TCYEC Ch. 24

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The slim fit suit in small size with a high waistline modified Yu Siyang’s figure to look thin but not weak.

The collar of the suit jacket had dark embossing, which is not surprising when viewed from the front, but as he walks it changes with light and shade, and the embossing presents a three-dimensional luster, faintly luxurious, and complements the embossed bow tie of the same style.

The black slim suit trousers showed his slender and straight legs to perfection. Between the nine-point length and the shiny leather shoes, there were exposed delicate ankles.

Xue Chengxiu looked in his eyes and felt…hungry.

He took a deep breath, suppressed the inexplicable dumbness, got up from the sofa, walked behind Yu Siyang, stroked the boy’s waist with his hands, and said to the P&H manager: “The waist must be enlarged by a point.”

Yu Siyang was afraid. It felt very itchy. After being touched in this way, he couldn’t control it, and with a “ha” jumped away, looking at Xue Chengxiu for unknown reasons.

What does it mean to tickle if you don’t agree with something?!

“No need, it’s just right.” The manager of P&H turned around Yu Siyang a few times and exclaimed: “Perfect, Philip Hill will be touched by it. This is one of the designs he is most proud of, but it has only been hanging on the window, he has been sad for a long time.”

“Why?” Luo Peng asked.

“Because people who can wear it are particularly ugly, but other people can’t wear this dress at all, making it beautiful but gathering dust.”

Why don’t you say that it is because your designer has designed the clothes very abnormally? Luo Peng silently complained.

“It’s so perfect. You don’t need to change a point.” P&H’s manager was excited. “Child, you are God’s masterpiece.”

Xue Chengxiu glanced at P&H’s manager and said coldly: “Enlarge the waistline by one point.”

Let those on the Internet who are crying about giving birth to his children see such a slender and beautiful waistline? Don’t even think about it!

The manager of P&H looked at Xue Chengxiu with “you are really a violent thing”, and he was very heartbroken.

How can such God’s masterpiece be ruined?

Luo Peng also nodded: “It’s pretty, it finally does not look like a child who sneaked into adult clothes.”

P&H manager: “…” Is this agent helping or making trouble?

“No, change it.” Xue Chengxiu made an autocratic decision.

The manager of P&H burst into tears and said in his heart-Philip Hill please forgive me, your proud work is about to be ruined.

“No need to change, no need to change.” Yu Siyang kept shaking his head.

Xue Chengxiu glared at him.

P&H’s manager’s eyes lit up: “My child, you have vision.”

Yu Siyang said embarrassedly: “This dress must be expensive, I can’t afford it.”

Luo Peng feels sad, they are both poor.

“…” The P&H manager looked at Xue Chengxiu speechlessly. Isn’t it Mr. Xue who is paying the money?

Luo Peng’s eyes suddenly brightened, “Xiaoyu, let’s find little boss…” He was half-talking, and Xue Chengxiu glanced sideways. The following words got stuck in his throat, “…little.. boss and borrow money… let’s… …It’s good-looking…”

Little boss?

What the hell is this?

Yu Siyang looked at Luo Peng in confusion, and unconsciously turned his gaze to Xue Chengxiu, bless his soul.

“No.” Yu Siyang firmly opposed.

How good is it to eat bowls of rice? I am now selling my goods at a price of 20 yuan, doing whatever I want to pursue these luxuries that I simply cannot afford.

It is better to be a down-to-earth person.

Moreover, the borrowed money is to be repaid, and he owes so much money, and if he still continues borrowing, he won’t be able to repay it in his next life.

Xue Chengxiu sighed. The kid took the joke he said at Hengguang Department Store seriously, little fool.

“Alter this set and send it over before noon the day after tomorrow.” Xue Chengxiu decided.

“Don’t, I really can’t afford it.” Yu Siyang exploded, “How can anyone force people to buy things? I’m going to the Consumers Association to report you.”

P&H Manager: “…”

Xue Chengxiu: “…”

Luo Peng: “…”

My child is being silly again, forgive me.

In the end, Yu Siyang still wore the P&H suit for the entertainment festival that year.

The make-up artist matched his look to his role in “Poisonous Delicacy” by putting his makeup in order to make his eyes more prominent, the oblique eyebrows flying into the temple, and slightly raised eyeliner, which immediately changed him from pure and gentle to wanton. Evil, especially when he turned his face to look at people from the corner of his eyes, it was almost as if he was throwing a hook, causing people’s small heart to flutter.

Luo Peng glanced at him like this, covering his face and howling like a wolf: “Don’t look at me, I’m a straight man who can’t be anymore straight.”

“…” Yu Siyang rolled his eyes, Luo Ge’s neurosis has gotten more serious, “Brother Luo, you must remember to take medicine when you go out, and don’t give up on treatment.” Luo Peng put down his hands, Xiao Yu is really becoming unlovable; he must have been changed by the boss.

The red carpet of any award ceremony is a weapon to test the celebrity’s position and status in the circle. The better the position, the later the walk on the red carpet. The biggest celebrity is used for the finale, even if it is a non-important award ceremony like the mid-year entertainment festival.

In the case of Yu Siyang, an internet celebrity who has not yet released his work but is well-known, he usually wouldn’t get to walk the red carpet.

However, since he was walking with the crew of “Poisonous Delicacy”, and covered in the light of Ji Man and Hong Zhehao, he was slated to walk relatively later on the red carpet.

Yu Siyang got out of the car and saw Peng Zhigao talking to someone right in front of him. He hurriedly walked to Peng Zhigao’s side, “Director Peng, good evening.”

