APY Ch. 172.3: Aunt is Back!!!

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The car stopped at the door of Fu family home, and Fu Jingting saw Mr. Fu walking up and down the yard occasionally looking outside.

When he saw a car approaching, he straightened his back instantly, with his hands behind his back, as if he had just walked out.

Fu Jingting found it funny, but the corners of her eyes were wet, because she hadn’t seen her father for two years. The old man’s head seemed to have more white hair, and the wrinkles on his face had become more obvious.

Fu Jingting walked up and stopped in front of Mr. Fu, “Dad, I’m back.”

Mr. Fu said “um” and looked his daughter up and down. Seeing that she was thinner but otherwise looked good, he felt relieved, but he still glanced at Fu Jingting with disgust, “You come back after so long, why don’t you want to meet your father?”

Although Mr. Fu looked disgusted, Fu Jingting still smiled, stepped forward, and gave Mr. Fu a hug, “Dad, I missed you.”

Fu Jingting could clearly feel her father’s body stiffen, and then a pair of warm hands fell on her back and patted her gently. Her heart was aching, and her nose was sore.

“It’s alright, it’s alright, you’re an old woman now, but you’re not afraid of being laughed at by the younger generation.” Mr. Fu muttered, but he didn’t take his hand back. He still patted his daughter’s back gently. Other than acting like a spoiled child in his arms, after the age of five, she had not hugged him even once.

Shen Qinglan watched this scene with a gentle smile on the corner of her mouth. She silently walked in with the suitcase, leaving this space for the father and daughter who hadn’t seen each other for many years.

Fu Jingting withdrew from Father Fu’s arms. Father Fu glanced at her with disgust, “After staying abroad for so many years, you learned some things from foreigners, and you came back and hugged me.”

Fu Jingting mumbled something to her father, and her eyes were full of smiles, as she held her father’s arm.

Just as they were about to walk into the house, there was another engine sound outside the door, and then Gu Yang’s figure appeared at the door of the courtyard.

“Grandpa, Mom, I’m here.” Gu Yang smiled and saw Fu Jingting and gave her a big hug.

He was already an adult, and had grown tall, such that now Fu Jingting could only reach his shoulders.

She patted her son on the shoulder, “You’ve grown up again.”

Gu Yang’s face was as if that should be taken for granted, “That’s right, I’m getting more and more handsome.”

“Why are you here?” Mr. Fu asked gloomily.

Gu Yang shuddered, and a flattering smile quickly appeared on his face, “Grandpa, your handsome and lovely grandson is here to see you, aren’t you happy?”

Mr. Fu snorted coldly, “My eyes hurt when I see you. Tell me, what’s the matter with your yellow hair?”

Gu Yang secretly said that it’s not good, he got a perm a few days ago and dyed his hair blonde, but he forgot that Mr. Fu hated seeing boys’ heads coloured. With all the messy colours on it, did it count as hitting the muzzle of a gun?

“Grandpa, that… Isn’t it the New Year’s Day? People say that during the new year, one should get a new look. So, I got a new look.”

Mr. Fu had known the virtues of this grandson for a long time. His parents were not like this. Why? How did he raise such a grandson? He was a bully when he was a child. He was then forcibly corrected by him. It looked okay, but the more he grew up, the more troubled he became. Every time he saw this grandson, he would become angry.

When his daughter came back today, Mr. Fu decided to not bother with him, “Okay, okay, what are you doing standing outside the house, let’s go in.” He walked in first.

Gu Yang stuck out his tongue and was temporarily safe. Fu Jingting glared at her son, in exchange for Gu Yang’s bright smile.

Fu Jingting’s room had already been cleaned, Shen Qinglan put the suitcase away and came downstairs.

“Little sister-in-law.” Seeing Shen Qinglan, Gu Yang called out obediently.

When Old Master Fu heard this, he was not happy anymore, his eyes widened, “Sister-in-law is sister-in-law, and there is no small letter in front of it, no big or little.”

Gu Yang shrank his neck, “Hello, sister-in-law.” He called again.

He murmured in his mouth, “She is already younger than me, so it’s not wrong to call her little sister-in-law”.

“What are you mumbling about?” Mr. Fu stared at Gu Yang, especially his yellow hair which made his eyes hurt.

Gu Yang subconsciously stood up straight, and was about to give a military salute, “I said my grandfather is right.”

Knowing that he was poor, Mr. Fu didn’t bother with him, “Hurry up and get your hair back to normal by tomorrow, next time if you let me see this mess again, I’ll cut it all with scissors.”

Gu Yang’s face collapsed, thinking that the old man had already forgotten about this stubble, how could he still remember it now? The threat he just made had blinded him so much.

Aunt Zhao had already started cooking. Shen Qinglan and the others sat in the living room for a while before Aunt Zhao came to ask them to eat.

“Aunt Zhao, you still know my taste so well after so many years, and what I like to eat.” Fu Jingting sat down, looked at the dishes on the table, and said with a smile.

Aunt Zhao smiled, “You grew up in front of me, can I not know what you like to eat?”

Aunt Zhao’s husband was Mr. Fu’s adjutant when he was young, but he died on the battlefield, and Aunt Zhao did not have children, so after her husband died, she did not marry again, and was always in Fu family home. She regarded Fu Hengyi’s father and Fu Jingting as her own children, and she knew their tastes better than they themselves did.

“Aunt Zhao, you are biased. My mother is back, but even I am back. Why haven’t I seen you cook my favourite dishes.” Gu Yang pouted, seemingly dissatisfied, but with a smile in his eyes, and everyone could tell he was joking.

“My young master, even if I forget anyone, I can’t forget you. The food you like is still in the kitchen. I’ll bring it to you right away.”

