TBLF Extra 19 (Ch. 119): Sweet Life of Family of Four

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When Ji Xiaoqi was four years old, his mother gave him a younger sister.

Qi Ying’s pregnancy was not as relaxed as when she was bearing Xiaoqi, her morning sickness was very serious, and her body was also severely swollen. Ji Rang was frightened day and night, and when Qi Ying reached the due date, even Yu Cheng and Wu Yinghua rushed over.

On the day of delivery, the whole family was outside the operating room. Even Yu Zhuo brought Ji Xiaoqi from the kindergarten to the hospital. Ji Xiaoqi hugged his little schoolbag and sat nervously in the chair.

Fortunately, the birthing process went smoothly. When the nurse came out and said that they had a daughter, Yu Cheng and Wu Yinghua both excitedly said to Ji Rang: “You have both son and daughter! Your pair is complete!”

Several people went in to visit Qi Ying and asked his uncle Yu Zhuo to take care of Ji Xiaoqi outside.

A few of Qi Ying’s colleagues also came to visit. When they saw Ji Xiaoqi, they couldn’t help but tease him. They squatted in front of him and said, “Ji Xiaoqi, your mother gave birth to another baby. Mom and Dad will not love you in the future.”

Yu Zhuo, who was flipping his mobile phone, frowned and was about to curse. Ji Xiaoqi, who was playing Rubik’s Cube, raised his head and asked with a grimace, “Auntie, do you have any younger brothers and sisters?”

The colleague was questioned by him, and was taken aback for a while, and subconsciously replied: “There is a younger brother.”

Ji Xiaoqi blinked his big eyes, and his fat little face showed an innocent smile: “Then you are so pitiful, your parents don’t love you. Also, auntie, you should never give birth to younger brothers and sisters for your child in the future, or your children will be as pitiful as you.”


As he was talking, the door of the delivery room opened, and Qi Ying was pushed out from the hospital bed. Ji Rang stood beside holding her hand and walked to the ward.

Ji Xiaoqi stood up with his little schoolbag in her arms and screamed “Mom” at the top of his lungs and ran all the way towards her. He was not as tall as the hospital bed, Ji Rang picked him up, leaned down and let him kiss his mother on the cheek.

Ji Xiaoqi asked: “Mom, where’s my sister?”

Qi Ying was still a little weak, and whispered, “The doctor is checking her body. You can see her in a while.”

Ji Xiaoqi nodded thoughtfully, turned his head and pointed at the colleague who had just teased him on the side of the corridor, and complained with a serious face: “Mom, that auntie is broken! She actually tried to provoke the relationship between us mother and child. Saying you won’t love me after giving birth to a sister!”

Colleague: “…………Ha ha, ha ha, how come this kid talks nonsense… ha ha.”

The colleague slipped away with embarrassment.

Ji Xiaoqi snorted, proud of driving away the bad guys and winning.

Her daughter’s name was Ji Xiaoying, and she was a crying ghost.

She was very clingy to Qi Ying, most of the time she had to be in her arms to be quiet and well-behaved. Sometimes Ji Rang didn’t want her baby to be so tired and took their daughter from her arms to take care of her. Ji Xiaoying cried loudly, kicking her little feet in his arms. She was still a baby, but she knew to reach out in Qi Ying’s direction for a hug.

Ji Rang suddenly felt that Ji Xiaoqi looked a lot more pleasing to the eye.

Ji Xiaoying didn’t want others to hold her, and could only be taken care of by Qi Ying, so she would inevitably get tired. Ji Xiaoqi looked at his mother so tired that her face was thinner, and felt that this would not work, so he decided to reason with his sister.

So, one afternoon, while Ji Xiaoying was taking a nap in the crib after drinking milk, Ji Xiaoqi took off his shoes, crawled into the crib with both hands and feet, got down in front of her sister, and poked her in the face.

Ji Xiaoying was poked awake.

She started to cry as soon as she opened her eyes.

