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On the day of Lu Liang’s wedding, Lu Chengyu drove out of the garage a Bentley that Yan Mu didn’t usually use. From his personal point of view, a luxury car like Bentley was not suitable for his style, but since, it was to be used as the main wedding car, he thought this kind of car was more suitable.

Originally, Yan Mu planned to arrange for He Long to go to the wedding company to deliver the wedding car, but Lu Chengyu thought it would be better if he himself went. If he didn’t go and arranged a driver instead, maybe the Lu family would start to make up the fact that he was now well-developed and showing off his identity in front of them or something.

Today was Lu Liang’s big day after all, and he didn’t bother to get upset because of this kind of thing, anyway, there won’t be much contact in the future.

Someone regularly maintained Yan Mu’s cars, so even though this Bentley was rarely used, it looked shiny and there was no trace of dust. He drove the car out of the garage, made a gesture to Yan Mu who was standing at the door, and then drove the car out of the villa door.

When he drove the car outside the wedding company, there were already several cars parked outside. Lu Chengyu glanced over. They were almost all BMWs and Audis. Second Uncle Lu and Lu Liang were standing at the door with the wedding company watching the wedding company staff tying the floats.

When the wedding staff saw the luxury Bentley car approaching, the foreman couldn’t help but glance at Second Uncle Lu. He smiled and said, “Mr. Lu, is this the main wedding car you invited?” Second Uncle Lu and Lu Liang, who was dressed as the groom also saw the Bentley, which was enough to dazzle people. The father and son were taken aback for a moment, and for a moment they were afraid to determine whether the owner was Lu Chengyu.

At this moment, Lu Chengyu got out of the car. As soon as he appeared, it caused a small-scale sensation. Several young female employees almost brought out their hearts. If they didn’t remember that they were at work, they would definitely have rushed to take a photo and autograph.

“Second uncle, Brother Liang,” Lu Chengyu adjusted the standing collar of his coat, walked to the father and son and smiled, even the beautiful eyebrows were stained with a smile, “Brother Liang, congratulations.”

Seeing Lu Chengyu’s attitude, Lu Liang was relieved at first, and felt a little guilty, so he smiled and said, “Thank you, drink two more glasses later.” He glanced at Lu Chengyu and saw that there were no other vehicles. After hesitating for a while, he asked, “Did Mr. Yan not come with you?”

“I told him to wait and go directly to the hotel,” Lu Chengyu smiled and pointed to the Bentley behind him, “He has important things to deal with, therefore, he didn’t come right now.”

Lu Liang smiled embarrassedly, when he heard that Lu Chengyu drove over early in the morning because of his marriage. Thinking of the Lu Family’s attitude towards Lu Chengyu over the past two years, the more he thought about it, the more faceless he became.

Second Uncle Lu’s expression was also a little embarrassed, but when he saw the car that Lu Chengyu was driving, the embarrassment on his face turned into a smile, “Chengyu, thanks to you this time, or our old Lu family will be looked down upon by the wife’s relatives.”

Lu Chengyu smiled and didn’t speak. At this moment, a staff member wanted to take a photo with him, so he agreed. It was not that he didn’t want to pay attention to Second Uncle Lu, but because he had pity for the bride who was about to marry Lu Liang. Second Uncle and Aunt were not good parents-in-laws. In the memory of his previous life, Lu Liang had a good relationship with his wife, but they didn’t live with the second uncle in the second year after they got married. Maybe, it was because of their disagreements?

Second Uncle Lu watched many men and women surround Lu Chengyu as a big figure, waiting for a group photo to sign, and couldn’t help but whisper to his son, “Xiao Liang, isn’t Chengyu gay? Why are there so many young people around him?” In his mind, homosexuality made people different from ordinary people. He appeared so openly in front of everyone, this fact was more or less incomprehensible and unacceptable to him.

“Dad!” Lu Liang frowned, his cousin did so many beautiful things, how could the people in their family remember that he was gay?

“They like Chengyu because he is handsome and a high-achieving student of university Q. He started his own business at a young age and became a rich man with more than nine figured assets. It is not because of his sexual orientation. Don’t say that.” Lu Liang lowered his voice, as a son, he couldn’t talk about his father, but he knew in his heart that several elders in the family were doing something bad, “The elders in the family are not good, don’t say this, it’s not good for people to hear.”

When Second Uncle Lu heard his son say this, although he didn’t agree with him in his heart, he didn’t say these words again. After all the wedding cars were tied up, they needed to drive to the bride’s house to pick up people. After Lu Chengyu took photos with some staff of the wedding company, he drove the main wedding car and asked Lu Liang to sit in the co-pilot and drove to the bride’s house.

Although the two cousins were kind to each other, Lu Chengyu noticed that Lu Liang was emotionally embarrassed, and pretended not to notice: “I saw Brother Yi and others in the back car just now. They are your best man team?”

