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Wen Yuan was relatively low-key in the entertainment industry. Although the quantity of the films he had appeared was not a lot, and he had not showed up in a year, but still his popularity was not worse than those of traffic stars. This was thanks to his unique face, and also because his temperament was really outstanding and unforgettable.

Before, Siyu felt that Wen Yuan was particularly suitable for wearing ancient costumes when he was playing the role of Young Master Pianpian, especially since his pupils were very dark, and he was very focused when looking at people, due to which he would inadvertently give people an illusion of affection.

Siyu didn’t think much at first, thinking that Wen Yuan was doing this just because everyone was working together, so he would care about her by the way, but when Wen Yuan was teased just now, he just stared at her with a gentle look. This made Siyu suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

Wen Yuan was not a rogue scumbag. He also kept a gentle distance from Siyu, his eyes were not aggressive, but Siyu looked at those gentle and harmless eyes, and she unconsciously remembered the oppression of another person with his powerful eyes, even though that person rarely had such tenderness, but she had become accustomed to facing him. When she met someone with a natural affinity like Wen Yuan, Siyu still missed Fifth Master Lu.

That naive ghost with a terrible temper couldn’t ever say a good thing, and he never knew that peace was the most important thing, no wonder he was always so angry.

Siyu sometimes wondered if he had been oppressed for a long time before, and she had a little bit of potential to abuse him. Was Fifth Master Lu not used to it because he was far away from her?

She shook her head, pressed these thoughts back to the bottom of her heart, and smiled at Wen Yuan.

“That’s not necessarily true, maybe I will change my career someday…” Siyu couldn’t understand what Wen Yuan meant, and she thought about it. Wen Yuan’s pastries were quite delicious, but since she was just thinking of Fifth Master Lu, Siyu lost her appetite, so she put them aside.

But she was not a fool. After all, she had already thought about it. After filming this show, she would take a long vacation and plan to change her career completely and go back and concentrate on drawing her comics. This time she was filming “Fashion Strategy”, mainly because of Shen Yue and Mu Yan, one of them was enthusiastic about helping her keep in touch with her work, and the other was using her editor status to tell her how much she was looking forward to her acting. Siyu thought for a while, forget it, people are being very kind to me, and I can think about retirement after finishing this series.

Wen Yuan saw that Siyu had only eaten a little and said that she was full. He didn’t care. He closed the lid of the thermal insulated food box, glanced at the soup medicine in Shen Yue’s hand, and asked: “Right, last time I gave those medicinal materials to you, have you tried them? Were they effective? I have a friend who has a business that deals in this kind of medicinal materials. If you think it is good, I can contact him to purchase another batch.”

Siyu heard him mention this and looked at Shen Yue vaguely, both of them felt a little embarrassed. Siyu didn’t know what to say and couldn’t bluntly say that the things Wen Yuan sent were a bit redundant, so she passed them on to someone else. And Shen Yue thought that the pile of medicinal materials was very good medicine. It had been divided up between her aunts a long time ago, and they asked her if every star agent had such good benefits.

Seeing Siyu’s silence, Shen Yue, who was consciously soft-handed, quickly stepped forward to complete the battle: “They were very useful, Siyu has always wanted to thank you in person.”

The smile in Wen Yuan’s eyes became deeper, and he nodded: “That’s fine.”

After a few greetings, Siyu stopped talking, and the atmosphere suddenly calmed down. These two weren’t very familiar with each other, and Siyu had never learned how to get along with the older generations in the circle. For a while, she couldn’t think of what to talk about. Fortunately, Chu Shuangyan had already put on makeup at this time and was stepping out from the makeup room. When she walked over, she squinted and saw these people sitting in the corner looking at each other speechlessly, and asked strangely: “What are you both doing?”

Ms. Chu had a family background, therefore she didn’t have to obey the rules of the predecessors and younger generations followed in the circle. When meeting Wen Yuan, there was no ordinary person’s restraint in her. Except for Ji Lin, there were probably no men who could enter the eyes of this eldest lady, but when she saw Siyu sitting there, Chu Shuangyan herself took the initiative to say hello to them.

Siyu still had the leftover pastries in her hand. Since Wen Yuan gave it, she knew it won’t look good to give them back. Seeing Chu Shuangyan her eyes lit up, and she greeted her with an unprecedentedly cordial attitude: “Shuangyan, come here.”

Chu Shuangyan was horror-struck. She probably didn’t understand why Siyu suddenly had such a good attitude towards her. She hesitated to go over and was suddenly stuffed with a plate of pastries. When she raised her eyes, she saw Siyu squinting at her: “Don’t just look at me. Taste it, Senior Wen personally made it.”

Chu Shuangyan took it with a flattered expression, still not thinking too much about it. She tried to make her uncomfortable and got her face slapped last time, but Siyu didn’t care much, After that incident, Chu Shuangyan was frightened for a long time along with the entire Chu family, but they found out that Fifth Master Lu had no intention of engaging with them, guessing that Siyu played a big role in it. So, Chu Shuangyan’s father educated her properly and asked her to maintain a good relationship with Siyu in the future.

She couldn’t help but listen to what Father Chu said. Chu Shuangyan also wanted to have a good relationship with Siyu, but would she be willing? Although Siyu didn’t care about it, her attitude towards Chu Shuangyan was not very enthusiastic, but today she actively invited her to eat! It was weird, was she behaving so well because of her merits?

Chu Shuangyan secretly glanced at Siyu while eating, as if trying to find an answer from her face.

Wen Yuan had nothing to say to Chu Shuangyan. He seemed to sense Siyu’s embarrassment, and thoughtfully said goodbye: “This kind of cakes should not be eaten more, it’s best to eat with a pot of warm tea. As for the lines, don’t worry, there will be time in the future. Take your time. If you want, you can come to my room after dinner, and we will discuss it again.”

After Wen Yuan left, Chu Shuangyan turned around and asked Siyu: “Sister Siyu, did he ask you to go to his room just now?”

“Yeah, Director Yan asked us to run lines. We haven’t worked together before, and we are relatively unfamiliar.” As soon as Wen Yuan left, Siyu invisibly relaxed a lot, and she didn’t think too much about it, as where they lived, there were crew members coming and going all the time. Sometimes the schedule was tight during the day, so some diligent actors would use the night to practice with their partners. Wen Yuan was famous in the entertainment circle for his hard work. His suggesting this was not surprising.

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