TCYEC Ch. 25

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Although he had already been told before coming, and knew that the awards of the entertainment festival in the middle of the year are nothing special. Everyone privately called this award the “Carrot Award”. Still when giving his acceptance speech, Yu Siyang stood on the stage with a dazed expression.

This… is really worthless, just like getting a radish.

“Uh…hehe… I didn’t expect that I could win the prize, this is too unexpected…” Yu Siyang laughed dryly, wondering where the organizer saw his potential, “Thank you Director Peng, thank you to the crew of “Poisonous Delicacy”, thank you to the entertainment festival, thank you everyone, I will continue to work hard.”

After speaking while blushing, he ran off the stage.

“Hehe, it seems that our newcomer with the most potential is very shy.” The host on the stage was a little dumbfounded. He was afraid of not having enough shots after seeing a long series of acceptance speeches. But he had never seen anyone running so fast.

A whole screen of “hahahahaha” and “so cute” appeared in the barrage of the live webcast.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ……, he blushed, so cute!”

“He cannot be so cute, this is unscientific.”

“Foul! My eyes saw him selling meng!!!”

Peng Zhigao was amused by this appearance of Yu Siyang, Ji Man also laughed, and said: “Xiaoyu, I told you that, as long as you come, you will basically get an award. You didn’t prepare your acceptance speech in advance.”

Yu Siyang smirked, and said in his heart. It’s not that, you said that this award is a “radish award”, it is not worthy or rare, and so I didn’t prepare anything.

The mid-year entertainment festival has a 100% winning rate, regardless of whether the person is still small and transparent, everyone has a prize, everybody is covered, the trophy design is also very ugly, it looks like a liquor bottle. Yu Siyang thought he will make the best use of it, and go back and make some wine and put it in it.

Luo Peng held the “liquor bottle” but couldn’t put it down, playing back and forth with it.

Hahaha, Xiaoyu won the award for the first time in his life. It was too commemorative. He had to take it back to Brother Xiaofeng’s office and put it in the most conspicuous position.

“Brother Luo, don’t play, let’s go.”

Yu Siyang looked helpless, it was the first time he won a prize, but this kind of prize with no gold content, getting excited for a long time will appear to be very strange.

I think he wasn’t excited for this long even when he got the Bonova Gold Award.

“Well, let’s go.” Luo Peng smiled inconspicuously, carefully holding the “liquor bottle”, and leading Yu Siyang to the parking lot.

When they arrived at the parking lot, Luo Peng found the black Bentley they had driven and opened the door to let Yu Siyang go in.

“Huh?” Yu Siyang stretched his head to look at the license plate. This car was familiar, “Brother Luo, did you rent this car?” When he came, he wanted to ask, as it really familiar.

Luo Peng shook his head: “No, it is the boss’s car.”

Yu Siyang was shocked, and hurriedly asked: “Why did you go to borrow the car from Mr. Xue?” He was a brave and fearless warrior now, didn’t he think Mr. Xue was terrible earlier.

“The boss said it was what you wanted; so he let Master Lin drive over to me.” Luo Peng was even more surprised than him. The boss is so terrible, how would he dare to borrow a car without eating a bear’s gut[1].


“…” The two looked at each other, speechless for a long time.

“Actually, Mr. Xue is not that scary.” Yu Siyang scratched his head.

“Yeah, yes, he’s pretty enthusiastic.” Luo Peng nodded vigorously.



Uh… They both stopped the flattering here, Mr. Xue couldn’t hear it anyway, and they both looked stupid.

Yu Siyang got frustrated and sat in the passenger seat.

Luo Peng let Yu Siyang hold the “liquor bottle”, closed the car door, and walked around to the driver’s seat.

“By the way, I have a question for you,” Luo Peng started the car, slowly drove out of the parking lot, and merged into the traffic. “What did you mean when you said to boss about adding it ‘in your debt’?

“…” Speaking of this, he almost shed tears of bitterness, “Well, some time ago, Mr. Xue insisted on buying clothes for me. The clothes he fancied were so expensive that I couldn’t afford it.”

