SLDH Ch. 54.2: Roasted Pigeon

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Here, Mi Wan was walking towards the school gate with the three bags. When passing by the artificial lake, she suddenly noticed a slight wave of demon power from the grove next to the artificial lake. She looked over curiously.

Obscuration method?

Mi Wan recognized it at a glance. This slight fluctuation of demon power was caused by two demons in the grove, so that ordinary people could not see what was going on inside.

What shameful thing was happening?

Mi Wan’s curiosity was aroused, and she carried the special product into the woods, intending to take a sneak peek. She had just walked into the woods when she heard a familiar voice: “Xin Dong, if you want to fight, let’s find a place where no one is around at night. This is the school.”

“Yes. Guan Li, if you like schools run by humans so much, why don’t you send your sister to a human kindergarten.” The demon named Xin Dong mocked.

“What do you mean?” Guan Li said coldly.

“What do I mean? You hit my brother, what did you mean?”

“I just frightened him. Besides, it was your brother who bullied my sister first.”

“So you came out to bully the little one with the big one, and bullied a cub with your fourth-level cultivation base?”

Mi Wan heard it, they seemed to be two brothers who were arguing about the cubs at home, but this kind of thing didn’t need them to make a fool of themselves. Just as she was wondering, there was another noise inside.

“I have communicated with the teacher and your family beforehand, but if you don’t care, I can only do it myself.” Guan Li’s voice was full of anger.

“Guan Li, have you forgotten that we demons have always ignored the small fights among the cubs. Besides, your sister has to go to elementary school after kindergarten, and middle school after elementary school. Can you protect her all the time?” Xin Dong asked.

“What exactly do you want to do?” Guan Li frowned, he couldn’t understand Xin Dong’s operation, if he came to Xingshi to inquire about the crime, they would just have a fight, what was he talking about so much?

“What to do?” Xin Dong had long disliked Guan Li. This guy had good grades in school, good aptitude in cultivation, and better looks than him. He even advanced faster than him. “I want you to give me half your demon power.”

“Dream on.” Guan Li replied without thinking.

“Don’t agree? Then I’ll go back and explain to my brother, so that your sister can understand what school violence really is.” Xin Dong caught the sore point of Guan Li.

“You… despicable.” Guan Li was so angry that his eyes were red with anger.

“Why, I’m very angry. My younger brother and your younger sister are in the same class. Counting the time, we still have to stay in the same school for more than ten years. It’s a long way to go.” Xin Dong continued to threaten.

“Xin Dong!” Apart from calling the other party’s name, Guan Li really didn’t know what to do.

As Xin Dong said, he could not protect Guan Tong all the time. Guan Tong wanted to go to school by herself and have her own social circle, so he couldn’t stop her from going to school for this reason. Moreover, demons respected the strong. In school, parents and teachers didn’t care too much about the struggles between students, and even encouraged them a little. They believed that the competitive relationship between the weak and the strong was conducive to motivating the growth of the cubs, so in school, as long as there were no big injuries, they almost all ignored them.

But her younger sister Guan Tong’s cultivation aptitude was not good, and for some reason she was followed by Xin Dong’s younger brother Xin Nan. From this semester onwards, every time she came back from school, she would be injured all over her body. Guan Li really couldn’t stand it anymore, so he took the initiative to teach Xin Nan a lesson, and he didn’t attack hard, he just used the coercion of the high-ranking demon clan to intimidate the other party, thinking that he would not bully Guan Tong in the future.

Of course, when he tried to teach Xin Nan a lesson, he thought that Xin Dong would come to him. In terms of fighting, he was naturally not afraid of Xin Dong, but he didn’t think that the other party didn’t want to beat him up to vent his anger but wanted his demon power. Of course, Guan Li refused. If he gave half of his demon power to Xin Dong, then the two brother and sister would really be at the mercy of others in the future.

“Well, what are you thinking?” Xin Dong said, “Don’t worry, I just want your demon power to help me advance. As long as you agree, I promise that I will not let Xin Nan bully your sister in the future, and I can also let Xin Nan cover her at school.”

Guan Li gritted his teeth, wishing he could rush up and pluck the pigeon in front of him and roast it, but he couldn’t. Just when he didn’t know what to do, a crisp female voice suddenly sounded behind the two of them.

“What are you talking about, Guan Li, go up and beat him up.” Mi Wan was furious when she heard it outside, “His younger brother bullied Tongtong once, and you beat him up once, and if he does it again, you beat him up even harder, let’s see who hits harder.”