“Oh, Xiaoyu, this suit. Yes, handsome.” Peng Zhigao patted him on the shoulder when he saw him, expressing his satisfaction.

The price of the clothes is also very good. Yu Siyang was bleeding in his heart, always feeling that what he was wearing were not clothes, but money.

“Come on, Xiaoyu, let me introduce you.” Peng Zhigao pointed to the person who had just spoken to him, and said, “This is my old friend, director Liu Cai. His most famous work is “Ni Lin”. Have you seen it?”

“Hello, Director Liu, my name is Yu Siyang, and I have seen both “Ni Lin” and “Broken Arm Sword” that you directed.” Yu Siyang said respectfully and politely.

Liu Cai smiled and nodded.

Peng Zhigao said: “This is the second male lead of my film, a talented and hardworking young man.”

“I know, he has done a good job.” Liu Cai pointed to Peng Zhigao’s fat belly, “you old kid, has gained a lot of fat”

Peng Zhigao particularly said:”You have not tasted Yu Siyang’s craft, his craft is better than a five-star hotel chef.”

“Enough talk, listen to you showing off.” Liu Cai snorted.

Ji Man, Hong Zhehao, and Lin Qing arrived from behind them. The three came together and saw that Yu Siyang was there before them, and was in conversation with Director Liu Cai.

Lin Qing was surprised and envious, and walked a few steps unconsciously.

However, Ji Man was still unhurried, walking at her own pace. Although she yearns to make contact with the director very much, but with her current status, she can’t put her desire on her face like Lin Qing, this will drop her prices.

Hong Zhehao was at the end, as always arrogant.

“Sister Man, Brother Hong, Sister Qing.” Yu Siyang leaned over and greeted the three with a smile.

“Xiaoyu is so handsome today.” Ji Man nodded at him, and then greeted Peng Zhigao and Liu Cai reservedly.

Lin Qing had a lively personality, but she has little experience, so her compliments are a little shallow, but she flatters a lot, this however makes the person being flattered feel embarrassed.

Hong Zhehao was acting very cold tonight, barely speaking, and his expression was not very good.

Liu Cai’s presence at the mid-year entertainment festival today is not to promote the movie, but as an investor in the festival. They are usually behind the scenes, and they rarely squeeze onto the red carpet with celebrities, unless it is like Peng Zhigao, who is here to do publicity.

He waited here specially to say hello to an old friend, but he did not expect to dig out a treasure.

“Lao Peng, you lend me Xiaoyu for a day tomorrow.”

“Why am I lending him?”

“For trying out for a role, is it possible only to borrow him to cook.”


Peng Zhigao tried to maintain a serious face. He did think that Liu Cai was going to borrow Xiao Yu to cook.

Well… Recently, he has become greedier.

Yu Siyang looked at Liu Cai in surprise.

Liu Cai smiled and said, “I’ll message the address on your cell phone later; come over at ten o’clock tomorrow morning, okay?”

“I will be there on time tomorrow.” This is really an unexpected joy, and Yu Siyang nodded repeatedly.

It felt like he was one step closer to paying off his debt.

Hong Zhehao’s mouth twitched and said faintly: “Director Liu, your vision is really good. It is comparable to our Director Peng. Xiaoyu’s acting skills are much better than ours.”

Ji Man and Lin Qing looked at Hong Zhehao vaguely, with depressed and angry eyes.

Is Hong Zhehao crazy? One sentence offends everyone here, what good is it for him.

“Xiaoyu’s acting skills are very good,” Peng Zhigao said unhappily: “So I still have a good eye, and I saw it at first glance.”

Liu Cai laughed: “So, my eyes are not bad, as I also saw it at first sight.”

Hong Zhehao pursed his lips, looked down at the ground, and said nothing.

At this time, the staff came to inform Peng Zhigao that they should enter the arena.

After Peng Zhigao and Liu Cai bid farewell, they said to the four actors in their crew: “Let’s go. Xiaoyu walk to my left.”

Ji Man stood on the right and took Peng Zhigao’s arm and smiled. She deliberately teased him: “Xiaoyu, do you want to take Director Peng’s arm?”

Yu Siyang imagined the appearance of him holding Peng Zhigao’s arm, and he was shocked. He was frightened by the picture in his mind, and said weakly: “No need, two men arm in arm, would seem..”

“Huh.” Ji Man covered her mouth and chuckled lightly, squinting to the right at Hong Zhehao, who looked sullen and dark, and laughed secretly, what a fool.

It seems that the rumors heard in the company today are true.

Mu Chen started raising a new lover; Hong Zhehao went to make a fuss and was kicked out.

Tsk tsk, look at this face, he doesn’t know how to act any time; who can he show his face to.

She wanted to see how he would survive in this circle without Mu Chen and with his own spoiled temperament.

A group of five people stepped onto the red carpet and walked towards the host.

Hong Zhehao remembered that it was the red carpet, and even though he was in a bad mood, he still put on a handsome smile.

It’s just this position… The male lead is not standing beside the director, but standing beside Ji Man. The director is beside the second male lead.

The media immediately got injected with chicken blood, the cameras flashed wildly, and tomorrow’s headlines, will show all kinds of grievances and hatreds.

Too powerful.

They are simply tired of writing about the actress. Every time she walks on the red carpet, they write about the female star’s dress, emptiness, and stiff face. It’s nothing new. They also want to change their taste.

Yu Siyang walked slowly on the red carpet, and the spotlight flashed in front of him. It was only at this moment that he truly felt what the entertainment industry was like.

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