TCYEC Ch. 42

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Xue Chengxiu had recently been busy tearing down his home with the Pei family. After all, the Xue family was a hundred-year-old family who had survived many disasters. It had lush branches and deep roots, and he wanted to uproot its most important backbone. It was not an easy task. Fortunately, the Xue family has an unscrupulous descendant who came to cheat his father, saving him a lot of effort.

After Xue Chengji and Mrs. Xue confirmed that they would be extradited back to China, Xue Chengxiu finally had time to pay attention to his two children.

The small one is pretty good. Everyday life is about eating, drinking, playing, and having fun. Except for getting fatter than a bear cub, he is reassuring for this Dad.

The big one however was getting busier and busier. Both of them got busy and haven’t seen each other for several days.

On a rare day off, the father and son both lie lazily on the sofa, each with a tablet in hand, and the postures exactly the same. If there were some small snacks at hand, it would be even more perfect.

It’s a pity that people who can make snacks don’t have a rest day. They made breakfast early in the morning and ran away.

“Dad, brother is good-looking.” Child Mu Mu raised the tablet in his hand, and an enlarged photo on the tablet was a still picture of Yu Siyang and Zhan Heng in the same frame.

Xue Chengxiu took the tablet computer in his son’s hand and exited the photo preview. Seeing that his son was watching Yu Siyang’s Weibo, he clicked twice.


“Son, let’s go find your brother Yangyang to play, how about it?” Xue Chengxiu brought his son over and poked the fleshy cheek.

“Look for brother, look for brother…” Xue Yunmu immediately jumped on the sofa excitedly, but did not forget to complain to his father: “My brother hasn’t made pigs in a blanket[1] since a long time.”

Xue Chengxiu picked up his son and went upstairs to change clothes. “You still want to eat pig buns, no matter how fat you are, your brother Yangyang won’t be able to hold you. “

Whether you want brother Yangyang to hug you or eat pig buns, Xue Yunmu put his arms around his father’s neck and pondered this dilemma seriously. In the end, eating pig buns still prevailed, “Daddy can hold, brother can make pig buns, and I will eat them.”

Xue Chengxiu was amused by his son’s greedy little appearance.

Hengsheng Capital was one of the investors in the movie “The Traitor”. The producer received a call saying that the investor boss was coming to visit the crew and immediately waited outside the studio.

After waiting for more than half an hour, he saw a black Bentley approaching. A tall bodyguard came down from the driver’s seat and opened the rear door. The one who got off first was a chubby boy who was about 3 or 4 years old. Then came out Hengsheng’s boss.

“Mr. Xue, long time no see, long time no see.” The producer stepped forward and shook hands with Xue Chengxiu.

“Supervisor Wang.” Xue Chengxiu shook hands with the other party, then bowed his head and said to his son: “Why aren’t you calling Uncle?”

“Uncle.” Xue Yunmu called people cutely.

“Hello, kid.” The producer squatted down and looked at the child. “How old are you?” Xue Yunmu raised three fingers and said, “Three years old.”

“My son is curious about how the movies are made. So, brought him over to take a look. It won’t bother you.” Xue Chengxiu explained.

“No, no.” The producer stood up and shook his head hurriedly.

Although there are rumors that the Xue family in the imperial capital was not faring well, no one in Yunzhong City or even the entire Chinese business community dared to underestimate the man who founded the Hengsheng Group.

When everyone didn’t even know that Xue Chengxiu was the heir of the Xue family of the imperial capital, this person had led Hengsheng to gain a firm foothold in shipping. But the Xue family was not in shipping, Xue Chengxiu was still able to devour a big piece of shipping pie. The little people like them didn’t know the story behind it, but Xue Chengxiu’s strength was obvious to all.

Hengsheng Capital is the biggest investor in their movie. The owner’s thighs must be firmly hugged. How can it bother them? It won’t bother at all.

“Mr. Xue, please.”

While leading the way for the Xue family and his son, the producer praised Xue Yunmu’s appearance, figure, IQ and other aspects, and praised so much that Xue Yunmu’s face was almost as red as tomatoes. He took his father by the hand and shyly hid behind him.

