KHSW Ch. 164

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The endless darkness swallowed up the anger that ignited in his heart, “Sister-in-law, I believe in you, what should I do next?”

“Actually, what I’m most worried about right now is one person, Secretary Yang.”

“Secretary Yang is practical and capable when working, why should my sister-in-law worry about him?”

Ling Xi opened her lips and suppressed the thought again, “Forget it, just keep an eye on him and I’ll tell you later.”

“Baby, today is your first day in kindergarten, you must listen to the teacher’s words.”

“Don’t worry, Mom, Xiao Nuo will be as good as a rabbit.”

When Ling Xi heard him describe himself like this, she couldn’t bear to laugh.

Xu Yizhi also got out of the car, then with his long legs, he walked towards Ling Xi and their precious son, “Do you remember your name?”

Xiao Nuo nodded twice, “Dad, Xiao Nuo remembers it, my name is Chengnuo.”

The closer they got to the kindergarten, the louder they heard children crying, “Wooo…, mom, I don’t want to go to kindergarten.”

“I want to go home, I don’t want to go to school.”

Ling Xi hurriedly looked at Xiao Nuo, worried that he would cry too.

“Mom, why are they crying?”

“Because these little babies are leaving their parents for the first time.”

Xiao Nuo’s bright eyes gradually dimmed, but Ling Xi didn’t notice this change in him.

Xiao Nuo reluctantly watched the backs of his parents leaving, as he held back the tears in his eyes.

“Children, be good. Look at this little boy. He is very strong and he didn’t cry.”

The kindergarten teacher said looking at Xiao Nuo.

“Children, there are a lot of fun things in the kindergarten, shall we go and play together?”

Just as the teachers comforted these little guys, Xiao Nuo began to cry, “Do Mom and Dad not want me anymore?”

When the little guys heard it, they burst into tears and started crying as well.

This was frustrating for teachers.

In the bright classroom, the teacher asked the children to introduce themselves. When it was Xiao Nuo’s turn, as soon as he came on stage, the children all started laughing, “Hahaha”.

Xiao Nuo circled his little head with his fingers wondering, why did they laugh?

“Hello everyone, my name is Chengnuo.”

Everyone laughed even more, and even the teacher couldn’t help laughing, “Chengnuo is really good. Do you have any questions to ask the teacher?”

Xiao Nuo sucked his nose, tears brewing in his eyes again, and the teacher instantly had a bad premonition.

“Teacher, have we been sold to kindergarten by our parents?”

The little guys who were still laughing just now started crying again and the teacher supported their foreheads. This was the second time.

When Ling Xi received the call, she was still registering the song.

“Hello, are you Chengnuo’s parent?”

“Well, I am.”

“Hello, I’m Chengnuo’s head teacher, is it convenient for you to come to school now?”

After hanging up the phone, Ling Xi was absolutely bewildered. It was the first day her son went to kindergarten, why was she invited?

Was it because the performance is too good but it was also, of course, the baby was very good without looking at whatever he did.

But what if her baby had gotten hurt?

As long as she thought of this, Ling Xi’s whole heart clenched, and she couldn’t wait to fly over immediately.

However, when she arrived at the kindergarten, the faces of the head teacher and the principal didn’t seem very good.

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