TCYEC Ch. 27

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Yu Siyang was very depressed.

It is not that he has not been questioned before, nor is he the kind of glass heart that cannot withstand blows.

Since the accidental death of his Master, the voice of doubt broke out. When he was promoted to head chef, everyone in the kitchen said that he had used improper means, otherwise it would be impossible to become head chef at such a young age.

He signed up to participate in the Bonova contest, and many people ridiculed him and reminded him not to lose face abroad.

It’s not that he can’t bear the suspicion, but he didn’t expect that because of an unwarranted crime, so many people who didn’t know him would scold him baselessly, as if he were a heinous criminal.

“Are you okay?” Xue Chengxiu sat next to Yu Siyang, put the milk in his hand on the table, “Drink some milk, you will feel better.”

The child said nothing on the way, and as soon as they reached home, he came back and sat on the deck chair in the terrace garden. Seeing him sitting there in a daze, he felt distressed.

Yu Siyang nodded, then shook his head, and said, “I’m fine.”

Xue Chengxiu rubbed the boy’s hair, reached out and took the person into his arms, “Yang Yang, you can tell me anything, whether it’s happy or unhappy.”

“I’m really fine,” Yu Siyang said softly: “I just don’t understand how these people can curse somebody in this manner.”

Xue Chengxiu didn’t speak, and patted the boy on the back like a child.

“…Well, I’m a little unhappy.” Yu Siyang muttered.

Anyone whose ancestors in the eighteenth generation were scolded, couldn’t be happy even though he didn’t know who his ancestors were.

“Yang Yang, if you want to wear a crown, you must bear its weight.” Xue Chengxiu cast his gaze on the lush flowers and trees in the community, frowning in disgust as if he saw something disgusting through the flowers and trees. “If this kind of person is not killed in a single blow, there will be endless troubles.”

“If you have the strength and are willing to work hard, you will go further than them. You will leave these people far behind, leaving you out of their reach.”

“And, if you look at your Weibo, you will know that not everyone is scolding you, some people are supporting and encouraging you as well.”


Yu Siyang looked up and wanted to get his mobile phone.

However, his movement was stopped by Xue Chengxiu’s hands that encircled him, and he couldn’t get up at once, and could only flutter in Xue Chengxiu’s arms.

Yu Siyang: “…”

After being comforted by Mr. Xue, he was less unhappy.

But is this posture a bit wrong?

The two big men must look awkward hugging each other.

“What?” Xue Chengxiu looked down at him.

“Xue…” Seeing the other person’s unharmonious expression, Yu Siyang changed his mouth wittily, “Xiu…I’ll go get my phone.”

Xue Chengxiu let go of his hand: “Go.”

Yu Siyang ran away like his tail was on fire.

Xue Chengxiu chuckled, and took the milk that had been kept on the table — the one specially brought for Yu Siyang — and drank it.

It seems that his plan to boil frog in warm water has progressed a bit.

Yu Siyang found his mobile phone in the living room, patted his slightly hot cheeks, and clicked on Weibo.

Weibo comments are still full of abuse, but there is another voice in between.

“Yangyang, you are the best, and my family and I support you.”

“What the hell is this family!!! Yangyang, don’t care about the abuse, they are jealous of your good looks and acting skills. You can also cook.”

“You haven’t posted Weibo for several days, Yangyang. Don’t be frightened by the abuse. Don’t not post Weibo anymore.”

“Yang Yang, if you are depressed, go cook a dish, and make sure you feel better. The important thing is to keep posting on Weibo!”

“I feel bad for Yang., if he doesn’t post on Weibo in the future, what will I use to lick the screen ah ah ah ah!!!”

Most of Yu Siyang’s fans are food fans, who like to isolate themselves. Their favorite thing to do every day is to urge Yu Siyang to cook and then post on Weibo.

These foodies sensibly didn’t comment on the water army, so as not to make things worse, which might be even more detrimental to Yu Siyang.

They lined up to comfort him under Weibo, and asked him to cook a dish and then post on Weibo so they can come to lick the screen.

Some fans even ordered dishes.

Seeing this Yu Siyang’s heart felt warm, he also found it funny.

He was frustrated by the stranger’s scolding, and then comforted by the strangers as well.

