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The fact that Shen Dongqing was recognized by a child as his father in public at the fan meeting first created a storm among the small fan base, and then the navy went on the stage, making the incident a big deal on Weibo, and the marketing accounts made it go viral. The previous gossip successfully turned Shen Dongqing into a promiscuous, flirtatious, big-name personality.

Many peripheral fans lost their fan status, and some passers-by even turned black, until only a small group of diehard fans were still sticking to it.

Shen Luqiu, who was changed to another ward because of the collapse of the hospital bed, kept swiping his phone. After two or three days of fermentation, the navy on Weibo led unsuspecting fans and passers-by to crazily insult Shen Dongqing. He read the paragraphs of words, with a smug smile on the corners of his mouth.

The higher you stand, the harder you fall, the more fans you have before, the harder the backlash.

Shen Luqiu opened WeChat and sent a message to the navy, asking them to work harder and make persistent efforts, making Shen Dongqing so black that he couldn’t stand up again.

As a result, as soon as the words were sent, the navy over sent a message.

Navy: Brother, the situation has changed. I can’t do this anymore. I’ll accept the deposit and forget about the final payment.

Shen Luqiu:???

Shen Luqiu: What’s wrong? Someone paid more than me? I’ll pay double!

Navy: No, brother, I also have professionalism, so I won’t say much, you can go and see for yourself.

Shen Luqiu quit WeChat, and as soon as he opened Weibo, he saw a push notification: “The love affair of a well-known rich second generation as he brought his “wife” and tail to a banquet”.

It didn’t look like it had anything to do with Shen Dongqing, but he accidentally opened it, and found that the first photo in it was three people, two big and one small, wearing suits of the same color, but the decoration was slightly different, and it was obvious at a glance that they were a family of three.

Shen Luqiu’s mind was a little numb.

Because the three people above were Shen Dongqing, Zhou Wenyan, and the child who had publicly recognized him as his father before.

His fingers trembled, and he scratched down with a wooden face.

Zhou Wenyan had kept himself clean for many years. He was a well-known diamond bachelor. Many people wanted to hug this thigh, but he had never seen him look at others. It was rumored that he had a lover who had never appeared in front of the media. The gossip reporters tried their best to find out who the lover was, but all failed.

Now Zhou Wenyan brought his lover to the banquet. It was Shen Dongqing who had just been hacked into the mud. That child was also the child of the two of them, and his name was Shen Zhouzhou.

At the end there was a small interview, the reporter interviewed Zhou Wenyan, why the child’s surname was Shen and not Zhou?

Zhou Wenyan said lightly: It’s all trivial matters, I listen to Dongqing in all this.

The interview was full of pink bubbles.

The comments below had also changed, from darkening Holly to “Ah, what kind of fairy love is this”, “Locked and locked”…

There was even a #Male children on the hot search list. The topic of #Male children was suddenly pushed to the top ten.

Shen Luqiu stared at the photo, his eyes almost burning through the screen, as he resisted the urge to vomit blood, and called the man in Tang suit.

“That unlucky ghost is useless after all!” Shen Luqiu questioned, “Why is Shen Dongqing still doing well now?”

The man in Tang suit didn’t pay attention to the news of the entertainment industry, and was a little surprised: “No way? The unlucky ghost is impossible to be useless.”

Shen Luqiu didn’t explain, and directly sent the gossip news. After reading it, the man in the Tang suit was silent for a moment, and a little confused: “Maybe it really didn’t work…”

Shen Luqiu: “Then what now? What to do? You took the money.”

The man in Tang suit: “I see, you let me think of a way.”

Shen Luqiu hung up the phone with a sullen face, and scratched his hair in agitation, but in the end, a strand of hair just fell off.

He… he was losing his hair.

While Shen Luqiu was staring at his hair in a daze, the nurse came over to remind him to take the medicine. He dumbly picked up a water glass and poured the pills into his mouth without looking at them.

He didn’t realize something was wrong until he drank half of it. He looked down and saw a centipede swimming happily in the water glass.


Shen Luqiu screamed and dropped the water glass to the ground.

The unlucky ghost squatted on the edge of the bed, covered his mouth and laughed “hee hee”.

Who says I’m useless? Aren’t you unlucky?

The man in the Tang suit hung up the phone and paced back and forth in the living room. After walking around twice, he finally made up his mind and went to the back of the room to take out a small porcelain pot.

This porcelain jar was different from others, a bloody color seeped out of the white porcelain, and the mouth of the jar was pasted with spells one by one, leaving no cracks on the face.

The hands of the man in Tang suit trembled a little.

It contained a red-clothed ghost handed down from his master, which had been sealed for a hundred years, and blood would be seen when the jar was opened.

Originally, the man in Tang suit didn’t want to use this red-clothed ghost, but… this Shen Dongqing was really evil, no matter how many schemes he made, they had all been avoided by him, so he must use ruthless tricks.

He made up his mind and tore open the spell.

As the old talisman fell down, the temperature in the room dropped a few degrees out of thin air. After all the talismans were torn off, the place was no different from an ice cellar.

The jar with the spell removed lay quietly on the table.

The man in Tang suit bowed: “I beg the immortal to help me.”

The jar still didn’t respond.

The man in the Tang suit became a little more courageous and took out a strand of hair: “Please go and take this man’s life.”

After a while, a gust of wind blew through the room, blowing the black hair out of the man’s hand, but instead of falling to the ground, it disappeared without a trace.

The man in the Tang suit didn’t dare to raise his head, and even stopped breathing for a moment. When he couldn’t see the red dress out of the corner of his eyes, he broke out in a cold sweat.

He muttered to himself: “Is this the ghost in red? It’s too scary.”


Shen Dongqing sneezed suddenly.

Brother Lu spread out a script and pushed it in front of him: “This is the script I picked for you, take a look.”

Shen Dongqing rubbed his nose and spoke with a nasal voice: “But I don’t know how to act, Ah.”

“It’s okay.” Brother Lu said indifferently, “After I brushed through your resume, the project I picked for you is a horror movie, and you don’t need any acting skills for it.”

Shen Dongqing became excited when he heard the word horror movie and looked at the cover. The words “Spooky in Red” were written in black on the bottom.

“A ghost?”

“Yes, the storyline takes place in a mansion in the period of the Republic of China, and you play the second male lead.” Brother Lu explained, “The plot is quite simple. Look, there will be no ghosts in the end anyway.”

Shen Dongqing flipped through it, and he wanted to act because of the word “ghost”, after all, who was not a ghost.

But then he asked a question: “Can I play a ghost?”

Brother Lu: “… a ghost is a woman, you can’t play it.”

Shen Dongqing: “Oh, okay, let’s play the second male lead.”

Brother Lu saw that Shen Dongqing had agreed and nodded: “Then you can pack up and join the group. The shooting will start in these two days, and the shooting time will be about one and a half months.”

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