“Yes. Ah, I wanted to find you a place, but now you are the main driver of the wedding car, so you can’t do two things.” Somehow, Lu Liang suddenly thought of Dong Dong’s wedding day when his elder aunt said that Lu Chengyu was unfavourable as his best man. He couldn’t help but say again, “If I knew it, I would hire a driver again. After all, if you are here Chengyu, the bridesmaids will not embarrass me too much.”

What a clever man, Lu Chengyu, how could he not understand what Lu Liang meant. But he didn’t care what the Lu family thought at all. Now doing these things was just because Lu Liang, a cousin of the same generation, was pretty good, as for how others think, it did not matter to him.

“That’s not okay. What if the bridesmaid sees me? The one in my family will tell me to go back and kneel on the keyboard,” Lu Chengyu laughed out loud, “Brother Liang, you still don’t pit me.”

Lu Liang was taken aback when he heard the words. He immediately followed up with a laugh, but the uncomfortableness in his heart gradually dissipated. He only felt that Lu Chengyu was really a good person. Their Lu family didn’t treat him so well, but he could still treat everyone so well. He was really incompetent as a cousin.

When all the ceremonies were over and the group arrived at the hotel, Lu Chengyu saw Yan Mu standing at the door of the hotel at a glance. Among the guests coming and going, only he was particularly conspicuous.

After stopping the car, Lu Chengyu strode to Yan Mu and asked with a smile, “Have you waited for a long time?”

“No,” Yan Mu knew that people around him were looking at him, but he, who was often watched, didn’t care about such looks at all. He touched Lu Chengyu’s hand, and after making sure it was warm, he walked aside with Lu Chengyu and looked at the bride and groom stepping into the hotel on the red carpet, “You only drank a glass of breakfast milk this morning, and didn’t even eat breakfast. Are you hungry?”

“It’s okay, I ate before the wedding company,” Lu Chengyu said. He gave the red envelope to the place where he was hanging the gift, then stretched his head to Yan Mu’s ear and whispered, “I can finally hand in a gift and have two meals.”

Yan Mu was taken aback for a while to understand what he meant. He nodded very seriously and said, “It is very necessary to bring family members on this occasion.”

“Haha, I’m right,” Lu Chengyu glanced around, seeing his uncles walking towards this side with a weird expression on their faces. As soon as he saw them, he returned a smile, “Uncle, Auntie.”

“Oh Chengyu, I haven’t seen you in a long time.” The love affair was also clear, and she smiled politely and alienatedly, “How are you doing?”

“Aunt Xie is concerned, it’s good,” Lu Chengyu smiled lightly, “I heard that Brother Dong has been promoted. I’m busy with work recently, had no time to congratulate brother Dong, was brother Dong angry with me?”

“How come Xiao Dong is just a department manager, where you breath more than comparable commitments?” Great aunt glanced around Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu, “You are the one who does great things, and Xiao Dong in our family can’t compare to it.”

Uncle Lu felt that the big aunt wasn’t speaking properly, so, he stretched out his hand and was glared at by her.

Lu Chengyu knew that the aunt was upset, so she ignored him.

“Department managers do still have a lot of room for development,” Yan Mu glanced at Aunt Lu indifferently. “I don’t know what company Lu Liang works for. The top 20 group bosses in this city still have some friendship with me.”

The eldest aunt was speechless. Jingcheng could be regarded as one of the domestic economic centers. Was it possible for ordinary people to enter in these companies? Not to mention being a department manager.

“Hehe, Mr. Yan is a busy person, so there is no need to trouble you.” The aunt felt a little embarrassed.

“Okay,” Yan Mu actually nodded, “If you need help with something, you can ask Xiao Lu.”

This was a polite remark elsewhere, but in front of Aunt Lu, it was like she was slapped in face by Lu Chengyu, who she looked down upon, because he was the most promising person in the Lu family now, and she could say things like helping out casually. Wasn’t this showing off? But her own son couldn’t compare, so she held her breath secretly and stopped talking.

Lu Chengyu smiled and watched Yan Mu’s “polite” conversation with his eldest aunt. After seeing her ugly face, he said, “Brother Mu, Brother Dong is a rare talent. Where we need help from others, the time is coming, let’s go in. “

Yan Mu nodded and followed behind Lu Chengyu into the hotel.

After the two entered, the eldest aunt said to eldest uncle Lu angrily: “Isn’t it just getting pai money, what can he do?!”

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Although Uncle Lu was indifferent to Lu Chengyu, he was his own nephew after all. His wife’s words were too ugly, “People make money by their own ability, don’t buckle the shit bowl.” The eldest aunt’s face became heavy, but the hotel entrance was crowded and it was not easy to quarrel. In addition, seeing her son and daughter-in-law walking towards this side, she finally had to hold her words back.

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