“No wonder. I was surprised that you were not always wearing white shirts these days, but also wearing such cute hooded sweaters,” Luo Peng said: “What about it?”

“He said he paid the money, and that it was added in my debt,” Yu Siyang was aggrieved, and viciously complained: “How can anyone force others to owe money, it’s too much.”

Luo Peng: “…”

He wanted to laugh, what should he do?

… can’t help it.


“Xiaoyu, you are really an upright and lovely boy.”


The upright and lovely boy woke up early the next day and was in a good mood, so he made the super troublesome seafood soup dumplings[2].

The seafood soup dumplings are only about the size of two coins placed side by side. The skin should be thin, and they should be crystal clear when steamed. They should be firm but flexible when put in the mouth. Eighteen neat folds should be pinched on the mouth of the dumpling. The soup should be delicious, and it should reach the level, that one bite should leave the mouth and teeth fragrant after eating.

This is the most difficult one to make in the dumpling world.

This signature dim sum at the Chinese restaurant of the Jade Hotel was expensive, where only ten pieces were given in a basket, priced at 128 yuan, one price, no discount.

Yu Siyang was promoted to the head chef position because of his skill in making them.

However, following his death of the twenty-five-year-old, this dim sum was removed from the menu of the Jade Hotel.

Others had also tried to make seafood dumplings, but they all looked a bit different. After being complained about it several times by customers, the hotel was helpless.

It’s been a long time since Yu Siyang made these seafood soup dumplings. This dumpling is really too much work. He is busy making money and paying off debts every day, and he also has to go to class.

Today he is really in a good mood, and there is no need to rush to the crew early in the morning.

“How is it? Is it delicious?”

Yu Siyang watched Xue Chengxiu eat the bun with bright eyes, with an expression of “please praise me, please”.

“It’s delicious,” Xue Chengxiu rubbed his head and praised without hesitation. “It’s more delicious than the Jade Hotel.”

Of course! Yu Siyang raised his tail and looked proud—I also made it at the Jade Hotel.

“Brother Yangyang, Mu Mu also wants to eat, Mu Mu also wants to eat.” He sat in the children’s dining chair, kicking anxiously.

Yu Siyang picked up a bun for the little guy and put it in his small bowl, and said, “It’s still hot, let’s eat it a bit later.” Xue Yunmu held the bowl impatiently and pulled the bun into his mouth with the small spoon.

“Huhuhu…” The hot bun made the little guy exhale again and again.

Yu Siyang quickly poured a glass of cold water for the little guy.

He had said to let it cool for a while, but he was so anxious, even though nobody was grabbing it. It made one so angry and feels funny as well.

The three of them ate breakfast around the dining table and looked like a happy family of three.

At this time, Donghua Entertainment Channel released an internet article titled “Newcomer Grabbed Hong Zhehao’s Position on the Red Carpet, Hong Zhehao with a Black Face”. The title of the article was prominently placed on the channel headline in bright red and bold fonts, and was reposted on all social media.

Yu Siyang didn’t know that the Internet was about to turn the sky. He had gone to the movie studio to try out with Liu Cai as agreed.

Liu Cai is directing a martial arts movie in which the actor who played the villain number three was just fired by him. The actor looked good, but he couldn’t act the kind of monster he wanted. Inadvertently he ended up looking wretched.

What he wants is a coquettish bitch, not a wretched man.

When he saw Yu Siyang at the entertainment festival yesterday, Liu Cai was amazed by his profile and the raised eyes.

——Isn’t this a person who can act as a foster friend in the villain no. 3 role?

It’s really like searching for something in vain, and finding it on your doorstep.

Liu Cai asked the costume designer to take Yu Siyang to make-up and put on costume first to see the effect of the makeup and costume.

In the film, Yi Jiaojiao, who played the heroine, walked up to Liu Cai and said with a smile: “Where did you find the cutie from, Director Liu? Are you going to add another cute character?”

Liu Cai was talented. But the actors who filmed his scenes were all abused — and he really loved to change the script.

