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After walking several steps and almost entering the teaching building, Yan Han suddenly realized: Wait, so Lin Jianlu was now helping him solve the case?

He came to help him unconditionally and without even asking what was going on?

God knows that when he was called away just now, he thought he was going to be taken to the dean’s office!

Thinking about it this way, this big brother was really loyal.

He probably also wanted to resolve the matter before it got too big.

He had to say that although Luze High School had strict school rules and the disciplinary committee was always active, it was still quite humane.

If someone was unreasonable or too lazy to distinguish right from wrong, just posting it on the school bulletin board was enough to make him drink tea with the principal.

Yan Han was grateful for Lin Jianlu’s kindness and felt a little better.

He ran upstairs in three steps and came back to the Class 17 classroom. Seeing that Luo Wenlong was not there, everyone should have gone to eat by now. There was no one in the classroom at all, so he simply took advantage of this moment to go to the locker room to change his clothes.

When Yan Han had just pulled on the skirt and walked out of the locker room, Wen Juerong and others happened to return to class.

“Brother Yan!” Wen Juerong came up to him as soon as he saw him, “Are you okay? You scared me to death! That Lin Jianlu didn’t do anything to you!”

“…What can he do to me?” Yan Han was stunned for a moment.

“Uh.” Wen Juerong felt a little coy, he was overthinking it. He also automatically made up a story about the heroine being wild outside, which was exposed in front of the hero then the hero’s love turned into hate. What a big show!

Yan Han: “…”

Bloody dramas harmed young people, please watch less of them, brother.

The two stood in the locker room and talked for a while. But Yan Han’s eyes were always staring in the direction of the class door.

After a while, more and more people came back from lunch break, and it was bustling. He soon spotted Luo Wenlong among these people.

“Luo Wenlong! Stop there for me!” Yan Han shouted out, causing Luo Wenlong and the group of people around him to stop.

Luo Wenlong, who usually stayed alone, was no longer alone this time, which was quite strange.

Yan Han looked at Yu Jing and the several boys and girls from Class 18 next to him, and he had an idea instantly.

He walked towards their direction, and the other party seemed to be waiting for him to come. Except for Luo Wenlong, whose eyes were a little dodgy, the rest of them looked like they were waiting for a good show.

Facing the eyes of these people, Yan Han asked straightforwardly: “Tell me, what’s going on? Why did that love letter appear on the school bulletin board?” His attitude was carefree, and his words were straightforward without any hesitation. There was even a hint of cynicism in his tone, as if he was not affected by this incident at all and was just asking for the truth.

Such a reaction was extremely unexpected to Yu Jing and others who had already thought about the script.

Wouldn’t normal people who had their love letters and photos with other people hung on the bulletin board, be watched, verbally attacked, and thought to be a b**ch, so they couldn’t be like him…so dismissive, right?

“Yan Han! You should have some face!”

Yu Jing shouted by herself and winked at a girl next to her. The girl immediately said: “That’s right! You wrote a love letter to Luo Wenlong and still hooked up with other boys. You, you are so frivolous…you are shameless!”

As if it had been agreed in advance, once someone said this, the other people also started to curse, even the boys around Yu Jing “Tsked” a few times, and their expression seemed to say that Yan Han was a b**ch.

Being humiliated in public like this was something that most people would definitely not be able to bear.

However, Yan Han had already walked up to Luo Wenlong when they were scolding him. His eyes were almost level with him, and there was a fierceness and cruelty hidden in his delicate face, which made Luo Wenlong almost back away without holding back.

Yan Han said one word at a time: “I’m asking you what’s going on.”

His aura was so amazing, and the fierceness in his body made people feel as if they would be eaten alive by him if they didn’t give the answer to the question.

The dodginess in Luo Wenlong’s eyes became even stronger.

“What’s going on? You don’t know what you did, and you still have the nerve to ask?” Yu Jing didn’t look at Yan Han. Although she was a bit smart now, she was used to being domineering and would not allow herself to be scared like this.

“You have done something wrong and you don’t want others to expose you? When you accuse others, I advise you to examine yourself first!”

“Yes, yes.”

The corridor at the entrance of Class 17 was now crowded with people. Most of these people had just returned from watching the excitement on the bulletin board. Even if they didn’t see the excitement, they naturally knew what happened as it was being gossiped about by their classmates.

At this moment, the situation was tilted to one side. Many people agreed with Yu Jing’s words. Only a few people felt that posting someone’s love letter was too much.

