TBLF Ch. 54

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It’s not that Ji Rang has never received a love letter before, but he has never accepted it. Not only did he refuse to accept the love letter, but if the girl confessed to him in person, he acted as if he hadn’t heard her, and passed by her without squinting, so in the end there was a rumor that he was gay.

But now, the little girl made him at a loss with a one-line love letter. He was panicked, and his brain was shut down.

The instigator was still acting as if nothing had happened, sucking on the strawberry-flavored lollipop, her lips moist and red, looking at him with a smile. Her eyes are clear and clean, as if they did not have a worldly concern, leaving only the original purity of feelings.

His heart was pounding, then softened to water.

Ji Rang folded the love letter, put it back in the envelope, and put it into his schoolbag together. The joy in his eyes overflowed, but his expression was still tense, pretending to be calm: “I accept the love letter, and I will take it into consideration.”

Qi Ying didn’t understand what he was thinking.

Didn’t she just write him a letter, expressing her liking in writing? The girl who didn’t understand what a confession ritual meant, blinked suspiciously.

Ji Rang had already carried her schoolbag and continued to walk down.

Unlike the way he was sulking just now, he walked briskly. In the next few days, when another boy came to pass a love letter to Qi Ying, he was much calmer.

The weather gradually warmed up. With the arrival of spring, the students took off their bloated down jackets and put-on beautiful spring clothes. The whole campus was full of vitality.

Taking advantage of a sunny day, the school clubs launched a spring recruitment activity.

Haiyi has done a good job in expanding students’ extracurricular interests, unlike some schools that only know how to make the students study hard. There are also a variety of school clubs, which are not lesser than some college clubs.

The night before yesterday, the major clubs set up their recruitment stalls. As soon as the students entered the school the next morning, they saw colorful flags fluttering, balloons flying, and trumpets playing pop songs. The members of the clubs had already started yelling, it was livelier than the sports meeting.

Today, there were only morning classes for the first and second grade of high school, and the afternoon classes had been cancelled, allowing students to participate in club activities.

Everyone was so excited that Yue Li took Qi Ying to the venue as soon as they finished eating. Similar to the past, there were a lot of people, and almost every club had students watching in front of the exhibition stand.

There was also a club in Class 2, which is a book club organized by Huang Botong. Since the first year of high school, there are no more than five members.

Huang Botong stood behind a table full of extracurricular readings and waved to Yue Li: “Support the work of your classmates, take a look?”

Yue Li pulled Qi Ying past quickly: “Don’t look! We are going to the hip hop dance club!”

Hip-hop dancing was the most popular activity.

In fact, the two of them would not join the club, just going to look at it.

It’s just that Liu Shui[1] ruthlessly dropped flowers intentionally. Whenever they arrived at a club site, members rushed to send Qi Ying an application form and invited her to join. Yue Li really felt Qi Ying’s popularity.

But Qi Ying smiled and shook her head and refused. She was not good at this, and she doesn’t like contact with strangers. After looking at it for a while, she found it meaningless. She pulled Yue Li’s sleeve and signaled to return to the classroom to study.

Yue Li hadn’t seen enough yet, the cos club in front was so cute!

Seeing her great interest, Qi Ying typed and said: Then I will go back to the classroom first.

Yue Li nodded, waved to her and ran to watch the cosplay.

Qi Ying turned around and walked back. When passing the playground, a thin foil suddenly stabbed her from the side. She was taken aback and stood where she was. Turning her head to see, a boy in a fencing suit was standing beside her. Behind her was the display of the fencing club, and many girls were gathered there.

The boy displayed a sword flower[2] in front of her with the foil in his hand, then took it back and said with a smile: “School girl, did I scare you?”

Qi Ying shook her head.

The boy took off the mask on his head, showing a handsome face, smiled and said to her: “I made a joke with you, I hope it was not rude. I am the president of the fencing club, and my name is Fang Xu.”

Qi Ying nodded and was about to leave, Fang Xu asked again: “Sister Qi Ying, are you interested in joining our fencing club?”

She shook her head.

Fang Xu was not too surprised. He smiled gentlemanly and took a model of foil on the table behind him and handed it to her: “It’s okay, this is a souvenir from our club, for you.” He laughed again, afraid that she would refuse and explained: “Souvenirs are given to every student passing by.”

