APY Ch. 176.1: What do you want to do?

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There were many people eating this time, so the family had moved the big round table out. Chu Yunrong was helping Sister Song to serve the dishes. Shen Qinglan walked over to help. Fu Hengyi was afraid that she would get hot, so he gave her Pei Hao and walked into the kitchen by himself.

“Fu Hengyi is very good.” Pei Yining’s father, Pei Zhen, said to Mr. Shen with a smile.

The old man Shen smiled, “Hengyi is a good boy, I am very relieved to hand Lanlan over to him.”

Fu Hengyi still sat beside Shen Qinglan at the dinner table, and from time to time he picked vegetables, peeled shrimps and removed fishbones for her, while others at the table looking at this scene, laughed without saying a word.

Fu Hengyi didn’t feel anything, he was not ashamed to serve his wife, but Shen Qinglan, who was very embarrassed to be seen by everyone, secretly pulled Fu Hengyi’s clothes under the table to let him stop.

Fu Hengyi pretended that he didn’t feel it, so he could do what he should do.

Shen Qinglan couldn’t bear it anymore, she stretched out her hand and grabbed a handful of the soft flesh around his waist. He exercised all the year round, the flesh on his body was very strong, and there was no fat at all, but who was Shen Qinglan? His complexion also changed, and his body instantly tensed.

Thanks to his strong self-control, he didn’t cry out. Without changing his face, he put the peeled shrimp in Shen Qinglan’s bowl and looked at her affectionately and tenderly, “You are too thin, eat more.”

Shen Qinglan’s hand was still on Fu Hengyi’s waist, and looking at his gentle eyes, even if Shen Qinglan was slightly annoyed, it disappeared at the moment, she let go of his waist, and gently rubbed the place that was hurt by her just now.

Fu Hengyi smiled softly, clipped another piece of chicken wing for her, and then turned around to talk to the others as if nothing had happened.

Shen Qinglan looked at her bowl piled up like a hill in front of her, and frowned in embarrassment, she couldn’t eat so much.

“If you can’t eat all of it, you just eat as much as you can.” Although Fu Hengyi was talking to others, he kept paying attention to her from the corner of his eyes. Seeing her embarrassed look at the bowl in front of her, he whispered in her ear.

“Qinglan, you and Hengyi have been married for several months, haven’t you?” Chu Yunjin looked at the young couple chatting from time to time, and said with a smile.

“Well, it’s been more than five months.” Shen Qinglan said quietly, still looking cold.

Chu Yunjin knew Shen Qinglan’s character, so she didn’t feel slighted. “Are you planning to have children?”

Shen Qinglan heard the words and her face became a little embarrassed. An elder had asked this, but since her face was always cold, no one saw her embarrassment.

Fu Hengyi smiled and replied slowly, “Qinglan is still young, we don’t plan to have children in the next few years.”

When Mr. Shen heard this, his eyes were very satisfied. This was what he meant. His granddaughter was only twenty-two years old this year, it was indeed a little early to have a child, but Fu Hengyi was not too young. If he was in a hurry to have a child, even if he was Shen Qinglan’s grandfather, he would not be able to say anything.

But if Fu Hengyi said it himself, it would be different. Fu Hengyi felt sorry for his child, and he reciprocated.

“It’s really early to give birth now, but don’t delay it too much. After two years, Lanlan will be twenty-four, which is the best age for girls, and it would just be the right time to have children. I know you young people don’t like having children. But after you give birth, us old people will help you with them. Don’t look at me getting old, I am very strong.”

Shen Qinglan was very embarrassed. She glanced at Fu Hengyi and said nothing. Fu Hengyi pinched her hand under the table, “Grandpa, yes.”

This topic had been raised. Chu Yunjin had originally asked casually, so naturally she would not get to the bottom of it.

At the dinner table, with big men like Fu Hengyi, Shen Qian, Shen Junyu, Pei Zhen, and Mr. Shen, it was unavoidable for them to drink. She didn’t know if it was a conspiracy or a coincidence, but these people always asked Fu Hengyi to drink.

