TBLF Ch. 32

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The words college entrance examination had never appeared in his life plan.

No, he didn’t even have a life plan. Only the present mattered and there was no dream and no future.

But suddenly one day, this little girl appeared in his life, chasing after him, and smiling sweetly at him all the time.

She gave him a goal for the first time in his lonely life, as he wanted to get closer to her name on the performance list. But nothing more, he didn’t think about anything more than this.

But now, the little girl asked him to go to college together.

She seemed to have planned a long future seriously, and this future was related to him.

It was his first time being taken seriously by others.

Ji Rang looked down at the line of words, his eyes distended. After a long while, he laughed softly: “Who wants to take the university entrance examination with you, Lao Tzu really can’t stand you.”

The hand holding the book trembled slightly.

The phone under the basketball hoop vibrated. He bent over to hide his trembling emotions. He picked it up and saw that Qu Da Zhuang sent a message: Brother Ji, your little fairy is looking for you.

Then there was another one: She hasn’t eaten yet.

He put the phone back in his pocket, picked up the school uniform jacket on the floor and patted it, then handed the school uniform sleeve to her. The black hair wet with sweat swept over the corners of his eyes, and there was a thin soft smile on his face: “Little fool, let’s go to lunch.”

She held his sleeve.

Ji Rang took the clothes and walked in front, walking slowly. She obediently followed behind, holding the sleeve in her hand, shaking it slightly.

He laughed silently ahead.

In the afternoon class, Ji Rang returned to the classroom.

The good time of Qu Dazhuang’s group of people ended. He angrily passed a note to Liu Haiyang: “I shouldn’t have let the little fairy go to him!”

Liu Haiyang: “This is not the first time you talked too much.”

Qu Dazhuang: “…”

Oh, I blame myself for being too soft.

When school was over, Ji Rang put away his guidance book and went to pick up Qi Ying from Class 2.

He hadn’t looked for her at the classroom before, he had always waited at the corner of the corridor some distance from the classroom door. Qi Ying also came out late every time, and could always see him in a glance.

This time it was different. When she walked out of the classroom, she was next to the first ranker of Yancheng Seventh Middle School.

Ji Rang’s face sank.

It took Qi Ying two steps to see him, with joy in her eyes, and she ran over with her schoolbag and smiled at him with her face tilted up towards him.

When she laughed, he relented.

His temperament also warmed up, and he asked in a low voice, “Hungry?”

She understood from the shape of his mouth and she was not hungry, but she wanted to stay with him for a while, so she nodded.

Ji Rang laughed: “Let’s go.”

He reached out and took her schoolbag.

When he looked up, he saw Fu Nanxun standing behind them.

His expression was shocked and complicated. He did not expect that the person Qi Ying had been looking for this morning would be the extremely dangerous young man he saw at the school gate yesterday after school.

Why did Qi Ying get so close to this kind of person?

Good student x bad boy???

Fu Nanxun’s heart sank twice.

Qi Ying turned back and waved at him, following Ji Rang down.

His face grew heavy, his fingers were tightened, and he finally followed them.

When he came to the first floor, the young man with cold eyebrows and wild eyes turned around, his mouth was still smiling, but his voice was gloomy: “Aren’t you going to get away? Want to be beaten?”

Fu Nanxun glanced at him a few times, and said sarcastically, “Do you use this method to drive away all the boys who want to get close to her?”

He thought Ji Rang would be furious.

Unexpectedly, the boy just smiled casually

He stopped, his eyes full of unrestrained anger: “Yeah, you are not satisfied? I will not hold you back if you are not satisfied.”

Fu Nanxun had never seen such a shameless person.

Qi Ying also turned around and looked at them curiously. Fu Nanxun took two deep breaths to calm himself down: “She didn’t understand a few questions in her math class today. The study committee member of Class 2 is not there and no one else will explain it to her. I wanted to give her counseling.”

Ji Rang let his smile fade away and looked at him coldly.

Fu Nanxun ignored his gaze, took out his mobile phone to type, and said the same thing to Qi Ying.

Her face wrinkled as expected, wondering whether to solve the day’s problem that day.

Ji Rang simply wanted to drag the opposite guy to the corner to fight.

They are both first in the grade, why is there such a big difference between Wu Rui and Fu Nanxun?! One is so cute, while the other is so hateful.

But it was not easy for Qi Ying to listen to the class. He didn’t want her to accumulate more and more problems. He gritted his teeth, put away the coldness in the eyes, and said coldly: “Okay, let’s all go together.”

So the three went to the dessert shop together.

When Ji Rang bought the strawberry pudding for Qi Ying, Fu Nanxun had already started talking about the topic.

But you couldn’t talk about the topic to Qi Ying, you could only write it. So the two sat side by side on the sofa. Fu Nanxun took a pen and wrote down the steps in detail on the draft paper. Qi Ying looked down while having a serious and obedient expression on her face.

From his perspective, the two were sitting too close.

He just wanted to throw the strawberry pudding on Fu Nanxun’s face.

Ji Rang pulled the chair out heavily and made a loud noise, attracting the attention of the whole store except Qi Ying. He sat down across from them and took out his counseling book.

Fu Nanxun glanced, and immediately recognized that it was the basic knowledge explanation book that Qi Ying bought yesterday.

His inner feelings were mixed.

It turns out she bought it for him.

She knew that his grades were not good, and she carefully selected him a counseling book suitable for him.

How can she like a bad boy?!

After finishing a major topic, Qi Ying held the draft paper and studied it, and then re-solved it again to deepen her impression. Fu Nanxun turned around, leaning forward, and said quietly to Ji Rang, “If you want, you can ask me any questions.”

Ji Rang: “…”

I’m so angry, I really want to hit someone.

Being a first ranker is great?

Are you the first in this world?

Ji Rang leaned back and took out his mobile phone with an expressionless face to send a message to Wu Rui: Shanhai Dessert Shop, come here quickly.

Wu Rui’s text reply came back quickly: I am already on the bus. You can finish writing the papers I gave you in the afternoon. There is no need for tutoring today. It is not a good thing to absorb too much in a short time. Master the already discussed topics first.

Ji Rang: Yancheng’s first ranker is here, and he is looking down on me.

Wu Rui: !!! How can an exchange student be so despicable?! Wait for me!

After a while, the first ranker who was wearing black-rimmed glasses and carrying a school bag ran over, creating a contrast with the handsome and generous Fu Nanxun on the opposite side.

He had made a mistake.

He had miscalculated, and Wu Rui was completely defeated by the aura pf Fu Nanxun.

Wu Rui took off his schoolbag, pulled the chair, and sat down beside Ji Rang, looking at Fu Nanxun who was opposite him with serious eyes.

Fu Nanxun was stunned, then questioned: “This classmate is…”

Wu Rui said coldly: “Classmate, I heard that you study very well, I will face you.”

Ji Rang: “?????”

Young boy, do you think you are here to compete???

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