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Xu Maomao was still a little frightened when he saw him, but he relaxed when he saw that it was the waiter, he thought that he just had a guilty conscience! As soon as he relaxed, he quickly turned away from the waiter’s face greedily, and his eyes fell on the dinner plate in his hand, which was covered with a round arch, and he didn’t know what it was.

He saw the waiter put a dish covered with a lid in front of Xu Maomao’s table – not in the middle, but at Xu Maomao’s dining place, making it clear that it was especially for him.

Shen Yu prepared something especially for him? Still so mysterious? ——Xu Maomao, who had a big brain hole, had a funny idea at that moment. Could it be that if he opened it, he would find out that it was an engagement ring… Ah, bah, bah, was he addicted to writing novels? How could there be such a bloody god development! They had only just met!

Amused by his shameless expectation, Xu Maomao giggled foolishly, rubbing his hands together in excitement, he raised his head and politely asked the waiter: “What is this?” Then he saw a handsome face in his early teens.

This waiter was quite handsome, even evilly handsome, with very black hair and gloomy eyes, but a few blond hairs were mischievously dyed on his head. But what surprised Xu Maomao was his pair of upturned eyes. He was looking at him with a very… serious look, as if the other party had waited for a long time and finally had a chance, so he couldn’t wait to see him enough.

But soon the focus was fleeting, and the waiter lowered his eyes and replied, “Whatever you see, that’s what it is.”

Huh? What’s the meaning? Guess what?

Xu Maomao didn’t think much about it, and quickly giggled and said: “Arctic shellfish!” He really liked the crispy taste of the arctic shellfish in this store.

The waiter slowly lifted the lid.

Sure enough, it was an Arctic shellfish! But why only one piece?

He saw a small piece of meat alone on the huge dinner plate, and there was no fancy flower decoration, it was very plain and unpretentious.

“This is our new Yusheng product, and it’s only one serving.” The waiter said slowly, his voice was quite special, it didn’t match his young appearance, it was a bit deep and hoarse like a smoker’s voice.

Xu Maomao tilted his head: “Is it a food tasting event?”

The waiter didn’t reply but lowered his eyes and a faint light flashed in his eyes.

Xu Maomao took it as acquiescence, so he raised his head, and said to that person with a smile: “Thank you.”

The waiter stared at him, and after a while, smiled slightly: “Take it as a gift for tonight, please try the taste, and then give me feedback.”

Xu Maomao said “yes” gratefully, and then put the piece of meat in his mouth.


That piece of arctic shellfish was still soft when he picked it up, so why did it turn into a hard lump in his mouth?! Xu Maomao just wanted to spit it out, but the thing slid into his throat with a sizzling sound!

“You…” Xu Maomao opened his eyes wide and stared at the waiter in surprise, what did you make me eat?

In the end, he saw the other party looking at him worriedly, but he just stared fixedly, without any intention of explaining or helping.

A burst of dizziness hit Xu Maomao, and Xu Maomao felt a wave of heat rushing from his throat, which made him a little delirious. Xu Maomao struggled to open his eyes wide amidst the gradually blurred vision and saw a bright golden spot on the other party’s black suit.

There was a golden bell hanging around the waiter’s neck. Its size and style were exactly the same as his own, but his own was light golden, while this waiter’s was dark golden, shining brightly.


“Oscar, happy surprise night.” The waiter whispered, reached out and touched his arm, as if sensing something carefully, and nodded in satisfaction after a while.


Shen Yu returned to the door of the box with a dinner plate in his hand, with an arched lid tightly covering it. There was a smile on the corner of Shen Yu’s mouth, and there was a faint look of anticipation in his eyes.

Hiding Christmas presents tonight on the dinner plate. He spent a lot of thought on customizing this gift. The optical molds were specially made by others, which fit Xu Maomao’s claws very well, and he would be very happy on seeing this.

With this in mind, Shen Yu tidied up her appearance in front of the door before pushing the door open.

In the end, he saw the boy who had fallen asleep on the dining table.

“Xu Maomao?” Surprised, Shen Yu strode over. He put the precious gift aside and went to help Xu Maomao whose face was deformed from sleeping.

His face was flushed, his expression was very peaceful, and his breathing was very steady. When he moved his body, he muttered something indistinctly. Shen Yu lowered his body to detect his heartbeat, which was very calm and regular. Getting too close, he could smell a sweet aroma of wine emanating from Xu Maomao’s body.

Shen Yu’s eyes moved to the bottle of ice white on the table, it was indeed empty.

“You actually drank secretly while I was away?” Shen Yu narrowed his eyes, but unfortunately the person who was sleeping soundly couldn’t respond to him.

Probably feeling the wrath of the shit shoveling officer, he swung his paw on the table and touched the covered dinner plate brought in by Shen Yu.

Shen Yu took advantage of the opportunity to lift the lid, revealing a velvet jewelry box-like thing inside. He picked it up and played with it in the palm of his hand for a while, unwillingly poking Xu Maomao’s flushed and drunken face, he said helplessly, “You greedy cat, why are you greedier than the real Oscar…” Tsk, what a rare Christmas Eve, he couldn’t even deliver the presents.

