TCYEC Ch. 50

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Ge Rui was not interested in riding horses. She came to the club for the hot springs there, but this was only her original purpose. The only purpose she has in the club now is to take pictures of her leader.

Of course, this was approved by the leader, and she was also allowed to choose a few photos to show off on Weibo too! Fortune! Blessing!

The weather today was nice, it is mid-autumn, there was a blue sky and white clouds, the golf course in the distance is still green, it looked picture-perfect.

When the phone changed direction, she was disgusted by Pei Xuebai and turned to avoid him. Yes, let’s take one without him.

Change again…

Seeing the image that appeared on the phone screen, Ge Rui was taken aback.

Yu Siyang wearing a black suit jacket with a white shirt underneath, white tights and black riding boots on his lower body, and a black domed broad-brimmed hat on his head, was sitting straight on a medium-sized maroon horse.

She knew that her leader was good-looking, and his facial features were so exquisite that he could be described as beautiful, but he didn’t give people the feeling of being effeminate. Now in an equestrian costume, he looked even more elegant like a little prince.

Ge Rui held the phone in various angles, taking pictures of Yu Siyang wildly, and thought secretly: I don’t know if I can eat the food cooked by the leader, the picture of the beautiful and leader elegantly cooking dishes…

No, I can’t think about it anymore, my saliva will flow out.

“Yang Yang, you are too stiff, relax and lean forward slightly.” Xue Chengxiu took the reins of the maroon horse and patted Yu Siyang’s hand holding the saddle.

Yu Siyang asked nervously: “Lean forward slightly, how much is slightly?”

Xue Chengxiu thought for a while and said, “It’s about the same as the ‘salt amount’ you always say when you cook.”

Yu Siyang:” …” The joke that Mr. Xue told was really not funny at all.

But it was Mr. Xue’s funny joke that worked. Yu Siyang was not stiff for the first time after the beginning. He sat on the horse slightly relaxed, and secretly reached out to touch the horse’s short mane.

This horse is so cute.

Ge Rui couldn’t stop taking pictures.

Xue Chengxiu and the jockey in the racecourse took the reins and led Yu Siyang around the racecourse slowly to help him adapt to the rhythm of riding.

This maroon horse is the most docile mare in the racecourse. It has strong endurance and will not run around if frightened.

But the premise is that there is no arrogant white horse running around to make trouble.

Pei Xuebai paced slowly in the racecourse, knowing that besides the owner, there is a child on his back, so he kicked and stomped patiently, making Pei Ziteng anxious.

“Xuebai, do you dare to go faster? Have you even moved 3 yards at this speed?” The big white horse tsundere’s head tilted as if didn’t like to talk to the owner at all.

Immediately afterwards, the big white horse saw that there was still a horse in the field, and its speed was faster than his, which was unbearable.

Pei Xuebai ran over a few steps, trying to bite the bay maroon horse’s tail.

Pei Ziteng hurriedly pulled on the reins, but the maroon horse was still frightened, kicked a few steps, and shocked Yu Siyang, who had just learned to ride a horse.

Xue Chengxiu and the jockey pulled on the horse’s bridle desperately, and the jockey patted the horse’s neck to comfort it, so that the horse calmed down.

The bear kid on the back of the big white horse was amused and laughed: “Brother is so timid.”

The maroon horse was frightened and could no longer be ridden. Yu Siyang was helped to get off the horse and walked to the big white horse, facing him. With his hands stretched out, Pei Ziteng immediately embraced the bear child knowingly.

After unremitting exercise, Yu Siyang finally started to increase his strength. Now he can hold the little fat man for at least ten minutes, but it is still a difficult endeavour when he took the little fat man from the air. When he hugged him, his hands trembled a little. Xue Chengxiu, who knew the inside story, went to help.

Xue Yunmu hugged his Yangyang brother’s neck and rubbed his chubby face to please him. “Brother, Mu Mu is hungry.”

At noon they ate “natural wild vegetables” highly recommended by the club manager, but the manager pitted them. The chefs at the club are exquisite in craftsmanship, but they can’t maintain the wonderful taste of the ingredients themselves. The wild vegetables in the mountains are really natural. The smell of rotten leaves couldn’t be smelt at all, but it was not too filling, so let alone Xue Yunmu, Yu Siyang himself was hungry.

“Yeah, Mu Mu wants to eat pig buns.” Xue Yunmu nodded vigorously.

Yu Siyang said: “But it takes a long time to make pig buns. When they are done, Mu Mu’s belly will be hungry.” The little guy looked depressed.

