KHSW Ch. 166

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Entertainment Express Weekly.

“Meng Xinyan, the last task was done very well. Ling Xi’s interview has given us a lot of points. The sales volume of this issue is twice the previous one.”

“Thank you editor-in-chief.”

“Okay, starting today, Meng Xinyan is the second-in-command of our magazine. Everyone welcome Editor-in-Chief Meng.”

After the editor-in-chief left, everyone rushed up, “Editor Meng, congratulations!”

“Congratulations to Sister Xinyan for becoming the editor-in-chief. The editor-in-chief position is finally taken.”

“Editor Meng, you got promoted so soon, do you want to invite us to dinner?”

“It just happens that the salary is paid today, so I will treat everyone to a meal.”

The director of publicity looked at Meng Xinyan angrily, and couldn’t help but glare at her. She had long coveted the position of editor-in-chief, but she didn’t expect it to be snatched away by a newcomer.

This was suffocating her heart, it was really uncomfortable!

“Director, let’s go together today, everyone is happy.”

“You go by yourself, it’s just a meal, and you’re going to pick it up one by one like a dog’s leg.” The director of publicity said with anger, and anyone who listened to it felt that it was too much.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to go, let’s go everyone.”

“Who does she think she is? Editor kindly asked her to go to dinner, she refused and even slapped us in the face, saying that we were being dog legs and Editor doesn’t deserve to be editor-in-chief.”

Meng Xinyan looked back thoughtfully, but in the end she didn’t say anything.

“Director, watch this episode of our show.”

“What’s the matter? What a fuss?” The director of the variety show “Idols Beside You” heard the sound and walked over.

“Look, director, the ratings of the episode we broadcast yesterday were unexpectedly high! Look at the comments below.”

It’s all about “passers-by A and B”, “This little monk inside is so cute! He’s stupid and cute.”

“His mother is so funny, even our little brother Li Ming wasn’t recognized, it’s too cold!”

“Is that woman sick? She still wore a mask in the car? Either she is sick or she looks ugly!”

The director carefully watched the unedited part again, but the moment she took off her mask, it was a pity that it was blocked by the partition of the passenger seat, “Little Li, you go to the clock first to find passers-by A and B’s official news, when the time comes we will do a special.”

“Okay, Director.”

When Xu Yizhi learned that Xiao Nuo had been expelled from school, a shocked expression appeared on his face. Was he expelled for this reason?

Picking up the phone, “Secretary Yang, help me check…”

When Ling Xi heard it, she immediately waved her hand, “Yizhi, no need.”

“It’s alright.” Xu Yizhi hung up the phone after saying these three words and looked at Ling Xi with puzzled eyes.

“I’ll look after him in the next few days. After all, this will make me feel more at ease.”


As soon as he put down the phone, he heard the phone ring, and Xu Yizhi answered the phone unhurriedly, “What’s the matter?”

“Brother, why can’t my sister-in-law’s phone get through?”

“Out of battery.”

“No power… Brother, I want to talk to my sister-in-law.”

“I’ll pass it on for you.”


Xu Yizhi hooked his lips lightly, but still handed the phone to Ling Xi.


“Sister-in-law, Chi Yanbin called me just now. Do you think I should go or not?”

This was expected, she was afraid that when they left the hospital, Chi Yanbin must have received the news, “Of course you should go…”

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