CFCS Ch. 192.1: Anyang Saga (13)

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“Since you want to cross this sea of fire, you must go through this fire road. Even if you are burned to death, you cannot come out, otherwise it will be disrespectful to the gods and you will be severely punished.” Su Huai approached Jing Yang and looked at him with provocative and oppressive eyes, “Do you dare?!”

“The prince is my future husband, I can sacrifice my life for him, and I would do it willingly. What dare I not do?” Jing Yang looked back with calm eyes and said, “Who is the one who is destined for the prince, I believe that the gods have their own justice and will choose the person they approve of according to the prince’s will.”

“Sir,” Jing Yang turned to Xue Chengyu and asked, “What do you think?”

Xue Chengyu held Jing Yang’s hand and said affectionately, “You saved me once before, and I believe this time, only you can save me.”

Su Huai looked at the two people’s brows and eyes showing affection, while the fire next to him was still burning fiercely.

Su Huai suddenly remembered that he seemed to have seen Jing Yang’s eyes before and they felt inexplicably familiar. He looked at Jing Yang’s eyes and asked, “Have we met before?”

“Maybe we have, but I have lost my previous memory, so I can’t answer the question of His Highness.” Jing Yang did not directly deny it.

“As a Prince, I order you to take off your veil.” Su Huai thought, but he wanted to see what he looked like, as he wore a veil both times when he saw him.

“Emperor, I said before that my betrothed doesn’t like to show up in public, please don’t be hard on others!” Xue Chengyu said very dissatisfied.

“I…” Su Huai looked at Xue Chengyu, feeling both aggrieved and speechless. He was so dignified, but he couldn’t even look at the appearance of an ordinary person?

“Forget it, prince, since His Highness is curious about my appearance, let him take a look.” Jing Yang raised his hand to stop Xue Chengyu, then turned to Su Huai and said, “Actually, there’s nothing you can’t see, it’s just that my body and mind belong only to the prince, so I always wear a veil outside, after all, I have no desire for people to see my appearance.”

Su Huai heard that, and thought that Jing Yang was actually mocking him, so he could not wait to slap him, if Xue Chengyu hadn’t been standing beside Jing Yang, he might have really done it. But in front of Xue Chengyu, he could only endure the humiliation, and he felt that this way he might gain some goodwill from Xue Chengyu.

Jing Yang took off the veil, revealing his masked face, and then looked at Su Huai.

Su Huai originally stared at Jing Yang, but after taking off the veil, he actually had such an ordinary face, he immediately became disdainful. He was very puzzled why Xue Chengyu would like such an ordinary person, but he was indifferent to himself. After thinking about it, he thought that it should be because Jing Yang saved Xue Chengyu, which made Xue Chengyu full of gratitude for him, and it was not true love.

Thinking about it this way, Su Huai became more confident. He felt that if he helped Xue Chengyu clear his evil spirits this time, Xue Chengyu would definitely be grateful to him, and it would be easy for him to deal with Jing Yang at that time.

Su Huai’s anger and jealousy from just now disappeared. He felt that Jing Yang was not as big of a threat as he imagined. Since he took the initiative to go the fire route this time, it was best for him to be burned to death. Even if he didn’t die, he would suffer.

“Don’t you want to cross the sea of fire?” Su Huai looked at him sideways with a disdainful smile, “This emperor will let you pass first, but if you offend the gods, as a member of the royal family, this emperor will not spare you lightly.”

Jing Yang smiled and said to Xue Chengyu, “Then I’ll go.”

Xue Chengyu nodded but did not let go of Jing Yang’s hand.

Jing Yang finally pulled out his hand and walked towards the fire road step by step.

The people were a little far away, so they didn’t hear their conversation. Seeing that the person who was going to walk on the fire road suddenly changed, they were still a little puzzled. They thought that Su Huai was afraid, so he didn’t walk first.

The ministers who were close to them, however had heard everything.