Today is not a bad day at all.

“How is it?” Xue Chengxiu returned to the living room with an empty cup and touched his child’s head.

Yu Siyang raised his head and said with a smile, “My fans are very cute.” Xue Chengxiu is noncommittal- as long as these people don’t shout about giving birth to his children, he will admit that they are cute.

“That…” Yu Siyang stood up, looked at Xue Chengxiu from across the sofa, and said with some awkwardness: “Thank you today, um, for comforting me… Xiu…”

Xue Chengxiu’s body suddenly tightened, and the finger joints holding the cup turned white. The pupil of his eyes seemed to be clustered with dark fire, deep and frighteningly bright.

Is this little thing intentional?

He asked him to call him that and got all kinds of threats.

At this moment, he actually took the initiative to call him “Xiu”, and there was that awkward tone!

Xue Chengxiu felt that his blood was boiling in his body, and he couldn’t restrain himself from trying to bring the person into his arms.

Xue Chengxiu forced himself to turn around and go to the kitchen.

He only discovered today that his self-control was so weak.

The little thing is definitely intentional.

It wasn’t until Xue Chengxiu’s figure disappeared in the corner of the living room leading to the kitchen that Yu Siyang let out a sigh of relief and sat down on the sofa softly.

He just thought that Mr. Xue was going to tear him up, the look in his eyes was too scary.

He quickly picked up the phone and surfed through Weibo to suppress the shock.


Yu Siyang saw a blog post tagging him posted by Hong Zhehao, and immediately clicked on it to read it.

Hong Zhehao posted a few behind-the-scenes photos of “Poisonous Delicacy”, each of which contained the two of them, and accompanied the text: “@Yu Siyang is a very talented and hard-working newcomer. I don’t know why anyone would be so malicious as to attack him. I was originally arranged to walk the red carpet last night with the heroine @LinQing. I was misunderstood by others because I was not feeling well and thus my expression was not good. I hope everyone understands the situation and stop these malicious speculations. Please pay more attention to me and @JiMan, @ Yu Siyang and @LinQing in the movie “Poisonous Delicacy”.

This is from Hong Zhehao? Yu Siyang couldn’t believe it.

He is not an idiot. He was scolded by netizens in such a way. It was obviously the work of Hong Zhehao.

Why did this person slap himself in the face by sending this Weibo to clarify?

Was he hacked?

In fact, this Weibo was sent by Hong Zhehao’s agent.

Mu Zhifeng received two videos sent to him by Peng Zhigao, one is the trailer of the movie, and the other is the shooting footage of the specially made trailer.

Peng Zhigao’s “God Cut” lived up to the reputation, and the footage is very interesting, but a discerning person can see that Hong Zhehao is not only incompatible with the crew’s personality in the footage, but often NGs in filming, and his acting skills are so stiff that viewers will be offended. He is like an embarrassing cancer.

As soon as the tidbits were released, Hong Zhehao would be basically finished. Not only that, but it would also affect Ji Man, who is also an artist under Fengyu Times.

Then his original intention to make this movie at a big price would be completely ruined.

Fortunately, Peng Zhigao and him were old friends for many years, and so he gave him face and didn’t directly release the video.

Mu Zhifeng was so angry that he wanted to upturn the table and call his son to beat him hard.

His son liked to raise small stars, and he didn’t care about it as long as he pays attention to propriety.

But you should also support a smart and sensible person, not a fool who will cause trouble.

Mu Zhifeng felt that his old face was dull.

Mu Chen was scolded bloody by his father, so he called Hong Zhehao’s agent over and scolded him bloody.

“Even the artist under his hand can’t be managed well, and if he doesn’t have the ability, he will be a burden.”

Hong Zhehao’s agent dare not say anything.

If it wasn’t for you who spoiled Hong Zhehao, wouldn’t he be able to manage him?

The one-sided curses on the Internet, because of Hong Zhehao’s Weibo, gradually ceased.

All of Hong Zhehao’s fans shut up.

Their idol had said such things, how can they not be embarrassed to continue cursing.

The marketing accounts who were muddling the water immediately disappeared when the situation seemed wrong.

The water army that Hong Zhehao bought with his own money was dumbfounded. They didn’t understand what the employer meant, and so they did nothing.

