IHSB Ch. 71

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This was really hard work, probably the moment he knew Nuan Nuan came back, and the moment he knew Nuan Nuan’s name, the seal was already in preparation.

Mother Gu knew that her brother could carve seals, and he must have written this word.

The warm and white hands were holding the seal that was not even as big as her palm, the water in her clear and translucent eyes like glass seemed to be shining, the corners of her light pink lips were raised to reveal the sharp little canine teeth, her eyebrows and eyes were gently bent like a pink jade carving. She was very beautiful, and she liked the thing in her hands very much.

“Thank you uncle, Nuan Nuan likes it very much.”

She thanked softly and seriously.

Uncle was really like what mother said, he looked serious and fierce, but he was really gentle.

Bai Jinyan picked up the teacup and took a sip of tea to cover up his nervousness. When he heard the little girl softly say that she liked it, his mood suddenly relaxed, the corners of his serious mouth raised slightly, and the eyes behind the glasses warmed up. Even his serious countenance was stained with a smile.

His wife gave him a reproachful look. This man, who obviously liked her but insisted on pretending to be serious, was not afraid of scaring the little girl anymore.

Nuan Nuan carefully gave the seal to her father to keep it away, and then sat obediently beside the adults, not going out to run around, obediently listening to their conversation.

After more than an hour of flying, she was still a little tired. Under the effect of soothing incense, her eyelids gradually became unsupported while listening to the adults chatting quietly. Her curly eyelashes slowly closed and then opened quickly.

After doing this several times, she yawned a little, her eyes turned watery, her little body tilted, and she fell asleep leaning against her father.

Gu Linmo quickly hugged her small body and said with a doting smile, “Nuan Nuan fell asleep.”

Her aunt stood up, “Give her to me, I’ll put her to sleep.”

Father Gu actually wanted to let his daughter sleep in his arms, but it was a little impolite to talk to his elder brother while holding someone in his arms, and it was indeed more comfortable to sleep on the bed.

In the end, he still reluctantly sent the little girl in his arms out.

Although in an unfamiliar environment, Nuan Nuan still slept comfortably, and when she opened her eyes again, she didn’t know what was going on.

Nuan Nuan rubbed her eyes, looked at this quaint room in a daze, and sat there looking silly, it took a while for her to remember that she seemed to be at her uncle’s house.

She turned over and got out of bed to find her parents, but she was a little panicked when she couldn’t find anyone, and she forgot that she still had her mobile phone.

“Who are you? Why are you at my house?”

A voice as clean as a spring sounded from behind, and Nuan Nuan turned around with red eyes, meeting a pair of curious eyes that were as clean and beautiful as his voice.

The young boy who looked no more than eighteen years old was thin, with soft black short hair and snow-white skin, with clear facial features, and a clean and gentle temperament like a child. His slightly round, clear eyes like a cat were smiling. At this moment, he carried the drawing board on his back, put his slender and picturesque hands on his knees, and bent slightly to look at the little figure in front of him.

The warm black eyelashes trembled twice watching him, the tears accumulated in the beautiful eyes were like crystal beads sticking to the eyelashes and the red eyes made her look a little pitiful.

“Why are you crying?”

The boy’s clean voice was as comfortable as a clear spring, and he reached out with one hand and gently wiped the little girl’s eyes.

“Hey, don’t cry, okay, your brother will buy you candy.”

Nuan Nuan sniffed her little nose and talked to him in a soft voice, “Mom and Dad are gone.”

“So, you were looking for your parents, you are a guest at my house today, wait for me to call my mother.”

Nuan Nuan just remembered at this time that she also had a phone.

She wrinkled her little nose, feeling so stupid.

“Xiao Ai.”

“I’m here master, do you need any help?”

Bai Mohua, who was about to call his mother, paused, tilted his head and stared curiously at the light pink phone in Nuan Nuan’s hand.

“Well, call Dad.”


As soon as Xiao Ai’s voice fell, it was obvious that the phone automatically jumped to the calling page and dialled Nuan Nuan’s dad directly.

“Hey, Nuan Nuan, are you awake? Obediently wait in the room for Dad to come to you.”

Nuan Nuan hurriedly said, “Dad, I’m already out.”

“Ah? You came out? Where are you? Dad will come to see you, no, you just came to your uncle’s house and you don’t know where you are, so Dad will send you a video call and I’ll see where you are.”


Bai Mohua, who was standing next to Nuan Nuan and squatting beside Nuan Nuan, was puzzled. Her cell phone yelled, and the voice was very familiar.

The person opposite was obviously stunned, and then asked in surprise.


Bai Mohua nodded, even though the person on the opposite side couldn’t see him, his voice was clean and clear with a smile.

“It turns out that you came to the house, and Mom and Dad didn’t tell me, did Auntie come too?”

The little girl next to her called his Aunt and Uncle as Mom and Dad, wasn’t that just…

The young man embraced Nuan Nuan in surprise and enthusiasm. With small shoulders and wide eyes, he hugged her and looked left and right.

“You are my little cousin!”

Nuan Nuan looked at the young man in front of her and blinked her eyes, then called softly.

“Second cousin.”

“Hey, you’re so good.”

Bai Mohua moved his face close to his warm and soft face with his eyes bent.

Nuan Nuan was not sad at all now, she was a little shy to be hugged by this good-looking second cousin, but very happy as well.

“You don’t have to worry, aunt, my little cousin is here.”

Gu Linmo asked, “Where are you?”

He held his warm little face and looked left and right, his eyes were full of smiles, bright and beautiful like the sun.

“I’m so lucky today. I met my little cousin as soon as I came back. Just now I was wondering whose little fairy fell into my house.”

Hearing this, Nuan Nuan’s little face turned even redder.

“Haha… don’t be shy, what I said is true, little cousin is pretty, can your cousin draw a portrait of you?”

He didn’t like to draw people, that was because he only liked to draw what fell in his own eyes. For beautiful things, what he liked to paint was not only someone who was good-looking, but whose eyes were also good-looking. Such a person was hard to find.

But his little cousin was a smart little elf. When her back was turned to him just now, he had an intuition that this little girl would look good. What surprised him even more was that this beautiful little elf was still his little cousin.

The little cousin who was as obedient as white jade, so cute.

Nuan Nuan was hugged in his arms and nodded dizzily, her nostrils were full of the clean fragrance of the second cousin underlined by a hint of paint, like the afternoon sun, making people feel very comfortable and warm.

As soon as she nodded her head, Nuan Nuan’s whole little person flew into the air and was hugged by the thin and clean boy.

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