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Just as eye-catching as the almost failing physical ability score, were the neatly lined up scores on other tests, this made the examinees who saw them immediately glue their eyes to the top, not to mention the attraction of the 120 points that somehow appeared on the score board.

Even if that many points were deducted from the physical ability item, in terms of total score, this score was enough to break the highest record ever seen in previous assessments.

And the owner of this record-breaking score was a human being.

Realizing this fact, the eyelids of everyone present couldn’t help but twitch fiercely.

His evaluation level was undoubtedly S-level. Even though the Star Alliance had held so many childcare assessments, there were still very few childcare workers who had the S-level assessment. There may not be one appearing in the assessment for several years. It was extremely rare and precious talent.

Whichever cub care branch could hire S-level childcare workers was almost equivalent to embarking on a broad road, and it could be said that they would have no need to worry about follow-up development.

Currently in StarCraft, there were several cub nursing clubs that employed the highest-rated childcare workers. Without exception, countless parents smashed their heads to send their cubs in.

“If it was not for the fact that he is the president of that Yunbao branch, there will be several branches that would try to dig him away.”

Originally, as the only human to participate in the interstellar childcare assessment, there were a lot of people in the venue who paid attention to Xie Luan, but the results of the assessment gave everyone a big surprise, and the attention towards him had also risen sharply.

Except for physical ability, even Xie Luan himself was in a state of surprise, and it took a few seconds for him to confirm it.

People who previously agreed that youth just came to take part in the assessment to pass the time when he was idle, felt a bit grateful that they didn’t say it out loud at the time, otherwise they would be embarrassed now.

It was said that others came to pass the test casually, and as a result, they got an S-level evaluation that broke the record of previous years in this test.

If this was a random testing, then what were they doing…

“I have never seen a person with perfect scores.” The young man from the Saivila race beside Xie Luan sighed, because he had already seen Xie Luan’s ability when he had drawn the same test question. He was not too surprised when he saw the scores announced.

This was in contrast to his own scores. However, this time he finally succeeded in winning the B-level evaluation in the assessment that he had been thinking about for the past few years, and Locke was already very satisfied.

The youth was the president of the Yunbao Club. At this time, candidates who belonged to the other cub nursing clubs could clearly realize that Yunbao Club would undoubtedly continue to be a dark horse in the next Star Alliance assessment.

Such a big event had to be reported to their branches as soon as possible.

They couldn’t wait for the news of the results of the assessment of childcare workers to naturally spread. At this time, many people couldn’t help but take the initiative to discuss this matter with people they knew.

And this of course also caused a series of chain reactions, and the heat was beginning to ferment.

After the assessment got over, the candidates could go back to their planets on their own.

Xie Luan was also about to leave the examination venue immediately, but as he was leaving, he was called out.

The one who called Xie Luan was one of the examiners in charge of the assessment of childcare workers. From his looks, the examiner was a fairly young Riley male. The other party took off the black hat on his head and said, “I need to delay you a little bit. Do you have some time?”

After Xie Luan nodded, Kemer took out a notebook from his pocket, turned to a blank page, then brought out a pen, and said when he was ready: “I saw your performance in the fourth test. You seem to be very familiar with the cubs of the Muka clan and I hope you can tell me all the things you know.”

He was a little surprised that the other party came to ask this question, Xie Luan shifted his eyes and saw that the identity card on the person’s clothes which represented his identity as an examiner, and he saw the other party’s name from the identity card.

Kemer Logan.

Xie Luan remembered this name was the same as the author of “Cub Encyclopedia”…?

“Cub Encyclopedia” was the book Xie Luan read most often since he became a childcare worker in this world. Even though he didn’t pay attention to the author’s name, he would still have a bit of an impression after reading it so many times.

“Are you the author of that “Cub Encyclopedia”?” Xie Luan asked slightly surprised before responding to the other party’s request.

The author of the book certainly hoped that his work would be well-known. When Xie Luan asked, the expression on the examiner’s face became obviously happier, and he quickly gave a positive reply.

“If you have read this book, you should also know that there is no content about Muka cubs in this edition of the book.” Kemer finished this sentence, and then told the young man in front of him, his thoughts, “Recently, I’ve been planning to fill this gap. After the content is updated, a new version of this book will be printed.”

The Cub Care Association had already started paying attention to the cubs of the Muka tribe, so in “Cub Encyclopedia” which was promoted by the association to the interstellar caretaker worker as one of the essential books, how could there continue to be no more content about the Muka cub?

