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Shen Dongqing and the little kid sat face to face.

The little boy’s feet were dangling in the air, shaking restlessly, and he even yelled sweetly: “Dad~” There were really so many twists and turns, and the staff members next to him were heartbroken.

Only Shen Dongqing was expressionless: “How did you find me?”

The little boy took a sip of the milk given to him by the staff, and he blinked his eyes, looking almost identical to Shen Dongqing: “I have been here since… I’m here to find Dad.” He made a pitiful look again, “Will Dad not want me?”

Shen Dongqing snorted coldly: “What do you think?” The fart boy burst into tears.

Shen Dongqing: “Stop pretending.”

The kid was even more aggrieved, he acted like a baby with a child’s face, it really looked like he was being bullied.

Shen Dongqing’s headache got even worse.

This time the fan meeting went awry. The staff had heard that Shen Dongqing had been hunted down by his son from thousands of miles away. When passing by this lounge, everyone couldn’t help but take a look inside.

“Brother Shen and his son are literally carved out of the same mold.”

“Indeed, they are so cute, but I don’t know who the mother is.”

“Tch, didn’t you say that he was taken care of by a rich woman before? He must be born to that rich woman.”

“Rich woman? I haven’t heard of a rich woman raising him in the circle.”

All kinds of gossipy voices rang out, from Shen Dongqing to which rich woman took care of him. Which was why all the work slowed down.

He didn’t know which staff member sighed: “In other words, if I were a rich woman, I would also want to support a starlet, so I would support that so-and-so.”

As soon as the voice fell, the surrounding suddenly became quiet.

The staff member thought something had happened, and shrank her neck: “What’s the matter?” She turned her head stiffly and saw a man in a suit coming from the end of the corridor. He had broad shoulders and long legs and walked in front of the staff member in two or three steps.

It may be that that person’s aura was too strong, but everyone involuntarily shut their mouths.

After the man walked into one of the lounges, the spell was lifted.

One of them said: “So handsome—”

“The perfume he wears smells so good!”

Someone wondered: “Which star is this? Why have I never seen it before?”

“Do you think it is a star? This is Mr. Zhou, have you guys never watched a financial interview?”

The sharp-eyed staff member said: “Mr. Zhou is dressed like this, why does he look a bit like that kid? It seems to be the same parent-child outfit of the same brand.”

Others suddenly realized: “Isn’t he going to meet Brother Shen in the lounge?”

“Could it be—”

The staff members were all, you look at me and I look at you, and finally came to a conclusion—”Could it be that the Zhou family is raising Brother Shen?”


At this moment, the door of the lounge was pushed open, and then Shen Dongqing and Zhou Wenyan came out one after the other, followed by a little tail.

It looked like a family of three.

After the family of three disappeared from sight, someone said cautiously: “I say, it can’t be Mr. Zhou, right?” This sentence came out of nowhere, but everyone present understood it.

“No way…”

“I think it’s possible.”

Judging from the postures of the two, their relationship was indeed unusual, so the staff had a new doubt. “Has the technology to give birth to a child between two males been successfully developed?”

“Who gave birth to this child?”

Shen Dongqing asked, “He came to you first?”

Before Zhou Wenyan could answer, the little kid answered first: “Mmm, um.”

Shen Dongqing stared at the little boy for a moment, then sighed quietly: “Let’s throw it away. It’s just time to throw out the trash. Let’s throw him into the wet trash can.”

The little boy was quite worried. Shen Dongqing wanted to keep him in the game, but he didn’t know what method he could use to pass the level, but there was still a way to find it.

The little kid smiled slyly: “Now everyone knows that you are my father.”

Shen Dongqing tilted his head: “Is there any advantage?”

The little kid also tilted his head in the same way: “In this way, I can inherit father’s family business!”

Shen Dongqing:?

He looked back at Zhou Wenyan.

Zhou Wenyan was driving, with two buttons unbuttoned on his meticulous shirt, holding the steering wheel, and looking ahead seriously.

The little kid was proud: “I don’t want to be the king of ghosts anymore, I want to be a president now, I can buy whatever I want, and let anyone go bankrupt if I want them to go bankrupt.”

This matter was very persistent. He wanted to be the ghost king before, but after he couldn’t become the king of ghosts, he now wanted to be the president.

Shen Dongqing: “Have you watched too many TV shows?”

Little boy: “Can’t I?”

“Are you so big? Just thinking about inheriting the family business, you can inherit the family business, is your IQ even fully developed?”

The little boy couldn’t find a reason to refute for a while, so he turned to look for foreign aid. He lay down behind Zhou Wenyan’s seat and shouted: “Big Daddy.”

Zhou Wenyan gave a low “um”: “Let’s keep it, it won’t cost much.” After he finished speaking, he changed the subject, “But if you don’t want to, forget it.”

Shen Dongqing hadn’t made up his mind yet, when a phone call came in. Brother Lu might be the last person in the world who got to know that Shen Dongqing had a child. After he knew about it, he went non-stop to find someone to discuss how to solve it. Unexpectedly, Shen Dongqing was completely normal, and left immediately after it was over.

“When did you have a child!” Lu Ge said in a sad voice, “How did you do it?”

Shen Dongqing: “I didn’t do it.”

Lu Ge breathed a sigh of relief: “Then we are preparing a statement here. If it’s finished, let’s say this is your brother and not your son, and then you will cooperate with the company’s publicity…”

Before he finished breathing, Shen Dongqing said, “It’s my son.”

Brother Lu:???

The topic went back to the beginning: “How did it happen? Who the hell is the child?!”

Brother Lu wanted to vomit blood.

With great difficulty, his career had been rising, and while being a new star in the entertainment industry, he ended up having a child out of wedlock, and the child was even so old! Can you make me feel relieved?!

Shen Dongqing: “Oh, I picked it up.”

Brother Lu: “The one you picked up looks so similar to you?!”

Shen Dongqing said confidently: “I won’t have picked him up if he didn’t look like me.”

He didn’t know if it was because he was so angry, but Brother Lu’s brain was a little short-circuited, and he actually felt that this explanation was well-founded and convincing.

He said in a daze: “Oh, so it’s like this…”

Shen Dongqing dropped another bomb: “This little kid has no mother, but currently he has two fathers, one is me, and the other you know.”

Brother Lu subconsciously interfaced: “Who is it?”

Shen Dongqing: “Zhou Wenyan.”

Brother Lu: “It turned out to be him…” After a short silence, he screamed, “It’s Mr. Zhou!” He took the phone a little farther away, and after Brother Lu calmed down, he brought it to his ear again.

Brother Lu’s first sentence was: “Have you successfully developed the technology for two males to give birth?”

The second sentence was: “How should we write our draft?”

Shen Dongqing looked at the person beside him for help.

Zhou Wenyan stopped the car, took Shen Dongqing’s cell phone with his watch, and said, “I’ll take care of it.”

Brother Lu looked at the hung up phone, and realized belatedly that the deep voice did not belong to Shen Dongqing, but belonged to another person.

He was stunned for a while, thinking, did he really hug this thigh?

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