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Mi Wan stood on the balcony of the villa, looking at the morning in the eastern suburbs.

In the past, she felt that the reason why Fan Chen lived here must be because there were few people in the eastern suburbs and it was not difficult to hide his identity. But now, she suddenly discovered another reason. Because although the eastern suburb was not the most prosperous area in Cannes, it must be the greenest area. There were no high-rise buildings here, most of the communities were just five-story stair houses, and there were even many two-story private houses. Looking at the villa area on a higher terrain, the eastern suburbs were full of vitality and greenery.

But this kind of greenness was different from the greenness in the forest. Although there was more vegetation in the forest, there were no traces of human life in it. The eastern suburb was a part of Cannes and a part of modern society. There were quite a lot of people here. They were also working hard and living hard, but they were perfectly integrated with this greenery.

This was probably what Fan Chen meant about the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.

“Good morning, miss.” In the yard, Xiao Wang, who was in charge of taking care of the yard, was holding a water pipe to water the plants in the yard. He looked up and saw Mi Wan, who got up early, and greeted him warmly.

“Morning, what about watering?” Mi Wan replied with a smile.

“That’s right, spring is here, and the turf in our yard will grow out in a short time, and the greenery will look very nice.” Xiao Wang said.

Mi Wan looked at the yard of her own house and then at the yard next door. One was empty and full of weeds, which were still withered and yellow, and the other was full of flowers, the contrast was too sharp. After living for so long, Mi Wan didn’t think much of it before, but since returning from a trip to Qianwu Mountain, she had become inexplicably sensitive to this aspect.

“Xiao Wang, let’s grow some flowers.” Mi Wan said suddenly.

“Okay, what kind of flowers does Miss like?” Xiao Wang also felt that his courtyard was a bit empty.

“Any kind of flower is fine. Let’s fill up the yard and plant the backyard.”

“But… if you plant too much, it won’t look good.” Xiao Wang said hesitantly. He remembered that his lady’s major was garden design, but she couldn’t even understand this truth.

“Don’t care if it looks good or not, just plant it until it’s full.” Mi Wan insisted.

“Oh~~ That’s fine.” Xiao Wang agreed first and planned to discuss it with Butler Ye later. As a gardener, the beauty of the garden was connected with his face, and he must not plant it blindly.

Mi Wan nodded in satisfaction, turned her head and glanced at the next door, felt with her spiritual power, and found that Fan Chen hadn’t come back yet.

A week ago, after Fan Chen sent her back from Qianwu Mountain, he went to Wanwu Park. Although he didn’t say the reason, Mi Wan knew that he should have gone to the forest to recuperate. Although there would be rewards from plants and trees after the spring breeze blew over them but the rewards were not immediate. It was estimated that his wound would need to heal for a while.

“Miss, wake up and come down to have breakfast. Today is the first day of school, you have to go to school early.” At this time, Butler Ye’s voice came from outside the door.

By the way, today was the first day of the new semester, Han Xiao and the others also said that they had brought her some special products from their hometowns, so she had to go to school early.

“Here I come, here I come.” Mi Wan hurriedly changed her clothes and went downstairs to eat, and then drove to school by car.

Today was Wednesday. According to the schedule of the new semester, there were not many classes on Wednesday, and there were only classes in the afternoon. But Han Xiao organized a class meeting in the morning, so Mi Wan had to go to school early.

The class meeting lasted for about an hour, in which they mainly talked about the arrangements for the new school year and some precautions, and it ended soon. After the end, Mi Wan followed Han Xiao and the others to the boys’ dormitory, ready to get the special products.

“Why didn’t you bring it to the class meeting?” Mi Wan couldn’t help asking.

“If I brought it here, it would have been snatched away by the class.” Jin Mingxuan said.

“Why would they want to rob?” Mi Wan was puzzled.

“Mingxuan has brought his mother’s special dried fish, which tastes very good. Every time he comes back from winter and summer vacations, the students in the class will search Mingxuan’s package to see if he has brought dried fish.” Liu Gu smiled and said, “The bag he left for you this year was saved by hiding with Wang Zun.”

“Wang Zun?” Mi Wan felt that the name sounded familiar.

“He’s another roommate of ours. He’s from the foreign language department.” Liu Gu introduced, “When the dormitory was assigned, there happened to be one less person in our dormitory, so we were assigned a foreign department student.”

“I’ll send a message to Wang Zun, let him bring our things down for us.” Han Xiao said, took out his mobile phone and sent a message to his roommate.

“Wang Zun?” Mi Wan called again in doubt. She really thought she had heard the name before, but she just couldn’t remember it.

Seeing Mi Wan calling Wang Zun’s name twice in a row, Jin Mingxuan couldn’t help but nervously say, “Mi Wan, you don’t like that kid Wang Zun too, do you?”


Mi Wan looked bewildered at Jin Mingxuan.

“Let me tell you, that kid is only good for his face, but he is actually a playboy by nature.” Jin Mingxuan said anxiously.

“No, no, I just think his name is familiar.” Mi Wan knew that the other party had misunderstood, and quickly waved her hand to explain.

