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This banquet was probably some kind of brand press conference. There were celebrities coming and going, and some reporters with long and short cameras were guarding the door.

Shen Dongqing followed Brother Lu to the red carpet, but probably because he did not have a high enough coffee position, no reporter took pictures of him, and he walked into the banquet scene in no time.

Brother Lu and Shen Dongqing stood in the corner, and he warned: “You stay here, I’ll go get in touch with other directors, and see if I can get you a supporting actor role.”

Shen Dongqing actually wanted to say that, he didn’t know how to act, so there was no need to waste time. But when he saw Brother Lu walk away arrogantly, he didn’t have the nerve to say it.

He stood alone in the corner for a while, feeling a little bored, so he ignored Brother Lu’s warning, and walked towards the middle of the banquet – there were four or five long tables placed there with various snacks on the tables.

This was a buffet-style banquet. For the convenience of eating, there were some cakes, snacks and Western snacks on the table.

It was just that the people who came and went at the banquet were all celebrities. In order to maintain their image, they usually chatted with a wine glass in their hands at most. But soon, there was a misfit among the group of elites.

Shen Dongqing walked over, without any scruples about his image, he directly took some snacks on a dinner plate, then he started eating it standing in an unobtrusive corner.


Shen Dongqing sighed as soon as the crispy snacks were placed in his mouth: “It’s a pity.”

It was a pity that no one would touch such delicious food. It was a waste of the chef’s efforts.

With the excuse of not wasting the chef’s intentions, Shen Dongqing ate the food on the plate in two or three bites and went back to the long table to pick out from the uneaten food.

Boston lobster, veal steak, shrimp balls with cheese…

Shen Dongqing picked them so carefully that he didn’t even notice a person walking by.

“It seems that you have given up on yourself, and you don’t even need to maintain your figure.” A slightly mocking voice sounded from the side.

Shen Dongqing picked up a strawberry cheese tart, and belatedly turned his head: “Are you talking about me?”

Out of nowhere a young man, wearing a silver-gray suit, holding a glass of red wine in his hand appeared, looking at Shen Dongqing with condescending contempt.

“Apart from you, who else is here?”

Shen Dongqing took a bite of the bright red strawberry cheese tart, and said, “Isn’t there still you here?”

The young man frowned slightly, and said with disgust, “I didn’t expect that when I saw you in a few days, you would have just given up on yourself like this, you really can’t support the wall with mud.”

Shen Dongqing tilted his head, a little puzzled: “We know each other?”

The young man said “Heh”: “You have learned to pretend to be crazy, who am I? Don’t you know?”

“Are you famous?” Shen Dongqing thought for a while, and then listed several names in succession, all of which were popular celebrities, even those who didn’t follow the entertainment circle would know, “Are you one of them?”

The young man’s expression was a bit ugly: “You…”

Shen Dongqing blinked and said, “If not, then how could I know you?”

“Shen Dongqing!” The young man called out his name.

“Hey.” Shen Dongqing responded, “What’s the matter?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he didn’t see what the young man had done, but the red wine glass in his hand was turned down, and it all spilled on his suit, which was very conspicuous.

Shen Dongqing subconsciously took a step back and protected the food in his hands. At this moment, the young man let out an exclamation, which attracted the attention of others.

The banquet hadn’t officially started yet, and the invited guests were all talking in low voices, and brisk music was playing around them, so the sound of the young man attracted a small amount of attention.

After a while, a young man with a sense of justice came out of the crowd: “Luqiu! What’s wrong?” He strode over, then without even seeing the situation clearly, he said, “Shen Dongqing, what are you going to do?? Do you still hold a grudge against Luqiu?”

Shen Dongqing suddenly realized: “So you are Shen Luqiu.”

When he came, Brother Lu kept thinking about letting him stay away from Shen Luqiu. He was very impressed. Although he didn’t know why, he obediently agreed. Now that he looked straight at it, he understood why Brother Lu would say that. Shen Luqiu’s brows were blackened, and he was very unlucky at first glance. He just borrowed a bit of luck out of thin air to barely suppress it, otherwise he would have died on the street long ago.

After the young man talked for a while, he pulled Shen Luqiu to wipe the red wine on him, but he was wearing a silver-gray suit, which not only couldn’t be wiped clean, but became more and more dirty.

