YXBG Ch. 37: Friends’ Reunion

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The two girls over there were still pulling and pushing each other, the petite girl gritted her teeth and said: “What did you say at the beginning, you promised to come back to participate, do you want me to not believe you in the future!”

“So many people… I’m really scared…” The fat girl whimpered, almost dragging the petite girl away.

“You come with me, can you be a little bit prosperous, you!” The petite girl screamed, holding her desperately, “Song Yuanyuan, do you want to be so round your whole life! You will be round to death!”

Huh? Yin Xiaomei turned her head in astonishment, looking at the fat white girl who was crying with pear blossoms and rain, Yuanyuan? Why was this name so familiar… A round child in her memory immediately jumped out.

Yin Xiaomei opened her mouth wide, was that her? Could it be her? She stood there blankly, looking at the two people who were entangled, and slowly said: “Yuanyuan?”

The girl like a white mantou turned her head, her snot and tears mixed together: “Are you calling me?” The memory of her childhood was too long away, and Yin Xiaomei was wearing sunglasses again, so she didn’t recognize her for a while.

“Yin Xiaomei?!” The friend beside Song Yuanyuan suddenly said. Yin Xiaomei was taken aback, she looked at the graceful girl, and it took him a long time to react: “Lin Diyi?!”

“Oh my God, it’s really you!” Lin Diyi let go of Song Yuanyuan and rushed up, “Big star! After watching your movie, I told my classmates that it was my friend, and they still didn’t believe it! But I knew it was you at a glance!”

“Hush…” Xiaomei waved her hand quickly, and there were already girls around who were curiously looking at them, “Don’t be so loud, come on!” She couldn’t restrain the ecstasy on her face and pulled the two good friends to the side of the lounge. Then she said loudly: “Why are you coming back here! Tell me quickly! Yuanyuan wants to participate in this event?”

Song Yuanyuan was still in a daze and couldn’t react, Lin Diyi had already said everything. Lin Diyi and Song Yuanyuan didn’t go to school together after graduating from elementary school. They had already disconnected, but it so happened that the two of them were in the same major in the university together, so they quickly became good friends. Song Yuanyuan remained the same, and still loved eating very much. After not exercising in college, her whole person immediately inflated like a balloon. Although Lin Diyi had tried every means to confiscate her snacks, the results were minimal. “So, I brought her over when I saw this event! You didn’t know that there were so many vicious girls in the school, they called her names, they were so loud, but she would just bury her head in her studies.”

“Yuanyuan, this is wonderful, why don’t you want to go!” Yin Xiaomei turned to Song Yuanyuan when Lin Diyi said this. She still hadn’t changed, her whole person was round, but her snow-white skin looked very good to the touch.

Song Yuanyuan stared at Yin Xiaomei’s beautiful profile face in a daze, and replied, “I…I don’t like…”

“It’s not that you don’t like it, you are just afraid of hardship.” Lin Diyi said in a frantic tone, “As soon as she heard that she would have to go on a diet, she became unhappy right away!”

“Alright, alright!” Yin Xiaomei hurriedly smiled and finished the game. “If she doesn’t want to, don’t force her. Come, it’s rare that we get together. I’ll treat you today and take you out to eat delicious food”. Lin Diyi also liked to say things, but after seeing the way that Song Yuanyuan was feeling miserable, she could not bear it anymore, so she waved her hand and said: “Okay, okay, let’s go! Love it or not!”

The three came to a famous private restaurant next to the office building and asked for a private room. The three of them recovered from the initial joy, and they all began to look at each other. The faces of the three people still had the shadows of childhood, but they looked quite different now. Lin Diyi looked very capable, and even her speech was very elegant. Yin Xiaomei doubted whether she had gone to university and became the chairperson of the student union or a similar post. And Song Yuanyuan just stared at her blankly, as if she still couldn’t confirm that this was her old classmate.

Yin Xiaomei saw Song Yuanyuan’s keychain with a series of small hard cards at a glance and smiled: “Which celebrity does Yuanyuan like!”

Song Yuanyuan was shocked, and quickly hid her keys. Lin Diyi said impatiently: “Don’t hide, it’s no secret. She likes the actor who acted with you! What is the name of the actor that you like so much that you can’t wait to marry him?”

“Scotchy?! Ha, he is really attractive. I personally like him very much. He is a genius in acting. If Yuanyuan wants to see him, I can take you to see him. We have a very good relationship!”

“Really? Really okay?!” Song Yuanyuan’s watery and round eyes widened in an instant, with a look of surprise on her face.

“Yeah, it doesn’t matter. Scotchy is really handsome, and you should listen to his English accent, your ears will get pregnant! But I heard Scotchy say that he likes thinner girls!” Yin Xiaomei’s face had a wicked smile, Song Yuanyuan was taken aback when she heard the words, her face collapsed. At this time, plates of fragrant Sichuan dishes were brought up. Just looking at them made people move their hands. Yin Xiaomei and Lin Diyi immediately started eating. Song Yuanyuan was touched by her words and only took a few bites. Yin Xiaomei and Lin Diyi exchanged glances, and smiles appeared on their faces. Although the two had not seen each other for many years, their tacit understanding had not disappeared.

“Speaking of this, your company sells this weight-loss product, you don’t need to spend money on models!”

