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Because Second Uncle Lu’s family was not a wealthy family, the whole wedding banquet was nothing special. When the master of ceremonies completed the whole process, the wedding banquet officially began. Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu were sitting together. At the same table were some distant relatives of the Lu family. No matter what these distant relatives thought of Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu’s relationship, but because of their identities, the other people on the table were very polite to them and others were warm and greeted the two to pick up dishes.

The dishes at the wedding banquet were basically more meat based and less vegetarian. Lu Chengyu felt that these things were not as good as those made by Yan Mu at home. After eating a few chopsticks, he lost his appetite. He planned to wait for the bride and groom to come to toast and then go home.

“No appetite?” Yan Mu saw that Lu Chengyu barely moved his chopsticks, glanced at the table full of dishes, scooped a bowl of soup for him, and said in a low voice, “First, drink some soup to pad your stomach, and Zhuang Yu would treat us to dinner tonight.”

Zhuang Yu found out where there is delicious food again? Lu Chengyu felt that the motivation for Zhuang Yu to make so much money was to be able to eat all kinds of delicacies, but for him, with such a friend around him, was a blessing, “Okay, we’ll find him later.”

The person next to him saw that Lu Chengyu got along well with Yan Mu, who was glamorous and noble from beginning to end, with different thoughts, but no one looked at the two people openly. They occasionally looked at them secretly, and then quickly withdrew their gazes.

When the bride and groom came to toast, Lu Chengyu found that when the bride saw him, the smile on her face was two points brighter.

After Lu Liang introduced most of the guests on the table, he jokingly said, “You have already met my cousin Lu Chengyu. This is his partner, Mr. Yan.”

“Hello, Mr. Lu and Mr. Yan,” the bride Ye Xin smiled and raised her wine glass and said, “Thank you both for coming to our wedding in your busy schedule.”

After the two parties finished drinking, Ye Xin did not leave immediately, but deliberately said a few more words with Lu Chengyu to confirm that the cameraman took a picture of them. They left with a smile on their faces only after the pictures of their conversation were taken. As Lu Chengyu’s old fan, it was a great surprise in life to have Lu Chengyu be her driver on the day of her wedding.

Yan Mu silently glanced at the back of the bride and groom, and then at Lu Chengyu. The bride only needed to look at her groom. What did his family’s person do?

“Brother Mu, whay are you looking at me like this?” Lu Chengyu put down the dishes and wiped his mouth with a tissue, “Let’s go.”

Yan Mu helped him pick up the mobile phone that he forgot on the table, stood up and nodded, “Let’s go.”

When the other people on the table saw that Lu Chengyu was about to leave, they all said goodbye politely. After taking a few photos with Lu Chengyu, Lu Chengyu successfully left the table.


Walking to the door of the hotel, Lu Chengyu heard someone calling him. Looking back, he saw his aunt’s son, Sun Junyi, running towards him with a red envelope in his hand. According to the custom, the car used to carry the bride and groom was generally treated as a happy car. The newcomer’s family would give the driver a red envelope to show auspiciousness. No matter the amount, there was always the intention. If the red envelope was not given, the driver would be out of luck, so this had all become a matter of convention.

Sun Junyi handed the red envelope to Lu Chengyu, panting slightly, “I almost didn’t catch up to you, why are you leaving now?” After saying this, he glanced at Yan Mu and smiled politely at him and said, “Let’s go to my house for dinner.”

“Thank you cousin, I have something to do at night, so I won’t go.” Although Lu Chengyu was not superstitious, he still took the red envelope and handed it to Yan Mu beside him, “Give you joy.”

Yan Mu accepted the thick red envelope blankly, glanced at Sun Junyi, and said nothing.

Seeing the intimacy between the two, Sun Junyi, a straight man, was a little uncomfortable, and looked away from them “That’s ok, you can come again later when you have time.” He said after a moment of awkward silence, “If there is anything in the future, You…remember to call us brothers.” In order to avoid making Lu Chengyu think that he intended to cling to him, after Sun Junyi said this dry sentence, he left with a few words. Obviously, he didn’t know how to get along with Lu Chengyu.

After the two got in the car, Yan Mu started the car and said, “Your cousin is good.”

Lu Chengyu laughed and buckled his seat belt, “This cousin stayed in my house for a while, but that’s it.” He never thought about how much these relatives could do for him, or how much others could help him. They didn’t want to help him, they didn’t break the law, and they didn’t owe him anything, “Each one has a family. It’s boring to think too much.”

Yan Mu heard the indifference in his tone, so he didn’t continue this topic and changed the topic to other things. When they arrived at the hotel they had agreed with Zhuang Yu, the two of them just walked to the door and saw that there was something wrong with the atmosphere inside. Zhuang Yu was holding a purple cup and drinking tea. Qi Jingfeng and Zhang Zeyun didn’t seem to look happy. They saw both of them. When they came, Zhang Zeyun’s face turned a little awkward, and he personally poured tea for the two of them, “You came here so soon after the wedding banquet?”

