TCYEC Ch. 26

Qi Wang was leaning arrogantly on the soft couch, smiling at the foster friend sitting opposite him.

“The duke didn’t wait for the emperor to come up to his palace, why?”

The voice of the foster friend is not as low as that of Qi Wang, nor is it as sharp. There was a charming taste in the conversation, “I see that the prince seems to have hand problems, special greetings to the prince.”

“Dare to mock the duke, what a good king.”

Cultivation Friend tilted his head slightly with the arrogance of a king, and chuckled:”If Qi Wang had no hand problems, why did his hand reach that long.”

“ha ha …… ” The king laughed in an unbridled manner, sat up from the couch, pulled the friend over and sneered:. “You are really a good dog to the emperor”

The foster friend allowed Qi Wang to grab his clothes and stared into King Qi’s sharp eyes. “Good dogs are better than biting dogs.”

The two faces were very close, and they used their eyes to play games, as they stared at each other.

“Okay, okay, don’t keep staring, how long do you plan to stare.” Liu Cai jumped out wildly.

The crowd onlookers unanimously made an “Oh” in their hearts, as the two beautiful faces are so close together that it makes people blood boil.

Zhan Heng released his hand and patted Yu Siyang on the shoulder, “Xiaoyu’s acting skills are good.”

Liu Cai nodded, “Yes, it’s not bad.” He also knew how to change his voice and the tone of speaking.

Voice, staging, performance, expression, and lines are all the major skills required for actors. Nowadays, many young actors have poor acting line skills. What is even more outrageous is that there are people who do not recite their lines and recite numbers when shooting.

It’s so disrespectful as to be outrageous.

Yu Siyang surpassed Liu Cai’s expectations, and showed that the “Most Potential Newcomer Award” he received last night was well-deserved.

“The acting of actor Zhan is superb.”

Yu Siyang had worship in his eyes.

He was completely taken into the scene by Zhan Heng just now. It turns out that this is the god-level acting skill that everyone raved about; this is too shocking.

“What is this actor Zhan, please call me Brother Zhan.” Zhan Heng put his hand around Yu Siyang’s shoulders and whispered: “You can go in and out of Xiaofeng’s office freely?”


How come actor Zhan is acting so familiarly, it turns out that the drunkard’s intention does not rest in the cup[1].

“What are you two whispering?” Yi Jiaojiao asked as she came over.

Zhan Heng winked, and immediately changed the subject.

Just then, Yu Siyang’s cell phone stuck in the costume rang, and he quickly took out the cell phone.

Zhan Heng saw the words “Brother Xiaofeng” on the screen, his hands moved faster than his brain, and he grabbed Yu Siyang’s phone and picked it up himself.


“…” Wei Xiaofeng on the other end of the phone frowned, and took the phone away to see if he had made a mistake.

“Xiaofeng.” Zhan Heng called again.

Yu Siyang looked at his mobile phone eagerly, wanting to take it back, but not daring to do so.

Wei Xiaofeng said coldly: “Why is Yu Siyang’s cell phone in your hand? Let him answer the call.”

“Xiaofeng, don’t you want to talk to me.” Zhan Heng’s voice was very low, “You hide; how much long you are going to hide?”

Wei Xiaofeng clenched his fists tightly. If Zhan Heng was in front of him, he would have punched this bastard in the face, “Let Yu Siyang answer the phone, I have important things to discuss with him.”

“Okay.” Zhan Hang reluctantly passed the phone back to Yu Siyang.

Yu Siyang took the phone back and moved two steps back subconsciously, so as not to let the phone be grabbed again by actor Zhan, “Brother Xiaofeng?”

“Xiaoyu, you have been schemed against, do you know?” Wei Xiaofeng went straight to the subject.

“What?” Yu Siyang didn’t know.

Wei Xiaofeng sighed, rubbed his forehead, sat down on the sofa. He had asked Luo Peng just now, but he also didn’t know.

These two…

“You first search for Hong Zhehao’s name on the Internet, and call me back after that.”

Yu Siyang hung up the phone and used his mobile phone to surf the Internet.

He searched for the three words “Hong Zhehao”. In the news section of the search engine, the entire screen is full of news about “newcomers grabbing the position of Hong Zhehao”.

Clicking on the links, the content is consistent throughout the articles saying that the newcomer deliberately grabbed Hong Zhehao’s position and stood beside Director Peng. Hong Zhehao was aggrieved by the great grievance, and it also hinted that the newcomer was very rude to him on the film set.

