KHSW Ch. 165

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Xu Group.

“Didn’t I give you a month’s vacation?” As soon as Chi Jingyu entered the door, Xu Yizhi knew it was him before he even lifted his head.

“Brother, I thought about it, but I still feel bad. No matter how I say it, I’m still a vice president. If I throw all the mess to you, how can I not feel bad!”

Xu Yizhi didn’t believe his words, “Do whatever you want, there will be no vacations in the future.”

Chi Jingyu couldn’t stop wailing in his heart, but there was still a smile on his face, “No, no, who cares about that thing?”

“Hello, I’m Chengnuo’s mother.”

The principal and the head teacher looked at each other and did not recognize Ling Xi who was wearing a mask. Then the principal said, “Hello, I am the principal here, so Chengnuo is very cute, but… this morning, as soon as we coaxed the kids, Chengnuo said, ‘Do Mommy and Daddy not want us anymore?’ and the kids started crying.”

Ling Xi’s heart twitched, how could she not want her own child?

“Our teachers coaxed them for a whole morning. After coaxing this one, we had to take care of the other. Later, when they were introducing themselves, the teacher asked each of the children if they wanted to ask a question from the teacher, and then Chengnuo asked, ‘Teacher, are we being sold by our parents in the kindergarten’, and the children started crying again.” The principal imitated Xiao Nuo’s tone vividly at that time, which made Ling Xi’s heart feel sour.

“When it came time to eat lunch, everyone was sitting on the stools, and Chengnuo suddenly said, ‘I want to eat the food I made with my mother’, my God! I’ve never seen a class like this.”

The tears in Ling Xi’s eyes were also rolling.

“I’m sorry, teacher, for causing you trouble.”

“Chengnuo’s mother, I don’t mean to say that Chengnuo is not a good child, you know, it’s not easy for us kindergarten teachers, if the children in one class cry together, and the other classes will cry too, if this is the case in the future, if you don’t…you really can’t manage it, this is the tuition you paid before, and it will be refunded to you.”

Although the principal did not expressly asked Chengnuo to drop out, Ling Xi felt very uncomfortable!

After thinking about it, she still took the money, “I see, I’m sorry for today.”

When taking Xiao Nuo home, Xiao Nuo asked ignorantly, “Mom, did the teacher dislike Xiao Nuo?”

Ling Xi didn’t know how to tell him for a while, and didn’t know if it would hurt the little guy’s young self-esteem.

“Of course the teacher liked Xiao Nuo! But Xiao Nuo, why do you think your parents don’t want you when they send you to kindergarten?”

Xiao Nuo lowered his head and tears started falling from his eyes to the ground, “Xiao Nuo likes his parents, Xiao Nuo thinks his parents don’t like Xiao Nuo, Xiao Nuo has no hair and Xiao Nuo is a little stupid.” He had heard the other children saying this.

Listening to Xiao Nuo’s words, Ling Xi stopped, squatted down slowly, and wiped away the small tears on his face with her hands, “Mom and Dad like Xiao Nuo, Xiao Nuo just doesn’t have hair now, we’ll see later and after a while, baby Xiao Nuo’s hair will grow out, and, who said baby is stupid? Baby just doesn’t know a lot of things because he has been on the mountain for too long.”


Xiao Nuo’s eyes were reddish, and they really look like the eyes of a bunny. “Of course it’s true, our baby is very good! It’s still early, mother will take you to see the little animals.”

“Xiao Nuo likes dogs and rabbits the most.”

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