“It’s just that there was nothing to do, so, we came here as soon as possible.” Lu Chengyu took a sip from the teacup and watched Zhuang Yu, “Why is Brother Zhuang’s face so ugly? What happened?”

Zhuang Yu put the tea cup back on the table, frowning and said, “It’s nothing, it’s the illegitimate son brought back by the old man.” When he said this, he snorted, and his expression quickly became indifferent. “There were some fun things on the sixth floor, so let’s go play.”

Anyway, it was still one in the afternoon. Lu Chengyu and others also intended to make Zhuang Yu feel better, so after reaching the sixth floor, they found that the fifth to eighth floors of this hotel were all places for having fun. The sixth floor was somewhat similar to a more elegant casino. But it was not as chaotic as a casino. The few people changed some money for chips. Lu Chengyu saw Zhuang Yu bet on the chips as if just playing, and he didn’t feel distressed if he lost. They were usually like ordinary people, but there were always some places that were different from ordinary people.

At least no ordinary person had ever played with chips worth more than 100,000 yuan in just half an hour, and the more he played, the happier he was. This kind of aura was hard to buy. It was not something ordinary people could have.

Lu Chengyu had no interest in gambling this thing, but he also changed a few thousand yuan in chips to play, who knew how he even won another ten thousand back?

“You kid are patronized by the God of Wealth, right?” After losing the 200,000 chips, Zhuang Yu saw that the chips that Lu Chengyu had just changed had now become nearly 20,000. He was rather speechless, “Do you know what a big winner in life is? You’ll know by looking in the mirror.”

Lu Chengyu raised his eyebrows and generously allocated more than half of his chips to him, “Come on, I will give you the fortune.”

Zhuang Yu didn’t think that Lu Chengyu’s chips were too small, and took it with a smile. After coming over, he said, “The lucky ones in the casino don’t even go to the toilet easily. I’m afraid that the good luck will be washed away. You actually gave me most of it, buddy!”

“What and whom?” Lu Chengyu shot and patted Zhuang Yu on the shoulder and saw that he was holding the chips to continue playing. He went to the bar and took a drink and started drinking slowly. Turning around, he saw Yan Mu playing cards with Zhang Zeyun expressionlessly. He didn’t like these things either.

Sure enough, after a while, he saw Yan Mu and Zhang Zeyun walking towards him after losing the chips in their hands, and they didn’t mean to win back if they lost.

Lu Chengyu ordered two drinks and handed them to the two of them. He smiled and said, “Why did you come back so soon, lost all the chips?”

“It’s boring,” Zhang Zeyun took the drink and sipped. He sat on the high stool and looked at Zhuang Yu still losing money like running water. Zhang Zeyun said in a low voice, “Lao Zhuang does not have any other problems, that is, he likes to spend money when he is in a bad mood. Today is not a big deal, he will stop if he loses hundreds of thousands.”

Lu Chengyu: “Haha.”

“However, I saw you played quite casually, why did you win a lot?” Zhang Zeyun asked with some confusion.

Lu Chengyu smiled and said: “When I was in college, my math grades were the best in the branch, and the memorization of texts was also the fastest in the class.”

“What does this have to do with winning?” Qi Jingfeng, who just walked over, heard their conversation. As a poor student, he didn’t understand the world of learning at all.

Lu Chengyu was silent, but smiled.

“Probably related to calculating probability and memory,” Yan Mu answered with a drink, “but luck is also very important.”

Qi Jingfeng and Zhang Zeyun immediately looked at Lu Chengyu with admiring eyes. They turned out to have learning God in their midst, and they might also become the Godly Gamblers with his advice. This kind of person who went against the sky, the meaning of his existence was to blind people’s eyes, right?

An inconspicuous smile appeared on Yan Mu’s face. He stretched out his hand on Lu Chengyu’s shoulder and said in a gentle voice: “Well, playing with them is just to pass the time. It’s useless if you ask Xiao Lu about it.”

Qi Jingfeng with Zhang Zeyun: “…” They were annoyed, when they saw their friends’ PDA.

When several friends were arguing with each other, Lu Chengyu looked up and saw an unexpected person appear at the door.

Yan Mu found him looking at the door, then raised his head, his eyebrows moved slightly, then he retracted his gaze, and said to Lu Chengyu, “You didn’t eat much at noon, eat a piece of cake.” After speaking, he turned and asked the waiter to bring a plate of cake.

Lu Chengyu stretched out his hand and twisted away the cherries on the cake. As soon as he threw it into his mouth, he saw Sheng Shaoyuan walking towards them, with that signature smile on his face.

“What good day is today? I could see Mr. Yan, Xiao Zhang, and Xiao Qi on this occasion.” Sheng Shaoyuan took off his gloves and stretched out his hand in front of Yan Mu.

Yan Mu stretched out his hand and shook his hand for a while, then slightly curled the corner of his mouth and said, “Mr. Sheng is too humble.”

Sheng Shaoyuan: “…” Was he being humble?

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