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Xu Maomao began to delve into the secret of Transformation Pill. Hei Mang has already sent a text note to his private chat.

[Practice Rules of Transformation Pill.txt]

When he clicked on it, he found that there were actually two methods of practice.

[Method 1: After taking the Transformation Pill, meditate for ten minutes every three hours every day. The meditation posture is shown in Figure 1. When meditating, you need to face the sun during the day and the moon at night to fully absorb the essence of the sun and the moon]

The posture in Figure 1

The posture was very close to that used in human meditation, but for cats, this posture should be extremely uncomfortable, it could be called cat yoga, and the cat in the example picture indeed looked uncomfortable.

Xu Maomao continued to look down.

[Method 2: After taking the Transformation Pill, provide 100,000 love points every day to nourish the spiritual consciousness. Note: This method is more difficult, and it is almost impossible to truly attain the Tao if you take this path]

100,000 love points worth of daily offerings. For most cats, it was absolutely astronomical, but Xu Maomao was relieved. Now he could steadily earn more than 100,000 likes in one live broadcast, and with other love he received from human beings, he could still save a lot every day.

There were also detailed instructions in this txt, including how to use the bell to achieve the value of love to nourish the spiritual consciousness, and the duration of the practice.

Generally speaking, method 2 was quicker than method 1. After one to two weeks of nourishment, he would be able to speak out, and after one or two months of nourishment, Xu Maomao would be able to rely on his own strength to maintain daily short-term transformation. To put it simply, it was to use the love value to maintain the human form.

Although the first method was much slower, it may take ten years of practice to achieve some results, but at the same time, he would acquire more skills with the first method, and he would be able to transform into more arbitrary forms in the future.

Xu Maomao, who had just read the two methods of practice, first considered method 2, because method 2 was very convenient for him who was impatient, and it could also allow him to transform into human form in the fastest time. However, when he was preparing to formally choose Method 2, he suddenly thought of a question.

It would be fine if Oscar returned his body smoothly in the short term, but in the worst case, what if they never found him or if he refused to return to his own body, what if he had to be a cat all the time?

Even if there was enough love value supply, the lifespan of a cat was only a short ten years. What was the point of maintaining a human form for these ten years? He also wanted to write more stories for more people to read and wanted to… be with Shen Yu for a long time, well, although the two of them had not started at all, he must be allowed to dream.

After weighing the pros and cons, Xu Maomao finally chose method 1. This was a more tortuous and laborious road, but it could prolong lifespan. In the additional instructions, it was also mentioned that the extended lifespan could be long or short, and he could even truly obtain eternal life. It was said that there were very few cats that were close to eternal life, but if he practiced seriously, it was easy to extend the lifespan to the same extent as humans.

Of course, the love value could not be lowered. He didn’t know how long he would have to practice before he could rely on his own strength to transform into human form, but he couldn’t always stay in cat form. If nothing else, his serialized article would end in a while, and he still needed to write seamlessly, and he couldn’t do it without transforming. So, he would still have to rely on Dr. Mi’s transformation potion for a short time.

Thinking clearly about the future direction, Xu Maomao suddenly became much clearer, and at the same time became even more grateful to the black cat who gave him the Transformation Pill.

He was disturbed by this kindness. First, he felt that he owed Black Lightning, and second, he was worried about how to repay this generosity. He had to grasp the scale well. He still felt that Black Lightning loved him as an idol, and maybe there was a little bit more than that. But he couldn’t respond to the emotion of a cat, so he could only strangle it cruelly.

After thinking about it, Xu Maomao went to the chat group, poked into Hei Mang’s chat interface, and planned to give it a gift in return.

Hei Mang, who had already attained enlightenment, probably won’t be able to use the transformation potion and voice potion, and probably didn’t like beauty products, so maybe it would be better to give food away? So, Xu Maomao went to the rice shelf and bought five cans of each flavor in one go, and stuffed some cat toys that cats might like, such as bites, into red envelopes and sent them out together.

[Hei Mang]:

[Oscar]: Just being careful

[Hei Mang]: Don’t be so polite

[Oscar]: You have to accept this Black Lightning, or I can’t sleep or eat QAQ

[Hei Mang]:

[Oscar]: Could it be that you don’t like canned rice? How about I send you a pilaf? My shit-shoveling officer is very good at cooking

[Hei Mang]: … Your shit-shoveling officer…

He was a bit weird. Last time it obviously used lightning to attack that human. As a result, the human was not only fine, but also easily resolved it! Because of this, it didn’t dare to go to Xu Maomao easily, it thought that human might be a powerful character.

[Oscar]: My shit-shoveling officer is very gentle

[Hei Mang] sent an indifferent expression: You’d better leave him.

Xu Maomao didn’t know what to do anymore, it seemed to have a problem with Shen Yu too!

[Oscar]: I was worried after going back yesterday. It was cold outside. Do you have a place to go? Shall I find you a warm place?

Xu Maomao seriously considered that if Black Lightning was a stray cat, he could give him his original home to live in, and he could provide whatever food and clothing he needed at any time.

[Hei Mang]: Thank you, I live in the mountains.

When Xu Maomao heard this, he thought that Black Lightning must have suffered a lot. Seeing that it hadn’t opened his red envelope, he urged it to accept it, and even gave out a few more cans.

[Hei Mang] seeming very helpless: Well, I just want to go back to the mountains, the master might like these.

He didn’t expect the cool black lightning to accept it. Maybe it was used to honor its master? No matter what, Xu Maomao was very happy to share Hei Mang’s worries.

Hei Mang went offline shortly after receiving the gift, and Xu Maomao went to the cat mall for a walk again, and finally there were more varieties on the shelves.

One of them caught Xu Maomao’s attention, and that was a medicine, which came from Dotley’s grocery store. There were two types of medicine in it, one for trauma and the other for spiritual consciousness. The prices were all very scary, especially the ones with spiritual knowledge which were as high as hundreds of thousands.

There were also the cat charms, locator charms, soul-preserving jade, etc., which sounded very high-end; Dr. Mi’s magic potion had also been released in version 3.0, and there was even a new invisibility potion.

Without exception, these magical items with magical effects were very, very expensive!

For the first time, Xu Maomao felt that his assets were not enough to shop in this mall! He was simply a poor and lower-middle class peasant!

He tiredly decided that the goal of his next life as a cat was still – to be cute and earn a lot of likes!

Shen Yu found that Xu Maomao had become diligent again. He actively went to work with him, actively led the dance, and started the live broadcast with full energy.

“That’s why he wants to take human form?” Shen Yu thought happily, “Sure enough, he still wants to live in a human form, it seems that the black cat is nothing to be afraid of, and Xu Maomao has been working so hard to be with me.”

[Gained the favorite value from Shen Yu +1000]

Xu Maomao, who was practicing dancing, looked over in a daze, and saw Shen Yu’s face which was calm, but the corners of his mouth and brows couldn’t hide the pink blush on his face.

Shen Yu obviously didn’t come over to touch him, right? What was he thinking about? Had he finally learned to let go of his emotions? One thousand likes! After a few more visits, he could complete less than half of his day’s tasks!

It seemed that Shen Yu was the top priority for him to overcome in the future!


A certain unknown mountain, in front of a dilapidated temple that looked like it had been in disrepair for a long time.

A black cat leaped out of the forest with his four feet almost off the ground as it ran in the mountains, but when it reached the temple, it paused, its four white paws stopped in front of the temple and it meowed respectfully.

After a while, a bright door appeared in front of it, and the black cat walked in with a blank expression.

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