As soon as they entered the set, they saw Yu Siyang in a heavy costume sending Zhan Heng flying with a kick. Zhan Heng was dragged by wires to the ground and he heard a familiar voice applauding: “Great kick.”

Xue Chengxiu looked over and saw Wei Xiaofeng standing outside the shot with his arms clasped and an arrogant look on his face.

“Brother Yangyang.” Xue Yunmu exclaimed cheerfully, pointing to Yu Siyang who was playing in the scene.

Wei Xiaofeng heard the voice of a child and turned around to see Xue Chengxiu holding his son.

“Mr. Xue.” Wei Xiaofeng greeted Xue Chengxiu casually, and squatted in front of Xue Yunmu, stretched out his hands, “Mu Mu, do you remember Uncle Xiaofeng? Come and hug me.” Mu Mu obviously didn’t remember Uncle Xiaofeng anymore. He hugged his father’s legs and hid behind him. He stuck out half of his head and waved at Luo Peng, “Uncle Big.”

The little fat man greeted Luo Peng on his own initiative but refused to let him hold him. Wei Xiaofeng was heartbroken, and decided to anger Little Fatty’s father, “Mr. Xue, what are you doing here?”

“Are you here to visit Zhanheng on the set?” Xue Chengxiu asked in order not to answer his question.

“Who would visit him, I have nothing to do with him.” Wei Xiaofeng snorted coldly, “I’m from Xiaoyu’s team, and a child-like Xiaoyu who was so well- behaved is all broken by you guys. “As he said, he gave Luo Peng a ferocious look.

Luo Peng pretended not to see it. He squatted with Mu Mu and shared the chocolate beans brought by the child.

“It’s been several years, are you still angry with Zhanheng?” Xue Chengxiu asked.

When Zhan Heng refused to Wei Xiaofeng, it happened to be seen by Xue Chengxiu, who was passing by. Therefore, Mr. Xue, who was rarely gossipy, was caught by Wei Xiaofeng, who became nagging because of a broken love. He vomited a lot of bitterness and so Xue Chengxiu understood the whole story.

Xue Chengxiu was not sympathetic to Zhan Heng’s agenda, but he is one of the cash cows of his own company. In order to maximize the surplus value of Zhan Heng, Xue Chengxiu will occasionally help Zhan Heng kindly.

“Huh!” Wei Xiaofeng copied him and refused to talk about Zhan Heng. He changed the subject bluntly, saying: “I heard Xiaoyu say that his company’s assets have been transferred and can be recovered.”

“Only part of it can be recovered. “Xue Chengxiu said, and then turned the subject back, “When do you plan to forgive Zhan Heng?”

Wei Xiaofeng said angrily: “Mr. Xue, when did you become such gossip.”

“Just when I saw people making a CP of Yangyang and Zhan Heng.” Xue Chengxiu said.


Wei Xiaofeng turned his head away with some guilty conscience.

When the topic of #ZhanHeng’spartner# became hot on the Internet, the manager of the media department handed in a plan to take this opportunity to bundle Zhan Heng and stir up Yu Siyang. Wei Xiaofeng thought, anyway, they are all artists from the same company, and Zhan Heng, this bastard, doesn’t need to be in vain, so he agreed to the media manager’s plan.

No one knew that the big boss of the company would come to him, and he would talk strangely.

“It’s just to take advantage of Zhan Heng’s popularity. This kind of group CP is a common hype method now, and fans will not mind.”

“I mind.” Xue Chengxiu said straightforwardly, Wei Xiaofeng’s face turned green. At first glance, this kind of scandal is fake. What’s the problem? Proper speculation can increase Xiaoyu’s hype. But this boss just comes to join in the fun.

“If you don’t mind, why do you have to target Yi Jiaojiao when you catch any opportunity these years?” Xue Chengxiu said sharply.

Wei Xiaofeng: “…” It’s really annoying to have a boss who dismantles his high ground at every turn.

“Targeted well.” Xue Chengxiu patted Wei Xiaofeng on the shoulder and encouraged: “Work harder.” How good is that old woman Yi Jiaojiao that Yang Yang called her a goddess, he must have been biased by aesthetics.

