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When the message came in, Fu Yuanzhou hadn’t unlocked the screen. He just saw that the sender was Yu Fei from the prompt bar, and he had not seen the content of the message.

His mood suddenly brightened, and he quickly entered the WeChat dialog with Yu Fei, but at this time, Yu Fei’s previous message had been withdrawn.

After a few seconds, the other party sent him a new message, which read: “Sorry, I just started using WeChat these days, but I don’t use it very skillfully. My hand slipped and I sent the wrong message.”

It turned out that the message was sent by mistake. It was strange, why Xiaofei contacted him suddenly.

Yu Fei’s tone seemed strange, and Fu Yuanzhou could understand that although they played very well when they were young, they hadn’t been in contact for many years after all, and they even reconnected afterwards in his previous life.

Putting away the faint loss in his heart, Fu Yuanzhou quickly replied: “It’s okay.”

In order not to make Yu Fei feel embarrassed, he also deliberately sent a cute emoticon package to ease the atmosphere of the conversation.

The other side sent him an emoticon as well. Fu Yuanzhou thought that this conversation would end here, but he didn’t expect that Yu Fei would send another message soon.

“Sorry, it may be a little presumptuous, but do you remember me? I am Yu Fei. We used to play together when we were young. Then I went abroad, and I have been planning to come back recently.”

Of course, he remembered, how could he not remember.

Fu Yuanzhou smiled unconsciously; he was very happy that Xiao Fei showed the intention to talk with him more.

It was the same in his previous life. Xiao Fei approached him first, and she chased him. Now that he thought about it, as her ex-boyfriend, it was a bit dereliction of duty, shouldn’t he take the initiative this time?

He just had this thought in his mind, but he couldn’t help but think of Xie Lin, and suddenly he no longer felt so excited.

Xie Lin felt boring to him in the past, and was very unhappy about his relationship with Xiao Fei, let alone the fact that Xie Lin also liked him in this life. If they were together again, how would Xie Lin react? Wasn’t the dream of last night a sign of this ignorance?

Fu Yuanzhou didn’t dare to think about it. He didn’t dare complain about Xie Lin, but he hated why there was something ghostly like ABO gender in this life. If it was not because one of them was A and the other was O, how could Xie Lin like him? In the previous life, he could not see Xie Lin liking him by his performance.

This was all pheromones at work.

Although he was still angry with Xie Lin, Fu Yuanzhou didn’t dare to be too enthusiastic when he thought of him, but just replied.

“Of course, I remember. When we were young, I, you, and your cousin Xie Lin, the three of us were always together, and sometimes your cousin and I would still mention you.”

He noticed that Yu Fei had changed her name, originally his remarks on WeChat was correct, now she was called “Yu Fei”.

Why did she change her name? Fu Yuanzhou didn’t understand, but this didn’t prevent him from quickly changing the remarks back, so as not to be seen by Yu Fei later, or what would she think of him.

“Great, Yuanzhou, so you still remember me.”

Yu Fei seemed quite happy: “I have always wanted to send you a message these days, always opening the dialog, but I was afraid that you had forgotten me. I didn’t send anything until I accidentally pressed the wrong button just now.”

Fu Yuanzhou didn’t expect Yu Fei to have this mental journey, so he immediately sent a message back to her, indicating that he had not forgotten her.

He was immersed in the nostalgia with Yu Fei, until his desk was knocked by a pair of knuckles, and then he raised his head, and in his sight was reflected a plain smiling face.

“Who do you want to talk to?”

Yuan Ye put his hand on the back of his chair and stood beside him. Because of his height, he felt particularly oppressive: “Laughing so happily, have you forgotten me?”

He suddenly realized that he had accidentally left Yuan Ye to the side, Fu Yuanzhou immediately put down his phone and apologized to him: “I’m sorry, it’s because one of my childhood friends contacted me. I haven’t contacted her for many years, so I said a few more words.”

“Another one? “Yuan Ye said playfully, “It’s not Xie Lin senior, you have so many childhood sweethearts?”