In addition to being melancholy, Shen Yu still remembered that Xu Maomao had said that the magic time was only two hours before leaving the house, and now it was almost up, so he simply waited here, planning to wait for him to change back to his original form before hugging him back.

Unexpectedly, waiting and waiting, Xu Maomao still maintained his human form and seemed to have fallen asleep. During this period, Shen Yu was also worried that something was wrong with him, and repeatedly checked his breathing and pulse several times, all were normal without exception, so he decided that he was just drunk. Shen Yu couldn’t help being a little annoyed, feeling that it was very irrational for him to drink like this.

You glutton, don’t think about having a next time!

Shen Yu really wanted to take him away, but he was worried that this guy would suddenly transform in the middle of the walk, and if someone saw it, it would be a spectacle again, so he dragged it until the restaurant was about to close before he had to leave. He hugged Xu Maomao, who was still in human form, and took off his coat to wrap it around him, exposing only the back of his hairy head.

Shen Yu walked out of the restaurant with a “big lump” of things in his arms, and the taxi he reserved in advance was already waiting outside.

After coming and going, it had been six hours since Xu Maomao turned into a human form when he got home, but he still didn’t change back!

Shen Yu carried him to the bed, first looked at him with a small lamp on for a while, then coughed, and tried to cover it up and said: “Mr. Xu, you can’t blame me for being a gentleman. If you want to sleep in my bed, you have to change your clothes.” Contrary to the honest speech, someone took off his coat little by little with bright eyes.

How do you say something? The man gave his sweetheart these clothes so that he could take them off with his own hands one day…

When the smooth chest and two pink spots were revealed, Shen Yu’s eyes suddenly darkened!

But Shen Yu, who claimed to be a gentleman, couldn’t take advantage of others, so he pursed his lips, forcing himself not to think too much about what was there, and then pushed it down with a gentlemanly face, pretending that he was just peeling eggshells!

However, when he had taken the clothes off halfway, Xu Maomao’s body changed a little.

His wrists gradually grew fluff, and then at a speed visible to the naked eye, they turned into furry cat paws. Looking again, a pair of white and tender feet also turned into hind paws. At this time, the light shattered hair faded a bit, gradually approaching the fur color of Oscar’s back, a pair of cute cat ears playfully drilled out of the shattered hair on the top of his head like buds, and a big fluffy tail grew out, very long and at one end, there was a tick in the air.

The most terrible thing was that Xu Maomao in the half-human half-cat state probably felt uncomfortable with his buttocks and tail, so he unconsciously arched his body upwards, and yelled softly: “Meow~~~”

Call it a charming meow.

This cry made thousands of turns, was provocative, and his movements caused the little thing between his legs to tremble slightly. It looked pitiful and cute, and Shen Yu’s eyes immediately burst into a perverted light!

His heart was teased until it was crisp and soft, but a certain part of his body was secretly hardened. In this situation, even Shi Geng was still a man! The concentration was almost weak, he was afraid he couldn’t care about it at this moment and rush forward!

However, the beauty had not been appreciated for a long time, and it was soon replaced by irony. Before Shen Yu could come back to his senses, Xu Maomao’s body sprouted soft fur at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the volume became smaller and smaller, and finally turned into the puppet cat he was familiar with.

Shen Yu gritted his teeth and squeezed his paw pads bitterly. Why don’t you hold on for a while longer! Can’t get enough of it!

The cat shook its beard innocently, its pointed ears fluttered twice like butterfly wings, then it nestled into a ball and continued to sleep soundly.


Shen Yu’s hands couldn’t pinch or punch. He could only adjust the cat’s posture so that it could sleep more comfortably.

After the cat was settled, Shen Yu, who was hot and dry, felt really uncomfortable. In the end, he went into the bathroom suspiciously, and didn’t come out for a long time…

So what happened in the small bathroom? Was it a distortion of human nature? Or moral decay? In short, when he came out again, Shen Yu hugged the cat in his arms resentfully with the annoyance of doing something wrong!


Xu Maomao’s “hangover” turned out to be “drunk” for a day and a night. When he opened his eyes, he saw Shen Yu who looked helpless and worried in front of the bed.

“Oh.” Shen Yu’s face was stinky, “Do you know what day it is today?”

Xu Maomao raised his head.

“December 26.” Shen Yu was very upset, “Christmas is over, don’t think about me allowing you to drink wine again!”

Christmas? Drink wine?

From his drowsiness, Xu Maomao instantly thought of the scene before he lost consciousness – the man with the bell around his neck!

“Meow!!!” Regardless of who he was, the important thing was what did he feed him?

“Don’t yell so loudly, drink some water first.” Shen Yu was about to hug him out of bed.

Xu Maomao refused his hug, but nervously opened his mouth there, vomited twice, but only spit out a few silk threads.

Shen Yu thought he was going to vomit but saw that he stopped his silly behavior and rushed to the water dispenser, and instead of drinking water, he stretched his paws into the sink to get wet, and then brushed on the ground to write.

“I may have been poisoned QAQ!”

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