Qi Ying then only accepted it, and Fang Xu nodded politely. She left while holding the box.

Fang Xu looked at the beautiful girl’s back, and his smile deepened. Several boys behind him gathered around and asked excitedly, “How about it Fang Xu? Did you succeed?”

Fang Xu shook his head.

Several boys were in an uproar, “Even you can’t handle her?”

“I told you, she has not accepted a love letter so far. She looks very obedient and gentle, but it turns out it is even more difficult to chase her than Xue Manqing.”

“Doesn’t this school flower know Mr. Fang? Eh, Prince Fang, you didn’t her that you are the number one in the third year of high school, and you have just been recommended to the B School. Did you tell her that you have money and mines at home?”

Fang Xu smiled and kicked the talking boy: “I’m not the prince.”

The boy sighed: “I said no, you have to let President Fang try. Now even President Fang has capsized!”

There were smiles around him, and Fang Xu curled his lips: “I won’t be capsized. This is the first attempt.”

“Fuck?” Several people were shocked: “What do you mean, Mr. Fang? You don’t really like her, do you?”

Fang Xu looked at the foil in his hand, recalling the girl’s panicked expression when the sword pierced her just now, and smiled: “She’s pretty good.”

The club recruited new members for a day, and the students happily played along. Ji Rang went to the tutor to study chemistry while there was no class in the afternoon. Qi Ying did an afternoon paper in the classroom and went home alone after school.

While waiting for the bus at the bus stop, Fang Xu followed his classmates and greeted her with a smile: “School girl, what a coincidence.”

Qi Ying thought, this is the only bus stand near the school. Was it that much of a coincidence?

She smiled politely.

Fang Xu stood by and looked down at her.

Earlier, he heard the boys in the class discuss the mute school girl in the second year of high school.

Innocent and gentle, who smiled like a little angel, but he had still felt that this description was unreliable.

He was used to seeing girls from all walks of life since he was a child, and most of them were well-behaved in front of him, but there is no real purity.

Until he saw Qi Ying, that is when he realized that he had only limited knowledge. The little girl is really pure, well-behaved to her bones, which makes people want to hold her in the palm of their hands[3].

He had heard that her life experience was quite miserable. Her father sacrificed for the people. She lived in her uncle’s house. She was unable to speak because of the accident, but she was still in the top ten of her grade.

Alas, it’s really hard for people not to develop a desire for protecting her.

Fang Xu patted Qi Ying on the shoulder. When she turned her head, he stretched out his palm and said with a smile: “School girl, I will show you a magic trick.” Before Qi Ying could react, he shook a stick back and forth and a lollipop appeared in his hands.

He smiled handsomely and softly: “For you.”

Qi Ying thought this person is naive.

She took out her phone and typed: Thank you, I don’t like candy.

Fang Xu was not disappointed. He is well-educated and patient with girls, “Then what do you like to eat? I will prepare it for you next time.”

Qi Ying ignored him and when the bus came, she ran into it carrying her schoolbag.

The boys behind booed: “Mr Fang, can you do it?”

Fang Xu looked at the bus that was gradually leaving, and he curled his lips indifferently: “What’s the hurry, isn’t there still three months before graduation?”

A few days later, Qi Ying found out that this boy named Fang Xu always appeared by her side “by chance”. He actually didn’t do anything, just talked to her, teased her, and used various snacks to perform magic tricks for her.

Every time he got Qi Ying’s answer, “Thank you, I don’t like to eat”, but he didn’t get discouraged, and asked with a smile: “Senior girl, you don’t eat this or that, did you grow up drinking dew?”

Qi Ying didn’t want to care about him, so she turned around and left.

Fang Xu didn’t mind her indifference in the slightest, and smiled and shouted: “Junior girl, I have a basketball game on Friday, come and cheer for me.”

Qi Ying covered her ears and ran away.

Within a few days, the students began to pass the news that there is a handsome rich boy in the senior year of high school who was chasing Qi Ying.

Since the first monthly exam of this semester is approaching, Ji Rang had recently devoted almost all his time and energy to tutoring, and he has been unable to meet Qi Ying out of school much. When Luo Bing heard this news, he was still confused for a moment and then he asked: “Who is he?”

