TBLF Ch. 31

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The Lincoln car attracted all the eyes around.

Ji Weiyan looked at his son who he hadn’t seen for a long time, and asked softly, “Are you going to get in the car? Or should I come down and walk with you?”

Ji Rang stared at him sarcastically, without speaking or rejecting.

Ji Weiyan was too familiar with this look. Over the past few years, he had looked at him and the Ji family in this way, and then went further away from them.

He smiled bitterly and said in a low voice: “I just came to see you and to say a few words to you. Yesterday I went to find you where you live, and you were not there.”

The traffic lights turned green and the traffic continued moving. Ji Rang crossed the road and saw Qi Ying carrying a schoolbag, walking across the road with the first ranker from another school.

He leaned over and got into the car.

Ji Weiyan breathed a sigh of relief, and told the driver: “Let’s drive.”

Students outside the car secretly discussed:

——The big guy is indeed a big guy, this car is awesome.

——So this is the reason why the big guys can continue to stay in Haiyi even when he takes part in so many fights.

——Ah, this era of rich dads.

Inside the car, a faint scent of rosin lingered in the air. Ji Rang was leaning on the cushions and looking out the window. The cold air around him seemed to have caused the temperature to drop by several degrees.

Ji Weiyan looked at him with a complex expression, and couldn’t say what he wanted to say.

He was never a father who was good at communication.

For a long time, he could only ask about the basics of food, clothing, housing and transportation from him: “Is there anything lacking where you live?”

Ji Rang ignored him.

He also didn’t care and continued: “You are getting busy with your studies now. I’ll find a nanny to cook for you. Can she clean up your room?”

Ji Rang still didn’t respond.

Ji Weiyan sighed slightly: “I heard Qianqian say that you secretly went to the hospital to see your grandfather, didn’t you? Grandpa has been discharged from the hospital and is now recuperating at home. If you have time, you can go back and have a look.”

Ji Rang finally moved, and looked back at him sarcastically, his tone indifferent: “You don’t need to care about my business.”

Ji Weiyan frowned.

He was wrong. Hearing Xue Manqing’s words, he thought that Ji Rang was aware of his past absurdities, had already begun to change, and would gradually grow up, mature, and understand many things. But now when he saw him, he found that he was colder than before, and the thorns all over his body hurt even more.

His low-pitched concern didn’t get a trace of understanding from him.

Ji Weiyan also became silent.

No one in the car spoke, as if even heavy breathing was an interference of the environment. The driver didn’t know where to go and didn’t dare to ask questions at will, so he could only drive around the road.

Going around and around, he didn’t know how to reach the location where Ji Rang lives.

He said coldly: “Stop.”

The driver glanced at the boss through the rearview mirror and saw that he didn’t respond. He deemed it as tacit approval and pulled the car over.

Ji Rang had to get out of the car while carrying his schoolbag. Ji Weiyan opened his mouth to express his last concern: “Is the pocket money enough? Is the tuition expensive? I’ll talk to you later.”

Ji Rang turned around abruptly, his cold voice accompanied by anger: “Who told you that I was receiving tuition?”

Ji Weiyan noticed that he was in a bad mood, so he was taken aback and said, “Your classmate.”

Ji Rang stared at him with irritability in his eyes. After a while, he suddenly smiled. The smile was sarcastically dazzling, “So, this is the reason you came to me today? Do you think I changed? Did you see hope again?”

Ji Weiyan pursed his lips.

Ji Rang laughed mockingly: “Do you want to play the filial piety game with me? Do you want me to live in harmony with you?” The last sentence was almost squeezed through the teeth, “You will never have that day.”

He kicked the car door shut and was about to leave. Ji Weiyan was so angry that he couldn’t help but scream: “Ji Rang!”

He paused, but didn’t turn his head back for a long time. Then, he smiled lowly: “I won’t forgive you, I won’t in this life.”

He jumped out of the car with his schoolbag.

Ji Weiyan wanted to shout, but in the end he said nothing.

He looked at the tall and thin back with bitterness in his eyes.

That was his son, he had grown so old and so tall. But for so many years, the number of times father and son have met was very few. He used to think that as long as Ji Rang grows up and matures a little bit, he will understand him one day, the father and son will talk about each other’s frustrations, and one day he will call him “Dad” again.

But at this moment, he suddenly realized that he seemed to be about to lose his son.

Ji Rang did not go home.

After school today, he wanted to take Qi Ying to eat strawberry pudding. When he walked to Class 2, he saw her walking out with another tall and handsome boy.

He heard the comments from the passing students: That is the first ranker from Yancheng No. 7 Middle School, who looks so handsome and gentle.

Qi Ying should know him, as she smiled at him so sweetly.

She would also show such a sweet smile to others.

The first ranker was really amazing.

He looked down at his schoolbag, which was full of junior high school exercise books, as if silently mocking him.

The road on the street was very straight and long. He walked aimlessly on it. For a few moments, he hoped that the road had no end.

He could keep walking and walking, never having to stop and think about where he should go.

He had nowhere to go.

