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Shen Yu’s eyelids twitched, and his face was gloomy: “When? Who poisoned you?”

Xu Maomao licked his paw again, and continued to write: “Christmas Eve, you had gone out to order food. Finally, a weird waiter came in and said that there was a new product tasting event, and I picked it up and it was still an arctic shellfish, but after eating it, it became a hard lump, and then I fell into a coma!”

He wrote very fast, and his handwriting was scribbled, and even some complicated characters were only half written, but Shen Yu, who had already received the cat language translation certificate, quickly understood.

“How can you eat indiscriminately!” Shen Yu scolded bitterly, “Didn’t your parents tell you that food given by strangers can’t be eaten indiscriminately?”

In such an environment, the waiter was wearing a uniform, and the logo of the restaurant was also printed on the plate. How could a normal person think of being poisoned?

“I’ll take you to have a physical examination now.”

Shen Yu didn’t dare to delay, and quickly went downstairs as soon as he hugged him and drove to the pet hospital in a hurry.


Pet hospital.

“May I ask what’s wrong with your cat?”

Shen Yu: “It has been poisoned, please do a detailed inspection for it.”

The receptionist stared incredulously at the alive, slick and obviously very pampered puppet cat in his hand, feeling suspicious that he was a handsome and crazy adopter, but he still said: “Okay, okay, please wait a moment.”

So Xu Maomao was pressed by a group of nurses for examination, blood drawing, mouth examination, and even a small chrysanthemum check-up. Very heavy taste…

Xu Maomao was about to die of shame. When he was a cat, he was actually pressed to take a bath, but now that Shen Yu knew his real body, how could he let the other party see him being swabbed and poked in the little daisy by the nurses?!

“Meow meow meow!” The male god, please avoid QAQ!

Shen Yu cared about it, so he was confused and refused to leave, but Xu Maomao struggled desperately and refused to cooperate no matter what. The nurses had no choice but to discuss with the shit shoveling officer: “You should go out first, it looks very shy, hehe, a really humanized kitten.”

Shen Yu: “…”

“Meow!” Listen to the nurse!

“Okay, I’ll go out, be good.” Shen Yu patted his head, his eyes darkened, thinking that if there was any mistake after the inspection, he would never let that waiter go.

Not long after, Xu Maomao’s examination results came out. There was nothing wrong with it, except that there were signs of alcohol consumption. In addition, he had eaten too much raw and cold fish and had a little indigestion. The nurses laughed and said, “You are really nervous about your cat. In fact, we thought it was very healthy since it entered the hospital. Few cats can match its condition. How could it be poisoned?”

Tilting his head, he felt both relieved and puzzled, could it be that what he ate was really arctic shellfish? Was the hard lump an illusion of his memory confusion? As for the coma, maybe it really was the iced wine?

Shen Yu worried about the examination results and asked about it in detail. He didn’t understand many terms, but he listened very carefully. He didn’t thank all the nurses until he confirmed that there was nothing wrong with him and took Xu Maomao away.

But when he was sitting in the car and was ready to start, he still had a thoughtful look on his face.

“It won’t be that simple,” Shen Yu said to himself, “I’ll investigate this matter.” After all, why was the so-called “new product” being given away, only after he left the box? And he didn’t seem to have seen any promotion about the new product in the store.

So their car turned a corner and headed for the restaurant.

At this time, the restaurant was not open for meals, and there were very few people there, but Shen Yu bumped into an acquaintance unexpectedly.

“Qiao Lingfeng?”

Male God Qiao was hiding in the corner, sitting furtively with his head down. Hearing someone call him led him to turn his face in surprise, but he was relieved to see that it was his friend, and he quickly raised a finger: “Shh! Why are you shouting so loudly!”

“I’m not being loud.” Shen Yu frowned, and sat down opposite him, “There is no need to worry about fans in this restaurant, you can eat your meal with peace of mind.”

Qiao Lingfeng snorted, seeing Oscar in his arms, he immediately smiled and wanted to hug him away, but was knocked off by Shen Yu, hmph, don’t make a move on his Xu Maomao as soon as he comes up!

“Hey, can’t I even hug my little baby?”

“It’s not yours, it’s mine, how many times do I need to say it?” Shen Yu said coldly.

“Be stingy!”

Xu Maomao also glared at Shen Yu, then got up from the shit shoveling officer’s arms and handed Qiao Lingfeng his paw.

Qiao Lingfeng’s breath went short of breath, he was so cute that he just wanted to roll on the floor.

[Gained love value +500 from Qiao Lingfeng]

“Meow.” Hehe, Big Star Qiao was still so surprising, male god, don’t hinder me from making small money, learn from others!

Shen Yu narrowed his eyes, but looking at Xu Maomao’s delighted eyes, he probably guessed that he wanted to earn Qiao Lingfeng’s love value. Although he was a bit appetizing, the second-hand Qiao Lingfeng had never been too threatening in his heart. So, he could only suppress his jealousy and let Xu Maomao act cute with other men.

“You don’t work in the pet store during the day, yet you travel so far to eat?” Qiao Lingfeng asked.

“Something happened.” When Shen Yu mentioned the suspected poisoning, Qiao Lingfeng also became terrified, “Hey, my little Oscar was poisoned?”

Shen Yu: “Help me take care of him.” After finishing speaking, he warned worriedly, “Don’t kiss my cat indiscriminately.”

Qiao Lingfeng became angry, while he turned around, he immediately lowered his head and pouted his lips, trying to plot against Oscar, but Oscar very cleverly blocked him with a paw. The flaming red lips were full of rejection!

“Meow!” People should guard themselves like jade.

Qiao Lingfeng deliberately smirked and said: “Oscar, you little goblin dare to reject me? Look at me as a domineering president who wants to r**e you!”

Xu Maomao looked at him with contempt, and easily jumped away from his clutches.

Qiao Lingfeng: “…”

Very good, this was a puppet cat, now he could only watch it from a distance but not play with it up close.

Shen Yu dropped the big star who was waiting for dinner and went to find the manager on duty today.

Because many of the people who come to this restaurant were famous and rich, when the manager heard that someone pretended to be a waiter in the restaurant to deliver food to the guests on Christmas Day, and he was even suspected of poisoning, he himself was terrified without pressure from Shen Yu, so he hurriedly started investigating the schedule for the day.

Fortunately, the staff on duty that day was the same as today, so it was very convenient to check for suspicious matters.

Seeing the manager interrogating there, all the waiters denied it, so Shen Yu hugged Xu Maomao and said to him: “Oscar, can you identify who it is?”

The manager sweated profusely: “How can this cat understand…”

Shen Yu’s faint tone could not conceal the pride within: “My cat is different.”

While worried that they would be pointed out, everyone stood still curiously for Xu Maomao to identify.

Xu Maomao scanned everyone’s faces, but none of them matched the waiter in his memory, so he shook his head: “Meow~” It’s not them.

Shen Yu frowned: “No?”

The manager: “Is there something wrong? Are you sure that our store delivered food to your cat without permission? But we didn’t have any new product promotions at all that day…”

Shen Yu said in a deep voice: “Look at the surveillance video.”

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