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“…I’ll choose the truth.” He thought for a few seconds and felt that the truth was less lethal.

The person who drew the ghost card chose a card, and immediately showed a treacherous smile: “If it was up to you, which Alpha would you associate with, and why?”

Fu Yuanzhou: “…”

Fu Yuanzhou: “I think this content is too much.”

Others: “This is not too much, you choose one!”

They made him choose, he didn’t want to choose any!

Feeling the sudden concentration of eyes on him, Fu Yuanzhou’s hand holding the card was trembling slightly, and he suddenly felt a great pressure.

He looked at Xie Lin, but Xie Lin was also looking at him, so he immediately looked away.

Yu Fei’s eyes were very soft, with a bit of anticipation and lingering affection in them, his gaze seemed to contain many words, which made people feel hot.

Ran Shutang lowered his head to drink water, as if it had nothing to do with him, but his eyelashes were trembling slightly, and his heart was not calm.

As for Yuan Ye… Yuan Ye leaned lazily on the sofa, smiled directly and said to him, “Choose me.”

Fu Yuanzhou: “…” He would never!

For a moment, Fu Yuanzhou suddenly felt a very sad feeling in his heart. In his previous life, he was also favored by several people at the same time, but those were all very cute girls. How could it be like now, there were four people who liked him? But they were all Male As, among whom one could kill him more easily than the other…

Of course, he couldn’t choose any of these four people, so in the end he said very hardly: “If I really want to choose one, I’ll choose the monitor.”

Du Man betrayed him a glance: “Your tone seems shaky?”

Fu Yuanzhou: “No, absolutely not!” Compared with the other four, Du Man was already very good!

Du Man: “What’s your reason for choosing me?”

“…” Fu Yuanzhou could feel that the gazes on him had become more oppressive, and he involuntarily raised his glass and took several sips of water. If he said something wrong, he may die here horribly.

“Because at least the monitor is a girl…” He answered hesitantly, “Compared to a male alpha, a female alpha may be more…”

“Is it okay to get pregnant for her?” Xie Lin said quietly.

There was a sudden cough in the house, and everyone choked on their drinks.

Damn, the chairman deserved to be the chairman, he was really fierce, they had never found out that he was such a person before, and he could even raise topics like pregnancy. In fact, it was estimated that he could fight on the spot.

Fu Yuanzhou’s face went red and white, as Xie Lin’s question hit his sore spot. In fact, what he said was false. In his opinion, female A was more terrifying than male A. If he really wanted to date an Alpha, he would ignore all Female As. Even in order to avoid Xie Lin, he would never choose Du Man.

Xie Lin was looking at him, and he could see that Fu Yuanzhou wanted to hide. He just made a choice, but Xie Lin was seriously and obviously unhappy, and his eyes seemed to want to punish him to have his child on the spot… …

Not only Xie Lin and the others, but the rest of the people present were also very dissatisfied, because Fu Yuanzhou was too perfunctory, and he was fined to drink a glass of beer before he could barely pass.

However, it was unfortunate that Fu Yuanzhou was selected in the next round again.

Fu Yuanzhou: “This time I choose dare.” He would never choose truth again!

The man with the ghost card handed him a card.

“Content: Share a Pocky[1] with someone in the room, sit on his lap and eat it face to face.”

Who the fuck came up with such a dare??

Fu Yuanzhou was about to vomit blood: “This is definitely excessive content, and the person who wrote this card must be punished!”

“I wrote it.” Yuan Ye raised his jaw and laughed badly, “If you think it’s too much, I will accept the punishment, but I still need someone to cooperate with me…”

He didn’t finish his sentence, but Fu Yuanzhou didn’t have to think about it and knew that he would definitely choose him.

It was even more difficult for him to choose someone else. Fu Yuanzhou picked up a Pocky stick and walked towards Yuan Ye. He was about to sit on his lap, but someone grabbed his hand and stopped him from moving.

“The game ends here.” Xie Lin said.

Yuan Ye held down Fu Yuanzhou’s shoulder, pressed the person down and sat on his lap, and looked up at Xie Lin with a smile: “Senior Xie, is it too lenient? This is not school, your chairmanship is useless here, and Fu Yuanzhou is not your boyfriend, why do you stop us from playing games?”

He took the Pocky in Fu Yuanzhou’s hand, stuffed it into Fu Yuanzhou’s mouth, then leaned over, held Fu Yuanzhou’s face and bit the other end lightly, “Crack.” It snapped in half, and the faces of the two were very close, as if they were kissing.

Xie Lin looked very cold and wanted to pull Fu Yuanzhou up, while Yuan Ye directly hugged Fu Yuanzhou’s waist, and in front of Xie Lin, rubbed the tip of Fu Yuanzhou’s nose affectionately, ate half of the Pocky, and said with a smile, “The game is still not over yet.”

Fu Yuanzhou’s hands and waist were sore, and the Pocky he was holding also fell down unconsciously. The atmosphere was very wrong, so Du Man said immediately: “Okay, it’s enough, come here, let’s move on to the next round.”

“Zhou, get up.”

Yu Fei’s original gentle smile had also disappeared, and he had come over to hug Fu Yuanzhou. Yuan Ye’s sloppy expression dimmed, his smile faded, and he looked at Xie Lin and Yu Fei, as he said: “You two brothers still take him very seriously.”

“We can’t let some malicious people get close to him.” Yu Fei said, “Am I right?”

Yuan Ye laughed: “So you guys are doing it out of kindness… What kind of kindness? Is it the kindness of taking care of the neighbors?” He especially emphasized the word “neighbor”.

“Zhou is a very important person to us.” Yu Fei smiled, “That is why we treat him like that.”

“Really?” Yuan Ye smiled half-heartedly, “I think Senior Xie can be counted, but can you? If I don’t remember wrong, you just returned to China, and you and Fu Yuanzhou have not seen each other for many years, right?”

Yu Fei’s eyes sank, and the atmosphere between the three of them became tense. The atmosphere which had fallen to freezing point had warmed up suddenly.

“Okay, alright, let’s go to the next round, everyone draw the cards.”

Du Man handed out the cards, but Fu Yuanzhou was still in shock, and he drew one in a trance. Xie Lin looked at it for a while, and finally reached out and drew one, and said: “This is the last time.”

“Okay, we won’t play this game anymore.”

The others agreed quickly. After the results came out, Xie Lin was selected this time, and he chose a dare.

“Dare Content: Choose someone present and have a simulated relationship with him for three days.”

Seeing the selected card, the person who drew the card was dumbfounded, and said embarrassingly: “Is this too much, otherwise it’s not a problem? Now, let’s just end the game…”


But Xie Lin said, “There is no need to end the game.”

Then his eyes fell on Fu Yuanzhou.

The author has something to say: Do you want Xie Lin and Yuanzhou to temporarily date for three days duck=v=

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Pocky is a sweet Japanese treat that consists of a biscuit stick covered with a type of chocolate or cream

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