TBLF Ch. 29

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Ji Rang did what he said.

After having lunch on Saturday, the group of teenagers who were supposed to be in bed after playing games all night were called to the commercial plaza by him.

Qu Dazhuang had swollen eyes, yawning with tears bursting from his eyes, and was beaten by the crowd as soon as he arrived.

Fuck you talking too much.

Qu Dazhuang was wronged and wanted to remedy his grievances, “Brother, we are not learning material, so we won’t disturb your study…”

Ji Rang kicked him: “Stop the damn nonsense, keep up with Laozi.”

The group arrived at the place they had agreed with Wu Rui, and the nerd was already waiting there with his schoolbag. He was also a little surprised to see the group of unhealthy and depressed oil bottles behind Ji Rang. When he approached, he whispered, “Student Ji, what are they doing here?”

Ji Rang said: “Studying together.”

Wu Rui was dumbfounded.

What’s wrong, if the big guy is studying, the big guy’s younger brother should also study?

Is the recent wind of reform of the motherland blowing too well? To wake up this group of bad boys who had been sleeping from high school to now?

The prodigal son does not change his ways!

Wu Rui suddenly felt a great sense of social responsibility! Since they are determined to make corrections, he must complete the task of leading the way and lead others on the good path. It is the duty of every socialist successor!

Ji Rang didn’t know why the first ranker’s eyes suddenly started to glow. He glanced at the cafe they had agreed upon. It was full of people and there would be no place to sit for a long time.

He frowned: “You came so early and didn’t go to take a place?”

Wu Rui embarrassedly pushed down his new black-rimmed glasses: “I haven’t ever entered the cafe alone…”

Ji Rang understood, but said nothing, “Then let’s change the place.”

The group of people set off purposively along the commercial plaza and walked one kilometer in succession. The cafes where they passed were all full.

Today is Saturday, and it is approaching the afternoon. It is time for coffee and leisure, so there are not many vacancies for them.

Seeing the boss’s complexion getting heavier, Liu Haiyang quickly suggested: “Why don’t we go to KFC.”

So the group turned to KFC and found that it was full of screaming children.

Wu Rui pointed to the park where the grandfathers and grandmothers did Tai Chi, “Actually, it is also possible there. The park is quite spacious.”

Ji Rang said coldly: “Do you want to be on the news or want me to be on TV?” He walked to the street to call for a taxi, and said to Qu Dazhuang, “Let’s go to Manjiang Court.”

The high-end entertainment club in the city centre could consume tens of thousands RMB.

The group of people took several taxis, and it took more than half an hour for them to reach Manjiang Court.

Wu Rui had never been to a coffee shop, let alone such a high-end club. The decoration and the signboard are all extravagant. Inside the wide glass door with silver rim, there are two guards welcoming guests in uniforms.

Wu Rui looked at the dozen-dollar T-shirt on his body, a little afraid to step forward.

Ji Rang came from behind, wrapped his arm around his shoulder, and led him forward: “Let’s go, what are you doing in a daze.”

The sensor glass door opened automatically, and the two welcome guards bowed and called him: “Mr. Ji.”

They did not need to go to the front desk; a waiter took them to a large private room. Soft leather sofas and entertainment facilities were all available. This group of people was familiar with the place; some started singing karaoke while other started playing games.

Wu Rui was stunned and at a loss, Ji Rang smashed the tabletop with his palm, and said coldly, “Fuck me!”

The noise suddenly disappeared, and they all stood up hurriedly.

Ji Rang turned on all the lights in the private room, arranged for them to sit in order, and then said to Wu Rui, “Let’s start.”

Wu Rui: “Huh?”

Ji Rang: “Tuition!”

Wu Rui: “Oh oh.”

It was really magical to tutor in such a place. He quickly took out the prepared junior high school tutoring textbooks from his schoolbag, squatted down with a pen and a notebook, “Today we are studying maths.”

When it heard it was mathematics, several people started talking: “Mathematics is not good! Brother, this will not work. And there is no blackboard, if he just writes on paper, who can see it.”

Ji Rang: “Really?” He stood up blankly, pressed the service bell, and soon someone came over, “Get me a small white board and a black pen.”

Waiter: “Okay, Mr. Ji.”

Everyone: “???”