“Senior sister?” Guan Li was taken aback when he saw Mi Wan.

“Who are you? Demon hunter?” Xin Dong looked at Mi Wan who suddenly appeared, subconsciously on guard.

Mi Wan didn’t pay attention to Xin Dong, but just looked at Guan Li with hatred, and said with disgust: “You are a demon of the fourth level who is being threatened by a demon of the third level, you are too useless.”

“Sister.” Guan Li was extremely embarrassed, “It’s not that I can’t beat him, it’s just that he’s a pigeon spirit and I’m a cat. If he flies, I can’t do anything about him.”

Yes, Guan Li did think about the method Mi Wan just mentioned, but Xin Dong was a pigeon, and he only had a fourth-level cultivation base and had not yet mastered the spell of flying. So even though his cultivation base was one level higher than the opponent’s, if the opponent turned into his original form and flew away, Guan Li would not be able to do anything.

“So that’s the case, then I’ll take it for you.” Mi Wan handed the special products in her hand to Guan Li.

Guan Li took it in a daze, wondering what Mi Wan wanted to do while being puzzled.

“You…what do you want?” Xin Dong took a step back subconsciously, and he realized from the floating spiritual power around Mi Wan that he was not her opponent.

“Stand still, I can do it lightly.” Mi Wan moved her wrist, and there was a clicking sound from the joints.

The sixth sense of the demons told Xin Dong that the situation was not good. He turned into his original shape and flew into the air. After confirming that the people below could not reach him, he said, “Haha, I can’t reach him.”

“You bully me for not bringing a magic weapon.” Mi Wan sneered.

“You can hit me with a magic weapon, but I fly very fast.” Xin Dong proudly said, although he was a pigeon, his flying speed was very fast, and ordinary demon hunters would be affected by the distance when using magic weapons. As long as he flew a little higher, even if the opponent had a magic weapon, he couldn’t reach him. This was his life-saving stunt.

“Oh~~” Mi Wan suddenly became interested, and couldn’t help asking, “Compared with lightning, can your speed be faster?”

“What… what? Lightning?”

“That’s right.” Mi Wan smiled. Nodding her head, pointing to the sky, she uttered two words, “Lightning.”


In the blue sky and white day, a dull thunderclap suddenly exploded overhead, and the students of S University looked up curiously, but they saw nothing, what happened to the good weather in the clear sky? Was there construction going on nearby?

And in the grove, a gray and fat pigeon was falling from mid-air after turning into a ball of coal. Landing on the ground, the pigeon stretched out its legs and remained motionless, with a strong aroma of roasted pigeon still exuding from its body.

“Senior sister, he… is… dead?” Guan Li was taken aback. Although he hated Xin Dong very much, he didn’t want him to die like this.

“Don’t worry, he’s not dead, just passed out.” Mi Wan picked up Xin Dong who had passed out, and sighed, “Not to mention, it’s very fragrant.”


Guan Li was frightened and said quickly “Senior sister, Xin Dong’s father is the principal of the demon school. He has run the school for hundreds of years and has a certain influence among the demons. You should not…”

“He will come to seek revenge on me?” Mi Wan asked.

“Give Xin Dong to me. I’ll go over and explain to him that this incident happened because of me. I don’t think Principal Xin should be able to…” Guan Li said hastily.

“Don’t worry, his father shouldn’t be able to beat me.” Mi Wan said confidently.

“…” I’m not worried that you won’t be able to beat Principal Xin, I’m afraid that this matter will make the demon hunters and the demon clan unhappy. It’s a trivial matter for him and Xin Dong to fight, but if Mi Wan hurt Xin Dong, it would be a major event for the two clans.

Seeing Guan Li’s expression on the verge of crying, Mi Wan laughed and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t kill him.”

“Then give me Xin Dong, and I’ll send him back.” Guan Li breathed a sigh of relief.

“It won’t work.” Mi Wan refused.

“Then… senior sister, what do you want to do?” Guan Li thought to himself, could it be that senior sister planned to beat the demon herself, then cure it, and then ask the Xin family to collect money? Wouldn’t this be a little too shameless?

“I heard just now that he wanted to ask you to borrow demon power to advance.” Mi Wan said, “If he wants to advance, he did not cultivate himself, but coveted other people’s demon power. It is really inappropriate.”

“So… so what?”

