TMLVOS Ch. 69.2

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Chu Shuangyan lowered her head and muttered a few words, but Siyu didn’t hear it clearly, and asked, “What did you say?”

Chu Shuangyan repeated: “At night, men and women being in the same room… Sister Siyu, are you not afraid that Fifth Master Lu will be jealous?”

Siyu was stunned.

Shen Yue behind her was also stunned. Who was this Fifth Master Lu? How could she have never heard of him, and according to Chu Shuangyan’s meaning, Siyu might have been together with him for a long time?!

From Chu Shuangyan’s point of view, she said this for her benefit. After all, their Chu family had already acquiesced that Siyu would be the wife of Fifth Master Lu in the future, and her father said that since the Chu family was also the family of mother of Fifth Master Lu, when the two people really made it public, Chu Shuangyan might still have a chance to call Siyu as sister-in-law. But this time, Chu Shuangyan realized that Wen Yuan’s special attitude towards Siyu was not quite right.

It was too much, people already had a master!

“You are jealous, don’t talk nonsense.” After a few seconds, Siyu came back to her senses, lowered her eyes and said lightly, “I don’t have that kind of relationship with him.”

Chu Shuangyan’s eyes drifted when she heard those words , and she didn’t think about it. Would it be possible that they had not confirmed their relationship as yet? With Fifth Master Lu’s initiative, the progress wouldn’t be so slow, right?

Shen Yue couldn’t sit still, and asked in a low voice, “Sister Siyu, who is this person, you, … you would not really have fallen in love, right?”

Her own artist had a boyfriend, but she as an assistant didn’t know. What a gross negligence!

Siyu sneered: “No.” What kind of love was there to talk about, that was a bastard who ran away after eating her tofu! It had been so many days without a word, and he was still missing!

Chu Shuangyan wanted to have a more long-term relationship with her. She had an extraordinary trust in Fifth Master Lu’s mobility. Seeing Siyu’s expression that she didn’t want to talk more, she changed her mind and wondered if the two of them had quarrelled.?

This seemed not impossible. There would inevitably be friction between lovers… Chu Shuangyan expressed admiration for Siyu’s courage. After all, not everyone dared to pluck the hair on a tiger’s head.

Thinking of her father’s advice to have a good relationship with Siyu, Chu Shuangyan carefully persuaded: “It’s okay, quarrels are all just for a while. Fifth Master Lu loves you too much, and he will come to coax you in some time. Don’t be angry.”

Siyu glanced at her and didn’t tell her that in fact, she and Fifth Master Lu hadn’t been in contact for fifteen days.

Today’s scene mainly focused on Siyu and Wen Yuan. Chu Shuangyan just came to buy soy sauce[1]. After the filming, she could leave early. Before leaving, she thought about it and wrapped the pastries that Siyu gave her and took them with her.

These were all sent by Wen Yuan. She also helped Fifth Master Lu reduce the arrogance of other men, lest these foods get into Siyu’s mouth and make her have a good impression of others in vain.

Chu Shuangyan stepped out of the set in her stiletto heels. Before she could see where her car was parked, she was suddenly grabbed by her arm, and then she was semi-forced into a low-key luxury car waiting next to her. The whole process took not more than twenty seconds, and by the time Chu Shuangyan reacted, she was already sitting in the car, and she didn’t even have a chance to call for help.

Originally, Chu Shuangyan had already drifted through the dangerous words such as “kidnapping” and “robbery” in her mind, but when she saw the man sitting opposite her clearly, she was relieved.

Oh, okay, okay, it turned out that it was Fifth Master Lu who wanted to see her, it was just fine, if he didn’t come to kidnap…Wait, Fifth Master Lu!!!

Chu Shuangyan stiffened.

“Don’t be nervous. I just want to ask you a few questions.” The man twisting the prayer beads looked cold, but somehow after hearing his words, Chu Shuangyan relaxed and didn’t continue to tremble. His gaze slowly fell on the box of pastries that Chu Shuangyan was carrying. After a pause, he asked, “How much did she eat of that Wen Yuan’s gift?”

Chu Shuangyan didn’t understand at first, but later realized that Fifth Master Lu was asking about Siyu’s situation, and quickly opened the box. She pushed the pastry towards him honestly and shook her head again and again: “After I reached them, Siyu didn’t eat anymore, and gave me the rest. I don’t know what happened before that.”

Fifth Master Lu put away the Buddha beads and twisted a piece of pastry with his slender and powerful fingers. His actions seemed to have a trace of disgust. He weighed it, but did not eat it, but somehow Chu Shuangyan could see it vaguely from his demeanour that he didn’t like it, and she didn’t know if this dislike was for the cakes or for the person who made them.

Chu Shuangyan suddenly felt blessed to her soul. She remembered her previous guess about the quarrel between the two people, so she cautiously said: “Speaking of which, just now, Siyu’s assistant also asked if she was in love…”

Fifth Master Lu raised his eyes but didn’t say anything more. He just looked at Chu Shuangyan quietly, staring straight at her heart, which caused was a little panic to suddenly in her eyes unconsciously.

Sure enough, without Siyu by his side, staying alone with Fifth Master Lu would be deadly!

Fortunately, it might be that Chu Shuangyan was still useful, so Fifth Master Lu quickly closed his eyes and asked, “What did she say?” The tone was more casual than before. The expression on his face seemed to be as if he was asking about the weather today. He had no curiosity about Siyu’s answer at all.

“Uh…” Chu Shuangyan recalled Siyu’s denial at the time, and changed her lines without authorization on the premise of tacitly mediating for the quarrelling couple, “Sister Siyu seems to be very shy, but I guess she actually admitted it?”

So, Chu Shuangyan watched Fifth Master Lu stay there, his whole body seemed to stiffen for a few seconds, and then she saw him throw the box of pastries back into her arms.

This… Was there any effect because of her witty answer?

“Take it back and deal with it yourself.” Fifth Master Lu pointed to the box, but Chu Shuangyan guessed that he actually wanted her to throw it away.

Before being asked to get out of the car, Chu Shuangyan couldn’t help but look back and see Fifth Master Lu leaning against the window of the car. The corners of his lips had risen, and the indifference and alienation all over his body seemed to melt slightly.

He seemed pretty happy, didn’t he? Chu Shuangyan thought uncertainly.

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[1] Not for a very important purpose.

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