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Filming a kiss scene in full view of the public did require a certain amount of determination and courage. No one knew how Jiang Zheng was desperately brainwashing herself when she leaned over in front of him: just treat him like a flower, a fragrant flower, and touch the soft petals, yes, that’s the feeling.

After the director called cut, she slowly opened her eyes.

Ji Muye’s eyelashes trembled slightly, and his beautiful eyes were full of shock.

Jiang Zheng felt like she was like the old landlord who forcibly robbed other people’s daughters, and forced intimacy, which was extremely bad.

However, she still had to sigh, Ji Muye’s acting skills were really good. She just rubbed his lips, he still had red ears, and when she kissed his lips, he still had red ears.

His ears were as rosy as a ruby, and she suddenly wanted to pinch them.

She was immediately frightened by her own dirty thoughts. Harmful.

Jing Meini came over and brought a glass of ice water to Ji Muye. Recently, he had been hot inside, in fact he was always hot. Ice water was a life-saving medicine. Han Yi handed over a cup of healthy wolfberry flower tea to Jiang Zheng, Jiang Zheng took two sips and said, “Teacher Ji, look.”

Ji Muye heard the sound and looked over, only to see Jiang Zheng turn her face, and suddenly her ears moved back and forth.

Han Yi: “…” Hehe. The treasure girl was too middle school.

Jing Meini: “…” What the hell?

Ji Muye snorted, “Teacher Jiang knows magic.”

Jiang Zheng said seriously: “Compared with Teacher Ji, I’m still far behind. I can only make my ears move, not become red. Otherwise, can you teach me?”

Jing Meini laughed until her stomach hurt. Han Yi also twitched the corners of his mouth and did not want to speak.

Ji Muye snorted again, “Teacher Jiang, please.”

Jiang Zheng followed him out. Probably because the stunt and magic could not be revealed publicly, so she must have been called aside to teach in private.

The two circled behind the pillar over there.

Jiang Zheng looked eager to learn, waiting for the master’s guidance.

Ji Muye stared at her thin lips, “If I kiss you, will your ears turn red?”

Jiang Zheng was stunned for a moment, then she immediately became startled, then started blushing, and the next second, her earlobes became really hot.

Ji Muye gritted his teeth, “Teacher Jiang, do you understand?”

Jiang Zheng was frightened by the blazing light in his eyes, she nodded ignorantly, and then quickly shook her head.

Ji Muye clenched his fist, “Would you like to try it?”

Jiang Zheng was so frightened that she lost her mind and said incoherently: “Ji, Teacher Ji, don’t let down the fans’ expectations for you, you are destined to stand on the highest mountain…you can’t…”

Ji Muye: “…”

Han Yi watched Jiang Zheng walk out from behind the pillar with a blushing face, and thought to himself: Oh, Ji Muye is very good, he will teach him in a while.

The next episode was basically sweet.

Queen Tang Qinlan personally brought back the holy water from the Mount of Mordor and sent it to the palace of her husband through Cen Baoqian. There was a cliff in the sacred mountain, and crystal-clear spring water seeped there all the year round. Legend had it that the first generation of the Queen of the Dongnu Kingdom was injured after a fierce battle with the enemy, but when she bathed in the spring water from under the cliff, her wounds healed instantly. This was the century-old foundation of the Dongnu Kingdom.

The descendants of the queen consecrated the holy spring water, which only the queen herself could use. Subjects who had contributed to the country and the people might also be eligible to use it, but there had been no more than five such people in the 100-year history of the Dongnu Country.

Cui Ling didn’t know the legend of the holy water that Cen Baoqian brought respectfully at first, but the maid couldn’t bear the queen’s kindness being ignored, so she patiently explained it to him.

“His Royal Highness. Forgive this servant’s remarks. Her Majesty has a deep affection for you, otherwise she would not have worked hard to collect holy water from the cliff, and then traveled through mountains and rivers to deliver it to His Highness.”

Cui Ling pursed his lips, lifted his robe, knelt down, and kowtowed in the direction of the palace as a thank you.

