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A glimpse of the bulletin screen appeared directly in front of every game player, they did not know how to react, the whole world was silent for a few seconds, then completely boiled.

Both the world channel and the player’s splash screen was filled in all corners of the game world. However, this lively atmosphere had just started when it was forced to stop.

Because they only had ten minutes to share their excitement, to explore the huge changes in the game world, and they never thought that they would only have ten minutes.

Su Yu’s mood was also very complicated. He really didn’t think that his actions would attract such a big response. He didn’t know what to say for a while, so he could only talk to Cang Qiong with complex feelings. “I may leave here later. I am afraid I can’t stay with you for the time being. I guess I have to wait a few days to come back, but don’t worry, just put things last night, I will come to you right away, you don’t worry about me, I am safe.”

When the two were together not before, Su Yu also had to leave the game to go offline, but Cang Qiong did not ask anything, however this time the situation was obviously different.

Cang Qiong frowned and looked at Su Yu: “Why are you leaving here?”

“Because…” When Su Yu left before, it was with an excuse that he had something to deal with, so he had to leave for a while, and Cang Qiong did not ask too much. This time, the other side had to get to the bottom of it. For a time, Su Yu did not know how to explain, “Just leaving for a few days, I will come back.”

Cang Qiong shook his head stubbornly: “I know where you are going, you had to leave before, I couldn’t save you, but this time, you can stay here.”

Su Yu squinted a little, and there was a thought in his mind: “Can I stay here?”

Cang Qiong nodded, and his eyes were serious with a look of slight expectation: “You have become like me, and you can stay here forever.”

Although he didn’t know what it meant to be a **** in this game, after all, in the original story, they had never mentioned this aspect, and no game player had triggered this situation, but only from the words of Cang Qiong, Su You could also guess that after just the movement, his identity in the game should have undergone a qualitative change.

God would not be expelled from the game because God was the ruler of this continent.

As a game player, even if it was accepted as a husband with the **** of the East Magical Confucius, this rule may be determined by God itself, and the rule might be linked to the beginning of this East Magic continent.

There was also the existence of the Western Magical Continent. Although it had been mentioned in the original plot and the huge secret hidden behind this game, it did not say what the specific operation of unlocking the Western Magical Continent was.

However, since these things had already happened, it was not necessary to think about them. What mattered was what would happen later.

Since Cang Qiong said that he did not need to leave the game, Su Yu naturally believed it, and now did not think much, only relying on the heart of Cang Qiong: “I will not leave.”

Before Su Yu came here again, he changed to the game holographic cabin. According to the original owner, the reason why the holographic cabin was not equipped before was because the family was worried that he would become addicted to the game. Now Su Yu was coming, so the problem was solved naturally.

Ten minutes passed quickly, the game became more and more clean, and the remaining players became less and less. After ten minutes, the remaining few players were kicked out of the game, leaving only NPCs and monsters to hold their positions, as well as the gods Cang Qiong and Su Yu.

God, I think it is very enjoyable to think about it.

Su Yu took a hand and took the opportunity to ask: “Dear, do you know what happened with those announcements?”

“Know,” Cang Qiong nodded, his eyes fixed on Su Yu’s face. “But these questions can be answered later. We have something we must do now.”

Su Yu raised an eyebrow: “What must be done?”

“We have just married.” Although the face was cold, Cang Qiong was actually a bit shy, and was not too straightforward.

If it was in reality, there would have been no need for Cang Qiong to give hints, Su Yu would have thought of it himself, but here was the game world, and it was a very harmonious game world. In the rules of the game, certain things were not allowed. So, Su Yu did not think in that direction.

Su Yu was rarely innocent and pure for once: “What is it?”

Cang Qiong was a bit unhappy, how could he forget such an important thing?

“We should open a room.” Cang Qiong’s cold face showed a little accusation, his authentic eyes still staring straight at Su Yu.

“…” Su Yu was stunned for a moment, then hesitated.

For Cang Qiong, this game world was indeed his real world. If he refused or exposed it directly, it seemed a bit bad, but if he didn’t say it, when the two wanted to take off their clothes, he would find that the clothes couldn’t be removed, it was not very…. Hey?