The book that Qi Ying wanted to recommend to Fu Nanxun is “Waiting in the Dark”, which is the work of a thriller novelist in Japan. It was obviously a suspenseful and horrifying story, but she could see the warmth of healing from it.

As if at the final ending, the sky opens wide and the sun shines through the gloom.

She was moved by the author’s creative skills and couldn’t wait to give her classmates the same feeling of being cured.

They found the book in Xinhua Bookstore.

Fu Nanxun took the novel and looked at the cover, then laughed softly: “It’s a novel. I always thought that you would recommend a tutorial book or a masterpiece.”

Qi Ying didn’t know what he was talking about. He pursed his lips and smiled. She glanced across the row of bookshelves of the tutoring materials and saw a copy of “High School Basic Knowledge Explanation”.

The classification is explained in detail in this book, and the sample questions are also very representative, which is very useful for students with average basics.

She bought it.

Fu Nanxun smiled and typed and asked her: Your grades do not need this kind of basic guidance book, right?

Qi Ying returned to him: bought it for others.

He thought that she should have bought it for her cousin who is in the freshman year.

After buying the book, Fu Nanxun wanted to have dinner with her again, but Qi Ying shook his head and refused. She didn’t even agree to let him take her home. Fu Nanxun could only send her to the bus stop.

Waiting until she got in the bus and found a place to sit down, he stood under the bus window and with a smile gently waved to her.

Qi Ying began to search for Fu Nanxun’s memories in her brain. He was too considerate towards her, which made her a little confused. She had to carefully recall the various things related to him.

After recalling it for a while, she was relieved.


In all the memories of the original owner about this tablemate, there is only the friendship of classmates, and there is no couple relationship.

Qi Ying relaxed.

When she arrived at school the next day, she first went to the classroom to put down her schoolbag, and then ran to Class 9 with the newly bought guidance book. When she looked inside from the back door, Ji Rang was not there.

She obediently stood aside and didn’t stand in the way, and waited for a while, until the morning self-study bell rang, Ji Rang still did not appear.

He was late again.

Qi Ying could only return to her own classroom.

The second period was the elective history class. She thought she would meet Ji Rang here, but he didn’t come for the whole class.

After every class bell rang, she ran to Class 9 to take a look.

Until the end of morning classes, Ji Rang was not seen. The last row next to the window was empty, and the surrounding unscrupulous teenagers were not being supervised, and they were confused about what to do.

Yue Li and Fu Nanxun stood by the corridor waiting for her to eat in the cafeteria.

Fu Nanxun frowned and asked, “Who is she looking for?”

The gossip Yue Li had long noticed from Fu Nanxun’s eyes that he has unusual feelings for Qi Ying. She is a firm supporter of the boss. At this time, she must not allow outsiders to be jealous and destroy their feelings. She said solemnly: “An ordinary friend.”

Qi Ying didn’t find Ji Rang all morning, and followed them to the cafeteria.

During the meal, she met Qu Dazhuang and his party.

They talked and laughed, but still had the image of bad boys who should not be provoked. The surrounding students kept a conscious distance from them, but Qi Ying was not afraid, and ran over with her lunch tray, blocking their way.

Several people looked at each other, looking at the girl who asked questions with her eyes, they all knew what she meant.

Qu Dazhuang sighed: “If my brother continued to play like this, he may lose his little fairy one day.” He pointed to the direction of the Xiabei gymnastics field, and said to Qi Ying, “He is playing basketball over there.”

Qi Ying smiled, turned around and handed the lunch tray to Yue Li, and ran out.

Yue Li was too anxious: “Yingying, you can go after having lunch!”

She couldn’t hear, and quickly ran away.

Fu Nanxun stood by, with a complicated expression and asked, “Ordinary friends?”

Yue Li: “…”

Qi Ying first went back to the classroom to get the guidance book, and then ran all the way to the basketball court.

On the huge empty court, the boy wearing a black tee shirt dribbled the ball and jumped up, hitting the basket again and again, tirelessly.

He turned around and saw the little girl standing upright at the edge of the court, holding a book and looking at him.

The basketball fell from his hand and jumped all the way. He stood frozen, neither going over nor leaving. Through the cool autumn daylight, he saw her smiling sweetly at him.

He was inexplicably irritated.

Who cares about your smile.

Qi Ying held the book and approached step by step.

She smelt the sweat of the teenager after exercise, mixed with the fragrance of detergent on his clothes.

Ji Rang’s expression was cold, and the corners of his mouth were strained, looking down at her coldly.

Qi Ying handed over the counseling book to him. He looked down and saw the words on it. The fingers put in the trouser pockets couldn’t help but be tightened, and he smiled from the corner of his mouth: “What do you mean by giving this to Laozi?”

Laozi is only worthy of basic knowledge, and is not as good as the first ranker.

Seeing that he was not answering, Qi Ying handed it forward.

He was so irritated that he wanted to knock the book off, but looking at her soft gaze, he couldn’t do such a move.

Ji Rang stiffened his fingers and took the book.

Qi Ying laughed happily, she reached out and turned the first page and pointed it to him.

It said: Let’s go to college together.

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