“That’s good.” Jin Mingxuan breathed a sigh of relief. After getting along with each other for several months, he really regarded Mi Wan as a friend, so he didn’t want her to be hurt. That boy Jin Mingxuan didn’t have to say anything else, but he was a bit scumbag when it came to making girlfriends.

“It’s not surprising that you’ve heard it. There are many girls in our class who like him. In the past, some people always asked us to give him love letters and chocolates.” Liu Gu smiled, “Valentine’s Day will be in two days, so you should pay attention to it when the time comes.”

Mi Wan said oh, she was wondering, how could it sound familiar, he was the guy who was always talked about by the girls in the class.

While talking, the few people were about to arrive at the boys’ dormitory. Han Xiao saw a tall boy from a distance. The boy had eye-catching red headphones hanging around his neck, and he was leaning lazily on a tree, holding three bags.

“Wang Zun.” Han Xiao called out from a distance.

The boy raised his head and looked in the direction of several people. When his gaze landed on the girl among his roommates, his dark eyes lit up indiscernibly.


He straightened up immediately, with a gentle smile on his face, and took the initiative to greet her with his things.

“Damn it, why is Wang Zun smiling so wickedly?” Jin Mingxuan asked in a low voice.

“It can’t be seen yet, there must be a new target.” Liu Gu said, looking around subconsciously, wanting to see which unlucky school girl was targeted by this guy.

It was just that he hadn’t locked the suspected target yet, when he saw Wang Zun walking uprightly in front of them, and then saying to Mi Wan with a gentle face, “You must be classmate Mi Wan.”

Liu Gu, Jin Mingxuan, and Han Xiao thought with a trough in their heart, is this guy eyeing Mi Wan?

“I am, you are Wang Zun?” Mi Wan smiled and nodded.

“It’s me. I didn’t expect Wan Wan to know my name.”

I wonder, why did he call me Wan Wan? My classmates haven’t called me that in a year and a half. Nima, can you get acquainted with others quickly just because you are good-looking?

“Liu Gu and the others just introduced you to me.” Mi Wan replied.

“Really, how did they introduce me?” Wang Zun smiled more gently.

“There are many girls in our class who like you…” Wang Zun smiled, and when he was about to say a few words to sound humble, Mi Wan added, “But you are a playboy.”

Wang Zun’s smile froze for a moment and his whole body did not look well.

“Puff~~hahaha~~” The three Han Xiao and the others couldn’t help it anymore, especially Jin Mingxuan, he laughed so hard that his stomach hurt, and he squatted on the ground, wishing he could beat the ground and laugh out loud.

“Don’t believe what they say, they are actually jealous of my handsome looks.” Wang Zun gritted his teeth.

“Hahaha…” The three laughed again, as if admiring Wang Zun’s expression at this time. After being disturbed by them, Wang Zun couldn’t keep teasing her any longer. He kicked them angrily, and his complexion improved a bit.

They laughed enough, took the special products from Wang Zun, and handed them to Mi Wan one by one. Of the three bags, those of Liu Gu and Jin Mingxuan were alright, they were just a small portion of some special products, and they weighed almost nothing. But what Han Xiao sent was fruit from his hometown. The fruit looked small, but the weight was not light. Mi Wan thought it was not heavy, so she didn’t use much force when she took it, but her hand dropped and she almost lost her grip after holding it.

“How about I send it to the pet store for you.” Han Xiao also knew that his fruit was heavy.

“No, I can move it.” Mi Wan picked up the bag again, and even shook it to show her strength.

“I couldn’t see that you are quite strong.” Wang Zun couldn’t help being surprised. He also carried this bag just now, and he knew the weight of the bag. There was no problem for a girl to carry it, but it should not be done so easily.

“That’s because I lost weight. You wouldn’t be surprised if I had the same body shape as before.” Mi Wan laughed.

“What was your previous body shape?” Wang Zun wondered.

“Didn’t they tell you? I used to be a fat man, weighing 180, and my arms were thicker than yours.”

“Huh?” Wang Zun was a little confused, thicker than me, King Kong Barbie?

“Thank you for giving me the special products, then I’ll go first.” After getting the special products, Mi Wan didn’t plan to stay any more.

“Goodbye.” Several people nodded and said goodbye to Mi Wan.

With a wave of her hand, Mi Wan turned around with three bags in her hand and left the boys’ dormitory building in a short while.

“This classmate Wan Wan is quite humorous. Has she ever sent me a love letter before?” When Mi Wan walked away, Wang Zun put his arm on Jin Mingxuan’s shoulder and asked jokingly.

“No.” Jin Mingxuan shook off Wang Zun’s hand on his shoulder and strode away.

“Hey, what’s wrong with him?” Wang Zun looked at Liu Gu, and said, “Didn’t you say last night that the girls in your class want to have a friendship with me? You bring Wan Wan with you, and I’ll consider going.”

“Get lost!” Liu Gu glared at him and followed Jin Mingxuan’s pace to leave.

Wang Zun looked puzzled, and turned to ask Han Xiao, “What’s wrong with them?”

“How many times have I told you, don’t stretch your claws to our class.” After warning, Han Xiao also turned and went back to the dormitory.

“…Did they take the wrong medicine?” Wang Zun was at a loss.

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