Only Pang Yujie’s fans were still stirring the wind and rain, but it was not having much effect.

Hong Zhehao rushed to his agent’s office, and slammed the door shut. As soon as he entered, he yelled: “What do you mean by this! Who made you post that Weibo!”

The agent sneered, “Who do you think it is? Of course it is President Mu.”

Hong Zhehao was taken aback, suddenly weak in the knees, and asked: “Which President Mu?”

“Both of them.” The agent said fiercely: “Are you a pig brain? You don’t think about the consequences of doing anything, and act recklessly. Do you think he is just a newcomer? Would you offend everyone?

“Isn’t he just a newcomer who just debuted?” Hong Zhehao mumbled unconvinced.

The agent was almost stunned by him and slammed the table fiercely, “Isn’t he a newcomer? You must be stupid or you want to die! You offended Peng Zhigao and Wei Xiaofeng, you idiot.”

“… “Hong Zhehao’s face paled.

“Leave aside Peng Zhigao. Behind Wei Xiaofeng is All Star Entertainment. He has several super first-tier big names under his hand, not to mention other first-tier big names. He can kill you with just one finger. You should not think Mu will fight Peng Zhigao and Wei Xiaofeng for you, you are old news!”

Hong Zhehao’s face was as pale as paper.

How old is he? He counts as nothing!

Mu Chen didn’t want him anymore, he doesn’t even have any roots without him!

The agent vented his temper, and his anger eased. Looking at the appearance of Hong Zhehao, he felt it a little unbearable and said with earnestness: “Zhehao, you were originally a talented person, how come you have become like this.”

Yeah, why did he become like this?

Hong Zhehao also asked himself in his heart.

Since falling in love with Mu Chen? Or after Mu Chen spoiled him?

He can’t remember what he was like before.

“This is the end of the matter. I will help you with Mr. Mu and the crew. After all, after filming for so long, they wouldn’t replace you. Do a good job in the future and don’t always show a bad face to others.”

Hong Zhehao nodded, and said in a dumb voice: “I have troubled you, Brother Yang.”

The agent waved to let him go out.

Like Hong Zhehao, Pang Yujie was also scolded by his agent.

Although Hong Zhehao was the instigator of this incident, he did not make any public remarks, but privately hired water army and incited his fans.

As soon as he posted the clarification Weibo, he immediately exonerated himself.

Pang Yujie really belongs to the type that is muddle-headed. It is obviously not his business, but he has to mix in it. He really doesn’t know what he is doing.

His agent was so angry that his blood vessels almost burst, and pointed to his nose and cursed: “You are so stupid to use your account to post this kind of stuff. You don’t want to get mixed up in this circle, do you. Look for yourself, except you, did anyone say a word more. It’s not related to you, why did you talk so much.”

Pang Yujie pursed his mouth and said nothing.

He was just angry that Yu Siyang grabbed his shots in “Happy Player”, and Hong Zhehao wanted to engage Yu Siyang, so why couldn’t he let out a sigh of anger as well.

“You wait to be blocked, idiot.”

Pang Yujie was startled, “No, it’s impossible, I have deleted the Weibo.”

“It’s useless to delete it.” His agent was furious, “Go yourself. Look at your Weibo, now it’s your turn to be scolded.” He still had the gall to ask about it.

As soon as Hong Zhehao’s clarification Weibo came out, Pang Yujie’s Weibo immediately became embarrassing, and netizens went to his Weibo to “respect and worship” and “praise” him for playing well.

It’s useless to delete the Weibo.

Pang Yujie didn’t expect this to go so wrong. To make matters worse, Ji Man and Lin Qing subsequently posted Weibo condemning the malicious slander of the artist.

It was not over yet. After a while, Fang Yuan, the host of “Happy Player”, also posted a Weibo, writing: “The rumors stop at the wise man, @Yu Siyang is a hard-working teenager, and I look forward to seeing him on my show again. He should cook for me again.”

Then Zhan Heng also posted a Weibo: “Although the boy is young, his acting skills are still good. @Yu Siyang, I’m looking forward to our next cooperation. I heard that you are good at cooking. I also want to eat.”

When Pang Yujie and his agent saw these two Weibo posts, two big characters appeared in their minds-it’s over.

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