TCYEC Ch. 51

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Ge Rui received a Weibo private message from the group leaders of the other groups, saying that they should organize the fans in the group to counterattack the sunspots[1]. Their slogan was “Defend the Commander”. The main members of the fan group were sending her private messages like crazy.

She quickly opened the penguin and messaged a group leader to ask about the situation. She just asked, “Why is the leader being criticised”, and the group leader sent a bunch of messages.

[Someone photographed the head of the team at the Imperial Global Trade Center yesterday. This morning, a marketing account published an article “He is the most popular and fresh meat, he is going to endorse the top international brands as soon he debuted”. I’m sending you the address, and you can watch it yourself.]

[It’s silly. It’s clear the navy’s self-attack and self-sustaining is too obvious, it’s disgusting.]

[The people in the regiment are all fighting the navy sunspots, the official did not come forward, and no one contacted us. I don’t know what happened now.]

[Where did you go all day, and you lost communication at a critical moment.]

[If I know who deliberately hacked my head, I will tear him alive!!! ]

Ge Rui’s fingers hung on the phone screen, and she wanted to type, “Master leader is watching behind me, you speak a little gentler, don’t scare our lovely leader”.

“Yesterday?” Yu Siyang stretched his head to read the messages that Ge Rui opened.

The article was accompanied by several secretly taken photos of him entering the Global Trade Center. The article wrote in a brain-dead tone that he had gotten a first-line big-name endorsements just after his debut, and he could get better fashion resources than those who had been mixed in the industry for years. The so-called first-line stars are much stronger.

The article was written with great motivation, and when the navy added oil to the fire, the sunspots and many fans of celebrities who followed the fashion ICON route were immediately instigated. The whole network of black fans of Yu Siyang was overwhelming, and some said he was arrogant. Some said he didn’t respect his predecessors, and some people mocked him for publishing marketing articles to create hype about himself.

In short, if you are not pleasing to the eye, they will scold you, they don’t need to check the facts, anyway, through an internet connection they are hidden, and who knows who scolded whom.

Xue Chengxiu squeezed the back of Yu Siyang’s neck, with obvious worry in his eyes, “Didn’t you say that the endorsement has been decided upon?” The last time he was criticised, his child was depressed for several days, and his listless appearance made people feel distressed.

He had been busy for so long, and now he finally got a vacation. If this thing affects his mood…

Xue Chengxiu couldn’t help but get angry and called the general manager of All Star to ask the company’s public relations department to dispel the rumors as soon as possible and investigate who spread them. Entertainers who are behind the scenes and attacking the company must not be spared as they were last time. No matter who is behind the scenes, a lesson must be given. The company will determine the extent of the lesson.

Jiang Fei, the new general manager of Allstar, hung up the chairman’s call and immediately dialled Wei Xiaofeng’s number. While wiping the cold sweat from his forehead, he wondered in his heart: Who is this Yu Siyang, who actually made the chairman called in person?

“The endorsement talk is finished. What endorsement?”

Ge Rui was surprised when she heard Xue Chengxiu’s words. The head of the delegation really went to the Global Trade Center to talk about an endorsement?!

The Global Trade Center of the Imperial City has the branches of the three major luxury goods brands in China. Many star models have entered and exited this super high-rise building. Therefore, as soon as Yu Siyang was photographed entering the Global Trade Center and was caught on photos, those people with pitfalls in their brain believed it in minutes.

“P & H,” Yu Siyang looked at Xue Chengxiu once, Sister Rui is one of Mr. Xue’s friends, telling her in advance should not cause any issues, “The cooperation has been confirmed, and my agent is talking with the brand for details.”

The several people watching the gossip were a little surprised. Seniority is an important rule no matter which circle you are in. The entertainment circle is no exception. Luxury brands chose spokespersons not only based on whether the appearance is suitable for the brand, but also based on the influence in the circle.

A newcomer who has just debuted with only one movie released. It is very surprising to be able to get a big-name endorsement like P&H.

This news has to be released in minutes! Ge Rui was very excited, but after thinking about it, the news would definitely not be released by fans, it would cause even more black powder to emerge.

She glanced at Xue Chengxiu, and thought that the officials must have a countermeasure, so how can we successfully help the leader to suppress this wave of brainless people first?