“Counting her, there are only two, she is Xie Lin’s cousin.”

“Is she an Omega?”

“…I don’t know this yet.”

Yuan Ye smiled: “Some things are better to ask. I know that your ambition is to marry a female O but be careful she might end up being an Alpha.” He paused, “An Alpha like me.”

Don’t curse him!

Fu Yuanzhou almost said that, but suddenly felt wrong. Why was Yuan Ye’s tone a bit strange?

“Why did you think of it?” He coughed slightly. “We are just talking, I don’t need to ask her if she is an Omega.” After that, he felt wrong again, why did he explain to Yuan Ye in such detail…

“Then you talk.”

Yuan Ye smiled, stopped talking, sat back to the original position and started playing a game with his mobile phone, then put on his headphones, so that others would not disturb him.

Fu Yuanzhou didn’t think much of it, and continued to chat with Yu Fei, and didn’t put away his phone until the beginning of the next class.

The next class was Da Yang’s math class. At the beginning, he didn’t give a lecture, but first talked about other things with a serious expression.

He mentioned that during the summer vacation, there were several cat abuse incidents near the school. Dead cats were thrown at the door of residential buildings, which had a very bad impact on the lives of nearby residents. Someone called the police but failed to catch the culprit.

Until last night, the culprit came to the vicinity of No. 1 Middle School and attempted to torture a stray cat outside the school. He happened to be hit by a senior high school student who was studying on his own. The student was injured in order to stop him. The culprit was quickly taken away by the security guard and handed over to the police.

Although the culprit had been arrested, the school reminded all students to put their personal safety first, not fight with criminals, and contact the police and the school in time if they come across any such incident.

Fu Yuanzhou was slightly surprised when he heard it. He vaguely remembered that this happened in his previous life. The reason why he still had the impression was because he almost thought that the injured student was Ran Shutang. He heard that Ran Shutang liked cats very much, and he often went to feed the stray cats outside the school, fighting gangsters for cats, was probably something that he would do.

But this way, the injured high school senior seemed to be in Xie Lin’s class. Could it be that when Xie Lin said that something happened in the morning, it was not an excuse, but was related to this student?

Thinking that he might have misunderstood Xie Lin, Fu Yuanzhou’s anger dissipated a lot, and he wanted to ask Xie Lin, but because he was in class, he couldn’t use his mobile phone, not to mention that Xie Lin couldn’t send a message to him. However, he left without mentioning this matter, and he was a little bit at a loss at wanting to speak to Xie Lin first.

When school was about to end, Xie Lin finally sent him a message, saying that he would represent the student union and his class, together with school leaders and teachers, to visit the injured classmate in the hospital, and let Fu Yuanzhou go back by himself.

Fu Yuanzhou sent an emoticon package to express his understanding. After class, Xie Lin sent a voice message again, explaining in more detail that he was very busy today and there was really no time to contact Fu Yuanzhou. It was not intentional snub to him and told him not to be angry.

“Who’s angry? I’m not angry.” Fu Yuanzhou’s ears were red, and he denied it. Xie Lin acted so carefully with him!

“You only left without typing, which usually means you are in a bad mood.” Xie Lin said, “I think it might be caused by me.”

“Don’t think too much, you didn’t.” Fu Yuanzhou sent a series of messy emoticons, but after sending it out, he realized that he wanted to cover it up.

“There is no overthinking.”

Xie Lin said in a voice message, the voice paused for a moment, and then appeared soon.

“You are the person I like; I don’t want you to be unhappy because of me.”


Fu Yuanzhou didn’t wear a headset, he put the voice message on to listen to it, and almost dropped the phone when he heard the words.

He looked around with a guilty conscience. Even on the noisy campus, there was no one around him, but he was still afraid that others would hear Xie Lin’s voice.

How should people respond to this…

He rubbed his hot ears, put the phone in his pocket, and walked out of the campus. He planned to call a car back, because he only knew that Xie Lin would not come back with him and did not want to wait any longer as he had not informed the driver to pick him up early.

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