MTaFB Ch. 34

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In the quiet night, I do not know how many people have fallen into a dream without knowing it. In their dreams, they may be saviors, rich people who spend money like dirt, or beggars or martial arts masters. When they wake up from the dream, there are still many people who cannot distinguish between dream and reality.

When Lu Chengyu opened his eyes from his dream, what he saw was pitch black. He slowly got up from the bed and looked at the dim lights outside the window. He suddenly remembered that this is not his home, but the hospital ward.

He got up and poured himself a glass of water. He walked to the window and quietly looked at the energy-saving lamp in the garden below. The green light seemed a little lonely in the dark night. After taking a sip of warm water, he half leaned against the window, stretched his head out of the window to feel the chill of the night breeze, and let out a long breath. Turning around, he was taken aback, because Yan Mu, who was sleeping on the accompanying bed, had already sat up from the bed.

“Boss, you look very terrifying just sitting there silently,” he put down the water glass, climbed onto the bed in a few steps, and pulled the quilt over his knees. Although there was no light in the room, he could feel Yan Mu looking at him, “I woke you up just now?”

“No,” Yan Mu was silent for a few seconds before saying, “Why can’t you sleep?”

Lu Chengyu smiled., Remembering that he could not see his expression in the dark, his smile suddenly collapsed: “I had a bad dream, and I woke up.” There was another minute of silence, when he said solemnly, “Dreams are fake.”

“Well,” Lu Chengyu’s mouth bent, “I know.”

Yan Mu couldn’t see Lu Chengyu’s expression, so he couldn’t judge the other party’s mood from his expression. He didn’t even know what he should say. He had the feeling as if he shouldn’t talk now, but he had to say something, “I had a very strange dream before, dreaming that I became a wolf, but I didn’t want to eat raw meat, so I finally woke up hungry. “In the darkness, he heard Lu Chengyu chuckle, and then he heard the other person say: “Why not a wolf dog? Go to sleep, maybe we can become kings in our dreams later.”

“Yeah,” Yan Mu saw that Lu Chengyu was already lying down through the faint light outside the window, and then slowly lay down, pulling the quilt up a little bit and covering himself till his chin.

When Lu Chengyu woke up early the next morning, it was already bright, and his breakfast was in the thermos on the bedside. As for Yan Mu, he had already rushed to the company.

He drank slightly light vegetable porridge, and after eating steamed buns, he turned on the computer and plugged in the network cable provided in the ward and processed some emails about work.

At this time, on the most famous forum in China, a post that shocked netizens were posted.

The name of this post was “A Truth That will Shock You and Make You Angry”. Originally, they thought the poster was someone who deliberately used the title as clickbait to attract everyone’s attention. After clicking into the post, they were shocked by the contents of the post.

It turns out that Lu Chengyu’s parents died from an accident, and the cause of the accident was that Liang’s safety measures were so inadequate during construction that an object fell from a high altitude, which happened to hit Lu Chengyu’s parents’ car, causing both of them to die on the spot.

After the accident, Liang did pay a sum of compensation, but no person in charge came forward and said even half an apology to Lu Chengyu for this matter. Later, as a result of the handling of this matter, an intern under the Liang family was sentenced to two years imprisonment, the Liang family was disqualified from construction, and was criticized by the local officials.

For this reason, the prince Liang was extremely dissatisfied with Lu Chengyu, the son of the couple who died accidentally, and could not get along with him anywhere. As for the video posted on the Internet, it is just one of his many provocative incidents.

As soon as this post came out, it instantly ignited the anger of many people, but there were also a few sane people questioning the authenticity of this matter. However, the host later posted relevant evidence, such as the news that Liang was criticized, and the small news that an employee of Liang was arrested. This news did not cause any sensation back then, so they were ignored by everyone. Now that they are posted, everyone can realize what is going on.

Soon, some smart netizens guessed that the construction company was a Wanhong branch of Liang’s at the time, which means that Lu Chengyu probably didn’t know that Liang was the culprit responsible for the death of his parents.

Their brain made up a lot of stories about Lu Chengyu’s helplessness when he was bullied by Liang Deyou, and also made up a lot of stories about Liang Deyou’s ugly face of bullying. Netizens were angry and exploded.

Then many Internet hackers appeared on the Internet, spontaneously reporting negative news about the Liang family. Soon, the history of Liang’s family, the history of Liang Guoming’s relationship, and Liang Deyou’s history of bullying people were all dug up by netizens. Even the suspicious signs that Liang Guoming’s wife used money to subsidize her family’s business were released.

The power of the masses is infinite, especially when these masses are still in a state of anger.

There was no perfect person in the world, and it is even more impossible to have a perfect company. Therefore, there are many shady corners in the Liang family. All this got exposed, and the impact was not only on Liang’s reputation, but the entire Liang family was caught in a mess where they were suspected of multiple illegal operations.

But Lu Chengyu didn’t know that such a big thing had happened online, and Liang Deyou, who had rushed to the hospital at this time, didn’t know either.

Although he was carrying a large package of supplements in his hand, his face was angry. When he met the medical staff or patients in the corridor, they would look at him more because of his expression.