The small white board and writing pen were sent in after a short while, Ji Rang handed it to Wu Rui among the eyes of aggrieved people: “Come on.”

Wu Rui was so excited that his forehead began to sweat. He took the pen, as if he had accepted the future of the flowers of the motherland, and said with a trembling voice: “Classmates, today we are learning the quadratic radical which is a part of junior high school mathematics. So what is the quadratic radical? What about the root formula? Look here!”

A tuition session of mathematics, kicked off in the expensive club room.

When Xue Manqing and some of her friends arrived at Manjiang Court, it was already the afternoon. They had been walking around the street for several hours. Just now, the weather suddenly changed. It started raining heavily. They couldn’t get a taxi and were tired. They simply went to the nearby Manjiang Court to have fun.

The waiter led them to the fourth floor. Xue Manqing usually likes to be on the second floor because the mirror in the toilet on the second floor looks better. She told the waiter: “I want to sit in the private room on the second floor.”

The waiter apologized: “Sorry Miss Xue, there are no vacancies on the second floor.”

Xue Manqing frowned: “Business is so good today?”

The waiter knew her identity and did not dare to conceal it from her, telling the truth: “Mr. Ji has booked the entire floor.”

“Ji Rang?!” Xue Manqing was so surprised that her voice became louder. When her friends heard it, they gathered around:

——”Ji Rang is here too?”

——”Qingqing, aren’t you from the same school? Ask him to come and play together.”

——”Yeah, we are few people, and we won’t have much fun. Ask him if he can come play with us.”

Xue Manqing did not dare to say that Ji Rang had always ignored her, and frowned and asked the waiter: “Are there many people? The entire second floor is booked?”

The waiter bit the bullet and replied: “No, they just sat in one room. Mr. Ji said that if there are people around him that noise would disturb him, so he booked the entire floor and kept it from being used by anybody else.”

Afraid of being disturbed? Are you afraid of noise when you come to the entertainment club?

Really incomprehensibly overbearing.

Ji Rang is very famous in this circle, and his “rebellious behavior” is something these young girls living at the top of the pyramid can’t even think about.

Anyone who is not trained by the family according to the successor standards, or who was a little out of character, will inevitably lose the vested interest of the family, and thus they did not dare go crazy. Like Ji Rang, it was so bad that he was given up on by his family long ago.

But Ji Rang’s father, Ji Weiyan, is also a talent. His son has fallen to such an extent, but to him he is still a treasure. When talking to people outside, he always has a tone of “my son is a good boy”.

Who doesn’t know your son?

How can you boast without any conscience?

The Ji family is full of elites who have joined the army for three generations. The current generation is led by Ji Weiyan who is now in business and retired from the special police force. It’s not only a famous family, but it’s also clean.

Ji Rang is the only stain on the Ji family.

Xue Manqing’s friends are from other schools, and they have never met Ji Rang. What they had heard from others about his evil deeds was a bit less fierce, therefore more than afraid they were curious about him.

They asked Xue Manqing to introduce them to him.

She used to talk about Ji Rang and even uncle Ji, creating the illusion that they had a good relationship. It’s easy to get on the tiger but hard to ride it[1].

In the end, she was so entangled because she didn’t want to lose face in front of her good sisters. So she said stubbornly: “I’ll go and ask, you wait for me.”

The waiter knew that she and Ji Rang knew each other, so did not stop her: “Room 207.”

Xue Manqing nodded and went straight down. When she reached the second floor, she found that the corridor was too quiet. When she walked to door 207, there was not even a hint of entertainment.

Couldn’t hear anything.

Are they gone?

Xue Manqing curiously pushed the door open a bit and looked inside.

She saw the group of unscrupulous teenagers headed by Ji Rang sitting in a row, each holding a notebook, looking at the teenager with the glasses who was struggling to write on the small whiteboard in the front.

They were just listening to him: “Then, when b-4ac ≥ 0, which formula a, b, and c can be substituted into to get the equation? Please answer this question!”

Qu Peng: “…Well, x is equal to 2a, which…”

Wu Rui: “Yes! That’s the answer! Say it!”

Qu Peng: “-b ± root b square-4ac!”

Wu Rui: “Correct! Let us applaud Qu Peng who is brave enough to speak up!”

There was sparse applause in the private room.

Xue Manqing: “???”

What magical sight did she see???