Ji Xiaoqi put one hand on his sister’s mouth, with a serious face: “Hush! Hush! Hush!”

The crying ghost Ji Xiaoying blinked her eyes and didn’t really cry.

With big wet eyes, like her mother, she stared at this strange person next to her without blinking.

Seeing that she was not crying, Ji Xiaoqi nodded in satisfaction, retracted his fingers, held her small hand, and squeezed it in the palm of his hand: “My name is Ji Xiaoqi, your brother, we have officially met now.”

Ji Xiaoying: “Hoooooooooo…”

Ji Xiaoqi: “I’m here to negotiate with you! Sister, my mother is tired after taking care of us. If you are still so naive, if you have to hug her, then she will get tired and get sick. You know that being sick is a terrible thing? Every time I get sick, the doctor will prick me with a needle so big!”

He gestured in the air with his little hands and couldn’t help but shudder in his neck just thinking about it.

Ji Xiaoying: “Ahhhhhhhhhh…”

Ji Xiaoqi: “If our mother is sick, then she can’t hold you at all! Then you can only be held by your father every day! Do you know how it feels to be held by your father? He is not gentle at all! Hard! It’s not comfortable to be held at all!”

Ji Xiaoying: “Woo Yahoo…”

Ji Xiaoqi: “So for long-term considerations, you should allow our mother to get enough rest and be a good baby so that our mother can hug you a little bit every day! This is actually the same as killing chickens to get eggs, although killing the chicken is fine. You can eat a lot of meat at once, but the satisfaction is only for a moment. Without the chicken, you can’t eat any more eggs. Do you think that your brother is right?”

After Ji Xiaoqi finished speaking, he licked his mouth. He wanted to eat chicken drumsticks a little bit.

Ji Xiaoying’s little hands were scratching in the air, her mouth babbling.

Ji Xiaoqi lowered his head and happily kissed her face: “Sister, I know you understand. As long as you listen to your brother in the future, when you grow up, your brother will take you to fly a kite and teach you how to play Rubik’s Cube. And also buy you candied haws to eat! Okay?”

Ji Xiaoying giggled, waved her little hand wildly, and grabbed his little finger.

Ji Xiaoqi glanced at her twice, and suddenly realized: “Oh~! You want to pull the hook with me, right? Yes! We pull the hook, the man speaks for it!” His little finger hooked Ji Xiaoying’s little finger that could not be straightened, and he pulled and shook:” Pull the hook, hang yourself, for a hundred years, no change!”

The sun was warm in the afternoon, coming in through the glass window, it caged two small figures.

Qi Ying walked in from the door and saw her son had crawled into her daughter’s crib. She was afraid that he would wake Ji Xiaoying and make her cry again, so she hurried over and shouted in a low voice, “Little Qi, don’t go to your sister. Go to bed, get out soon.”

When she took a closer look, she saw Ji Xiaoying sitting on the bed with her brown eyes wide open, staring at Ji Xiaoqi who was restoring the Rubik’s Cube. The little boy had a serious face, his mouth was tight, his fingers moved quickly, and he quickly restored the Rubik’s Cube.

He handed the Rubik’s Cube to Ji Xiaoying with a smug look: “Brother is great, isn’t he?”

Ji Xiaoying touched the Rubik’s Cube, drooling with a smile.

Since then, Ji Xiaoying had stopped crying. When Ji Rang hugged her, she would still hum uncomfortably and wriggle, but she would never cry when he held her again.

Ji Xiaoqi felt that this was all his credit and went to Ji Rang to ask for credit and asked his father to buy him a full set of Iron Man armor.

Ji Rang hugged her daughter and raised her up high: “It’s your sister who is obedient and likes her father, me. What does it have to do with you brat?”

Ji Xiaoqi: “???” He was angry and stomped angrily, “Sister! Cry!”

Ji Xiaoying: “Wow wow wow wow…”

Ji Rang: “…”

Qi Ying heard the sound, “Why is she crying again?”