After gaining support from a group of people, Yu Jing became more serious: “We just want to hang up your love letter so that everyone can see what kind of person you are!”

“So you really posted this love letter?” Yan Han asked.

“So what?” Yu Jing said bravely.

At this time, under her repeated instructions behind his back, Luo Wenlong said: “I liked you a little bit originally, but I didn’t expect you to be such a person.” There was disappointment in his tone, although he still did not dare to look directly at Yan Han.

This made Yan Han want to laugh for no reason.

Their calculation was good. The person she liked was playing tricks on her from beginning to end, using her to gain a sense of existence. They deceived her feelings but then posted the love letters she wrote to publicly humiliate her. If this matter was really put on the original “Yan Han”, the person would be probably really ruined by them.

But when it came to Yan Han, he just found it funny.

…it was really fun.

He was considered a handsome guy in the past, so he had never encountered anything like this. The eldest brother didn’t expect that after he went back to the drawing board and reinvented himself, before he could do anything, he would be in trouble… What should I call this? Scandal?

Shaking his head helplessly, he suddenly felt that this was youth.

“W-why are you laughing?” asked a girl behind Yu Jing.

It was obviously a beautiful and peaceful smile with the corners of his lips slightly raised, but Yan Han’s smile at this moment made the person opposite him shudder.

Yan Han felt that the game was over. He took out the two pages of the love letter from his pocket, held it up high and said, “I didn’t write this love letter.”

“How is that possible?” Yu Jing retorted first, “The font on it is yours! The signature is yours, and you gave it to Luo Wenlong with your own hands!”

Yu Jing’s reaction was even greater than that of the person involved. Who was with whom now? Damn it, whoever wanted to mess with him behind the scenes had been solved.

The truth came to light, but Yan Han couldn’t figure it out. He had insulted Yu Jing in public, but was the other party so vindictive? Did she want to cause a big drama wanting him to kill himself?

Yan Han was doubtful in his heart, but he didn’t show it at all on the surface.

As for this letter, it was written by the original owner, so it was really not written by him. Yan Han was not lying.

At this time, he said seriously: “I really didn’t write it. You can carefully compare the fonts. Although the fonts are very similar, one’s writing habits cannot be changed. For example, I like to write horizontal fold hooks. Just pause before the hook, and for example, when I write a horizontally bent hook, I never write the last stroke of the hook.”

Just now, when Lin Jianlu said that his handwriting was good, he took a look at it, and he didn’t know if the system set it up intentionally. At first glance, the characters looked similar to his, but the details were completely different.

Yan Han himself wouldn’t have discovered this before. After all, he hadn’t written with a pen for many years.

But who told him to be studying hard these days! He also sorted out the two characters for dog that he had almost forgotten in the past. Unexpectedly, they all came in handy here.

“But you can’t prove that you didn’t write this letter. What if you did it on purpose?” someone on the other side asked.

Yan Han: “I deliberately changed my writing habit? Is it because I thought someone would hang my letter on the bulletin board in the future?” He pretended to be confused, his eyes were full of innocence, and he actually caused the people around him to waver, and they couldn’t help but feel that what he said made sense.

The “think tank” behind Yu Jing looked at each other. At this time, Yu Jing said with a smile: “If you really didn’t write it, who could it be? Who is so boring and does so many things to frame you deliberately?”

“That I don’t know.” Yan Han shrugged.

He suppressed his psychological resistance and started today’s performance: “Maybe someone is unwilling to be rejected by me, so maybe they want to blame me.”

“F**k! What did you say!” Yu Jing and others would never have thought that he was so good at knocking people down, obviously…

“Luo Wenlong and I are from the same hometown, and he has hinted that he is interested in me more than once. Don’t you know? We went to cram school together during the winter vacation. He often looked back at me during class, and often offered to take me home.”

At first, he was extremely uncomfortable with saying these words. In the past, the eldest brother would never pull out these things if he could help it.

But now this was a new environment. Fighting was strictly prohibited in Luze High School. It was too stupid to do it in public, so he could only compromise.

Fortunately, he got used to it as he was talking, and Yan Han became more and more enthusiastic as he talked.

He patted his chest and said shamelessly, pretending to be innocent: “But I just want to study hard. How could I have a date with him?”

The words came out of Yan Han’s mouth, and he felt extremely…

But really, when thinking about his performance in class and homework these two days, the eyes of people in Class 17 changed when they looked at Luo Wenlong.

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