Weibo and forums had exploded.

Hong Zhehao has many fans, and there are also some loli fans who like to use their fighting power, plus the water army and sunspots who were deliberately stirring the muddy water. This resulted in Yu Siyang being insulted online.

“No works, no strength, not respect for the older generation, such people should get out of the entertainment business.”

“A newcomer also dares to grab a big-name’s position; the hidden rules are really terrible.”

“He looks very scheming, get out of the entertainment circle and don’t dirty our eyes.”

More and more passers-by who didn’t know the truth were also incited to join this one-sided scolding war, and they had risen to personal attacks.

Yu Siyang was almost torn apart, broken apart, divided into parts, and scolded one by one by this group of people on the Internet. There were all kinds of ugly words.

He called Wei Xiaofeng back and said aggrieved: “Yesterday it was because Hong Zhehao said something that offended Director Peng. Director Peng asked me to go to his left. I didn’t grab his position.”

“I know, someone deliberately wanted to use this news to discredit you.” Wei Xiaofeng calmed him, “I’ll contact Peng Zhigao, and you don’t go online anymore.”

He knew that this kid who is so well-behaved couldn’t do such stupid things.

As for who did it, wasn’t it obvious.

Wei Xiaofeng sneered and dialed Peng Zhigao’s cell phone.

“Xiaofeng, I know what you are going to say,” Peng Zhigao answered the phone. Before Wei Xiaofeng could speak, he said directly: “Don’t worry, Xiaoyu will definitely not be wronged by this.”

“Okay then, otherwise, I don’t mind helping you clean up.” Wei Xiaofeng snorted coldly.

Not to mention Wei Xiaofeng being angry, when Peng Zhigao got the news, he was also very angry.

What does Hong Zhehao mean?

Is he dissatisfied with his director, or with the entire crew?

The film hasn’t even been released yet, and the actors are in conflict.

Now the netizens have begun to boycott “Poisonous Delicacy”.

What good would it do for him if the movie cannot be released?

He underestimated Hong Zhehao. He didn’t have any acting skills, but he was quite capable of mucking up things.

Peng Zhigao made a phone call to Mu Zhifeng, the boss at Fengyu, and said sneeringly: “Mu Zhifeng, your little star is very sensible. If he disn’t want to act in a movie, let him get out early and don’t waste Lao Tzu’s time.”

“Lao Peng, Why are you so angry, who provoked you?” Mu Zhifeng didn’t know about the unilateral curses being heaped on Yu Siyang on the Internet, but Peng Zhigao’s words covered his face with spit[2], which was inexplicable.

“Haha.” Peng Zhigao hung up directly.

Mu Zhifeng: “…” Madness!

At the same time, Xue Chengxiu came out of the conference room, and Yu Mingliang followed him and said with a serious expression: “There is something you definitely want to know.”

“Tell me.”

“Mr. Xiao Yu was schemed against.”

A sharp emotion flashed in Xue Chengxiu’s eyes, and he asked, “What’s going on?”

Yu Mingliang handed him the phone to see.

Xue Chengxiu looked at it for a while, then threw the phone back to Yu Mingliang, and said coldly: “Go and ask Mu Zhifeng.”

“Yes.” Yu Mingliang put the phone away politely, and thought to himself, the boss shouldn’t hold him accountable for playing with the phone during the meeting.

“Playing on mobile phones during the meeting, I will deduct 10% of the bonus this month.” Xue Chengxiu’s cold voice suddenly rang out.

Yu Mingliang: “…”

It was 5% before!!!

And I also completed the meeting minutes perfectly!!!

If I hadn’t played on the phone, how would you Xue Chengxiu know that your baby was schemed against? This is revenge!!!

“Is there anything else?” Xue Chengxiu took the phone and was about to make a call. Seeing Yu Mingliang’s face full of accusations, he stood at the door and didn’t leave, raising his eyebrows.

“No.” Yu Mingliang shook his head and walked away numbly. Forget it, find a place elsewhere to think about my grievances.

Not long after Peng Zhigao’s phone was hung up, Mu Zhifeng received a call from Yu Mingliang.

Originally, he was not too concerned about Hong Zhehao’s incitement of black fans. In his opinion, even if a newcomer is blackened, it doesn’t matter since there are so many newcomers. There are only a few who can get ahead.

He would appease the old friend and set aside a budget for removing the negative publicity, and the matter will be over.

Unexpectedly, Hengsheng’s Yu Mingliang also made a call, and Mu Zhifeng suddenly got covered in cold sweat.