“That would be great.” Hearing what the other party said, Xie Luan’s mood suddenly rose a lot, and his eyes became happy.

Since a long time ago, Xie Luan discovered that there was no content related to Muka cubs in “Cub Encyclopedia”. Xie Luan thought that this was probably due to the lack of attention and acceptance of Muka cubs in the general environment.

But every Muka cub he took care of was obviously very well-behaved, especially Nick. These Muka cubs should not be treated with prejudice.

The thing Xie Luan was happiest about in the assessment of childcare workers was not his own assessment results, but that he discovered in this assessment that the Cub Care Association and even the Star Alliance had changed their views on the Muka tribe.

“There are many Muka cubs in my branch. As far as I know, most of the Muka cubs prefer to eat sweet things, and they also like to be held and touched by adults. The caretakers should have a gentle attitude. If this is the case, the cubs of this race will be very obedient.” Xie Luan organized the words and slowly told the other party what he knew.

“At the beginning, the cubs of the Muka clan don’t usually know that they might do something wrong if they did not control their power. Don’t blame them at this time. As long as the caretakers patiently teach the cubs a few more times, these cubs will know what to do and will be very careful.”

Xie Luan’s expression naturally softened when he said these words. The young examiner in front of him recorded the habits and preferences of the Muka cubs that Xie Luan said, but his pen paused when he saw the expression on the face of the other person.

It could be seen that this young man really loved those Muka cubs. The expressions of the young manvat this time showed this. After Kemer saw it, he couldn’t help liking him even more. In front of him, this man had already performed too well in this assessment. Such dazzling candidates were already a bit more favorable.

The two people ended up having a very happy conversation. When the conversation was over, Kemer also said that when the new edition of the book was printed, he would mail one to Yunbao Branch as soon as possible.

Xie Luan responded with an agreement. After leaving the assessment venue, he went to the nearest airport to wait for the return flight he had booked earlier.

Xie Luan didn’t even know when he boarded the commercial starship, that what happened during the assessment of the childcare workers had started a chain reaction, and the news would be transmitted so fast.

Now, not to mention in the entire star network, but also among his peers, this matter had basically exploded.

When Xie Luan returned to the Yunbao branch, he hadn’t had time to say anything, when everyone in the living room surrounded him with excitement.

There was no need for Xie Luan to speak, Xia Qi and the others had already learned the ins and outs of everything from the hot topic on the StarCraft network.

“Oh my God, S grade rating! It’s the highest rating! I really want to see A Luan’s rating certificate earlier–” Xia Qi was a little incoherent, and her face was obviously very excited and happy.

There were only six S-level childcare workers in the whole StarCraft… now there were seven S-level childcare workers. Among the top three thousand cub nursing clubs in the StarCraft, only the top ten clubs were able to hire them, and their club also had one now!

The other people next to Xia Qi also had exactly the same expressions, among which Zheng Zhou had the strongest reaction.

Zheng Zhou was already confident that their president could surely get an A-level evaluation, but he didn’t expect that he still underestimated the ability of his own president.

Their president got the highest rating as soon as he went, and it was the kind of score that broke all-time records. Anyone who saw it would be convinced by him.

“A Luan, you definitely didn’t see the StarCraft network on the road. There are all kinds of hot topics about you there. Do you know by how much fans of our branch’s official account have increased…” Xia Qi picked up the light brain that was put not far away from the desk and opened it up, then she showed the virtual screen that was displayed to Xie Luan, “Suddenly it has increased by several million, and it is still increasing now? I don’t even know what its growth rate is. And by what time, they will slow down.”

According to the total population of StarCraft, the number of fans might still rise for a while. Let’s not mention ordinary attention. Starting from the rise in the popularity after the childcare assessment, almost all the high-ranking StarCraft childcare assessment branches had appeared in the follow list of Yunbao branch.

It could be said that among the peers, Yunbao Branch had officially become a cub nursing branch with considerable weight, and it was the branch that they had to necessarily establish exchanges with.

With such an exaggerated increase, even Xie Luan couldn’t help but blink, showing a slightly surprised expression.

Just watching this increase in the number of fans which was still continuing to rise at a speed visible to the naked eye was enough to make people feel good.

Xia Qi stared at the ever-increasing numbers on the virtual screen. At this moment, she couldn’t help remembering… She told the youth at the very beginning that their branch aimed to develop into a first-ranked cub nursing club, which now did not seem to be a remote possibility.

One day in the future, perhaps in the near future, it would really be realized.

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