Wei Xiaofeng’s mood at this moment was indescribably complicated. It was rare that his boss and himself are on the same front, but he is not happy, and feels depressed as if sewing a wedding dress for others[2].

After Xue Chengxiu encouraged Wei Xiaofeng, he led his son towards Yu Siyang, who was applying makeup for the scene.

“Brother Yangyang.”

Xue Yunmu was pulled by her father just now to prevent him from disturbing Brother Yangyang’s work. Now Brother Yangyang is not working anymore, he hurried forward happily and threw himself at him. Yu Siyang, who was applying makeup, fell to the ground.

“Oh, where did this kid come from,” the makeup artist exclaimed, “Come on and help Yu Siyang up.”

Yu Siyang hugged the kid thrown in his arms and sat up from the ground, surprised. “Mumu.”

“I’m sorry, brother, Mumu has caused trouble.” Xue Yunmu realized that he seemed to be in trouble, hugged Yu Siyang’s neck, and embarrassedly rubbed his cheek to act like a baby.

Sitting on the ground, Yu Siyang also saw Xue Chengxiu who looked down at them with a smile, and was slightly surprised, “Mr. Xue.” He wanted to stand up while holding the fat boy in his arms.

However, this was still a difficult movement for Yu Siyang, who has thin arms and legs. He exerted a bit of strength, but only swayed his upper body and could not stand up…

Yu Siyang sat on the ground holding the little fat man, silently.

This is really embarrassing!

“Xiaoyu, you should exercise more, hahaha…” Zhan Heng unceremoniously turned on the mocking mode.

Xue Chengxiu picked up his son with one hand, pulled Yu Siyang up with the other, and said to Zhan Heng: “Wei Xiaofeng is ready to go.”

When Zhan Heng heard it, he immediately lifted the hem of his costume and ran towards Wei Xiaofeng quickly. It was hard for him to let Yu Siyang and Luo Peng trick Wei Xiaofeng out, but before he could say anything, if he left, he would only be able to cry.

After driving away the miscellaneous people, Xue Chengxiu hugged his son and took the boy out to speak.

It is the autumn season. It is cool in the morning and evening, but there are high temperatures in the afternoon. In the weather of 35 or 36 degrees, the child wore a thick costume with a wig attached to his head, which made Xue Chengxiu feel distressed.

“Why are you here?” Yu Siyang took the chocolate beans that the little fat man had left him specially and threw it into his mouth.

During this period of time, he was going to film and running the promotion of “Poisonous Delicacy”. He was really busy for a while. He came and went in a hurry every day. He went out too early several times, and he didn’t even have time to make breakfast.

Although it’s only a few months but getting along day and night will always produce some feelings, and for so many years, no one has cared about him like Xue Chengxiu. At this moment, seeing the father and son on the set, Yu Siyang is really somewhat surprised.

“I haven’t seen you for several days, so naturally I miss you.” Xue Chengxiu wiped the sweat from his forehead with a handkerchief, but also wiped the makeup away.

Xue Yunmu pointed at Yu Siyang’s face and laughed: “My brother is a big tabby cat.”

Seeing this, the makeup artist who had been following him immediately called out “Oh, oh,” as she had just made him up with good makeup. It’s all wasted, so she would have to remove it all and start again.

Seeing that the man holding the child is so strong, she could not say anything. The makeup artist took out the cleansing oil and said: I will bear it.

Mr. Xue, who accidentally made a mess, had to put away his handkerchief in embarrassment, pinched his nose, and said: “I have someone bring some desserts over, let’s take a picture after eating.”

“Okay.” Yu Siyang closed his eyes and let the makeup artist help to remove the makeup, “Sister Weiwei, let’s eat dessert and then put on makeup.” When the makeup artist heard there was something to eat, she moved Yu Siyang to remove the makeup without forgetting to emphasize: “It’s Vivian, not Weiwei.” Her high-end and western English name can never be pronounced wrong.

The producer had already greeted Liu Cai. Liu Cai naturally knew that one of the bosses of the crew came to visit. He thought it was to visit Zhan Heng’s team. Unexpectedly, Mr. Xue didn’t even give a straight eye to Zhan Heng and kept talking to Xiao Yu.

