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On the top of Qianwu Mountain, Mi Wan was already stunned by the scene in front of her. She did not have such a clear perception of the blessings in this warm wind, but this did not prevent her from realizing the relaxation and joy of her body and mind.

In less than half an hour from the start of the sacrifice, the surrounding hills of Qianwu Mountain had faintly turned green. She clearly remembered that when she flew over, the few hills that were slightly shorter were all covered in a haze of withered yellow.

In the past, Fan Chen always told her that the demon race were natural elves. Although Mi Wan believed it, she didn’t have a deep understanding. Looking at the scene of spring returning to the earth, Mi Wan had a deep understanding of what being a natural elf meant.

Fan Chen, that’s really amazing.

Mi Wan couldn’t help turning her head and looking at the center of the altar, at the man who was still reciting the sacrificial oration. Fan Chen’s body was still dancing, his steps were not complicated, but Mi Wan still couldn’t remember them, the heavy and complicated clothes were lifted up again and again, and the crisp bells were ringing rhythmically, as if the sacrificial oration was the most intimate and suitable soundtrack.

There was another crisp sound, and Fan Chen, who had turned around, suddenly turned around and faced Mi Wan’s direction.

Fan Chen at this time was really good-looking, Mi Wan wanted to take a picture of Fan Chen’s appearance several times, but every time Fan Chen turned around, she would be tempted by the beauty and forget the mobile phone in her hand, it wasn’t until Fan Chen had turned around again that she remembered it again in annoyance.

Finally, the complicated ceremony came to an end. Fan Chen froze on the altar with peaceful eyes, watching the demons below. Then, a towering giant tree faintly emerged from behind him.

That’s… Mi Wan stood up excitedly, it must be the phantom of Fan Chen’s original form, damn it, why couldn’t it be more obvious, only the outline could be seen.

Mi Wan stood on tiptoe, wishing she could rush closer to take a closer look, but she also knew in her heart that the phantom would no longer be clear, no matter how close she got, it was useless. In fact after getting closer, she probably wouldn’t even see the outline of this phantom.

It was an extremely tall tree, standing between the sky and the earth like a giant pillar of the sky, with countless branches extending outward from the thick trunk, but because it was too illusory, it merged with the sky and it was hard to see. In the meantime, there were countless huge leaves exuding dazzling brilliance, showing the powerful and uncloaked power of the master, standing brazenly.

Mi Wan couldn’t help raising her head, wanting to see the highest point of the phantom, but the higher it went, the less real it became. In desperation, she could only withdraw her eyes, and let her gaze fall towards the body of the phantom. There was even an admiration on her face that was too late to take back, but when the admiration touched Fan Chen’s body, she suddenly froze.

She saw that a mass of dense black energy, like a pitch-black drill, was rotating at high speed and drilling out of Fan Chen’s chest. After treating him for more than half a year, it finally healed.

Fan Chen’s hand holding the staff tightened unconsciously, but there was no ripple on his face. He tried his best to maintain his posture so that the ceremony could end smoothly. At this moment, he suddenly felt a scorching gaze falling directly on him.

Who dared to look at him like that during the ceremony?

Fan Chen frowned, looked over, and then met a pair of angry black eyes.

Fan Chen was startled: Mi Wan, why is she here?

Mi Wan looked at him from afar, pointed to the direction of his chest, and mouthed: Why is this happening?

Fan Chen lowered his eyes, concealed the surprise in his eyes, and resumed his initial indifference, continuing the ceremony as if he hadn’t seen Mi Wan. In the end, the last word of the sacrificial oration fell, and at the same time, the phantom of the towering giant tree disappeared and returned to Fan Chen’s body. But Mi Wan clearly saw that the leaves full of splendor did not become more dazzling because of the end of the sacrifice but dimmed a lot.

What’s going on, why is Fan Chen’s body weakening when every demon clan seems to be benefiting endlessly?

After the sacrifice was over, Fan Chen turned around, moved the staff in his hand, and the altar, together with his body, turned into countless green leaves in the midst of a wave of demon power, floating in the air.

At this time, all the demon races on the top of the mountain seemed to wake up. They all fell down, bowing their heads to the ground, as they expressed their gratitude to the fallen leaves that hadn’t had time to completely scatter. Even the little white fox in Mi Wan’s arms struggled to jump to the ground, folded his knees and bowed his head, grateful for this ceremony.

When the mass of green leaves was completely scattered, the demons on the top of the mountain gradually dispersed. They went together in twos and threes, and the demon clan with the ability to fly led the demon clan without the ability to fly and disappeared from the top of the mountain in an instant. After a while, only Mi Wan and the fox demon uncle and nephew were left on the top of Qianwu Mountain.