Looking at Fu Hengyi drinking cup after cup, Shen Qinglan was a little worried, she glanced at Fu Hengyi, but Fu Hengyi smiled and said that he was fine.

Seeing his normal expression, Shen Qinglan guessed that his alcohol tolerance must be quite good, so she gradually let go, but she didn’t expect her to have been relieved too early.

Fu Hengyi’s alcohol tolerance was indeed okay, but it was definitely not very good. After being forced to drink by several people, his face turned pale.

He stood up and went to the bathroom. Although he still walked in a straight line, his pace was a little erratic. Shen Qinglan was worried and followed.

“Are you drunk?” Shen Qinglan asked worriedly when she saw Fu Hengyi washing his face with cold water.

Fu Hengyi rubbed his eyebrows and said helplessly, “A little bit.”

“You go up and have a rest first, I’ll talk to Grandpa.”

Fu Hengyi wanted to say no, but now he was really dizzy, so he nodded, “Alright.”

“I’ll make you a cup of honey tea?”

Fu Hengyi shook his head, “No, I’ll just go up and sleep for a while, you remember to call me down later.”

Shen Qinglan went up with him, then she saw him lie on the bed and close his eyes, he seemed to fall asleep before she even went down.

“Is Hengyi drunk?” Seeing Shen Qinglan coming back, old man Shen asked with concern.

“Well, he’s a little drunk. I let him go up to sleep.”

“He’s drunk to this point, Fu Hengyi’s alcohol tolerance has regressed.” Shen Junyu shook his head with a look of schadenfreude.

Shen Qinglan glared at her brother and said lightly, “Brother.”

With just one word from her, Shen Junyu immediately shut up, thinking sure enough, married women were like water thrown out, his married sister had also turned her elbows out.

“Go and deliver a cup of honey tea to Hengyi.” Chu Yunrong said.

“No need, he has already fallen asleep, I’ll just wait for him to wake up.” Shen Qinglan said, since Fu Hengyi said that he was fine, there would definitely be no major problems.

The others didn’t say much, and continued to eat. Shen Qinglan sat in the seat, eating her own meal, occasionally chatting with Pei Hao.

Shen Xitong left the dining table at some unknown time, quietly opened the door of Shen Qinglan’s room, and looked at the man sleeping on the bed with his eyes closed, her eyes full of obsession.

She put the cup in her hand on the table, looked at Fu Hengyi’s quiet sleeping face, and stretched out her hand, but halfway through, she stopped. If she woke him up, he would kick her out.

She had loved him for more than ten years, but this man’s heart was like a stone, and he had never given her a second glance, not even one glance.

As for Shen Qinglan, she was inferior to her in everything except her face, but she got all his favours. He had never looked at her with such gentle eyes.

Fu Hengyi, you like her so much, if I let her see us sleeping together, do you think she would still want you?

Shen Qinglan was such an arrogant person, she would never continue to be with you anyway. Since you don’t want me, even if you hate me, it’s better than letting you ignore me.

Crazy thoughts occupied Shen Xitong’s heart, making her eyes look a little weird. She moved her hand under the hem of her clothes and slowly took off her clothes.

Fu Hengyi was really drunk, and he was so drunk and he was sleeping so deeply that until now, he didn’t realize that there was an outsider in the room, but the faint scent between his nose made him frown irritably. It was not the smell on Qinglan’s body.

Shen Xitong was occupied by her crazy thoughts and didn’t think about it at all. She just did it. Not to mention that Fu Hengyi would not forgive her, it was impossible for the entire Shen family to forgive her, and she would no longer be able to stand in the Shen family, even if the Shen family forgave her, if the Fu family blocked her, the entire capital would have no place for her.

But at this moment, Shen Xitong obviously didn’t think too much. There was only the last piece of clothing left on her body, revealing her smooth and fair skin. She slowly walked towards Fu Hengyi, her eyes full of madness.

