RCFS Ch. 240

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Little Di Weiqian still failed to achieve her wish after all.

With Emperor Di Junxie watching covetously, it would be a ghost if she could achieve it.

Early the next morning, Ye Yunxi did not set off with Di Junxie, but went to school early.

The costumes she ordered were delivered today, and she had to go to make up early to prepare.

Junyao’s campus festival officially began.

There were lights and festoons at the gate of the school, and the huge words “Campus Festival” was depicted in colours, and the students were coming and going, it was very bustling.

Get ready, let’s come to the school auditorium together.

The students took their seats one after another, waiting for the performance to begin.

“Which show is the Sky’s show? I heard that Young Master Ming will be on it in person this time, so I’m looking forward to it!”

“I want to watch the show of Berserk. I heard it’s a martial arts show. It must be awesome!”

“Why don’t you guys want to watch Tyranny, yes? It is said that this time it is a drama, ahh…, it must be very good!”

“What about Yehuang?”

“Yehuang? Ha, you still have expectations for Yehuang? There are three major clubs, and Yehuang is just a new construction. How can a novice compare?”

“That’s right, you’ll see hell if you can compete!”

“Absolutely not, don’t expect it!”

What good show could Yehuang bring?

The three major clubs were under the guidance of special personnel, and any program they produced could crush others in minutes!

While chirping, there was the sound of uniform footsteps outside the door.

The sound was very heavy, like military leather boots hitting the concrete floor, sonorous and powerful, shocking!

“What’s the matter?”

The students all looked at the door curiously.

A group of military students in uniform suddenly appeared at the entrance of the auditorium.

They were all wearing pure white uniforms and pure white hats with big brims. The pure gold badges with eagle wings, cobras and sceptres were dotted in the middle of the big brim hats. It was the badge of the emperor!

The students were going crazy!

“They’re students of Huangjue!!”

“Did they come to Junyao’s campus festival too?”

“Oh my God, the uniform is so handsome!!”

“Never before, right? Why is Huangjue here this time? The student union is coming to our campus festival?!”

I’m so excited!

Although Junyao was an affiliated school of Huangjue, they almost never communicated with each other. This was the first time that people from Huangjue came to participate in Junyao’s activities!

The students became excited, peeking, chirping and whispering excitedly.

However, Huangjue students seemed to be more disciplined. They lined up in an orderly line, walked into the auditorium without saying a word, and sat in the seats reserved for them on the second floor one by one.

It was worthy of being a university known for its militarization!

Behind them were several men in military uniforms.

The students were going crazy!

First the disciplined students of the aristocratic schools, and then the uniformed students!

Now, all the students stood up collectively, staring at these people with burning eyes.

Di Wei straightened his big-brimmed hat, and his gaze swept across the audience solemnly. The students were shocked by the coldness in the old man’s eyes, and subconsciously stood up straight.

Di Junxie glanced around lazily with his cold eyes, but he didn’t see his wife, so he turned around bored and went straight to the second floor.

As soon as they went up, all the Huangjue students stood up and paid attention!

The orderly and well-trained appearance attracted the praise and yearning of the students.

“Oh my God, these are Huangjue students? So handsome!”

“I must be admitted to Huangjue! I want to be as handsome as them!”

“Me too!”

The students were completely excited, and even the presidents of the three clubs gathered together to communicate in low voices.

“Second Young Master Ming, what are Huangjue’s people doing here?”

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