Gu Yang smiled and sat down beside Fu Jingting.

Aunt Zhao came out soon. Seeing that she was holding a large tray in her hand, Shen Qinglan stood up and helped Aunt Zhao put the dishes on the table.

Fu Jingting picked up the cup and looked at the old man, “Dad, it’s because of me being unfilial that I haven’t been home for many years.”

“Come on, grandpa, I’ll give you this big drumstick.” Gu Yang took a fat and tender drumstick and put it in the old man’s bowl.

It was an enjoyable meal.

After eating, Gu Yang and Fu Jingting huddled on the sofa, with Gu Yang leaning against Fu Jingting’s body as if he had no bones. Mr. Fu needed to take a walk after dinner, and Shen Qinglan went for a walk with the old man.

“Mom, you shouldn’t leave so quickly when you came back after a long time.”

“Well, I took half a month’s leave, so I can spend a good New year at home this time.”

“Mom, come back to our family for the New Year this year.” Gu Yang opened his mouth tentatively.

Fu Jingting was silent for a moment, Gu Yang sighed silently, “Dad, it’s not that the son doesn’t want to help you, it’s that there is nothing I can do.

“Then what, Mom, you see that you’ve always been single, have you considered finding me a stepfather?” Gu Yang changed the subject, but just after he finished speaking, a chestnut hit his forehead.

“What nonsense.”

Gu Yang groaned, covered his forehead, and looked at Fu Jingting aggrievedly, “Mom, I’m still your own son, it’s so hard, if I become stupid, you won’t have a smart and handsome son like me.”

“You’re not smart in the first place, it’s better to be stupid. It’s all nonsense that you say day and night.” Fu Jingting was not angry.

“Where am I talking nonsense, I’m serious. Look at me, I’m twenty-three years old. You and my dad have been divorced for so many years. If you don’t like my dad, why don’t you find another one.”

Fu Jingting pushed her son away and said with a cold face, “Gu Yang, I think you’re itchy and need a beating, right?”

Gu Yang hummed, “It’s this trick again, every time you can’t tell me, you’ll start fooling me.”

“I think I owe you a hit.” Fu Jingting was about to raise her hand to hit him, but Gu Yang jumped three feet high, far away from Fu Jingting, and looked at her defensively, “Mom, gentlemen don’t do anything.”

“You’re not a gentleman.”

Gu Yang: …As expected, women were unreasonable, even his mother was no exception.

“What are you two doing?” Mr. Fu came in and couldn’t help asking when he saw the state of the mother and son.

“Grandpa, it’s been a long time since I saw my mother, I’m teasing her.” Gu Yang smiled.

“Gu Yang, you are not too young. You have had enough fun this year. You should always make plans for the future.” Mr. Fu ignored Gu Yang’s joking smile and asked another question. The smile on Gu Yang’s face froze, and he knew that as long as he came to the compound, he could not escape this problem, sure enough.

This was also the reason why he didn’t like coming to the compound. Mr. Fu was a soldier, and he always hoped that Gu Yang would join the army, otherwise Gu Yang would not have been enrolled in the military academy.

Although Gu Yang graduated from the military academy a year ago, he had never gone to the company to train, so Mr. Fu could only allow him to do this temporarily, but he couldn’t keep watching him go on like this.

“Grandpa, I’m still young, it’s not urgent.” Gu Yang tried to bargain.

Mr. Fu’s eyes widened, he looked very kind, but after all, he had been in the army for so many years, and his serious look was still very intimidating, “You are still young at twenty-three, what are you going to get into? Time to go? Your elder brother Hengyi had already entered the special forces when he was your age.”

Gu Yang looked at Fu Jingting and wanted to ask her for help, but Fu Jingting turned her face away and pretended not to have seen it. Mr. Fu and her had reached a consensus, so naturally she would not demolish the old man’s stage at this time.

Not to mention Shen Qinglan, she had never been nosy, let alone in this matter, so she sat on the sofa, leisurely drinking the tea made by Aunt Zhao, turning a blind eye to Gu Yang’s cry for help.

They were all hopeless. Gu Yang burst into tears.

“After the new year, you will go to the military region company for training. I will say hello in advance, and no one is allowed to take special care of you. If you dare to escape from there in the middle, I will break your legs. I think even your father dares not help you.” Mr. Fu made a final decision.

Don’t look at his usual cheerful and talkative appearance, but the things that he had decided would never change. Knowing that things were a foregone conclusion, Gu Yang could only squat in the corner and hug his head to cry.

Gu Yang stayed until dinner was over before going back, while Shen Qinglan stayed at the Fu family home.

Lying on the big bed without Fu Hengyi, Shen Qinglan seemed to miss Fu Hengyi extraordinarily, and couldn’t help picking up her mobile phone to call him, but unexpectedly she didn’t get through, showing that it was turned off.

Shen Qinglan didn’t think too much, she put down her phone and forced herself to fall asleep.

As for the special forces of a certain military region, the lights in Fu Hengyi’s dormitory were still on. He was typing in front of the computer, and in the quiet night, one could only hear the sound of fingers hitting the keyboard.

His expression was serious, his eyes were fixed on the screen, he didn’t move, and after hitting the last period, he saved the document and shut down.

He was about to pick up the phone to check the time but found that his phone had switched off at some point. He charged the phone again, and checked the time after turning it on. He wanted to call Shen Qinglan but then he put the phone on the table. It was already two o’clock in the morning, Shen Qinglan must have fallen asleep.

Fu Hengyi took a quick bath and then went to bed. He had been writing a summary report for the past few days. When all these things were sorted out, he could go home.

The last time he hurried back home during the meeting, he hurried back before he could talk to Shen Qinglan properly. He felt sorry for this little wife while missing her at the same time…

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