AROEDM Ch. 36.1

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It could be seen that Du Man had planned for a long time and was well-prepared. After drawing out the playing cards, she took out two dozen cards and distributed them to each person, so that everyone could fill in the content of the truth and dare. The pink card was the truth, while the blue card was a dare, and cards would be drawn from them in a while.

Seeing that they could write and select the content themselves, several people had smirks on their faces. Du Man reminded them not to go too far. Otherwise, if everyone agreed that the content was too much, the person who created the content would do it by himself, only then did they show resentment and dispel some thoughts.

Fu Yuanzhou thought that Xie Lin and Ran Shutang should not like to play such games, but unexpectedly, they also sat down at the table and wanted to participate together.

Except for the few people who were playing games in the game room, there were fourteen people left, and there were exactly one ghost card and thirteen ordinary cards to match.

After writing the card content, Du Man mixed all the cards together. Everyone cheered and started the game. The one who drew the ghost card in the first round was Du Man herself. She swept her eyes and said with a smile: ” I choose 3.”

Fu Yuanzhou glanced at his card, 9 of clubs, very relieved that he was far away from 3, but when he saw that the person being called was Yu Fei, he suddenly had an ominous feeling.

“Truth or Dare?” Du Man asked.

Yu Fei responded with a smile: “Truth.”

Du Man drew a card for him and read the contents of the card: “Tell me about your last love experience, if you haven’t had one, tell me about a secret love experience. If you won’t, you will punish yourself with a can of beer.”

Yu Fei smiled and said, “I’ve never been in a relationship.”

“Impossible! It’s a blatant lie!”

How could such an Alpha not have been in a relationship, the Betas and Omegas who were chasing him would definitely form a line which would cover several blocks, and he could choose whichever he wanted.

“Really not.” Yu Fei’s brows and eyes were filled with gentleness, and he had a gentle smile on his face, “Because I have always had a crush on someone since I was a child, I like him very much, and I can only let him in my heart, so I won’t associate with other people.”

When he spoke, his eyes swept over Fu Yuanzhou lightly, this subtle movement was not noticed by others, but Fu Yuanzhou found it immediately, his face suddenly became hot, and he had to drink a glass of ice Coke to hide his inner embarrassment.

The crowd cheered him on and told him to continue. Yu Fei shook his head slightly, but said with a smile, “My secret love for him is still going on, and the moment it ends… I think that would be when he promises to date me, that’s my secret love.”

Xie Lin put down the water glass he was holding with a bang on the table.

Fu Yuanzhou’s heart skipped a beat, wondering if Xie Lin had heard something, so he quickly said: “Okay, don’t embarrass him, let’s go on to the next round!”

“Yo, Brother Yuan, you are really protecting others. Brother Yu, you are in such a hurry, is the person he has a secret crush on, you!”

The people who were joking unintentionally exposed the truth, Fu Yuanzhou was so frightened that he scolded him sternly: “Stop talking nonsense!”

Everyone laughed. Most people didn’t take it seriously, but a few people swept their eyes back and forth between Fu Yuanzhou and Yu Fei, however Yu Fei kept the same smile on his face, and they didn’t see anything.

The second and third rounds after that had nothing to do with Fu Yuanzhou. Someone drew a dare, but it was written by him himself.

Amidst everyone’s wild laughter, he walked around the villa area with a sad face while barking. Unfortunately, he was seen by the residents. He vowed never to come to Fu Yuanzhou’s house again.

In the fourth round, the person who drew the ghost card was Du Man again. She chose the number five. Ran Shutang was unfortunately shot.


Ran Shutang replied, and Du Man drew a card for him: “Is there anyone you like, and why did you fall in love with him?”

When they heard this question, everyone was downhearted, because in their opinion, Ran Shutang could not have someone he liked, but the next second they all showed stunned expressions, because Ran Shutang blushed, indicating that he clearly had someone he liked!

Who was it!!

They all became energetic all of a sudden, Fu Yuanzhou stood up with a “whoosh” and said to everyone, “What do you want to drink? I’ll get it for you.”

He quickly fled the scene and didn’t dare to look back at all, but although Ran Shutang’s voice was soft, it still reached his ears very clearly.


“I fell in love with him because… He is my yearning.”

Was he Ran Shutang’s yearning?

Hearing this, Fu Yuanzhou almost turned his head, but fortunately he held back in time.

The others who were playing the game were shouting, as they were all shocked by how powerful the person Ran Shutang yearned for must be. Fu Yuanzhou took a few bottles of drinks from the refrigerator and couldn’t help but silently say in his heart, I’m really sorry. Who Ran Shutang yearned for was actually a scumbag—at least he was now a scumbag.

Being watched by everyone, Ran Shutang refused to continue talking, and everyone couldn’t help looking at Fu Yuanzhou. The two were mortal enemies. Although Fu Yuanzhou claimed that he wanted to be friends with Ran Shutang two days ago, everyone didn’t believe it and expected Fu Yuanzhou to force Ran Shutang into telling who the person he liked was.

If it was in his previous life, Fu Yuanzhou would have wanted to find the person Ran Shutang liked even if he dug three feet into the ground, but now he knew that the person Ran Shutang liked was himself, so how could he act as per other people’s wishes.

Ran Shutang didn’t know that his thoughts had been exposed, and he said it quite vaguely. If Fu Yuanzhou had not overheard his confession two days ago, he wouldn’t have guessed that the person Ran Shutang liked was him, and he even yearned for him.

What exactly was there that Ran Shutang yearned for?

Although Fu Yuanzhou was also very curious, it was impossible for him to ask, so he pretended not to know, urging the next round to start quickly, but in the new round, he was unfortunately finally selected.

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