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Huh? Did this guy start to lose interest in Ji Muye? He didn’t know who it was who was talking about when she could watch this award-winning movie many days ago.

Wow. He couldn’t help but get excited, even if Jiang Zheng couldn’t turn into a black fam of Ji Muye, at least she could stop being his fan.

The atmosphere in the car had become more and more awkward. Jiang Zheng was very annoyed. If she had known earlier, she wouldn’t have been greedy and joined in the fun to take group photos.

“You still have a brother? Who is in this industry? Who is it? Do I know him?” Ji Muye asked four questions in a row with a look of interest.

Jiang Zheng choked again, and said coldly, “Would you like to get off here? Let Jing Meini pick you up.”

Ji Muye turned his head silently, pretending not to hear.

Jiang Zheng accelerated, and after 20 minutes, she finally arrived at the block where Ji Muye’s house was.

Ji Muye looked at the apartment building, “Teacher Jiang, I don’t seem to have told you my address.”

Jiang Zheng twitched the corners of her mouth and laughed dryly, “You… told me just now. Teacher Ji is young, but your memory is not very good.”

Once driving by here, Han Yi mentioned that this was Ji Muye’s home, and she remembered.

Ji Muye felt that his IQ was underestimated again.

He endured, “I will be surrounded by people if I get off the car here.”

Jiang Zheng also endured, and decided to send the Buddha to the west directly, so she drove the car directly into the underground parking lot.

After the car stopped, Ji Muye said thank you. Jiang Zheng hummed faintly.

Ji Muye touched his nose, got out of the car and closed the door. In the next second, the car drove away a few meters away like an arrow that had strayed from the string, leaving a trail of exhaust gas for him to look up to.

Ji Muye: “…”

Jiang Zheng was greatly relieved when she arrived home. Tonight was so… so exciting! Thinking of Su Yue, she quickly returned the call.

Su Yue roared on the phone for a while, hating iron for not becoming steel and for leaving so suddenly? It was rare for good sisters to gather together tonight, but no matter how she looked, she couldn’t find her! Little Fudge, Little Fudge, how many times did you make a mistake tonight?

Jiang Zheng wooed twice as an excuse to say that she was not feeling well and pretended to be stupid and frustrated.

Su Yue: “We scolded the big devil Jiang while drinking. You don’t know how cool it was!”

Jiang Zheng: “.”

Su Yue: “Our brother Mu is too fierce. He raised his eyebrows and captured the actress. Little Fudge, did you hear that?”

Jiang Zheng frowned, “What did you hear?”

“The slap in the face.” Su Yue giggled, “It hit Jiang Zheng in the face.”

Jiang *Little Fudge* Zheng reached out and touched her face, speechless.

Ok. Just be happy.

Half an hour after Ji Muye got home, Jing Meini came.

When she came, her mouth was running like a machine gun.

The protagonist of the celebration party suddenly disappeared, and the bigwigs waited and sat dry. She exhausted her strength to appease them one by one and covered for him. There was also a group of old fans waiting to say goodbye to him, but he ran away like a ghost, leaving everyone confused.

Ji Muye leaned on the sofa and lowered his eyes. He didn’t know how much he heard, as his mind was a little dazed.

Jing Meini frowned, “Muye!”

Ji Muye snorted, “Where are the photos?” He asked Jing Meini to bring all the live photos taken by the cameraman tonight. He wanted to see what the hell Jiang Zheng was doing.

Jing Meini took out the card reader and put it in front of him.

Ji Muye immediately turned on the computer, frowned and looked at the photos.

Jing Meini paused and asked patiently, “Muye, what’s wrong with you?”

Ji Muye said casually without raising his head, “It’s alright.”

It didn’t look like it was alright, Jing Meini felt that out of the seven souls, he seemed to have lost half of them[1].

The photos were almost all of the main actors of the movie, star guests and industry leaders, as well as a few of the fans shaking hands with him. The only picture that captured Jiang Zheng’s figure was the big group photo and a photo of her sitting in the back row watching a movie. Those were indeed seats reserved for media reporters.

Jiang Zheng’s pair of beautiful eyes were particularly conspicuous in the big group photo. And in the photo of her sitting in the back row, the photographer just caught her wiping her tears with a tissue…

Ji Muye was in a very complicated mood. Did she really just come to see his movie?

But his acting skills should be approved by her. Otherwise, could it be that sand accidentally got into his eyes? Ah. Absolutely not.

Jing Meini looked at Ji Muye’s lips, and the corners of his lips twitched for a while, while his expression was constantly shifting between happy and unhappy.

She said faintly: “You asked me to contact a temple last time. I found a meditation course that integrates the functions of absorbing and exhaling, sitting in meditation, and purifying the mind. Would you like to experience it in advance?”

Ji Muye came back to his senses and frowned: “I can’t live up to the expectations of my fans like this. Arrange more work for me.”

Jing Meini: “…” Who was it that cried and said that he was depressed and needed to resolve his depression. She went to great lengths to find such a temple that was willing to teach him lessons alone, but now this ancestor refused to go.

Ji Muye closed the computer and said with a serious face, “I heard that the actor of the play “Dongnu Kingdom” has resigned?”

Jing Meini felt a sigh in her heart. The heroine of this drama was Jiang Zheng.    

She hummed and heard Ji Muye say: “The theme of this drama is novel, and the investors are also very strong. The cast is also quite dazzling…”

Jing Meini: “?”

“I can act, and the producer is looking for someone to put out the fire.”

Jing Meini smiled: “Please speak directly.”

“I’m quite interested in this movie. Could you talk to someone?” Ji Muye threw the ball to Jing Meini.

She blinked, “You should know that the female lead in this drama is being played by Jiang Zheng.”

Ji Muye shrugged, “I know.” It sounded like a lighthearted statement.

Jing Meini choked. She had been Ji Muye’s manager for so many years, and she had watched him climb hard all the way, from the bottom to the position he was in today. Now that he had finally won such a high-quality actor award, he should pick some good film and television works to consolidate his position in the industry. Although “Wangshan” was very good, it was a literary film with limited box office appeal after all.

Ji Muye’s top priority needed to be a blockbuster commercial to boost the market’s confidence in him.

“Dongnu Kingdom” was a court drama TV series, which was completely different from the path that Ji Muye should take.

Could it be because…

Jing Meini breathed out a cold breath from the bottom of her heart and cast a suspicious look at him faintly.

Ji Muye didn’t seem to see it, as he calmly said: “Is Jiang Zheng lower than me? I heard that she practiced rock climbing, rowing, boating and horse riding for a long time before this drama. If I follow her, can I still go into the gutter?”

Jing Meini: “…” What a wonderful argument.

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[1]The seven earthly human souls. When the souls of a person are joined in harmonious union, health and life flourish; separation causes sickness and death. I think she is trying to say that he has gone mad.

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