It’s been a long time since his brother made something by himself. His brother is so busy, and Mu Mu is a good and sensible boy. Occasionally, he can enjoy the small snacks his brother took the time to make for him. It doesn’t matter if there are no pig buns.

Yu Siyang put the little guy down, squatted in front of him, squeezed his face, and said, “I saw a barbecue grill when I came here. Let’s go to the kitchen to ask for a fish and I’ll make you a grilled fish fillet[1] as a snack. “

“Okay–” Xue Yunmu raised his hand and cheered, throwing himself into Yu Siyang’s arms.

When Ge Rui heard this, her eyes suddenly brightened.

Roar…Look at what she heard; the leader is making grilled fish fillets.

“Leader, can I go together with you?” Ge Rui looked at Yu Siyang hopefully, “I know where the kitchen is, I can lead the way.”

Always being called “Leader”, Yu Siyang was too embarrassed, “That, I’ll just trouble Sister Rui.”

“No trouble, no trouble.” Ge Rui went to the racecourse and drove the golf cart over.

She will be able to eat the delicacies made by the leader himself. She must take pictures and post on Weibo to make the food groups jealous. Ho Ho, what a wonderful weekend.

As Yu Siyang and Xue Chengxiu said, they led Xue Yunmu to the kitchen with Ge Rui.

The barbecue rack was placed on the grass in the club lake area. A stone arch bridge is built on the artificial lake with a large area. There is also a small island in the center of the lake. The small island is planted with many bamboos, and there is a landscape of curved water. If you want to pretend to be a celebrity or a literati, you can live in the bamboo house on the island. The atmosphere is very good.

Black swans, white swans, mandarin ducks and other birds are scattered on the lake. There are also several species of fish in the lake. The scenery is very beautiful. Barbecuing in such a place is also unique.

Ge Rui took Xue Yunmu to watch the swans on the lake shore, and Yu Siyang killed the fish by the barbecue grill. The grilled fish fillets are best cooked with freshly killed fish, which is the most delicious.

He took a few half-sized fish from the kitchen and grilled them enough to serve as snacks for a few people. After eating too much in the afternoon, they would not be able to eat dinner.

Killing slicing fish meat are the basic skills of a chef, but bone-shaving can test the skill of the chef’s knife skills, especially fish with more fine spines such as crucian carp and grass carp.

Yu Siyang’s knife skills can be regarded as first-class, the sliced fish skin is thin and unbroken, and it will not be easily scattered when placed on the grill net. The grilled fish fillet is still intact.

The fish is very easy to cook. Before roasting, he used a small soft brush to oil the fish and cover with his homemade barbecue sauce. He put the fish on the grilling net with tongs, and the fish will be cooked in a short while after being roasted by charcoal fire.

The scent of the barbecue sauce brushed on the fish immediately volatilized due to the heat, and the extremely domineering smell permeated the end of the human nose. As soon as the aroma of the barbecue sauce came out, the fish was sprinkled with barbecue powder made of salt, cumin powder, basil leaves, and ground sesame seeds. The barbecue powder and the barbecue sauce are mixed together to raise the aroma by another level. It stimulated one’s taste buds.

Smelling this, Ge Rui and Xue Yunmu were not in the mood to see swans, and immediately rushed back to the barbecue area from the lake.

Yu Siyang just roated a slice, blew it, put it in his mouth to try the taste, Xue Yunmu stomped in anxiously, “Brother, Mumu eat, Mumu eat…”

“Why are you so anxious, brother is just trying the taste.” Yu Siyang flicked his little forehead and put a few slices of fish on the grill. “Sister Rui eats spicy food? If you eat spicy, I will put paprika alone for you.”

“Eat, eat.” Ge Rui stared at the barbecue with greedy eyes. She didn’t really hear what Yu Siyang said, anyway, regardless of what he was talking about, she had to eat it.

The fish cooked quickly. Yu Siyang used tongs to separate the fish fillets with peppers and no peppers in two plates. The one with pepper was given to Ge Rui, and he and Mu Mu ate the one without pepper.

Ge Rui couldn’t wait to pick up a piece and put it into her mouth…

“Aoaoao…It’s hot…”

She opened her mouth round and exhaled continuously, exhaling while trying to chew the fish, and then the fish was eaten. But her mouth was so scalded that there was no taste.

Hmm… this won’t work if one is too impatient, you have to taste the food slowly.