They wondered why Jing Yang and Su Huai didn’t seem to be afraid of fire. They were scrambling to walk on the road of fire. However, only the prince who was sent as a representative by the emperor, was sitting on the sedan chair and looking like he was watching a play. Since Su Huai killed An Yang that year, the crown prince had held a grudge against Su Huai for a long time. If the two were not brothers with the same father and the same mother, the crown prince might have killed Su Huai long ago. After so many years, although the prince no longer hated Su Huai so much, the relationship between the two had faded. So, it didn’t matter to him whether Su Huai could walk through the sea of fire and whether he would be burned.

One had to start from the other end and go to the end that faced everyone, and then it would be done.

Jing Yang followed behind Xu Renren and went around to the other end. At this moment, the road paved with charcoal fire was in front of him. As long as he took a step, he could walk up. The charcoal was burning red, the flames were about as high as his knees.

Even though Jing Yang repeatedly assured him that nothing would happen to him, Xue Chengyu couldn’t not be worried when he saw that there was no adulteration at all, and he was ready to fly over to save people at any time.

Su Huai looked at Jing Yang, his eyes were full of crazy viciousness, and he was waiting for Jing Yang to scream in pain.

Jing Yang lifted his leg and took the first step. The soles of his feet stepped on the charcoal and made a sizzling sound.

Everyone’s eyes widened. They thought that Jing Yang would scream in agony and fall into the charcoal fire, or at least show an appearance of endless pain. But what they thought didn’t happen, Jing Yang walked step by step on the charcoal fire, his expression was very calm, and he didn’t seem to feel pain at all.

People watching this scene, whose hearts had lifted up involuntarily, slowly fell, and they began to feel surprised and unbelievable that someone could actually walk in the fire without even burning their clothes. This was really amazing and shocking.

Su Huai’s eyes widened slowly, he didn’t expect Jing Yang to be able to walk in the fire so calmly, and nothing happened. He didn’t know if Jing Yang had used the same method as him, let alone how Jing Yang was so calm, which was completely different from what he expected.

There was always wind on the mountain, so those charcoal fires burned vigorously. When Jing Yang was walking slowly in the charcoal fire, suddenly the wind became stronger and the flames burned even higher. The hem of Jing Yang’s clothes was blown by the wind. He was dressed in red, and the flames and his clothes seemed to merge into one. That picture made everyone who watched it astonished, and they were amazed and thought that this was a real immortal.

Jing Yang’s ordinary appearance was no longer ordinary in the eyes of other people, and his beautiful eyes were enough to attract attention. At this moment, his clothes were fluttering, and the flames were swaying, setting off his whole person like a descending God, making people unable to help themselves. Their hearts were full of awe, and some did not dare to look directly at this magical and glamorous picture.

The prince, who was originally not highly interested and purely came to watch the play, suddenly regained his energy and stared at Jing Yang, who was walking in the fire. He had a wonderful feeling in his heart that after An Yang left, he would never be able to feel his heartbeat again, but this happened now.

When Xue Chengyu saw that Jing Yang had walked most of the path and nothing happened, he slowly relaxed. Then he stopped worrying and looked at Jing Yang walking in the fire with admiration, in a trance, he felt that such a scene was a bit familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere.

Such a dazzling Jing Yang no longer needed to rely on his appearance to make people feel that he was beautiful. The temperament and momentum he exuded at this moment could conquer everyone present. Except for Su Huai, whose jealousy was increasing wildly. At this moment, he really prayed desperately in his heart, hoping that the flames would burn Jing Yang to ashes and he would disappear from this world forever.

Xue Chengyu walked past Su Huai who was waiting near the finish of the fire road. After Jing Yang’s feet left the red charcoal and stepped on the slate, he quickly supported Jing Yang.

Xue Chengyu was still a little worried, he put his arms around Jing Yang and asked in a low voice, “Are you okay?”

“It’s okay.” Jing Yang replied with a smile, indicating that he could feel at ease.

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