Fengyu Times has indeed grown bigger in recent years, but compared with Hengsheng, it is still the difference between an aircraft carrier and small plane. Mu Zhifeng had also heard that Xue Chengxiu, the chairman of Hengsheng, had a military background. Although he does not know if it is true or false, he did not want to shake the tree[3] needlessly.

Mu Zhifeng couldn’t help getting angry at Hong Zhehao.

What an idiot, he didn’t investigate the other party’s background before doing such things.

Online, fans of Hong Zhehao were still abusing Yu Siyang in full swing. In the afternoon, the incident escalated again.

Pang Yujie’s Weibo reposted a blog post that also criticized Yu Siyang, saying: “Nowadays newcomers will not only grab positions, but also grab shots.”

Netizens were suddenly injected with ten catties of chicken blood and turned to analyze the previous video of Pang Yujie and Yu Siyang participating in “Happy Player”. Each netizen analyzed Pang Yujie’s shots and tried to see where Yu Siyang had grabbed it.

Fans of Hong Zhehao and Pang Yujie flocked to Yu Siyang’s Weibo, hurling abuse, and gave him a name-Impatient Boy.

Luo Peng set up a table in Wei Xiaofeng’s office and cursed: “When that 18th line actor will come out, I will beat him to death.”

Wei Xiaofeng said coolly, “Xiaoyu’s trophy is about to fall off the shelf.”

Luo Peng was taken aback, and quickly went to see if the “liquor bottle” was in good condition.

“Brother Xiaofeng…” You lied to me.

Wei Xiaofeng snorted coldly, he was reluctant to put such an ugly thing in his office, what else did he want from him.

“Xiaofeng, you are too angry. Fight the fire with fire.” Zhan Heng sat on the sofa, holding a glass of boiled water, as elegant as if he was drinking expensive coffee.

“How does it concern you?” Wei Xiaofeng frowned, “Why don’t you get out?”

Zhan Heng put down the boiled water and said bitterly: “I just came, and you want me to go.”

“I don’t want to see you, so get out.”

The fucker actually followed Yu Siyang, took the opportunity to come into his office, and couldn’t be driven away by him.

“I’m here to help.” Zhan Heng immediately showed his loyalty, “As long as it is an artist under Xiaofeng, I have an obligation to help.”

Wei Xiaofeng flatly refused: “No need.”

Luo Peng looked at Wei Xiaofeng. Then he looked at Zhan Heng again, with curious eyes moving between the two.

“What are you looking at?” Wei Xiaofeng glared at him disgustingly.

That expression is so wretched.

Luo Peng asked in a gossiping manner: “Brother Xiaofeng, what is the relationship between you and Movie Emperor Zhen?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“We are a couple.”

Wei Xiaofeng and Zhan Heng said at the same time.

Luo Peng: “…”

Wei Xiaofeng glared at Zhan Heng: “You are sick.”

Zhan Heng nodded: “Yes, lovesickness, and my medicine is you.”

“Get out—”

 “Wait a minute, wait a minute.” Luo Peng raised his hand, “Aren’t we talking about Xiaoyu, can you stop flirting first?”

Zhan Heng gave him an admiring look.

Wei Xiaofeng rolled up his sleeves and was about to beat him: “…Do you want to die? Lao Tzu will fulfill your wish.”

Luo Peng wisely ran behind Zhan Heng and hid.

Xiaofeng’s cousin is on the right track- so Zhan Heng stood up from the sofa in cooperation, as if to stop Wei Xiaofeng with his body.

Luo Peng poked his head out and said, “Brother Xiaofeng, what should we do now? Do we just leave it alone and let so many people abuse Xiaoyu?”

Wei Xiaofeng put down his sleeves angrily and moved away from Zhan Heng. Keeping a distance, he said, “Wait for Peng Zhigao’s actions first. In the next few days, pay attention to Xiaoyu’s emotions. He is young and it is the first time he has encountered this kind of online violence. It is estimated that his mood will be affected.

“By the way, where is Xiaoyu now?” Luo Peng suddenly remembered and asked.

“You are his agent, you don’t even know where he is!” Wei Xiaofeng wanted to throw the person down from the 23rd floor. His cousin must have picked it up from his aunt. People with Wei family blood would not be so stupid. ,”Mr Xue took him back.”

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[1] It means that he had some ulterior motive for approaching him.

[2] Criticisms.

[3] He doesn’t want to disturb the status quo.

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