Shen Luqiu said gently: “Forget it, I believe Dongqing didn’t do it on purpose, I’ll just go and change.”

Sure enough, such a move won the approval of others.

The young man: “But you came with Fang Shao, and the clothes are also given by Fang Shao…”

Before he could finish speaking, the crowd of onlookers suddenly stepped aside, and a figure walked over, looking very distinguished.

“Luqiu, I heard that something happened to you here, what’s the matter…”

The young man immediately complained: “Luqiu was kind enough to say hello, but he deliberately bumped into him, and the red wine was spilled on him, look at it, Young Master Fang, these are the clothes you gave to Luqiu.”

Shen Luqiu: “It’s all right, he didn’t mean it.” Even though he said that, there was still a glint of complacency in his eyes.

This Young Master Fang came from a wealthy family and had an extraordinary background. It took Shen Luqiu a lot of ways to climb up to him. If he could make him angry, Shen Dongqing would never be able to appear in the entertainment industry again and would be trampled into the mud.

The young man added fuel because of jealousy from the side: “Did he not do it on purpose? Luqiu, he just saw your good temper and knew that you came with Fang Shao, so he dared to do this…”

Watching the excitement was no big deal, so more and more people came over, and some reporters kept taking pictures, planning to release a breaking news at night.

Brother Lu, who had just finished talking with the director, came back, and what he saw was this big scene. His heart skipped a beat, and he finally squeezed in. Sure enough, he saw Shen Dongqing standing in the center of the storm.

Looking at the other parties involved, Brother Lu suddenly felt like crying.

Didn’t you say you won’t cause trouble? Unfortunately for Shen Dongqing, he didn’t succeed in doing any of the things he agreed to do. Not only did he offend Shen Luqiu, but he also offended that big shot. How could he be so unlucky!

Seeing Fang Shao walking towards Shen Dongqing, Brother Lu was already planning to find two more new recruits from the company.

Fang Shao listened to the ins and outs and raised his eyes to look at the “culprit”, but his gaze stayed there and before he could get angry and question him, the emotion on his face changed, and he didn’t speak for a long time.

Shen Luqiu couldn’t help being proud.

Seeing Fang Shao like this, he must be very angry, and Shen Dongqing must not end well.

Holding a plate, Shen Dongqing hesitated and said: “Fang…”

Young Master Fang’s expression finally froze, he grasped Shen Dongqing’s free hand, and sincerely shouted: “Father!”

The onlookers: ?

Shen Luqiu’s smile burst open.

Shen Dongqing was used to it. After all, Fang Qi also called him “Dad” all the year round in the game. He was very calm when he had an extra 20-year-old child out of thin air: “Oh.”

Only after Fang Qi spoke out did he realize that something was wrong and quickly explained: “Although we met for the first time, I think you are very kind and like my elder!”

After the game, Fang Qi’s memory was erased, but this did not prevent him from hugging Shen Dongqing’s thigh reflexively.

The onlookers were shocked.

Only the gold master had ever been the godfather of a starlet, this one was good, he just found a new way to be the gold master’s father? And this Fang Shao seemed to be very happy to be a son.

Shen Dongqing felt the strange looks from the surroundings and withdrew his hand: “You don’t have to be too polite.”

Fang Qi changed his address graciously: “Brother!” Can’t keep up.

The young man still didn’t give up, he jumped out and said: “Young Master Fang, this…”

Fang Qi didn’t even look back at him, and just waved his hand: “It’s just one piece of clothing, I’ll give you ten pieces later, and I’ll be more careful in the future, don’t bump into my brother.”

After finishing speaking, he then turned back and asked with concern: “Brother, are you tired of carrying the plate, do you want me to serve it to you? And do you want the endorsement of this brand? My family invested in it, so I can give it to brother…”

A farce got over just like this, the onlookers were in a state of you look at me and I look at you, and dispersed in twos and threes.

Brother Lu, who was still on tenterhooks just now, raised his eyebrows, as all those little stars and directors all came up to make friends. He glanced at Shen Luqiu proudly as while he was surrounded, he turned to leave.

In just a short moment, only the young man was left around Shen Luqiu.

The young man: “Luqiu?”

Shen Luqiu sullenly said: “Shut up!”

The young man was frightened for a moment, it was as if he had seen Shen Luqiu for the first time, he didn’t even dare to say a word, as he just watched Shen Luqiu leave the banquet.

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