This was a dilemma for Su Yu. It didn’t seem to be a good choice. He thought about it and could only be as euphemistic as possible: “Cang Qiong, it is still in the daytime, I think…”

The next moment, the winds and clouds changed, the sun started setting in the mountains, the moon came out of the east, and the bright daytime turned into a night.

Su Yu: “…” Well, you are the owner of this game. I have no opinion, but is it really not too obvious?

And I really don’t want to be jealous of you, but our current conditions really don’t allow that.

Su Yu secretly took a deep breath and pretended to have nothing to say: “Do you know what is going on in the Western Magical Continent? After unlocking the Western Magical Continent, will the two continents be opposite? And you as the East Continent’s **** of the illusion, will the mainland be affected?”

Cang Qiong continued to stare at Su Yu’s eyes, and no matter what the other party said, he stared at it with a look of expectation, then briefly insisted on his wishes: “I want to open a room.”

Su Yu: “…” I also want to open a room, but now we really can’t open a room! (╯‵□’)╯(┻━┻

However, the attitude of Cang Qiong was so firm. It was estimated that no matter what Su Yu said, it was impossible to change his determination to open a room. In desperation, Su Yu had to reach out and say: “Then let us go home first. Anyway, there are no other people there.”

With his permission, Cang Qiong immediately took Su Yu’s waist and ran to the mansion. When he entered the door, he went straight to the bedroom of the two. Su Yu did not even have a chance to say a word in the whole process. He could only say snarkily in his heart. As a flower of Gaoling on a snowy mountain, was it really appropriate to be so interested in this kind of thing?

This should be considered a collapsing of the image?

Right? This must be a man who has collapsed. There is wood!

When Cang Qiong moved gently to put Su Yu on the bed, Su Yu had begun to think about how to comfort the first time after his loved failed after asking for such a request and greet the lover who faced such a tragic ending.

Amidst such entangled thinking, Su Yu’s clothes were slowly pulled away by the pale, pale, almost translucent fingers.

Pulled open…



Su Yu seemed to hear the echo from his head, the voice was so ethereal and unreal.

“What’s wrong?” Cang Qiong saw Su Yu’s sly expression, and unhappily pinched Su Yu’s face. “You can’t think of anything else.”

“I didn’t think about anything else, I just…” Suddenly he felt that he was just stupid about thinking about the problem, and… wasn’t he like a god, would he really be bloody?

The following facts proved that Su Yu really thought too much again. Although the energy of Cang Qiong was really good, the Su Yu of today was no longer a mortal.

A **** was like this by another god. Even if the time was long, the number was many, the pattern was many, but he would naturally not fall to his death.

However, when Su Yu finally realized this problem, the question he considered had already become, why was it so long after being tossed, he still did not die? _(:з”∠)_

And… this was not scientific at all!

Why could he do this kind of thing in the game!

“A Yu, are you awake?” Cang Qiong held Su Yu and turned over, and the voice was full of meaning.

In this case, Su Yu could only squint and say: “Not yet.”

There was a low laugh behind him, very low and pleasant: “A Yu is a little liar, but I like it.”

“…” Su Yu felt that this word was not suitable for him at all. It seemed that the image of the lover from home had collapsed quite thoroughly. “I feel a little hungry. Let’s go eat something first.”

In this game, in order to improve the player’s real experience, there would be a sense of hunger, and when you ate, you could taste it as you could in reality, but Su Yu was now a god, obviously not attached to this law.

Cang Qiong knew that Su Yu would not be hungry, but he still prepared a lot of delicious food for him: “Well, I have already ordered the best restaurant in the main city to prepare the food. We will go straight there.”

Su Yu nodded silently, the lover was such a cow X, so that people did not need to open the mouth, they could directly command.

After a few days, Su Yu finally came down from the bed. It was really gratifying. Then when he finally got out of the house, he suddenly found out that there were a lot of people on the street.

So, in the few days he was lying in bed, the game had been updated?

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