in shame. He bowed his head into the police car. With his head buried, he could still feel the lively gazes of the reporters outside even through the car window.

The police car gradually drove out of the range of the villa, followed by some paparazzi cars, chasing so far, just to take a picture of Liang Guoming entering the police station.

Liang Guoming was arrested. Some reporters tried every means to find Lu Chengyu’s ward, only to learn that Lu Chengyu had already left the hospital in the afternoon. After they inquired about it, they found out from some patients that Liang Deyou rushed to the hospital early this morning and left shortly afterwards. His face was very bad when he left.

As a result, at noon, Lu Chengyu, who had just finished lunch, left in a hurry, as if frightened.

Nothing in this world could be more imaginative than a reporter’s pen. They automatically made up a scene where a rich second-generation heir threatened a promising young person and the young person had no choice but to retreat. So, the content of the second edition tomorrow was also available.

Soon a reporter posted on Weibo that Lu Chengyu was intimidated by Liang Deyou to be discharged from the hospital, adding a bucket of oil to the already very lively Weibo.

At this time the poor and threatened young man Lu Chengyu was leaning on the sofa, drinking fresh juice, and watching news about Liang Guoming’s arrest.

On TV, Liang Guoming’s wilted look reminded Lu Chengyu of the legendary entrepreneur’s scenery in his previous life. Not only was he touted by the media, he also published a so-called “Liang’s Business Wisdom”, which attracted countless ignorant young people.

“It is reported that Liang Guoming may be suspected of multiple crimes. As to whether he is convicted of the crimes, the relevant departments are investigating, and our station will continue to follow up the matter for follow-up reports.”

After the female reporter said this, she switched to the next news screen, “I just mentioned the super high box office of “Flying Birds”, and discussed the fight against piracy from this matter, to the effect that piracy causes many commercial losses, and how many investors will become less and less interested in the film industry. This is not conducive to the development of the film industry in the long run.

Lu Chengyu changed the channel and lay on a lounge sofa, feeling that his life like this was a bit lonely, so he took a book on the arm of the sofa and started reading it.

As a result, he fell asleep after a while. For him, the world masterpiece is the best hypnosis. When it was almost dinner time, he was awakened by the ringing of his cell phone. After picking up, he realized that it was Yan Mu.

He walked to the balcony and stood still, watching the sunset in the sky, he stretched his waist, “Boss, why did you call?”

“I heard that you were discharged from the hospital, so I called to ask,” Yan Mu, the voice was as flat as ever, “Did you have dinner?”

“Well, I’ll go out to eat right away,” Lu Chengyu yawned, “Right, boss, did you see the data sheet I sent you?”

“I have seen it. Don’t worry about things at work,” Yan Mu’s voice paused, “you can take a good rest for a day and report to the company the day after tomorrow.”

“Thank you so much, boss,” Lu Chengyu responded with a smile. It’s not that he is unwilling to go to work, but that he needs to perform a full set of acting. Since he is “forced” to be discharged, why shouldn’t he stay at home for a day or two? Regardless of whether Yan Mu understood his mind or not, in any case, the other party’s move helped him a lot.

After eating at the small restaurant downstairs, Lu Chengyu’s cell phone rang again. He saw that it was an unfamiliar number, and he hesitated before picking it up.

“I used to think that I could get rid of my poor origins and get ahead in the capital.” Chen Jin stood at the crowded train station. The ticket collector had already begun to check tickets. He dragged his suitcase with his right hand and spoke into the mobile phone in his left hand. “I understand now. I am not suitable for a place like Beijing. This place is too impetuous and lively. People like me cannot adapt to this kind of life.”

Lu Chengyu stood under the tree, half-yellow leaves fell in front of him, and there was no sound.

“Maybe I won’t be able to see you face to face in the future,” Chen Jin handed the ticket to the ticket collector, watching him cut a hole in the ticket, as if cutting off something in his heart, and feeling inexplicably relieved, “Thank you for this. You has taken care of me, maybe by the next time we see each other, it will already be a matter of the past.”

Lu Chengyu stretched out his hand to catch a fallen leaf and said with a smile: “At that time we will be more and more successful.”

“Yes, more and more successful,” Chen Jin and other passengers who were going to take the train crossed the passage, and then found the number of the carriage on the platform. After getting on the train, he watched the staff on the platform blew the whistle, and the train started slowly.

“Goodbye, Lu Chengyu.” A smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, but the corners of his eyes were already slightly red.

Cruelly hanging up the phone, he turned it off, took out the SIM card inside, walked to the smoking area on the train, and threw the card out the window.

In fact, he should have left earlier. Fortunately, it’s not too late to leave now.

“Goodbye.” Lu Chengyu looked at the phone which indicated that the call was over, and sighed. Putting the phone in his pocket, he walked towards home step by step unhurriedly.

People passed by in a hurry. To Chen Jin, he was just a passer-by in his memory. Maybe a few years later, when the other person thinks of him again, he would just sigh, oh, I had a good impression of this person before, but then it was not meant to be.

Some feelings are so beautiful but so unrealistic.

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[1] Reference to Lu Chengyu’s young age.

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