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After returning home, Shen Yu planned to let the frightened Xu Maomao take a good rest, but the black cat hovered in his mind like a shadow, and now that Xu Maomao was also in the form of a cat, he might be attracted by similar hormones (?), Xu Maomao might slowly change his mind, and maybe the black cat would take advantage of it!

What’s more, that black cat had an advantage that Shen Yu couldn’t match, that was, it could transform into both shapes, and it was easy for it to be a cat or a person!

He wanted to pry Xu Maomao’s heart away a little bit, but the existence of the black cat made him decide to show his heart. The devious tactics were useless, so he just hit a straight ball!

“Xu Maomao,” Shen Yu put the cat on the high-corner table so that it could be at par with him, and repeated, “Maomao.”

Eh? Xu Maomao tilted his head, his round eyes full of doubts, why was he so serious?

“I wanted to say a few words to you tonight, but unfortunately I was disturbed by that black cat.” Shen Yu was still a little angry when he said this, and said in a low voice, “Although it’s a bit early to say, but Xu Maomao, I want to let you feel at ease.”


“Since the first time I met you.” Shen Yu closed his eyes, as if he was making some difficult decision, his long eyelashes shaking all the time. Don’t look at Shen Yu who always did things slowly and easily, but his emotional slate was blank, so he was clumsy and a little shy at this time, feeling unable to speak out.

As soon as Xu Maomao heard these words, he became short of breath. The male god…would he want to confess to me…the hearts of both the person and cat were beating extremely violently at this moment, but their breathing was cautious, and the silence in the middle of the night set it off. It seemed as if the slightest change in mood could not be hidden from the other party’s eardrum.

And all the silence seemed to be waiting for a warm expression.

After a while, Shen Yu gritted his teeth, and said weakly in a tone that was about to be suffocated: “…you understand.”

Xu Maomao: “…”

Damn, I don’t understand!!!

What do you want to say in the end! Is it that sentence, is it those three words, or those four words!

Xu Maomao was in a hurry and tried to write in the palm of his hand, only to see Shen Yu who hadn’t said anything, suddenly start blushing.

And the red spread from his cheeks all the way to his earlobe, he looked very pleasant, like a very shy big boy.

Shen Yu’s lips moved, and he lowered his eyes for a while, and said stubbornly: “Well, you must know that, I have already shown it very clearly.”

“Meow!” No, I want to listen! Listen to it myself!

It was a pity that Shen Yu held back for a long time, he originally wanted to speak out in one go, but he was first disturbed by the black cat, and then defeated by his own shyness, until he was completely out of courage.

“Anyway, what I was going to say tonight was that sentence. Since you already know what it is, I won’t say it.”

Xu Maomao: “…” Is there such a show? Isn’t it a little foul?!

The blush on Shen Yu’s face slowly faded away, maybe after he decided not to speak out, he suddenly calmed down a lot, and stroked Xu Maomao forcefully and gently.

“I know this is difficult for us, because we now have an insurmountable racial barrier, but it doesn’t matter, I will accompany you to find a way to become a human being,” Shen Yu said with firmness in his eyes, “When the time comes, I’ll tell you that sentence again.”

Xu Maomao trembled all over, and for some reason, suddenly became motivated. He had fantasized about becoming a human as soon as possible, but now that the male god was willing to wait for him, his heart was even more surging!


Shen Yu smiled, and changed the topic, “Although I don’t think there is anything scary, you have to work hard and erase that black cat from your mind!” After making it clear that Maomao was not allowed to hook up with other males, Shen Yu took out a velvet jewelry box.

“Claws.” Shen Yu stretched out his hand, motioning for him to take out his claws,

Xu Maomao thought nervously: Well, why does this look like a ring? Could it be, could it be that he was acting just now, but now it was the real thing?

Thinking this, he tremblingly handed the paw into his palm, when Shen Yu opened the jewelry box and took out a thing.

—Okay, so it was a watch?

“This is a watch bracelet, I specially got it customized.” Shen Yu put it on one of Xu Maomao’s front paws, “You can dial my number by waving it like this three times, if you meet the black cat in the future again, you can call me for help immediately if it holds you hostage, and the positioning effect is better than the collar.”

This gift was worth almost seven figures, of course Xu Maomao knew nothing about it, and he was a little disappointed.

… I hate it, it’s useless to look forward to it, Shen Yu, do you focus all on your emotional intelligence in communicating with other people? There is nothing romantic about this gift!

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