After the group leader sent a lot of news to Ge Rui, Ge Rui fell silent again, without replying to her, which made her want to kill her.

On Ge Rui’s penguin, there was another row of messages from the ID [I am the leader’s old fan]. Why are you not speaking?

[Hurry up and say something, don’t pretend to be dumb, I will bite you.]

[Ok, come out, come out, come out, I won’t send you the blade.]

[I sent it, Swiss army knife, eighteen ginger knives, Gemini Knives, Vic Lynx knives.]

[My god, you really don’t talk, you cow.]

Ge Rui was too embarrassed, so she glanced at Yu Siyang secretly.

All these messages had been seen by the group leader. Does the leader think his fans are a bit stupid?!

“Head of the group, can I tell the old fan about today? She is the first fan of the food group. We have a very good relationship and usually share news with each other. Don’t worry, what should be said and what should not be said, I know.”

Ge Rui asked Yu Siyang for his opinion, and Yu Siyang subconsciously looked at Xue Chengxiu and asked for Mr. Xue’s opinion.

“Tell her.” Xue Chengxiu nodded slightly.

With the approval of the chief executive, Ge Rui picked up the phone and typed cracklingly–

 [Lao Chao, let me tell you something, don’t get excited]

 [Hurry up and put away valuables]

 [Don’t eat or drink anything now]

The old fan replied impatiently: [Stop talking nonsense, say it quickly]

[Then I’ll say it…]

[The head of the group is right behind me, he saw everything you just said [doge]]

At this time, in a garden house in Haicheng, a quiet-looking woman cut the power cord of the main computer and kicked it. The computer screen instantly went black.

She stared blankly at the “power saver” icon that popped up on the screen, slowly raised her hand, and pinched her face.

It hurts!!!

Not a dream!!!


She found her phone in a hurry, turned on Penguin on the phone, and tried to delete all the characters she had typed before, but she did not succeed in time.

Alas, I said such rude things, it was all seen by the head of the group, I want to go to SH-.

She sent a row of crying expressions to the penguin whose ID is Gourmet that can swallow the sky: [Why is the head behind you?]

Gourmet that can swallow the sky: [I came out to play, it happened that the leader also came out to play, and so we met [suddenly]

I am the leader’s old fan: [Why is it such a coincidence, I really want to burn you to death]

Ge Rui was simply feeling too proud, she sent a few photos she had prepared to post on Weibo to the old fan.

I am the leader’s old fan: [So handsome, so handsome, so handsome, do you have any more?]

Ge Rui proudly sent the picture of Yu Siyang’s grilled fish fillets, and also sent more than 30 photos taken from various angles.

 [The fish fillets grilled by the head of the team are so delicious that I want to swallow my tongue.]

After a while, the old fan returned a message: [Don’t talk to me now, I’m so jealous]

This effect was what Ge Rui wanted, and she was so proud that she was going to heaven. She then went crazy in describing how the fish fillets tasted and how delicious they were to the old fan.

I am the leader’s old fan: [Wait a minute, that… can you… let the leader… have a word with me…]

Ge Rui showed the phone to Yu Siyang and asked: “Can you?”

Yu Siyang took the phone and looked at Mr. Xue nervously, “What do I say?”

“Just say hello.” Xue Chengxiu said.

Yu Siyang held down the voice button and said dryly: “Hello, I am Yu Siyang.” After sending it over, he didn’t know what to say.

Hearing Yu Siyang’s voice, Lao Fanfen rolled on the bed frantically: “Ahhhhhhh … the head of the group talked to me … I’m going to run around the community ten times to calm down …”

Ge Rui took her phone back and continued to show off to the old fan.

Several big men onlookers patted Zhang Zhenqi’s shoulder, showing sympathy.

Zhang Zhenqi also sympathized with himself.

Xiao Rui is usually shrewd and capable, a typical strong woman. He went to her company once and happened to see her handle subordinates who had made mistakes. There were no serious words said in the whole process, and she calmly only raised a few key questions. Her subordinates were so ashamed that they wanted to go back to their mother’s womb to get reborn[2].

Such Xiao Rui, chasing the stars, is like a double personality.

Although they are engaged and are from good families, they also have feelings for each other, but he had never seen his fiancee look so fanatical towards him.