Ji Xiaoqi: “Hehe.”

Ji Xiaoying: “Hey.”

Ji Rang once again deeply realized his position in the family.

Was it too late to plug these two stinky kids back now?

After Ji Xiaoqi, Ji Rang hadn’t spent much time in the two-person world with Qi Ying. Now that there was another Ji Xiaoying, he couldn’t even think about it.

Ji Rang was very angry, and the consequences were serious.

Qi Ying was tossed by him until the middle of the night until she put her arms around his waist begging for mercy: “The day after tomorrow is the Chinese Valentine’s Day. I have booked a restaurant. Don’t work overtime at night. Come back early. We will go out to celebrate the Chinese Valentine’s Day.”

Ji Rang asked: “Without the two kids?”

Qi Ying said, “I asked Yu Zhuo to come over after work.”

Ji Rang was satisfied.

On the Qixi Festival or the Chinese Valentine’s Day, he got up early in the morning and received a gift that Qi Ying had prepared in advance, a couple watch. Ji Rang immediately put it on and showed it off at work all day.

After returning home from work, Qi Ying had arranged the children’s dinner, and was telling Yu Zhuo, who was lying on the sofa, what time to bathe Ji Xiaoqi and what time to feed Ji Xiaoying.

All arrangements were made before going out with Ji Rang.

Ji Xiaoqi carried the Iron Man model all the way out: “Mom, Dad, where are you going? I want to go too. I don’t want to stay with my uncle. He only plays mobile phones and doesn’t accompany me.”

Ji Rang yelled: “Yu Zhuo! Take your nephew back and play games with him, not mobile phones!”

Yu Zhuo: “…”

Then Ji Xiaoqi was carried back by his little uncle.

Darkness set in late in summer.

Ji Xiaoqi felt that he had been alone for a long time, and mushrooms were about to grow on his head. Mom and Dad had still not come back. His younger uncle played on the sofa with his mobile phone as usual, and occasionally threw a ball over, in the guise of playing with him.

Ji Xiaoqi was angry, did he think he was teasing the dog!

He grabbed the crib and said to Ji Xiaoying, who was playing Rubik’s Cube in it, “Sister, do you want to find your mother?”

Ji Xiaoying had just turned one year old. In her babbling, with her milky voice she vaguely said: “Look for Ma Ma… Want Ma Ma!”

Ji Xiaoqi looked back at the little uncle who was concentrating on playing games, ran to the bedroom and pushed out the stroller, then took Ji Xiaoying in, pushed the stroller and went out.

When Yu Zhuo saw the alarm to feed Ji Xiaoying and got up to go to feed her, he found where were the fucking? People?

He was scared out of his head on the spot.

Yu Zhuo rushed out to find them.

Fortunately, the two children hadn’t gone far yet. Ji Xiaoqi pushed her sister while he was walking. When Yu Zhuo chased him up, he said solemnly: “I am five years old! I am an older child! Why can’t I walk on the street??!”

Yu Zhuo never liked children and was patient enough only to face his nephew and niece.

He picked up Ji Xiaoqi in one hand, took the stroller with the other, and was about to go back.

Ji Xiaoqi said, “Uncle, you take my sister and me to find mom and dad, OK?”

Yu Zhuo said coldly: “Not good.”

Ji Xiaoqi: “If you don’t go, I will start crying now. Help, kidnapping, who will save me and my sister!”

Yu Zhuo: “???”

So, Ji Rang, who was preparing to have a candlelight dinner to enjoy his two-person world, saw his brother-in-law, leading their two children, walking into the restaurant with an expression of anger.

Qi Ying: “Ah, why are you here?”

Ji Xiaoqi: “Mom, my sister and I miss you so much, so we came to you.”

Ji Xiaoying: “Ma Ma… Hug…”

Yu Zhuo: “…Brother-in-law, don’t look at me like that, I was forced.”

Ji Rang: “!!!”

Ah ah ah this day, he should not have had kids!!!

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