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After seeing Huo Cheng off, Duan Yihua and Hu Ying came downstairs together.

Duan Yihua’s face didn’t look good.

Duan Yihua was embarrassed after meeting Zhai Xingchen.

After the drunkenness passed, he was imprisoned again. The reason why he got up so late today was because as soon as he woke up, thinking of his explicit behaviour last night, he was so ashamed that he didn’t know how to face the whole world.

It was just that he liked a man ten years younger than himself, but he was so proactive that when he was drunk, he couldn’t stop himself from grabbing the other man’s arm.

There were so many cameras in the box at that time, they must have been captured.

And the text message he sent, why did he feel so ashamed.

He actually left a blank message, which meant that he had a lot to say and didn’t know how to say it.

It was too pretentious, like a little boy.

Zhai Xingchen tried his best to behave as usual and said, “Brother Duan, do you want breakfast? I left breakfast for you.”

“It’s too late, I have to leave quickly.” Duan Yihua said.

Hu Ying glanced at Duan Yihua silently and helped him carry his luggage downstairs.

Hu Ying felt that the atmosphere at the moment was simply weird.

Just yesterday, he was still bringing Duan Yihua and Zhai Xingchen together!

Hu Ying secretly observed Zhai Xingchen’s eyes. He found that Zhai Xingchen was still as shy and happy as usual towards Duan Yihua.

The three of them had their own thoughts. Zhai Xingchen reached out to take the suitcase from Duan Yihua’s hand. Duan Yihua gave it to him, and then went to get a sandwich to eat. He hurried out before finishing the meal.

Duan Yihua escaped. When Hu Ying and Zhai Xingchen sent him off, he only waved his hands lightly and looked like the thirty-year-old successful man again.

When he came here, Duan Yihua had no intention of falling in love.

He came to participate in this variety show mainly to promote their milk tea brand, and because they were also sponsoring this show.

As the oldest among the guests, the only ones he noticed at first were Huo Cheng and Pei Xu.

Now, a twenty-year-old male student attracted all his attention, making him want to run away.

Duan Yihua thought that maybe he could calm down after three or four days apart.

A few minutes later, Zhai Xingchen and Hu Ying got into Pei Xu’s car.

Hu Ying asked Zhai Xingchen to sit in the passenger seat.

Pei Xu felt relaxed as never before.

The weather was very good today. After yesterday’s rain, the sky seemed to have been washed with water. There was no cloud in the blue sky. Because Hu Ying had to go to the Citizen’s House to do something, they sent Hu Ying to the new district first.

“Hu Ying.” Zhai Xingchen called.

Hu Ying, who was sitting in the back row, responded when he heard this. His makeup today was extremely delicate and he looked more like Chanel on earth: “What?”

Zhai Xingchen turned around and said, “Why do I feel that you are acting weird today? You are not in a good mood.”

Hu Ying said: “Maybe I didn’t get enough sleep. I slept very late yesterday.”

“Then you nap a little longer.” Zhai Xingchen said.

They sent Hu Ying to Citizen’s home. Zhai Xingchen asked, “Do you want us to go with you?”

Hu Ying shook his head and said, “It may take half an hour. You can go to the square behind to watch the pigeons.”

Behind the Citizen’s House was a huge forest park. There was a music stand at the door. People often fed pigeons there. It had even become one of the famous tourist attractions in Nancheng.

Zhai Xingchen asked Pei Xu: “Are you going?”

Pei Xu closed the car door: “Let’s go.”

Who knew that they had just taken two steps when they heard someone shouting: “Zhai Xingchen!”

Zhai Xingchen looked back and saw that it was a staff member of the program team.

The other party ran over holding a handheld camera: “You have to take this.”

Zhai Xingchen took it and asked, “Have you been following us?”

Pei Xu reached out and took the camera: “Give it to me.”

The staff seemed to be a little afraid of Pei Xu, and said hurriedly: “You take the pictures yourself, we won’t follow!”

This was still enough!

Because it was a working day, there were not many people in the park. There was only an old man and a three- or four-year-old child feeding the pigeons there.

“Do you want to feed them?” Pei Xu asked.

Zhai Xingchen said: “I didn’t bring anything.”

“It’s for sale.” Pei Xu said and walked to the small pavilion next to him, and soon bought some bread.

Zhai Xingchen took the bread and ran to feed the pigeons. The pigeons were used to being fed by people and were not afraid of people at all. Seeing Zhai Xingchen throwing bread crumbs, many of them flew over.

Pei Xu adjusted the camera and filmed Zhai Xingchen.

With the camera, he had a reason to stare at Zhai Xingchen. In his lens, only Zhai Xingchen’s face was left, with each of his frown and smile maximized. Zhai Xingchen’s eyes were so bright, his lips were so red, his nose was straight, and his skin looked white and transparent in the sun. His neck was white and slender, giving him a bright and youthful look. A pigeon flew directly onto his shoulder. Zhai Xingchen said hurriedly: “Look, they are not afraid of people at all.”

Pei Xu just laughed. There was no camera pointed at him. He smiled completely unconsciously and from the bottom of his heart. He moved his eyes away from the camera to look at Zhai Xingchen in front of him, and then lowered his eyes to look at Zhai Xingchen in the camera.

He had never liked a person so much, with a heart that was so clear and joyful.

Zhai Xingchen turned around and gave him half of the bread: “Are you feeding them?”

“Give me a handful.” Pei Xu stretched out his hand.

Zhai Xingchen took a piece of it and gave it to him.

Pei Xu put the crumbs in the palm of his hand and stretched out his hand to wait for the pigeons to eat. Zhai Xingchen saw a water box next to him and was about to reach for it when a pigeon fluttered towards him. He quickly retracted his hand. The pigeon landed on the water box and splashed water all over him.

Zhai Xingchen stood up quickly. There was still dirt in the water, making his shirt wet.

Pei Xu reached out and touched his pocket and said, “Wait a moment.”

He took the camera to the kiosk and soon bought a pack of tissues.

Pei Xu put the camera on the ground, bent down and wiped it for Zhai Xingchen a few times, and finally said, “I have clothes in the car. Go and change these clothes.”

The two of them got back to the car, and Pei Xu took a suit jacket from the trunk and gave it to him.

Zhai Xingchen unbuttoned his shirt. Pei Xu glanced at the camera in the car, then reached out to block the lens. He was sitting in front and did not turn his head.

Just because he didn’t turn his head didn’t mean he wasn’t looking.

He leaned on the seat, looked in the rear-view mirror of the car, and saw Zhai Xingchen’s white arms.

Zhai Xingchen was the whitest person he had ever seen in real life, so white that he shone.

There was only a few centimetres of difference in height between Zhai Xingchen and Pei Xu, but Pei Xu’s suit jacket was still very loose on him after he put it on. His shoulders were not as broad as Pei Xu’s wide shoulders, nor were they as thick. After putting on the suit, the whole thing looked a little bit like… He couldn’t hold it up.

But Pei Xu’s heart felt very hot.

His clothes, the clothes that had wrapped him, now wrapped Zhai Xingchen.

Just this thought made him nervous.

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