“I’m going to find a place for him to practice hard. If he doesn’t advance to the fifth level, he won’t be able to come back.” Mi Wan said.

“Huh?” Guan Li blinked, in disbelief, “Sister, are you going to send Xin Dong to practice?”

“That’s right.” Mi Wan suddenly thought of a particularly good idea just now. The demons were natural elves. Their demon power had the effect of purifying nature. If there were demons practicing in a mountain or forest, the trees would surely grow better. It was a pity to kill such a useful natural elf. Of course, it should be given away to go plant trees.

“You go back and tell that headmaster Xin that I think Xin Dong’s talent is good, but he doesn’t practice hard. I can’t bear for him to be dismissed, and let a diamond be covered with dust, so I plan to take the trouble to educate him and send him to retreat, etc. When he will have advanced to the fifth level, I will let him come back.” Mi Wan looked worried for the other party.

“This…will they believe it?” Guan Li wanted to say, even he wouldn’t believe this reason, okay?

“Sounds a bit fake?” Mi Wan nodded and said, “Then you just say that he offended me, and I will send him to the desert to plant trees.”

“…” After speaking, Mi Wan didn’t bother to make excuses anymore, she took back the special products from Guan Li, and left with a roasted pigeon in her left hand and three special product bags in her right, with a big harvest.

Back in the store, the sparrow spirit immediately smelled the strong smell of roasted pigeon, and greeted her excitedly: “Boss, did you buy something delicious?”

“Here~~” Mi Wan handed the roasted pigeon in her left hand to Sparrow spirit, “I’ll give it to you.”

“Thank you, boss.” Sparrow spirit happily took it, and looked down, there was still feathers on it.

“Why are there still feathers?” The sparrow spirit plucked two feathers, looked again, then threw the pigeon out of his hand with a terrified sound.

“Old…boss…you…you…kill…” Sparrow Jing was stuttering so much that he couldn’t speak, which showed how frightened he was.

Seeing his hopeless look, Mi Wan rolled her eyes angrily: “Go get a cage.”

The sparrow groaned, and obediently went to get the cage.

Mi Wan opened the cage and threw the unconscious fat pigeon into it, and then cast a restraint on it to ensure that Xin Dong would not be able to escape until he woke up.

“Boss, this…whose pigeon is this?” Sparrow Spirit trembled.

“His father seems to be the principal of your demon school.” Mi Wan said.

“Principal Xin’s son.” The sparrow spirit wanted him to die, but that was Principal Xin, “Boss, Principal Xin has taught most of the children of our demon clans, and he is still very important in us demons. Moreover, his identity as the principal was… handpicked by the Demon King.”

“The Demon King?” Mi Wan was stunned, “Who is the Demon King?”

“Where can a small person like me see the Demon King, anyway, you should try your best to just don’t offend his old man.” Sparrow Spirit was really worried about his boss.

Demon King? Mi Wan suddenly thought that Quan Juncai always called Fan Chen Lord, maybe…

Mi Wan had a guess, so she immediately took out her mobile phone, and asked the person to verify: I have a question, do you know who the demon king is?

Fan Chen: If you’re asking about the current Demon King, it should be me.

Mi Wan couldn’t help laughing, she guessed right: If I offended the principal you appointed just now, will you trouble me?

Fan Chen: What’s wrong?

Mi Wan continued to reply: His son has offended me, so I plan to send him to plant trees.

Fan Chen seemed to have thought of something, couldn’t help but smile, and instead of continuing to send messages, he made a phone call and asked softly, “Do you have land to let him pant trees at?”


Mi Wan replied honestly.

“Then you give him to me, I happen to have a piece of wasteland under my hands.” Fan Chen chuckled.

“That’s okay, you ask Quan Juncai to come to my pet shop to get it. Hmm~~ If there are demons who offend me in the future, how about I send them over as well?” Mi Wan asked again.


“That’s it, I’ve decided, I’m going to plant a virgin forest this year.” Mi Wan clenched her fist.

Looking at the endless jungle behind him, Fan Chen couldn’t help feeling warm. He knew that Mi Wan’s decision was probably made for him.

“Then I… will give you a piece of land to plant as you like.” Fan Chen said.

“Okay, okay.”

When the phone was hung up, there was no more voice from the other side, Fan Chen stared at Mi Wan’s name on the screen and whispered two words.

“Thank you.”

Thank you for the trees you want to plant for me.

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