At home, his status is not as good as the cat she raised, and outside, he is actually not as good as the young boy from the Chengxiu family. This day can’t be passed!!!

“No, I went crooked.” Ge Rui patted her leg suddenly and said to herself.

Obviously, she was looking for the management of the group to discuss how to suppress the black group and was now wasting time talking about the grilled fish.

She hurriedly opened the management group in the group and typed at extremely fast speed: [Dear leaders, I have received news, All Star will deal with the black of the group leader this time, we wait for the official news before deciding the next move. Group leaders, tell the members in your group not to engage with the black guys anymore, and ask the group members to persuade those loose fans not to step in the black guys’ pit.]

[Later, I will post a Weibo, let all fans in the group repost it, send the topic to the hot ranking, bring down the topic of the black group leader, and organize the group members to the entire network to catch the black group leader. Don’t worry about the old topic, let it sink, and if you find a new topic, organize people to go to the food group to take up the topic.]

All the team leaders swiftly sent “received” and began an organized and disciplined “Defense Commander’s Counterattack”.

Yu Siyang hugged Xue Yunmu, unable to tell whether he was most moved or thankful.

He had always had no idea about his fans, and always felt that it is just a statistical number. Although he liked to post on Weibo, he had the mentality of meeting friends. Across the Internet, everyone is a stranger.

However, these strangers who have been masked behind IDs are happier than him when he is happy, and when he is busy, he is instructed to take care of his body by them and they protect him when he is abused and they help him resist the storm.

“Brother, are you unhappy?” Xue Yunmu touched his brother’s face with his fat paws.

Yu Siyang shook his head, “Brother is very happy.” Although he was scolded by so many people on the Internet for some reason, after the first experience, he would not be as depressed and sad as the first time, not to mention there are so many people defending him.

Xue Chengxiu rubbed the juvenile’s soft black hair. It is said that people with soft hair have good tempers. It seems that this is correct.

“I’ll take you around. The club has several themed sceneries, and they are very good.”

Yu Siyang glanced at Ge Rui, who was typing wildly on her mobile phone.

Ge Rui waved her hand, “Leader, go and play. When it is done, I will go to you to play.”

“Thank you, Sister Rui.” Yu Siyang smiled and thanked.

Waiting for Yu Siyang and Xue Chengxiu to walk away with the little friend Mu Mu, Ge Rui put down her mobile phone and looked at the back of the family of three. The gratified expression on her face was like a mother looking at her well-behaved and sensible son, “My Yangyang is really cute “

Zhang Zhenqi almost wanted to hit the wall, “Xiao Rui, let your master[3] stand out.”

Ge Rui changed her face in a second, and the queen fan squinted at her fiancee, “You have split personality. Huh, naive.” She elegantly and arrogantly walked towards the golf cart.

“Xiao Rui, where are you going?” Zhang Zhenqi hurried to catch up.

“I’m going to find a computer; you can play yourself.”

Zhang Zhenqi, who was “abandoned” by his fiancée, followed the boy to play in depression.

He specially called Xiao Rui to play, one purpose was to relax her, and the other was to show off his affection in front of these single dogs.

However, neither goal was achieved, but Xue Chengxiu’s “family of three” model blinded him, not to mention making him sad.

“Let’s go.” Ding Guanghe choked and took Zhang Zhenqi away.

Want to give them dog food? Hum, people who abuse others will always get abused.

At this time, a Weibo of Ge Rui was sent out, making the members of the food group so jealous that they completely forgot to put the topic on the hot list and queued up in the comments to raise a torch and burn her to death.

Gloria_V: #Food Group Leader @Yu Siyang is an elegant little prince, riding a horse he looks so handsome, his personally grilled the fish fillets are simply delicious, happy [so happy] [Too happy] [too happy].”

She posted nine pictures on Weibo, including Yu Siyang riding a horse, him slicing the fish and grilling fish. Of course, the tempting finished product was indispensable and also put up.

What made the fans more frantic was that she posted a long Weibo soon with more than a dozen pictures, focusing on the whole process of Yu Siyang grilling the fish fillets and the taste of the fish fillets. The description was vivid and immersive. They wanted to raise a torch and burn her to death.

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[1] The people who are deliberately criticizing other people.

[2] So ashamed as to not exist anymore.

[3] He is calling himself her master.

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