The fiery red fox demon picked up the little white fox, raised his neck and threw his nephew onto his back, then walked briskly to Mi Wan, and asked with a smile: “Master Mi, wasn’t the festival good?

“Not bad.” Mi Wan nodded.

“Although you are a human being and you can’t feel the blessings of nature to the demon race, but if you can feel it up close, you should have gained something.” Quan Juncai asked.

“Not only gained, but also got scared.” Mi Wan said quietly.

“Huh?” Quan Juncai was puzzled, “What scare?”

Mi Wan looked at the red fox in front of her and found that there was pure doubt in his eyes, obviously he didn’t notice anything abnormal about Fan Chen. Could it be that only she could see the wound on Fan Chen’s chest?

“It’s nothing.” While thinking, Mi Wan shook her head lightly.

“Then let’s go back.” Quan Juncai looked at the sky and said, “Go back now, just in time for lunch.”

“You guys go first.” Mi Wan said suddenly.

“If we leave, how would you go back?” Quan Juncai was puzzled, then as if he had thought of something, he looked back at the direction of the altar just now, and with a smirk, he said clearly, “Okay, then let’s go first.”

Then, the fiery red fox demon rushed forward a few steps, the whole body rushed over the cliff, flew into the air, and disappeared out of the sky in a blink of an eye.

There was no one else on the top of the mountain at this time, Mi Wan jumped off the boulder, stepped on the new soft grass under her feet, and walked step by step to the place where Fan Chen disappeared just now, then facing the air, she asked softly: “Do you need me to call you? Or are you coming out again?”

As soon as the voice finished, Fan Chen’s figure appeared in front of Mi Wan out of thin air, he was still wearing that complicated sacrificial dress, and his long hair was still loose, but the staff was gone.

“Why are you here?” Fan Chen looked at the girl in front of him with a complicated expression.

“Quan Juncai invited me here.” Mi Wan replied.

Although he had guessed it a long time ago, when he heard Quan Juncai’s name at this time, Fan Chen couldn’t help cursing in his heart: Messy fox.

“With such an ugly face, does this mean you don’t welcome me?” Mi Wan asked.

“No.” Fan Chen shook his head.

“Then the injury is too serious and it hurts?” Mi Wan looked at Fan Chen’s chest. Although the mass of black energy was not as violent as before, it was still eroding Fan Chen’s chest.

“It’s okay, just rest for a while.” Fan Chen covered his chest, preventing Mi Wan from seeing the black air on it.

“Then since it’s nothing serious, can I trouble you to explain why all the demon clans have improved in physical strength and demon power due to the sacrificial ceremony, but you… look like this.” Mi Wan asked directly.

“Because I am the priest, presiding over the ceremony requires a lot of demon power.” Fan Chen explained.

“The injuries on your body are caused by presiding over the festivals every year, right?” Mi Wan felt that her guess was extremely reasonable. With Fan Chen’s cultivation, there was almost no power in this world that could hurt him. But if this power was the loss caused by the festival, then it was much more reasonable.

Fan Chen smiled, but did not refute, it was considered an admission.

“Why do you have to have this festival?” If every time you perform a festival, you will hurt your body, then there must be a reason why Fan Chen must do it.

“This is my duty.” Fan Chen replied.

“Demon King’s duty?”

“No.” Fan Chen shook his head, and asked without answering, “Every spring, do you know which plant is the first to sense spring?”

Mi Wan shook her head.

“It’s me.” Fan Chen said with a smile, “Every year, I am the first to sense spring. Every leaf on my body can sense it. Then there is a deep voice telling me, hurry up. Tell other creatures this news, let the whole world know that spring is here.”

Natural mission?! Such a word suddenly popped up in Mi Wan’s mind for no reason.

“Wanwan, do you know? Everything in this world has a reason for its existence, but only a small number of people can sense it. Those who can sense it know what they should do? And those who can’t sense it, and do this unknowingly, this is called a natural mission.” This was what her master said to her when she was very young.

“In the past, I only needed to shake the leaves to spread the news, but now the aura of heaven and earth is too weak, so I can only convey it through festivals.” Looking at the mountains in the distance, Fan Chen said slowly, “You are not a demon, so you don’t understand how important the spring breeze every year is to each demon.”

“But how long can you last like this?” Mi Wan asked worriedly. The black hole in Fan Chen’s chest expanded by one-third after one festival. At this speed, Fan Chen could still host only several festivals.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” Fan Chen said relaxedly, “When the spring breeze blows past, the plants will turn green and the flowers will bloom, I will get a reward from nature, and the wound will be healed soon.”

“If it will be repaired, why is your chest still injured?” Mi Wan asked.

“Because… not all plants have the opportunity to give me back.” Fan Chen said softly.

Not all plants had the opportunity to give back? What was the meaning?

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