She almost hastily ran up the stairs. The good sisters immediately gathered around, “How is it? Did he agree?”

Xue Manqing hasn’t calmed down yet, and said rudely, “He … they have business, they’re not playing …”

The little sister pouted dissatisfiedly: “What business can there be? Is this the place for business?”

Xue Manqing: I don’t understand either!!!

They are seriously studying in a KTV!

Xue Manqing didn’t want to face this fantastical reality: “Let’s change the place.” When the words fell, before the little sisters could react, she hurried to the door.

The tuition on the second floor continued until dinner. Ji Rang led everyone to eat at the western restaurant next door. Wu Rui had to rush home to accompany his mother and refused.

It was a long way back to his home from here, but Ji Rang helped him get a taxi before leaving.

Wu Rui was standing on the side of the street waiting for the bus with his schoolbag on his back. Xue Manqing, who didn’t know when she turned back, walked over and patted him on the shoulder.

They both belonged to the national flag class, and they raised the flag together every Monday. Wu Rui saw that she was a little shy and pushed his glasses to say hello: “Student Xue, what a coincidence.”

Xue Manqing looked a little complicated and asked him, “What are you doing here?”

Wu Rui said: “Just wandering around to take a walk.”

This nerd didn’t tell her the truth.

Xue Manqing raised the corner of her lower lip and lowered her voice: “I know it all.”

Wu Rui was taken aback: “What do you know?”

Xue Manqing fluffed his hair, as if nothing had happened: “You are giving tuition to Ji Rang.”

The truth was about to be revealed, Wu Rui was a little embarrassed for a while, “Who told you that?”

Xue Manqing said, “Ji Rang.”

Wu Rui said immediately: “He didn’t let me say it! Why did he tell you himself!”

Xue Manqing smiled: “What’s the matter? Do you want to be the hero who saves the miserable youth? Give them tutoring? Do they listen to you?”

Wu Rui said solemnly: “You can’t say that. Classmate Ji is lost and wants to learn so he found me. I will definitely help.” He smiled embarrassedly, “and he also paid tuition fees.”

A white car stopped on the side of the street. Wu Rui looked at the license plate and found that it was the car Ji Rang called him. He waved to Xue Manqing, “Student Xue, I’m leaving, goodbye.”

He got into the car with his schoolbag.

Xue Manqing looked complicated, and stood there for a long time watching the car merge into the traffic flow.

From the incredible shock at that moment to the feeling that something was wrong and then detouring back, to now finally understanding the truth, her mood had really seen a lot of ups and downs.

Ji Rang actually took the initiative to find Wu Rui to teach him?

He actually started learning?

Looking back, in the recent period, the news about Ji Rang’s troubles and fights seems to be a lot less.

Is he… changing?

Some time ago, they scolded him for being hopeless and depraved, but when they turned their heads, he began to show them what it means for the prodigal son to turn back.

What will he become? Become that kind of cold male god with good grades, good family background and good looks?

Xue Manqing suddenly didn’t know what mood she should use to accept this change. She was desperate and received a call from her father, “Qingqing, where are you? Didn’t you say that you want to go to tonight’s banquet with your father? Dad will come and pick you up.”

Xue Manqing reported the address.

After a while, a black Cayenne drove over.

When she arrived at the banquet hall, Xue Manqing saw Ji Rang’s father Ji Weiyan.

The man has a straight figure and a good appearance. Even if he had been in the business world for many years, he still had the majesty of a soldier. Seeing Xue Manqing, he greeted her kindly: “Qingqing is here.”

Xue Manqing pursed her lips and smiled. Ji Weiyan asked her a few words about her study, and finally turned back to the constant topic: “Is that kid in my family messing up at school recently?”

Xue Manqing was silent for a while, and smiled sweetly: “No. Uncle Ji, Ji Rang has been very obedient recently. Not only did he not cause trouble, but he also asked the first ranker in our school to give him tutoring. I’m happy for him.”

Ji Weiyan’s expression changed, he was probably too shocked, and a few drops spilled from the wine glass in his hand.

After a long while, joy was mixed with some complicated emotions, and his eyes were full of: “Ah this child…this child…”

He didn’t say anything in the end, and hurried away as soon as the party was over.

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[1] It was easy to make tall claims, but difficult to fulfil them.

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