The now well-behaved Ge Rui picked up the fish fillet, let it cool a little, and ate it in her mouth.

The fish is very fresh and tender, because the slices are relatively thin, and when it is lightly squeezed in the mouth, the fish taste spread out in the mouth, bit by bit. When she chewed, she could feel the essence of the fish itself. The barbecue sauce and barbecue powder enhanced the flavour. Many spices are present, the fragrance is extremely overbearing, but it will not cover the sweetness of the fish itself. When eaten in the mouth, it highlighted the sweetness and tenderness of the fish fillet. The slight spicy flavour made the fish fillet more memorable and complete.

As a member of the food group, what could be happier than eating the food made by the head of the group?!

Ge Rui couldn’t wait to show it off. It was very interesting to think about it while eating.

After getting permission from the leader, Ge Rui took hundreds of photos of the head grilling the fish. The most shots were naturally grilled fish.

Grilling the fish himself, and the fancy praise from the fan next to him, it felt really good … strange.

Yu Siyang was embarrassed by the praise, his face flushed.

After a while, the few people from the racecourse also came to the barbecue area in a golf cart.

“I can smell the fragrance all the way, Brother Xiaoyu, do we have a share?” Pei Ziteng leaned on Zhuang Ze as if boneless, staring at the fish fillets on the grill, about to pounce on it.

When Yu Siyang looked up, he saw this scene of love each other, and his face went so red that it was smoking.

——Their feelings are really good, they are not afraid of the worldly vision, and their generous show of affection can be seen as true love.

Yu Siyang couldn’t stop making up the story in his brain, but he didn’t delay the movements of his hands. He put the grilled fish fillets on a plate and handed them to Mr. Xue.

Mr. Xue had just taken the plate and was about to get the chopsticks. Pei Ziteng snatched the plate. He robbed him and then innocently said: “I’ll try the taste for you.”

Xue Chengxiu was in a good mood today and was too lazy to follow him. He didn’t care and waited for the next batch to come out.

“Extremely good cooking skills!” Pei Ziteng and Zhuang Ze shared a plate of five fish fillets, and they were amazed by the deliciousness of the fish fillets.

“Of course,” Ge Rui said: “The barbecue sauce and barbecue powder are all made by the head of my family. The fish is also made by him. It’s amazing.”

Pei Ziteng ignored her and moved a chair over. He sat next to the grill, and started staring at the grill, watching the fish fillets being cooked, and he used the tongs to remove them by himself. Unexpectedly, the fish fillets are only slightly lifted when they are clamped, and the fillets are broken.

Obviously, it looked so effortless! Pei Ziteng looked confused.

“Oh, don’t mess around and waste them.” Ge Rui pushed Pei Ziteng away with disgust.

Except for the piece broken by Pei Ziteng, the remaining fish fillets were quickly picked up by Yu Siyang and placed in a plate, and then handed to Mr. Xue.

Ding Guanghe wanted to grab, but Xue Chengxiu forced him back with his eyes.

OK, he doesn’t care about the man who protected his food, he will wait for the next batch.

Zhuang Ze tried to grill a few slices by himself. It was cooked and the taste was good, but using the same ingredients, they were not as good as those grilled by Yu Siyang.

“It should be because the heat hasn’t been mastered.” Zhuang Ze said, he wanted to try again.

Ge Rui took the phone to select the photo and did not forget to spit out: “Brother Zhuang, don’t spoil things.”

Zhuang Ze was even stronger and couldn’t stop roasting. Yu Siyang had been squeezed aside to help him give fish and to brush oil and barbecue sauce.

Xue Yunmu was fed by his father. After eating a few slices of Zhuang Ze’s grilled fish fillets, he complained: “Dad, Uncle Zhuang doesn’t have a good grilled taste like brother.”

“Uncle Zhuang rarely does it himself. Mu Mu should give him some. Pretend that it is delicious, okay?” Xue Chengxiu continued to feed his son.

After the little guy ate another piece of fish, he thought about it for a while, firmly shook his head: “No.”

Zhuang Ze: “…” Can’t you say such things behind my back?

Adults were all amused by the child’s innocence.

Ge Rui leaned on her fiance, processed the photos she chose to post, and took a few more photos of Mu Mu before opening Weibo.

After a while, the smile on her face was gradually replaced with anger, Zhang Zhenqi saw that her expression was wrong, and quickly asked her what’s wrong.

Ge Rui looked up at Yu Siyang and said, “Yangyang, you are being criticized again.”

“What?” Everyone looked at Ge Rui.

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