“First in the third year of high school!”

Ji Rang: “…”

How come it was the first in grade again? Does Ji Rang have a grudge with the first rankers???

As soon as school got over, he carried his schoolbag to Class 2.

Qi Ying was eating spicy noodles with Yue Li, her mouth was very hot but when she saw him coming, her eyes were bright, and she bounced and ran to him holding her schoolbag.

Her mouth was still hot, and she was panting.

The irritability in Ji Rang’s heart immediately disappeared. He wet the tissue with mineral water and wiped the corner of her mouth: “Why are you so greedy.”

She lifted her head slightly, with a smile in her eyes.

He couldn’t help but laugh: “I have been too busy lately to pick you up. Have you been obedient?”

She nodded soberly.

Ji Rang felt so soft and touched her little head: “Would you like to see me play basketball on Friday afternoon?”

She nodded happily.

The basketball game was organized by Shen Yue. Since teaching, he had been working hard to form a basketball team belonging to Haiyi, with seeded players selected from all grades. This competition was actually an intra-school friendly match. In order to test the effectiveness of his school team, the two teams are divided between senior year and second year of high school students.

Ji Rang did not officially join in the basketball team, but because one player in the team had a sprain, Shen Yue came to him and asked him to substitute for a game.

He had played with Ji Rang and knew his skills. The senior high school students had an advantage in height and physical fitness, so bringing him in was a good way to balance their strength.

When school got over on Friday, the students who used to be anxious to leave school ran to the arena, and there were even more girls than boys.

Basically, they were going to see Ji Rang.

Although the boss is fierce, he is handsome, but they can watch him from a distance. The basketball game is a game full of male hormones.

After they went there, they found out that the first ranker of senior year was also there.

Before Ji Rang, he was also a school grass of Haiyi. After all, people with good looks are the focus. But Fang Xu is relatively low-key, has been focusing on his studies, and gradually faded out of everyone’s sight.

Recently, his recommended quota has come down. In the next three months, he will basically not need to study. Without academic pressure, he can play as much as he can, and he has begun to show his face in front of everyone.

This game is simply worth it!

When warming up, Fang Xu looked around the stands frequently, causing the girls to scream again and again.

The teammates knew what he was looking for and laughed at him: “Don’t look, it’s impossible for her to come. After chasing for so long, she hasn’t responded. Fang also missed one day.”

Fang Xu’s eyes were a little heavy, and he smashed the basketball into the arms of the person who spoke.

Everyone reassured him: “Don’t talk like this, Fang is angry. Come here, warm up, we will teach the boys in the second year of high school in a while.”

As he was talking, a boy next to him exclaimed: “Fuck? Isn’t that Qi Ying?”

Fang Xu was taken aback and looked into the stands.

Holding two bottles of water and towels in her arms, Qi Ying was cautiously descending the steps. There were too many people around. She pressed her lips and tried not to touch others. She was so obedient.

Fang Xu laughed at once.

Nowadays, girls liked to be greeted.

He walked to the stands.

The girls over there screamed frantically, but he stopped halfway through.

He saw Qi Ying hand the water in her arms to the boy in the red basketball uniform.

She smiled so softly, with little stars in her eyes, tilted her head up obediently, waited for the teenager in front of her to finish drinking, took the bottle back, screwed the lid, and sat back in her seat.

The young man turned his head, raised his hand and wiped the water from the corner of his lower lip, still smiling. He didn’t notice Fang Xu and walked back to his team.

Ji Rang’s teammate stretched around and whispered: “Pay attention to their number three. I’ve seen him play before. He’s quite aggressive.”

The person next to him sighed enviously: “It doesn’t matter that he has good grades, but he also has to play well.”

Ji Rang asked quietly: “How good are his results?”

The boy was surprised that he didn’t even know: “The first rank! He just got a recommendation to B School.”

Ji Rang was taken aback.

Which is the first ranker in that rumor who was following Qi Ying around?

Number three.

Very good, he remembered now.

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[1] A famous Chinese poem.

[2] Rotating the sword in the shape of a flower.

[3] Take extreme care of her.

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