If I can’t get it, then he should be ruined, Shen Qinglan, as I said, if you don’t make me feel better, I won’t let you go easily.

“What are you doing?”

Shen Qinglan’s cold voice came from the door, Shen Xitong trembled and looked at the door in horror, only to see Shen Qinglan looking at her coldly, those cold eyes in the past at this moment were tempered with frost, her eyes looking extremely sharp.

Shen Xitong looked terrified. She didn’t expect Shen Qinglan to come up so quickly, and she saw everything with her own eyes. Although she expected to be seen by Shen Qinglan, it was not now.

“What, like to be seen?” Shen Qinglan glanced recklessly over Shen Xitong’s bright and clean body, then Shen Xitong remembered that she was wearing next to nothing, so she hurriedly squatted down, picked up the clothes on the ground and started to put them on her body.

Shen Qinglan closed the bedroom door, walked in slowly, glanced at Fu Hengyi, and saw that he was still asleep with his eyes closed, but his brows were wrinkled so deep that he could catch a fly in his brow.

The bed was very tidy, just like when she left, and Fu Hengyi slept very quietly and did not move around.

Shen Qinglan was slightly relieved, but her eyes were still cold when she looked at Shen Xitong. It seemed that someone didn’t take her last warning seriously.

Shen Xitong casually put clothes on her body, then she wanted to escape, but Shen Qinglan blocked the door and she couldn’t get out at all.

“Shen Qinglan, what do you want to do?” Shen Xitong pretended to be calm.

Shen Qinglan laughed lightly, her smile was full of coldness, she looked at Shen Xitong and said slowly, “Shen Xitong, I should ask you this sentence, what did you want to do just now?”

Shen Xitong’s face was indifferent, “You didn’t see it.”

“It seems that you didn’t take what I said last time seriously.” She took a step forward, and Shen Xitong took a step back, but the room was only so big, where could Shen Xitong retreat to, and she was soon blocked by Shen Qinglan in the corner.

Shen Qinglan stretched out her hand and slowly touched Shen Xitong’s neck, with a slight force on her hand, “Shen Xitong, I told you a long time ago, don’t mess with me, and don’t jump in front of my eyes, otherwise I’ll make you look very ugly, you don’t seem to believe me.”

Shen Xitong felt the strength of the hands on her neck, as well as the icy temperature, her face was pale, she wanted to struggle as her hand slapped Shen Qinglan’s hand on her neck. But as soon as she struggled, the strength in Shen Qinglan’s hand increased.

“Shen…Shen Qinglan, you…let me go, let go…let go.” Shen Xitong slapped hard.

Shen Qinglan looked at her coldly, she let her struggle, while a flash of killing intent flashed in her eyes.

Her face flushed red, “Shen…Shen Qinglan, this…this is the Shen family house.”

Shen Qinglan chuckled, “So you know that this is the Shen family? You think your surname is Shen and it’s really your Shen Family? Shen Xitong, you are only the adopted daughter of the Shen family. Your status as a high-ranking person outside is just because I don’t disdain you. As long as I speak, you will not be able to stay in this house for a day. If you don’t believe it, you can try.”

Shen Xitong was also shocked. The killing intent in Shen Qinglan’s eyes was displayed again by her words.

The strength in Shen Qinglan’s hand increased again, Shen Xitong could feel the suffocation caused by less and less air, her eyes gradually darkened, her body involuntarily softened, she rolled her eyes, as she thought was she really going to die?

Shen Qinglan let go, looked down at Shen Xitong who was lying on the ground, and said coldly, “Shen Xitong, congratulations, you have successfully consumed all my patience. Next, remember to watch the show.”

Shen Xitong lay on the ground, breathing heavily, she really thought she was going to die just now. She heard Shen Qinglan’s words, but she couldn’t understand what she meant.

Shen Qinglan pointed at the door, “Now, get out of here.”

Shen Xitong met Shen Qinglan’s cold eyes, didn’t dare to say anything, so she turned pale, and left the room in embarrassment.

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