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Zhaoyao Peak was the burial place of Lin Zhenghan and his wife. Back then, the family was going to return to Yongdu, the capital city, when suddenly they were intercepted and killed by a group of men in white clothes.

“Zhao Jian, take Xin’er and go first!” Lin Zhenghan threw his son in his arms to the guards.

“Yes!” Zhao Jian picked up the struggling Lin Xin, “Young Master, let’s go.”

“I won’t go!” There were many people in white clothes with strong spiritual power. The young Lin Xin realized that this was a very difficult matter.

“Xin’er, be obedient. Daddy will look for you in a few days,” Lin Zhenghan said with blood beads on his brows and a frosty face, but his peach blossom eyes showed a gentle smile. He stuffed the jade pendant into his son’s arms and pushed it hard, “Go!”

“Father! Mother!” Lying on Zhao Jian’s shoulders, the vertical and horizontal aura and the blood mist were the last images left in his mind, lingering in his dreams year after year.

Lin Xin knelt in front of the grave, with his palms facing up, and kowtowed three times.

Zhu Xingli poured two bowls of wine, then he poured one bowl in front of Lin Zhenghan’s grave, lifted the other bowl to his mouth, and touched it in the air, “I found Xin’er, don’t worry.”

“Why did the Zhong family kill my father ?” Lin Xin stood up and pulled out the grass growing from the grave. The monk in white, Zhong Lu, who had been chasing to kill him, the murderer was undoubtedly a member of the Zhong family.

“It’s not necessarily because he wanted to kill him.” When Zhu Xingli arrived, it was already too late. The specific reason could not be tested, but the Zhong family would have pursued him for only one reason, “Do you know why your father was called the Xunlu?”

Lin Zhenghan was originally from the Lin family in the Eastern Region, with a tall background and strong spiritual power, but he was also a lover, and fell in love with a mortal woman. Immortals, especially princes and nobles, were not allowed to intermarry with mortals. Immortal cultivation required spiritual veins, and the descendants of immortals must have spiritual veins, which occasionally appeared among mortals but were extremely rare. In order to ensure bloodlines, each family had its own rules, and the Lin family in the Eastern Region was especially strict about it.

In order to marry the mortal girl Lan Su, Lin Zhenghan rebelled against the Lin family, and created a grievance with the Lin family in the Eastern Region.

The current emperor was not limited by this, he appreciated Lin Zhenghan’s ability, and gave him a large piece of land as his territory. In order to repay the emperor’s kindness, Lin Zhenghan agreed to his secret order to search for a Luli mine for the emperor, and the search took many years.

“So, my father found a new mine?”

“No one knows if he found it or not, but Zhong Changye thinks he found it.”

“Shouldn’t these things usually be discussed when I am an adult?” Lin Xin felt helpless. At the age of eight, most elders would not tell children these complicated hatreds. He had a good master, he shook out all the beans from the bamboo tube, and he was not afraid of his mental instability or him going astray.

“A person has to know where he came from before he can find where he belongs.” Zhu Xingli said inscrutably. He had never raised a child, so he was raising him blindly. He said everything that should be said and should not be said. He could only follow the fate of what he could do.

Lin Xin knew what kind of virtue his master had, so he didn’t bother to talk to him, and lowered his head to burn a stack of paper money for his parents. Rebelling against the Lin family for Lan Su, and looking for Luli for the emperor, and finally dying here, maybe this was what his father chose. So where did he belong?

His previous life was a mess, he wanted everything, but he couldn’t keep anything, and in the end, he was left empty-handed and dead, and Shen Qingque… Perhaps, Shen Lou was the home he wanted, but it was a pity that the window was sloping and the house was leaking. It was riddled with holes and could not protect against the wind and rain of the world.

Huang Shiwei went all the way to the southeast, but he didn’t even see a single person, so he returned in vain.

“Buy a land called Yanqiu at the junction of the Southern Territory and the Eastern Territory. Once someone inquires, report it immediately.” Shen Lou put one finger on a corner of the “Four Seas Notes” map and pressed hard to make a dent. If they couldn’t find him, they could only sit on the sidelines and wait for a year or two. No matter what, they must find him before Lin Xin kills his master.

“Where is Yanqiu?” A clear and resonant voice came from outside the window, and on the edge of the window with a roller blind, there lay Shen Yingying with a pair of braided croissants, on her stomach.

Putting the dry sweet-scented osmanthus in the book, Shen Lou closed the map, “What are you running here again?”

“Where’s that little attendant of yours?” Shen Yingying didn’t go through the main entrance but leaned on the low window sill with both hands, then she turned over and came in directly, with a bow on her back.

“Lost it! Lost it!” Nagegou standing on the bird stand answered in a loud voice.

Shen Lou picked up a bean and smashed it precisely on the parrot’s head.


The desolate and long sound of the horn, like thunder, exploded on the border, and instantly spread like a beacon, resounding throughout the entire northern region.

The northern desert was changing, barbarians were invading!

“Father!” Shen Lou quickly caught up with Shen Qirui, who had changed into a suit of armor, “I’ll go too.”

“No, Shizi is weak, not yet…” Dong Shechuan hastily opened his mouth to stop him.

“Let’s go!” Shen Qirui grabbed his son and Huan Xinghai’s elite gathered, the black streamers gathered in mid-air like black clouds of thunder and lightning and headed straight for Beimo.

The barbarians lived on the grassland north of Da Yong’s Northern Territory, where the grass was luxuriant and there was a long stretch of yellow sand. The people of Da Yong called it the Northern Desert. Their cultivation methods were different from those of Da Yong. No matter immortals or mortals, they were all capable of fighting and did not fear death. Whenever there was an autumn harvest, spring plowing, or food shortage, those barbarians would go south to plunder.