“Of course, you can lose weight by lying down. It’s very easy.”

“Wow, then a lot of people must have signed up. I think there are so many people coming today as well.”

“Of course, the door of the company was almost smashed a few days ago. What are you saying?”

“Is it really effective?”

“Of course, professional weight loss experts have been hired, alas, I don’t know who would be so lucky!” The two talked happily, not paying attention to Yuanyuan at all. Yuanyuan blinked her eyes and listened without missing a word. Yin Xiaomei sighed secretly in her heart, she really still needed temptation to be effective! Seeing her tangled look, she was clearly moved.

“By the way, Yuanyuan, wait for your summer vacation and come to America with me. I’ll take you to Scotchy’s villa. There are so many cute animals in his house.” She suggested with a smile.

Yuanyuan hesitated and slowly said: “Xiaomei, how long does the training take?”

“It won’t take long, three months. If you are in class, you only need to go at night.” She laughed, “It says that on the list. It’s very clear.”

Song Yuanyuan immediately changed her mind: “First, you accompany me to sign up again!”

“Won’t go, you will run away again when my back is turned.” Lin Diyi didn’t look up, immersed in the delicious food. Yuanyuan’s mouth collapsed, and her watery eyes began to weep more and more: “I promise not to run away.”

“I believe you to hell.” She sneered, biting off the meat from the chicken thigh.

“If I run away again, I won’t be able to eat snacks.” As she said this, she looked at Yin Xiaomei as if asking for help, ooh, but she swore a serious oath that she wouldn’t be able to eat snacks.

Song Yuanyuan’s name finally appeared on the list of hell training. Yin Xiaomei couldn’t help feeling a little guilty for her sins. After all, she knew why Yuanyuan did it. How could there be such an easy thing in the world? Especially when you wanted to become beautiful, how can you do it without getting rid of your bad habits, and not suffering a bit, then how can you show your perfect side to everyone? But speaking of it, Yuanyuan was lucky. The weight loss experts present were very confident in her, especially her white skin, which was a big bonus. After all, the appearance after weight loss was very important, and Yin Xiaomei had seen Yuanyuan’s mother and was very confident about this.

She felt that she had done a good deed again. Just with Yuanyuan’s repetitive personality, it was estimated that there will be a lot of obstacles in the middle! But that didn’t matter to her!

Yin Xiaomei gently swept the blush on her cheeks. She didn’t like makeup, but blush was essential, and the best weapon to maintain a good complexion! If her public image allowed, she would even want to paint two red plateaus on her cheeks directly like a Japanese girl!

She wore a refreshing fan dress but before she was completely ready, Yin Zhefei opened the door and walked in. Yin Xiaomei was startled, “Can’t you knock on the door?”

Damn it, they had never been alone after the accident. Now it was estimated that she would have a very good look without even the blush.

“I…I have something to ask you.” Yin Zhefei frowned, his expression serious.

“Say! I’m sure you will die if you don’t say it!” Yin Xiaomei took the big straw hat from the hanger on the side and put it on her head, as if to say “you’d better make a long story short”.

“You and Zhang Xiangyi…how far have you developed?” He gritted his teeth and said his worries.

Yin Xiaomei’s movements stagnated, and hundreds of thoughts flashed in her heart. She slowly turned her head and smiled like the reincarnation of a vixen: “What did brother ask this for?”

Yin Zhefei said unnaturally, “I just care about you.

“My brother is so considerate. I think Brother Xiangyi is really nice and funny. Alas, I don’t know who can be so lucky to be his wife!” She approached Yin Zhefei and looked at his face maliciously.

“I’m asking you seriously.” He panicked a little.

“I’m answering seriously too!” She smiled and looked at the man in front of her avoiding her gaze, “What is my brother worried about?” Her arms were wrapped around his neck like a snake, almost suffocating him. “Worried about me being deceived? Still reluctant to part with me?”

“You… don’t be like that…” His eyes were full of panic, but although his mouth was preventing her, his body did not react in synchrony.

“My brother must be worried that I would be cheated. How could I be so passionate that you could not bear it? Don’t worry, is Brother Xiangyi not your good buddy? He wouldn’t dare to hurt me,” she said in his ear softly, “Don’t worry…”

Yin Zhefei’s muscles suddenly tightened as the warm air rushed over his ears. He was startled and took two steps back to keep a “safe distance” from her.

Yin Xiaomei looked at him with an expression that seemed to show that after having eaten tofu, she was very happy. It turned out that this guy was nothing more than a paper tiger. She shrugged and said, “Brother had better go quickly, Sister-in-law is still waiting for you!”

Sitting in the car, Yin Xiaomei had time to digest Yin Zhefei’s words. What did he mean by she and Zhang Xiangyi have developed to which stage? Did Zhang Xiang have other intentions on her? She thought about it for a while and realized that Zhang Xiangyi’s concern for her had long been beyond the so-called brother-sister relationship, and she hadn’t noticed it. The corner of her eye swept to Yin Zhefei, what was the matter with this guy? Just now, he was treating her like an enemy. Could it be that… he really liked her?

Yin Xiaomei quickly laughed at herself in her heart, how could a guy with a bad nature like him look at her. When she thought of the scene that day, she really regretted it, and thought she should have kicked him harder!

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