“Xiao Yu,” Liu Cai came over with a bowl of mango sago[3] and nodded to Yu Siyang and Xue Chengxiu, “Thank you, Mr. Xue, for the dessert.”

Xue Chengxiu laughed: “Dao Liu is polite, and my child needs to be taken care of by Liu.”

“Haha, Xiaoyu is talented and diligent, and has added a lot of grace to this film,” Director Liu gave a loving look to Yu Siyang and said, “I am optimistic about Xiaoyu winning this year’s best newcomer Award.”

Liu Cai was not only a director, but also a member of the China Film Association and a judge of the Yunzhong International Film Festival. The Yunzhong Film Festival awards were held at the end of each year. It is the most influential and authoritative film award in China, the highest award. It was also called the Cloud Award.

When the Cloud Awards are presented every year, the four awards that attract the most attention are the best film, best actor and actress, and best newcomer. If a new debut actor can win the Cloud Award for best newcomer, not only will the film pay be increased, but will also get endorsements. You would not have to worry about not filming for at least three years, but the newcomer award could only be won once. If you miss it, you will no longer have a chance. Therefore, the competition for the best newcomer of the Cloud Award is more intense than the best actor and actress award.

Liu Cao said this not only to give Xue Chengxiu face, but also to affirm Yu Siyang’s acting skills.

His own child was praised by others. Xue Chengxiu was very happy. He remembered the fund application plan handed over by Hengsheng Capital on his desk. It seemed that there was an additional investment application for “Traitor”. Well, he could take a good look and consider it when he went back.

Li Yiliang didn’t like desserts, but someone came to visit the crew and gave them some food, so he still had to eat in order to give them face. He took a bowl of Mango sago and the assistants found a corner for him to sit down, and he gave the Mango sago to the assistant to eat.

“Who is the man holding the baby?” Li Yiliang asked the assistant. Even Liu Cai deliberately greeted him, and the producer was always smiling on his side. The identity of this person was definitely not simple.

The assistant was taking a refreshing sip of the mango sago. He didn’t look up while eating, and he didn’t hear Li Yiliang asking him.

Li Yiliang looked at his assistant speechlessly, and after thinking, he decided that as an adult he would not care about this starving ghost.

“Asking about that person,” Yi Jiaojiao didn’t know when she stood up and said to Li Yiliang, “Boss of Hengsheng, don’t you know.”

Li Yiliang shook his head. He would not ask if he knew. He doesn’t like to ask knowingly.

“I heard people say that Yu Siyang has a big background, but I didn’t expect it to be really big.”

Yi Jiaojiao and Ji Man had a good relationship. When she heard about this from Ji Man, Yi Jiaojiao thought that Ji Man said the backing is Wei Xiaofeng.

Wei Xiaofeng was indeed a first-class figure in the entertainment industry, but if he was to be called a strong background, it was not enough. Wei Xiaofeng was only supported by Allstar Entertainment behind him.

But if it is Hengsheng’s boss, it is really a big background.

Unexpectedly, the little cutie who looks a little dazed is not so simple.

“Sister Jiaojiao knows Hengsheng’s boss?” Li Yiliang asked.

Yi Jiaojiao chuckled softly: “How could I know such a big man, Hengsheng’s boss doesn’t like to play in the circle, so how can I get a chance to meet.”

“Didn’t Jiaojiao just go there to say hello?” Li Yilaiang asked, puzzled.

After hearing this, Yi Jiaojiao was almost stiffened for a while. If she hadn’t understood Li Yiliang better, she would really think this person was mocking her.

She just wanted to use Yu Siyang to get to know Hengsheng’s boss, but before she came close, Heng Sheng’s boss glanced over, with a look so sharp that it gave her a nightmare.

—— Nima, this old lady is such a beautiful woman like a jade, that man actually looked at me with the eyes of a killer, either his eyes are faulty or he is gay.

Yi Jiaojiao decided to put this person in the category of “gay with faulty eyes”.

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[2] Helping other inadvertently.


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