CREG Ch. 38.2: Mysterious Waiter 4

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After speaking, he bowed his head solemnly, and then ran towards the direction of the voice with all four claws off the ground, because he heard Shen Yu’s voice.

The black cat was taken aback, and wanted to rush over to grab it forcibly, but at this moment, the person on the opposite side also appeared in sight, and its Oscar ran towards the tallest young man headed by him.

“Meow!” the black cat called out.

Xu Maomao stopped, turned around and raised his paws: “Black Lightning, I will definitely learn to dance and practice hard, it’s late, you go back quickly! I will explain clearly to my shit-shoveling officer that you just wanted to dance. I will not trouble you!”

Black Cat: “…” Internal injury, it has decided, next time it has to speak more clearly! This cat is so silly!

There were too many people, and Black Lightning, who didn’t want to cause trouble, jumped over several palaces, and then the heavy fur color quickly disappeared into the night.

And Shen Yu also rushed to his cat at this time, with a glance, then he hugged Xu Maomao, whose hair was very cold from the cold air, into his arms.

Xu Maomao saw that although he was wearing a coat, he was still wearing the same home clothes as before. One could imagine how anxious Shen Yu was when he was suddenly snatched away just now, that he came out just wearing a coat?

But here was a place of interest! How could ordinary people come in under normal circumstances?!

A few people who looked like staff members also surrounded them in twos and threes: “Mr. Shen, is this your cat?”

Shen Yu nodded while hugging Xu Maomao tightly: “Yes, I’m sorry to trouble you.”

“No trouble, no trouble, cats are playful, we don’t feel at ease if they caused any damage here.” The staff rubbed their hands with a look of rejoicing, “I just did the maintenance work of painting here yesterday, so there must be no mistakes.”

After thanking them repeatedly, Shen Yu wrapped the cold cat in a coat and returned to the fully heated car.

There was no rush to start the car. Instead, he checked Xu Maomao over and over, especially the back of the neck that was bitten, and was relieved to see that there was no wound.

“Fortunately…” he murmured, he didn’t find it after disappearing for two days like last time.

From the moment he got the traces from the app, he saw that the location was in the strictly managed Forbidden city, so he contacted people calmly, and used his connections to search the palace group as quickly as possible.

Xu Maomao didn’t know the hard work behind him, but he was still very moved, so he cupped his palm flatteringly: “Meow~~” I’m fine, don’t worry.

Then he wrote in the palm of his hand: “Are you okay, it seemed to have attacked you with electricity before.”

Shen Yu shook his head, he didn’t know what happened, those scary looking lightning bolts just disappeared in front of him.

Xu Maomao was confused by his calmness: “Don’t you think it’s fantastic?”

Shen Yu said with a straight face, “Is there anything more bizarre than your transmigration?”

Xu Maomao thought about it too, this world was too vast. His world view constructed from childhood to adulthood was completely destroyed.

“What happened to that black cat?” Shen Yu asked coldly.

Xu Maomao wrinkled his nose and didn’t know how to explain to him for a moment. If he made it too clear, he would have to drag out the red envelope group. Let’s say it’s a fan, this fan is too powerful, if Shen Yu got to know that he will teach dance to that black cat in the future, will he…won’t he think too much? Will he be jealous?

So he dawdled for a while, and wrote in the palm of Shen Yu’s hand: “It treats me as its cub.”

“…” Shen Yu’s eyes went blank for a moment, “Cub?”

Xu Maomao said guiltily: “I’ve already explained it clearly.”

Shen Yu’s face was a bit stinky: “Do you think I’m easy to deceive? That cat, isn’t it a male?”

“Male cats also have cubs.” Xu Maomao wrote weakly.

Shen Yu narrowed his eyes, “Cats are such animals, males generally don’t raise offspring, and with the posture of holding the back of your neck, they may be in heat and trying to mate with you.”

He also had had a cat as a pet for a long time. Moreover, Shen Yu who owned a pet store obviously had a deep understanding of cats, so it was obviously not easy to fool him!

Xu Maomao was caught lying on the spot, and he buried his head like an ostrich and dared not make a sound. He buried his head with his two paws, and the whole cat’s body was arched on the carpet in a round lump.

Shen Yu snorted, poked him up and stubbornly asked the bottom line: “It’s not good to be a liar.”

“… Meow.”

“Tell me, is there anything shameful?” Shen Yu deliberately provoked him.

Hmph, where is it shameful! Xu Maomao raised his head to protest, and wrote: “It’s my little fan, it’s just a little fanatical.”

Little fan would do this kind of kidnapping thing? Shen Yu narrowed his eyes and said sharply: “It likes you!”

Hey, don’t be so smart, can you!

Xu Maomao quickly wrote: “It’s just the kind of liking for idols, don’t think too much, besides, I can’t do anything with a cat!” Even if Black Lightning was really that thoughtful, he would definitely find a way to reject him.

Shen Yu finally felt more comfortable looking at this line of writing, and realized, why am I being jealous of a cat!

So his expression returned to calm, and he seriously questioned what happened tonight.

When he learned that the cat was a cat immortal capable of transforming into form, and that it was the waiter who came to make trouble on Christmas Eve, and that the cause of the trouble was the gift of “transformation pills”, Shen Yu’s softened expression turned green again.

A cat, a powerful cat! Could change form! The changed form was also very handsome!

Shen Yu looked worriedly at the innocent-looking puppet cat underneath. No matter in human or cat form, his Xu Maomao was so prosperous and beautiful, and he could dance gracefully. Surprisingly…

Shen Shi, the shit shoveling officer who had always been confident, cautious, forward-looking and strategizing, suddenly felt a crisis!

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