As soon as Lu Chengyu finished replying to an email, he heard the door being knocked twice. Before he could speak, he saw Liang Deyou walk in angrily, and then throw the bag of supplements to the ground.

“Lu Chengyu, what exactly did you use?” Liang Deyou looked at the person on the hospital bed with a smiling face. For the first time, he felt that he seemed to have underestimated this person. He suppressed the anger that was gushing from his heart, “I just want to ask you, Chen Jin, where did he go?”

“Chen Jin?” Lu Chengyu moved his gaze from the scattered tonics to Liang Deyou’s anger-filled face. He frowned slightly, “How should I know where he went?”.

“Do you think I won’t know what Chen Jin saw you last night?!” Liang Deyou saw Lu Chengyu deliberately pretending to be confused, his expression increasingly ugly, “If it wasn’t because of what you said to him, why did he just turn down my pursuit last night, and even did not come to the company today?!”

“He rejected you. It’s your problem. What does it have to do with me?” Lu Chengyu had heard that the two had separated and reunited in his previous life. Misunderstandings came and went, and it took several years for them to really get together. Now that Liang Deyou is so angry, is it possible that the two are in conflict again? He closed the laptop and frowned, “If the person is gone, you will run here to make trouble. What’s the point?”

“You dare to swear that Chen Jin’s departure has nothing to do with you?!” Liang Deyou did not understand, why is Chen Jin so attached to a person like Lu Chengyu? No matter how hard he tries, it’s useless, “If you don’t tell me where Chen Jin is, I won’t let you go.”

“You haven’t seen a doctor since you were a kid?” Lu Chengyu pushed aside the bed table in front of him, “None of these doctors found something wrong with your brain?”

“Who the hell did you say has a brain problem?!” Liang Deyou said angrily, “Believe it or not I will kill you!”

Lu Chengyu leaned on the bed and sneered, “Mr. Liang came today to kill me?” With Liang Guoming’s flexible temperament, he would definitely force Liang Deyou to come to the hospital to apologize, so that is the reason why Liang Deyou brought so many supplements in his hands.

But unfortunately, his good son did not inherit this traditional virtue from him. He has a dog temper and a pig brain, but he is not as good as either a pig or a dog.

Liang Deyou was taken aback, thinking of his father’s instructions and mother’s plea before going out. He gritted his teeth and said after a long while: “On what condition are you willing to stand up and tell netizens that we just have a common misunderstanding, and I didn’t mean to take action against you. As long as you are willing to withdraw the prosecution against my dad, whatever you want, we will try to satisfy you.”

“Is there any special misunderstanding between us?” Lu Chengyu sighed with a smile, “It’s really interesting.”

Liang Deyou felt that Lu Chengyu’s tone was wrong. When he looked up, the other party still had the fake expression that wanted to laugh. He was a little impatient: “You can tell me the number.”

“Do you think I’m short of money?” Lu Chengyu raised an eyebrow and smiled. After a few sounds, he said, “Mr. Liang, please go back, I don’t think there is a so-called misunderstanding between us.”

“I’m telling you, don’t forfeit a toast.” Before Liang Deyou said this, he heard the door behind him being pushed open. Several doctors and nurses in white coats stood at the door, looking at each other on seeing this messy situation.

The attending doctor frowned, and immediately said, “Mr. Lu, did you feel any discomfort today?”

“Thank you, I don’t think there is any other problem except for a little dizziness.” Lu Chengyu smiled at them. They did checkup and other basic examinations.

“The human brain is very complicated, dizziness seems to be a minor problem, but no one knows what is causing it,” the attending doctor said. “In the last few days, you have to rest well, try to reduce emotional fluctuations, and press the call bell on the bedside if you want anything.”

“Okay, thank you.” Lu Chengyu thanked the doctor, his eyes seemed to be swept to the messy ground unintentionally, and he smiled awkwardly at several medical staff.

“Okay, think about it yourself!” Liang Deyou glanced at the people in the room, “I will come to see you again this afternoon.”

The door of the ward was heavily closed, and after a moment of silence, a nurse snorted and was glared at by the attending doctor.

“Mr. Lu take a good rest, let’s not bother him.” The attending doctor glanced at the floor and asked the young nurse who had just sniffed and another nurse to help Lu Chengyu put away the things on the floor. When he reached the door, he stopped and turned to Lu Chengyu and said, “Our hospital has very good security measures, please rest assured, Mr. Lu.”

Lu Chengyu was taken aback for a moment, then nodded: “I see, thank you.” The two nurses cleared the tonics scattered around very neatly and placed them in the corner of the room. Seeing Lu Chengyu’s head down, the young nurse couldn’t help but say, “Mr. Lu, don’t worry, we are all on your side”. After she said this, she suddenly remembered her current identity and coughed: “Anyway, there are many people standing behind you, so…” She thought about the appropriate modifier, “So don’t be afraid of threat from evil forces.”

“Okay, I’m not afraid,” Lu Chengyu smiled to the young nurse, “Thank you.” When the young nurse came out of the ward, he clutched her hot face and thought, alas, the way the male god laughs is absolutely charming, even in a hospital gown.

The male god is indeed a male god.

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