From the start to the finalization of a film, it changed as it was being filmed. When the film was released, the actors will find that the film they made and the script they received were almost completely two different stories.

Regarding Liu Cai’s preference for adding roles or deleting unimportant roles in the middle, Yi Jiaojiao had gotten used to it.

“No, Xiaoyu is here to try for the foster friend role.”

Yi Jiaojiao: “…”

Are you kidding me? Let this little cutie try for the perverted role of the foster friend, Director Liu, do you plan to change the role setting of the foster friend?

In the dressing room, Yu Siyang put on a thick and gorgeous unicorn costume with the help of a costume artist, and was asking the makeup artist to put on his headgear.

“It’s hot,” he muttered.

The girl who put his makeup on smiled and said, “It’s the first time you put on the costume, and you will get used to it later.”

He obediently raised his face and asked the girl to make-up his face. He murmured that Director Liu had not given him the scenes and lines to try out.

“Okay.” The girl clapped her hands, appreciating her work with satisfaction.

Yu Siyang opened his eyes and looked in the mirror.

He had a pale skin tone, and the makeup artist brightened up his face by applying the foundation. Now he is really the true portrayal of the white skin tone. His three-dimensional facial features didn’t need to be shaded, only the baby fat on the cheeks had to be slightly modified.

The eyebrows are not the thick eyebrows of actors nowadays, but a little thinner. The raised eyebrows flew diagonally into the temple. The eyeliner is slightly heavier, but it is made to look natural. The corners of the eyes are smeared with a hint of red from which a hint of charm is added.

With a black unicorn costume and a wig like ink, the whole person looks white and glowing.

Yu Siyang craned his neck and looked at his face carefully, and was shocked: “Why is it so feminine?”

“Where is this feminine! This is called coquettish, you understand!” The makeup girl had an expression of “You don’t know anything”.

Yu Siyang closed his mouth wisely, lifted the heavy hem and turned around.

The makeup girl suddenly squatted on the ground, covered her face, and said, “Don’t look at me like this.”

Yu Siyang: “…”

What’s wrong?

Yi Jiaojiao was talking to Zhan Heng, who had just arrived in the crew. From a distance, she saw a person dressed in a black unicorn costume walking straight, and between the swinging arms, the wide robe sleeves gave a hint of wind.

Is this the little cutie she saw before?

Liu Cai nodded in satisfaction, this kid is very malleable, and his vision is really good.

Originally the three of them were talking, but suddenly two of them were silent, looking in the same direction, Zhan Heng also looked over curiously.

This person… isn’t Xiaofeng’s newly signed artist! Why is he here?

“This is the person that Director Liu asked to try out as the foster friend.” Yi Jiaojiao explained.

Dressed like this, he really looked similar to the foster friend, but his eyes are too bright, and he has surprise on his face, destroying the glamorous temperament of the friend.

The reason why Yu Siyang was so surprised was that he saw his goddess.

Yi Jiaojiao, that was Yi Jiaojiao. It is a good day to see the goddess in reality.

“Goddess Jiaojiao, I’m your fan.” Yu Siyang ran over and stopped at a place three steps away from Yi Jiaojiao, lest he offend the goddess.

As for the director, movie king and so on standing next to her, he completely ignored him.

“Hello, Xiaoyu.” Yi Jiao smiled lightly, this little cutie is really cute.

Liu Cai forcefully inserted himself between the two people, blocking Yu Siyang’s fiery eyes, “Go try out the scene first. Jiaojiao is the heroine in this scene. If you can participate in this movie, you can see your goddess every day.”

Yu Siyang nodded vigorously, and all the three huge hats on his head were thrown off by him.

“Movie emperor Zhan Heng, will you help with the scene?” Liu Cai asked.

“No problem.” Zhan Heng said in a very good natured way, stepping forward to put a hand on Yu Siyang’s shoulder, “Come on, Xiaoyu, Brother Zhan is very optimistic about you.”

Yi Jiaojiao’s chin dropped on the ground.

——When did Actor Zhan become so approachable?

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[1] having the courage of a bear.


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