TYFWWC Ch. 9.2

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“Lin Jianlu? What are you looking at?” Gong Yuxue didn’t quite understand what was going on.

Just now she saw Lin Jianlu who came here to give away all kinds of daily necessities, and heard people say that there was a fight in the back alley.

She wasn’t interested in fighting, and she felt a little bit of resistance and disgust in her heart, but when she saw Lin Jianlu going over to have a look, she had no choice but to follow.

Then she saw a very thin man in a red sweater fighting with a group of people. The scene was quite violent, and Gong Yuxue was shocked and screamed.

But no one noticed her.

Lin Jianlu looked at the man without blinking…Was that a man? Although he was too thin…How else would he be so strong? Easily conquering seven or eight punks, and still being able to talk and laugh happily…

Gong Yuxue didn’t understand what she was seeing.

Until the man in the sweater turned around…she couldn’t help but exclaim a little.


Such a beautiful person was really a man?

She suddenly became suspicious.

But if it was a girl… that whole body of scorn and hostility… it took a girl who had experienced something to become like this…

Gong Yuxue was still in shock. At that moment, Lin Jianlu beside her suddenly turned around and walked away with his long legs.

Lin Jianlu took out his cell phone to make a call as he walked.

“Hello? Uncle Shi, it’s me… That’s it, isn’t my father always funding an orphanage… yeah, that’s the orphanage. I just came over and found that a group of scumbags often come to trouble the children here. It seems that those people are also students…Well, then I’m sorry to trouble you, Uncle Shi, goodbye.”

The Lin and Gong families were also family friends. Gong Yuxue knows that the uncle Shi in his mouth was the director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau. So her eyes towards Lin Jianlu become even more admiring and infatuated.

Lin Jianlu would come to the orphanage every two weeks to deliver a batch of things, or food or daily necessities. Gong Yuxue only came here to be a volunteer after knowing this.

He had always been indifferent to others, and he was only willing to say a few words to her after meeting her here.

Gong Yuxue clenched her fist slightly. She wanted to cherish this rare opportunity to be alone with him. Just when she was about to speak, Lin Jianlu turned around after the phone call, leaving her with no look.

Lin Jianlu found the old dean and borrowed the volunteer registration details to take a look.

The registration details were generally not disclosed, but the Lin Family Welfare Institute had been funding them since it opened, and Lin Jianlu was no longer considered an outsider.

With a glance at ten lines, Lin Jianlu glanced at the registration details and found the name—

Yan Han.

Sure enough, he didn’t recognize the wrong person.

So why was he here?

“Wow! The movements during the fight, although they were not standard textbook movements, they were unexpectedly effective. You should record them!” said a rough male voice in Lin Jianlu’s head.

Lin Jianlu was silent, ignoring the noisy voice.

But the voice reminded him.

At this moment, his head was full of the thin figure and wild swift movements of the man just now. They were recorded on a video tape in advance and could be retrieved at will. At this moment, they were playing endlessly in his mind.

Lin Jianlu was thinking.

The atmosphere around him automatically fell into silence, and Lin Jianlu pursed his lips in an arc that was indistinguishable from the naked eye.

Only when he encountered a problem and was in a state of contemplation would he have this subconscious action.

There was one second, two seconds, and three seconds of the brain’s rapid rotation, then three seconds later, he muttered to himself: “Excluding the effects of innate factors, according to her body shape, skeletal muscle content and hormone levels, what is the probability of her being able to produce this explosive power?”

“…You’re talking about something that I don’t understand again.” The voice in his head said painfully.

Lin Jianlu didn’t hear the same at all, and continued to deduce, “Women generally do not have the advantage against men in body and strength, so the habit of using moves and the angle of attack will be different. Although the body is quite soft, what is the probability that all shots hit by a girl would be using brute force against the enemy in a male way?”

The voice in his head drew a question mark: “???”

Lin Jianlu’s slightly pursed lips gradually relaxed, and finally turned into a shallow smile.

He said: “It’s interesting.”

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