Their steeds stood on the hill, looking at the barbarian army in the distance, snorting impatiently.

“The home of the Shen family is the battlefield, not the sick bed. If you can’t go to the battlefield, kill yourself as soon as possible!” Shen Qirui said coldly to the pale-faced Shen Lou, holding the horsewhip.

Shen Lou smiled slightly, and the spear with Luli inlaid in his hand was held steadily, then he pointed the tip of the spear to the ground and the abundant spiritual power cut off all the dry grass under his feet, “Don’t worry, father, Shen Lou will not let the Shen family be ashamed!”

The cold wind blew, the autumn water reversed, and the iron armors were shattered on the battlefield.

When the war broke out, Shen Shizi, who was only twelve years old, went to the battlefield and had no time to continue looking for his little attendant. He slayed the iron cavalry, killed the barbarians, and become famous in one battle.

“However, the son of Xuan Guogong led a team of light cavalry alone, braved the heavy snow, and went around to the outside of the wild wolf pass. At that time, the moon was dark and the wind was high, and even fingers in front of their face could not be seen. The son…” The legend of the brave and invincible young son of the Shen family was the favorite of the storytellers these days.

Born noble and becoming famous at a young age, Shen Lou lived like a legend since he was a child.

“Okay!” Speaking of the exciting part, Lin Xin threw away the melon seeds in his hand and shouted hello. After slapping his hands, he couldn’t get enough of it. He jumped onto the high platform two or three times tall and sat directly on the storytelling table because of his small size.

“What do you want to say?”

“The battle at the Northern Desert was very interesting, but the story about Shen Shizi’s appearance is wrong.”

“Where did you come from, go down!” The storyteller shook his sleeves and slammed him off the table.

Lin Xin got up with a grunt, and jumped up and down on the table, “Shen Shizi is not a strong man with a height of eight feet. He is only twelve years old. How can he wield an iron sword weighing eight hundred catties? He is as handsome as bamboo.” He must have been using a Luli silver spear, as the natal spirit sword could not be obtained until the age of fifteen. Even if he knew how to control a sword, his father would not agree.

“What does a child know? “The storyteller blushed and raised his hand to hit him, but Lin Xin snatched the folding fan.

“I was a servant in the Shen family, and I met Shen Shizi!” Lin Xin opened the folding fan, fanned it twice, stood on the table, and talked about the book by himself, “It is said that the Wild Wolf Pass is a canyon…”

About Shen Lou’s story, Lin Xin had listened to it a lot in my previous life, and he had already memorized it front and back. It was a classic version that had been polished for many years, and it was much more interesting than these current ones.

Zhu Xingli threw beans into his mouth one after another, and by the time Lin Xin finished speaking, he had just finished eating a plate of beans, so he picked up the empty plate and held it out in front of the listeners, “My son is right! Give the money, give the money.”

“Is there any father like you? Children are not allowed to read well, what are they talking about here?” The storyteller, who was kicked off the stage, scolded with his neck stuck.

“That’s right, you’re dressed in a brocade robe and jade belt, and you have the nerve to ask for money.” There were those who didn’t want to give money who started finding fault.

“I picked this kid up. I feed him and he has to make money for me.” Zhu Xingli put on a rascal-like face.

“You bastard!” an old man with a gray beard scolded.

“Catch him, he’s a human trafficker!” A joke kicked up a hornet’s nest, and the crowd was so excited that they wanted to beat him up. Seeing that the situation was not good, Zhu Xingli picked up Lin Xin, who was watching the excitement, and ran away. He jumped out from the second floor of the teahouse, flung out his spring marks, and slipped away.

No money for tea.

“Hey, it turned out to be an immortal!”

“…That must be a joke.”

Immortals were very different from ordinary people. They could teach children immortal arts, so they didn’t need to study.

“Hahaha, who told you to talk nonsense.” Lin Xin lay on his Master’s shoulder, laughing so hard that he couldn’t breathe.

“Hey, you kid, dare to laugh at your Master!” Zhu Xingli raised his hand to hit him, but suddenly his face became serious, and he caught a small sword that was coming towards them between his fingers. The little sword was only palm-length, embedded with a piece of Luli the size of a thumb, it fell into Zhu Xingli’s hand, the spiritual energy in the Luli was exhausted, so it flickered twice and shattered into powder.

“What’s the matter?” Seeing that Zhu Xingli’s expression was not good, Lin Xin hurriedly asked.

“Something happened,” Zhu Xingli took out a piece of Luli, crushed it, inserted a small piece into the small sword, and inserted a spell into it, “Hurry up, A Xin, we have to hurry over there.”

Lin Xin said nothing but he turned over and climbed onto his master’s back, hugging his neck tightly.

Zhu Xingli let go of the short sword, tied Lin Xin around his body with his clothes belt, and galloped away on his sword.

He was so happy to reunite with his Master that he forgot about it! Lin Xin lay on his Master’s back, secretly worried. When he met his master in his previous life, his master had already taken in an apprentice, his senior brother, Jian Zhong.

“Master, who is asking for help?”

“Fairy Banxia, Jian Qiuluo.”

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Iron powder Yingying: My brother is the most powerful, and my brother is the most handsome!

Fan-headed yellow guard: Aww, call the prince!

Black fan Xinxin: Tsk, this person is a sanctimonious hypocrite

Iron fan Yingying: You are not allowed to say that, I love him

Fan Head Guard Huang: You, do you have a real hammer? I will sue you for defamation!

Black fan Xinxin: Of course, to you idols, I’m also a fan! I even recorded a video!

Iron powder Yingying: QAQ

Fan head Huang Shiwei: o

Loulou: …

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