Whether it was holy water, brocade clothes and jade food, or the proud words written by the queen in his interest, even the flower branches that were broken on the way up the road would be delivered to Cui Ling by surprise. Cen Baoqian saw that Cui Ling was just kowtowing and thanking, and secretly thought that His Royal Highness did not understand human feelings. She couldn’t help reminding: Does His Highness have something for Her Majesty? It doesn’t need to be precious, just be sincere.

Three days later, an exquisite short bow was sent to the palace. Made of mulberry wood, the bow handle was engraved with the Kuilong pattern[1], which was small, exquisite and easy to carry on horseback. Tang Qinlan just glanced at it in front of Cen Baoqian and didn’t say anything. But early morning of the next day, when Cen Baoqian entered to serve and change her clothes, she found that feather-tailed arrows were stuck on the pillars, screens, and even the purlins in the palace.

She held back her laughter and instructed someone to climb up to take off the arrows and reinsert them into the quiver.

Finally, the big wedding day. The whole Dongnu country was celebrating, and it was very lively.

Kang Yanchuan had been flooded with celebrants from the Eight Kingdoms of Xishan since half a month ago. The nobles of the Eight Kingdoms could enter the palace to participate in the banquet, and the royal family of the leaders of the Eight Kingdoms could enter the palace to participate in the grand wedding ceremony.

The city walls were decorated with lanterns and fluttering red ribbons.

Her Majesty the Queen reduced the March tax to reward the people.

In the streets and on the square, there were all kinds of playing, dancing, Nuo opera, and everyone’s faces were full of smiles.

When the auspicious time arrived, Cui Ling, dressed in a red wedding dress, rode on a white horse from the Husband Tower, and his younger brother Chen Gang led the white horse and they were escorted by the guards to the palace. Martial law was enforced along the way, and the crowd knelt on both sides of the road. As the white horse passed by, they all shouted blessings for the royal couple.

They entered the gate of the palace city, then the inner city, then crossed the square in front of the palace, where Tang Qinlan stood tall under the palace watchtower, as she looked at His royal highness, who walked towards her step by step.

It turned out that he looked so good in red.

With handsome eyebrows and shining star eyes, these words flashed in Tang Qinlan’s mind, and her arm was already stretched out as she held Cui Ling’s hand.

The ministers shouted long live and that they would stay together for thousand years old, while the leader of the neighboring country was in tears. The miraculous turning point in this half month made him feel like a dream.

The ancestors were worshipped, the decree was issued, and the consort seal was given, the subjects worshipped them, and the big wedding celebration was held for the entire day. At night, the square in front of the palace towers was brightly lit, and the leaders of the eight countries of each division, according to their official positions, sat down at the banquet.

The ministers stepped forward to toast the Queen and his husband in turn.

Tang Qinlan’s drinking capacity was quite good, and her color did not change even after drinking several cups. Cui Ling didn’t panic either, he drank lightly, and did not get drunk.

Tang Qinlan looked at him, the corners of his lips were hooked, and there was already a smile on his brows.

After the banquet in front of the main hall was over, the courtiers reluctantly dispersed. No matter how curious they were, they didn’t dare to make trouble in the queen’s bridal chamber.

Tang Qinlan held Cui Ling’s hand, crossed the steps, and went around behind the palace tower.

She still remembered when the palace rebellion took place, the two stood here, and Cui Ling climbed up the palace tower without a word, retrieved the brocade box, and brought down a set of Tang Qinlan’s court clothes for her.

“I originally wanted you to climb this again tonight.” Tang Qinlan chuckled, then shook her head again, “But after all, I am not a commoner, and you are a married man… Some decency still has to be observed.” She had some regrets, but she got her lover as she wished, so these regrets were not worth mentioning.

Cui Ling pursed his lower lip, “If you wish…”

Tang Qinlan interrupted him, “I won’t allow you to take risks.”

Cui Ling: “…”

They went back to the front hall of the palace and climbed the stairs. Today, the wooden ladder was also decorated. Tang Qinlan took Cui Ling’s hand (she had never let go since seeing him) and sat in it.

“Zhen said that sooner or later there will be your place here.”

“I never break my promise, Cui Ling, do you know that?”

Cui Ling was about to kneel again, but Tang Qinlan grabbed him, “You and I, are husband and wife, you don’t have to do this. I will thank you not to kneel.”

The two entered the bedroom, and the most exciting scene came.

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